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  1. Sorry to see you go. You've always been an absolute stalwart here. All the best to you in the future!
  2. Hey mate, As far as I'm aware it's due to the nature and how we test results. On FM Base for example, we stress the tactics by using weaker teams vs stronger teams and then use our own formula to add up the results. I believe FM-Arena use a reputation based system. Which system is more accurate, who really knows, people have had success with our top 5 and also with the top 5 on FM-Arena. Perhaps they're all right in their own way. Also worth noting that 12 isn't a particularly bad score on FM Base, for example we tested some presets that scored under 10 and a lot of peo
  3. Some very nice results. Would you be happy for us to test this? Edit: Already tested lmao. I can't keep up!
  4. Underdog is a team not expected to do very well, perhaps a relegation candidate Sub-top are your not quite top 4 teams, Everton, Wolves, etc..
  5. Just to clarify the difference, our underdog team is 120 CA whereas Mr L's is 140 CA. For further clarity, our sub-top is 145 CA and Mr L's is 165 CA. For even further clarity, Barcelona's average CA is 168. That'd be why underdog results appear worse on FM Base.
  6. Designing a tactic to suit the players you have is a given this year as it has been in the past few years. Long term success essentially relies on it. However, plug and play still works to an extent as you can see on tactic testing leagues. I'd give Blue Blood Sword a go, lots of people are having huge success with it.
  7. In my most honest opinion, the apology was fine and as I mentioned privately to you, it's fantastic that he's finally owned up to his mistakes and admitted them. However the apology is then completely undermined by constant deflections, complete bafflement and amazingly.. further denial! The reality of the situation is that TFF needed to produce an apology that actually acknowledges how his actions have been detrimental to other creators, something that is yet to happen. I find this thread to be more a case of you apologising for him Neil than him actually apologising for himself and
  8. 100% this. We should be talking about how it also transpired here and how post-boosting negatively impacts other creators by stealing their limelight. Each to their own though. Everyone has already seen the evidence we presented at this point.
  9. It has been tested. The prefix and table update aren't always in sync. The P105 version scored 18/20 overall, 20/20 subtop and 15/20 underdog. I'll run an early table update shortly.
  10. Which one? - it might be that the table hasn't updated since it was posted. We only run two updates per day, morning and evening.
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