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  1. WM is perhaps an outdated role due to the prevalence of 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 and inverted wingers. They were very common in the lopsided 4-4-2/ 4-4-1-1s of British football from Englands World Cup win in 1966 up until the mid 00s. A winger on one side and a tucked in centre mid/ wide mid on the other, which gave the somewhat classic British 4-4-2 shape. Forest employed this shape to win back to back European Cups and this asymmetric shape became a staple of British football during the 80s. I've always used WMs in possession based 4-4-2s much like the classic Liverpool pass and move syst
  2. You'll certainly make this person's weekend! I feared it wasn't coming out for Fm21.
  3. That is certainly the way I read Miles tweet last Friday too. I would be surprised if the Beta doesn't drop today.
  4. An unusual measure in unusual times. Bandwith is at a premium because the emergency services take priority so a weekend beta release, when demand has reduced, would make more sense? Just a thought.
  5. Liverpool. Although I might change the habit of a lifetime and manage another PL club on full release. I'm thinking about Arsenal and an Invincibles inspired 4-4-2. I used to always have a Liverpool save, attempting to restore us to the winning machine of 1970s and 1980s. I love recreations. Tactically it would be a 4-4-1-1 pass and move, signing up and coming U-23s, technique training and appointing former players to the backroom team. Anyway, Klopp is well on the way to restoring the Red Machine of yesteryear. The downside for me Fm wise is the challenge has gone out of
  6. Yes. 100%. I wasn't looking forward to the BETA anywhere near as much as previous editions if truth be told. I purchased more out of habit and to see how the new recruitment module works. Two major bugbears of mine, from Fm18 on and from when scouting was overhauled, are the unintelligent and unrealistic scouting module within the game and the decreasing quality of the match engine, definitely from Fm19. The notorious idiocy of wingplay drove me demented to such an extent that I attempted to go back to commentary only. That didn't work and I more or less gave up on FM20 a few months back
  7. I ordered through CDKeys as well. I checked My Account tab yesterday morning on my CDKeys page and the code was there. I entered it in Steam and the game appeared in my Steam library. Hopefully that puts your mind at rest if you haven't received your code yet. I was very unhappy with the vagueness of the reply I received after purchase when, like you, I didn't receive my code instantly. I won't be buying from them next year. An extra 5 or 10 quid won't hurt to buy from an official Sega retailer. I consider that cheap for peace of mind that I haven't been scammed. A lesson learned I suppos
  8. The new recruitment module is what I'm looking forward to the most outside of improvements to the ME (wingers crossing and one on ones). It looks more realistic and modern so hopefully the DoF, Ass Man make intelligent suggestions. For example, I think we need a new left back. Who would your top 3 recommendations be etc. I dont want 3 32 year old has beens!
  9. Interesting take on the formation. I do agree that in the defensive phase (as per photo above) that the midfield 3 is flat rather than a DM triangle. In my most recent FM session a few weeks back, I tried a balanced mentality with higher tempo, higher DL with an offside trap. I might try a much higher DL with a higher LOE for compactness. VVD as a BPD-De and Gomez as a CB-De plus fewer risky passes. Robertson as a WB-A, TAA as a WB-S. When I get FM back up and running , I'm going to try TAA as a IWB-S with an overlap instruction. From memory, he has "runs down right with ball". Thanks to
  10. I'd be very grateful if somebody could advice me on these laptops for running FM? The second linked has a U processor but has a turbo speed. Could the laptop overheat? Im a bit confused as to the processor speed and graphic capabilities of the 3rd. A G processor with an integrated card? My budget is around €900. Many thanks for any help! https://www.custompc.ie/gaming-laptops-custom-made-in-ireland/office-corporate-business-laptops.html_ireland_custom_gaming_pcs/home-business-14-prestige-core-i7-laptop.html_custom_gaming_pcs_ireland.html_custom_gaming_pcs_ireland https://www.custompc
  11. Well done Sir! Looking forward to starting my final save on FM20 (provided there'll be a FM21!) using one of the updated files. KUTGW.
  12. A couple of months ago I tried your file that contained the 1980s style old European Cup knockout format with top 32 national champs only and attempted to convert the first round to a group stage. I couldn't manage it. Just a suggestion for a shortcut!
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