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  1. Can we still add gfx etc to xbox version (on pc though) as we could with Touch? If so I'll probably just purchase that rather than the full game as do prefer the quicker game speed. Presume editor files definitely cannot be added but that's not a major problem.
  2. But if there are no press conferences what use is my assistant manager?
  3. Knew it was one of the very first editions just couldn't remember which one. Used to always sign them though.
  4. 2D > 3D anyway Though the wife has never understood the fascination of watching a load of dots move around the screen...
  5. Mark Collis and Ferah Orosco (not real life players)
  6. Thank you but I've just got promoted to league 1 and certainly don't have loads of money. That £3.7k a week I was gonna pay is double my current highest earner It's back to the drawing board for a midfield general sadly.
  7. Cheers yeah that's what I thought but was no confirmation anywhere. No chance of him getting one so time to start scouting again I guess.
  8. Probably a simple answer but just wanna check as I'm certain at one time it used to say the player would not be able to play but I cannot see that on the two screenshots. Obviously don't wanna sign him to just to sit in the reserves as the wages are very high for my team and far too much to waste. Had him on loan the previous season and he was great for me too.
  9. Not been able to play much recently but currently working from home for a couple of days which means I can. Just passed the halfway mark in season 4, title looks out of the question this season already due to Man Utd being currently unbeatable ffs. Progressed through our CL group in first place above Barcelona to be rewarded with Juventus in the next round... No big name signings this season as I instead decided to bring in some future prospects, tried for ages to sign Harry Kane though as Tottenham have dropped a lot. Must be hardcoded in that he won't join Arsenal as he never shows any interest to join whatsoever. Have been thinking of Leno's replacement too, last season I promoted Okonkwo but he never improved despite playing a number of cup and CL games. This season I've dropped him back down and given James Hillson a go who has been slowly improving. I also decided to sell Martinez, he was top scorer for the two seasons he was here but I wasn't happy with his overall performance. Martinelli has been great though so not really missing him. Zola joins next season, Dwomoh and Francekovic have gone back to their respected clubs on loan for the remainder of the season.
  10. I wouldn't worry he'll soon get over it and shouldn't affect performances too much either.
  11. Also started again myself once we signed Lokenga, will be my last save as quite enjoying it. Also had my own promising striker come through, made his debut aged 15 and scored 61 goals for the u23's last season Touted as the next Stan Mortensen
  12. Wonder how player wages and more importantly transfer value will compare to the men's game. Vivianne Miedema (for example) would be on around £400k a week and worth £100m+ if she was male.
  13. Hopefully the cream clears things up.
  14. Rice was fairly average but Saka performed very well.
  15. I'll post up a couple of pics when home later, should also add that the deal was £73m but £48m of that was spread over 3 seasons in case people are wondering where I got the money from!
  16. Finally got a season finished on my new save and not a bad season overall. Found it difficult to sell players so a few loans with options to buy which I'm really hoping are taken up, Aour was only bought after I asked the board to sign him and they agreed! Have also just agreed a fee of £20.5m for John Stones after Man City listed at the end of the season. Would like to move on one of Laca or Auba now but again it'll probably prove very hard though both had great seasons. Usual starting line up
  17. May wanna remove the racist part as I got a warning the other night for posting similar...
  18. Very respectable 13th out of 39 in the end. Thank you very much @Sons FCfor all the time and effort put into this.
  19. His match preparation, tactical set up etc was 10/10 for me. But his in game management would be lucky to be 3/10. Like in 2018 as soon as there is a real test in front of him he comes up a long way short. We was lucky the Danes ran themselves into the ground ending up with 10 players and that's without the penalty decision. Then against Italy we was brilliant for 15 mins until Mancini changed things and then Southgate had no answer to that for the rest of the match and once again refused to make changes until it was too late.
  20. Kinda shows Southgate asking Saka if he'll take the 5th pen. Said before the pen was taken I've no idea why he was asked as knew from the moment I saw him walking up he'd miss. Now I get Southgate believed Saka could handle the pressure as knows him better than us, but you could just see from his performance during the game it was a bad idea. Much like bringing on Rashford and Sancho on so late as how often do we say a player has to get into the game after coming on as their first pass etc may be a bit off. We'll these two were coming on and their first meaningful touch was to take a penalty in a huge final, no surprise they missed. Should have come on long before and certain Rasford was getting ready before halftime in extra time.
  21. To me they did it because they knew there was spaces available and had it been a full house there's clearly no free seats so cannot just stand there all game without being noticed. 2006 was in Paris?
  22. They only forced their way as they knew there was seats available.
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