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  1. Well done Sir! Looking forward to starting my final save on FM20 (provided there'll be a FM21!) using one of the updated files. KUTGW.
  2. A couple of months ago I tried your file that contained the 1980s style old European Cup knockout format with top 32 national champs only and attempted to convert the first round to a group stage. I couldn't manage it. Just a suggestion for a shortcut!
  3. I have a suggestion Carlito85, albeit perhaps late in the day. Could you try to include a file with the current Champions League format (8 groups x 4 teams, group stage before Christmas, knockout from February- May), except only national league champions. Champions League winner automatically qualifies for the following seasons competition, of course! Many thanks.
  4. An update. Every qualification category now has a seeding in the nations list from 0 for the CL winners to 10 for Intertoto Cup reps and I've linked them to the various rounds of the competitions where these teams enter. There is no longer any duplication. The Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Cup winners are automatically qualifying for the following seasons competitions respectively, as are the Champions League winners. However, I have yet to see a scenario whereby a team does a domestic cup/ UEFA Cup double to see what happens. By right that team should enter the CWC. I have gone so far as making the Cup Winners Cup superior to the UEFA Cup in seeding terms, as was the case with the old European competitions. I was delighted with how the following scenario played out. RB Leipzig won the Cup Winners Cup in 19/20 ( how very CWC I might add!). Bayern won the German cup. Both teams finished 2 and 4 in the Bundesliga respectively and both entered the CWC the following season. The game simply filled the remaining 2 UEFA Cup places with the next available teams in the league. 3, 5, 6, 7 qualified for the UEFA Cup. Celtic won the Scottish league and cup double in 19/20, Hibs finished runners up in the league and cup. Rangers and Aberdeen finished 3 and 4 in the league respectively. Scotland's European reps in 20/21 were CL- Celtic, CWC- Hibs, UEFA Cup- Rangers and Aberdeen. In some respects the specific seeding system is really working. However, there are a few annoying things I need to sort. A big one for me is the following scenario. Man City won the league, cup and CL Treble in 19/20. In the 20/21 champions league Liverpool entered the competition I guess as England's representative as city qualified as past winners (this is how the game puts it). That shouldn't happen as the CL should be for domestic or reigning European champions only. Are there conditional scenarios that can be set that anybody knows of? Using the above example, if a team qualifies twice effectively by doing a league/ CL double, can the game be told to enter that team next year but do not enter the domestic or CL runners-up? Also, the way I have the seeding system set up, there can be 9 teams who auto qualify for the group stage when there should only be 8. The game corrects this by only taking 7 qualifiers from the play-off round and the 8th team disappears from the competition.
  5. Thank you. I'll definitely give this a try! A very traditional set-up by the looks of things.
  6. Is there any way that I can stop this happening. Using the Liverpool example, the game will auto pull England's UEFA Cup reps from the next available PL team down, bypassing the team that has qualified for the CL as defending champions?
  7. Thank you very much. Using file 32 (95-97 CL structure) I edited the seedings from 1-8 to 1-7 for the group stage. I then edited the seedings for the qualifying round from 9-24 to 8-23. I added a rule in both areas you highlighted that brings the previous season's winner in. Very clear instruction, thank you again! That works! One thing I have noticed when I loaded up a new game to do a quick test, Liverpool are in both the CL and UEFA Cup, naturally as PL runners up. How can I get them out of the UEFA Cup?
  8. I'm having a go at file 32 at the minute to get champs league winners to qualify for next season's competition. It doesn't seem to be working. How could I go about doing it? If I had some simple steps I might succeed. Thanks in advance Carlito.
  9. How did you manage to get the defending holders of the European Cup into the next season's competition? I've had no luck myself. Are Liverpool and City in your 2019/20 European Cup? I'd love to give it a go. Thanks.
  10. Bloody graphics cards! I'm currently going with the 1997- 2000 CL format that includes 8 runners up. That gets the European Champs in at least for 19/20 and there's no more than 2 representatives per country. The file is a good compromise. Thanks again.
  11. Hi Carlito. Did you have any luck with getting the Champions League winners to automatically qualify for the following season's Champions League tournament regardless of final league position? I had a go at the 1995-1997 Champions League format i.e. national league winners only, 4 groups of 4 followed by quarter finals. I was able to get Liverpool into the 2019-20 CL as first seeds but unfortunately City took the Reds place in the UEFA Cup. That was just a temporary fix and I'd be afraid to get into the save, win another European Cup with Liverpool but won't be able to try and retain it because I didn't also win the Premier League. Many thanks.
  12. Thank you. Really appreciated. I tried myself but I don't have a breeze what I'm doing!
  13. This is top class work. The 80s and 90s formats prior to the expansion of the Champions League to take in non- champions run really interest me.The icing on the cake would be if the European Cup champions could defend their title the following season regardless of final league position. I had a go myself but I really don't know what I'm doing. I remember Mauvais editor files for the old European Cup/ original CL formats from FM2016 got the defending champions in the following season. The thread was titled "European Cups 90s" if you're interested. Many thanks.
  14. My 4-3-3 inspired by Liverpool 19/20. GK Becker SK A RB Arnold WB A LCB Virgil BPD D RCB Gomez CB D LB Robertson FB L RCM Henderson BWM S CM Fabinho CM D LCM Wijnaldum CM S (hold position PI) RAM Salah IF A CF Firmino F9 LAM Mane IW S Mentality- Attacking Play offside trap Counter-press and counter Play out of defence, whipped crosses, hit early crosses.
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