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  1. Haha, the statue talk was in jest- maybe after a decade of continued success although I don’t expect 18 months of decent results to result in that kind of idolatry! However whilst I take your point that Betis are not a club without some history, I do think that if they were getting into the Champions League knockouts there would be a bit of hoopla and excitement around the place- but nothing in your inbox would suggest that anything out of the ordinary is taking place. And Betis being in the CL after Christmas is very much out of the ordinary.
  2. I’m Real Betis and, in a season and a half, I’ve taken this bunch of perennial mid-table also-rans into the first Champions League knockout stage (two scintillating ties against Chelsea to look forward to after Christmas) and we’re sitting 4th in La Liga at Christmas. Heady days for Betis, although playing FM21 you would never know it! A wall of deafening indifference has greeted these fantastic achievements, with neither the board nor the fans seemingly that bothered about any of it. In real life the Betis fans and the board alike would be on cloud 9! Mixing it with the cream of Europe and si
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