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  1. Good Evening. I am using a 433 with Blackburn. I have struggled to score goals against weaker opposition but I beat top teams with ease. I am trying to play possesion against weaker teams I was expecting Armstrong to be my main goalscorer, but hes been non existent. Only instructions are split block.
  2. Thank you everyone for the replies. I am now in the europa league second knockout round. I now have one concern; my striker. Myron Boadu was my top scorer until he moved to Liverpool on deadline day. I could not get a replacement so I am using Albert Gudmunsson. He is a DLF on support. He does not get goals or assists and has bad ratings. I am still using the same tactic . Thanks in advance
  3. Good day everyone. I am running a 433 on my save with AZ in the Dutch League. It has gone rather well aside my 2 results against against relegation zone teams. I have a Euro cup match against Arsenal and I am hoping for a draw or a modest loss. Can I please have some advice on how to play against teams that are strong and teams that are weak. My only PIs are a split block on the front 3 + the cm on attack
  4. From all the feedback, I have decided that I might have to switch formations. I have created a vertical tiki taka 433 dm. Intent to keep possession and create chances from all over the pitch. As always help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Im looking to having possesion and creating chances. Defensively I want my wingbacks to help against wide men
  6. Hello everyone. I am playing with Poland and we have just been eliminated from the nations league These are my tactics Any help is welcome
  7. Hello everyone. What would be the IRL roles of these players and what would their PPMs be? Lewandowski Kane
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