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  1. Aberystwyth Town: Stuart J Jones (5113845) Face ---> Matthew Jones (29110846) Connor Roberts (TNS, 28047407) ---> Season Loan https://www.atfc.org.uk/home/connor-roberts-signs-for-black-and-greens Ryan Wollacott (74074254) ---> Alvechurch FC https://twitter.com/Alvechurch1st/status/1187745356777435137
  2. So my graphics foler is located on another drive on the laptop ... until last night it has worked for months on end. All of a sudden this message appears. I have followed these instructions in the past: https://community.sigames.com/topic/417753-guide-how-to-locate-or-move-your-user-data-location/ and used something along the lines below ... -user_data_location="/Users/j*********r/Games/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/" Soon as I delete the location area, the game loads and plays fine. As soon as I move the graphics location. I get that message. Anyone got a solution? Thanks in advance.
  3. @yellowsweatygorilla thank you and the team for working hard on this. Has gotten me interested in following CPL. Can't decide between a side to follow Forge FC and Pacific FC are the two I am split between. If anyone has any suggestions / reasons to follow would love to hear them. Got some decent young talent in the national team too.
  4. Disappointing to find that the standard FM DB data is not accurate, so going to have to edit things before I start my save
  5. Looking at Aberystwyth Town ... if not Penrhyncoch FC in the Cymru Alliance. I'll hold off for a little bit yet before I do a long term save.
  6. All the best with this. Looking forward to seeing how this develops. Will be using this for my long term Welsh Prem to Champions League Glory file.
  7. No worries, I tried myself just to activate the Cymru Alliance and the Welsh Football League Division One just so I can run the second tier ... couldn't get it to work. I am sure most would be happy with just the division below the WPL to work. Thanks fella. Need any help give us a shout.
  8. Does this include a playable Cymru Alliance and Welsh League One?
  9. @CymruAmBythWXM are you planning on making another update to work with 17.3?
  10. Have you selected add players to playable nation when you start a new game? I would also recommend downloading a San Marino league add on also.
  11. Has anyone created a Biesla tactic for FM16 yet?
  12. @elvt112 I have a playable North Korean file if you want it. PM me if interested.
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