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  1. I think Phillips has been relatively static, definitely staying central. Here's his seasonal heatmap (touches I believe) from sofascore: https://www.sofascore.com/player/kalvin-phillips/786028 If Leeds have needed to build out of the back with 3 this season, more often Ayling has tucked in as a 3rd CB rather than Phillips splitting the two defenders has a half-back
  2. 1) Are wide midfielders hardcoded to defend more than inverted wingers/inside forwards? 2) Will CWBs underlap if there is a wide player occupying space ahead of them?
  3. Gotcha, I am not looking at the tactic now so I must have misremembered that you had those PIs on every player. I like that you're using CM(s) as they're so customizable, Hojbjerg (great signing for such a system) tucks into the middle bank of 3 and Zaracho advances forward as the 1. Did you try using any WM instead of IF/IW? They have similar levels of customization and I think they will press harder by default from the midfield strata on support duty.
  4. Interesting, I tested this (very attacking + high tempo + hold shape) a bit myself in preaseason last night in FM21 and it is similar to what you describe. I also looked at your tactics as I was curious with about your PIs, any reason you used pass shorter and mark tighter as a PI rather than TI? I think I saw those instructions on every player, except maybe the CBs didn't have mark tighter. I think one of the hardest things to recreate about a Bielsa system is going to be the mix of rapid short passing with some occasionally very direct play. Maybe Tries Long Passes or Likes to Switch Play PP
  5. Hold Shape rather than Counter on a Bielsa team? Does attacking or very attacking mentalities compensate for this instruction change? Because Leeds break very quickly in large numbers...
  6. @04texag I'm assuming you aren't actually playing Luis Alberto at HB in the 4-3-3 setup? Or maybe?
  7. It's on his patreon. I tried to subscribe for $3 to see this video alone, but I have so many issues with that platform, any time i try and create an account they get immediately disabled before I can confirm my email. Anyway, I imagine the biggest difference on a Bielsa press and German way when applied to FM is a wider mentality offensively, looking for underlaps from the WBs, and a man marking scheme as you've mentioned. I'm attempting to apply the lessons in this thread to a Bielsa-Leeds save, but it's tough. There's not much space to play into in the Championship!
  8. Really happy to see this thread resurrected as I’m trying to run a Bielsa-style 3-3-3-1 with Minnesota United on fm20. I agree with the issue of the IWBs wanting to do their defending in a flat 5, so I’ve been testing with double volantes beside my defensive midfielder in late preseason. I’ll give an update once I have a bigger sample size.
  9. OP, You may have come across this article already, but if not, here is a link to 3-6-1 theory written by Rene Maric, assistant coach at M'Gladbach.
  10. @crusadertsar Do IWBs with overlap instruction making arcing runs from the half-spaces in midfield back outside to the channels?
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