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  1. Firstly this thread has been a game changer for me personally! Helped bring my passion back for the game with the help of this years match engine being considerably better than previous versions. I decided to start a save with Rangers as well using your rangers version 2 tactic. The idea of wrestling back the title from Celtic whilst slowly building a side that could compete in Europe. The First season went better than planned, couple losses in the league but won the league and one of the cups, made it to the latter stages of the Europe league. 2nd season I made several imp
  2. Has anyone put this to the test yet? I haven’t been able to as of yet but was planning on an experiment with Bournemouth in the championship
  3. All you can do is try these things out and see what happens, the DLP on paper looks like it will work nicely, should provide defensive cover, hold position helping you with the shape you are looking for defensively and will link up Nicely with WBs and the IFa.
  4. You could try the LCM as a CMs with added PIs? As for the WB, that could depend on the actual player playing there. What PPMs does he have? Does he have ‘gets further forward PPM? You could try the overlap left team instruction?
  5. You’re left side looks very vulnerable. Wing back and IFa on attack and your BBM has roam from position. I would try a DLFs (this will link up nicely with your CMa) then keep IFa, change WB to support and maybe the BBM to a DLPs, the DLP has hold position so providing you’ve got the right player there it should cover your left flank better?
  6. In the picture it shows the left winger playing as a winger. When you download the tactic that position is a IW?
  7. Offensively I like it but defensively I’m not sure on it. I’m open to other suggestions on the wide players roles and duties
  8. Thanks for your reply, the reasoning behind the wingers on attack was to occupy the wide channels but also get in the box when needed. What happens with both wingers at the moment is exactly that! Both wingers are contributing heavily with goals and assists. With the IWBs on both sides coming inside I need width high up the pitch. But I do agree with you it does remove that fluidity that’s needed. What suggestions would you recommend?
  9. Hi guys, Currently in a save with Ajax, and im looking to develop some sort of pep tactic with them. Part of the reasoning behind this is because ive always wanted to use inverted wing backs and this can help with a nice defensive shape allowing the 2cms to push up and join the attack. Going forward i feel we are somewhat there with want i want to see. Defensively however we seem to be conceding fairly often and i cant quite put my finger on why. The tactic struggles in general in europe but our group has R Madrid, Chelsea and Monchengladbach. Below is a screenshot of the tactic (no PI) a
  10. Absolutely loved reading this thread. I’ve actually started a Barca save using this as I want to rebuild the squad and bring through their youth academy products. 1st season I’ve not made many changes and will use the existing squad and bed in the young squad players throughout and get them learning their new positions and PPMS. Next season I’ll move on some of the older players. What PPMS would you say are necessary for the more conservative full back. In my Barca save its the RB position but the 2 full back options I’ve got are probably to attack minded for this role. This will be
  11. I know what I want but getting there is proving difficult. I’ve always been the type to default back to a downloaded tactic but this time I want more satisfaction out the game from creating something of my own. I want all the channels to be occupied when going forward. With James at right back he’s the perfect option for occupying the right flank, ziyech to operate in the half space on the right hand side cutting inside from the right flank, either a IW or AP Werner or Abraham occupying the central channel, neither players are that good at linking up play so they are very role s
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