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  1. It's on his patreon. I tried to subscribe for $3 to see this video alone, but I have so many issues with that platform, any time i try and create an account they get immediately disabled before I can confirm my email. Anyway, I imagine the biggest difference on a Bielsa press and German way when applied to FM is a wider mentality offensively, looking for underlaps from the WBs, and a man marking scheme as you've mentioned. I'm attempting to apply the lessons in this thread to a Bielsa-Leeds save, but it's tough. There's not much space to play into in the Championship!
  2. Really happy to see this thread resurrected as I’m trying to run a Bielsa-style 3-3-3-1 with Minnesota United on fm20. I agree with the issue of the IWBs wanting to do their defending in a flat 5, so I’ve been testing with double volantes beside my defensive midfielder in late preseason. I’ll give an update once I have a bigger sample size.
  3. OP, You may have come across this article already, but if not, here is a link to 3-6-1 theory written by Rene Maric, assistant coach at M'Gladbach.
  4. @crusadertsar Do IWBs with overlap instruction making arcing runs from the half-spaces in midfield back outside to the channels?
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