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  1. Sorry I meant ‘dribble less’ or would that make my players to static?
  2. Hi thanks for the feedback I did notice that with wing backs and crossing even though I’ve got work ball in to box selected. So I might try out IWB, I’ve never played with them so never thought about using them. There seems to be so many different ways to go about it lol!
  3. The only reason it’s on Balanced is because that was what the preset tactic gave? Would you recommend a positive mentallity? Also for team instructions what if I selected dribble and instructed players to learn to play 1-2s with each other? Would that help with the Tiki taka I’m looking for?
  4. thanks for getting in touch, I’d appreciate any feedback you’ve got to offer mate! Have been reading a lot of your posts which is where I got my defensive ideas and split pressing from. Obviously I’m looking to get it as close to vertical tiki taka as possible so anything that would improve that would be helpful. Thanks
  5. One thing I forgot to mention is I’ve set the striker, wide forwards and to CMs to press more as a split press
  6. Hi Guys, I’m going for one last career mode before FM20 comes out and I’ve decided to take on the current Chelsea team and make full use of the youth players at their disposal. Mainly CHO, Tammy, James Mount and Tomori. Being a Chelsea fan myself it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve decided to go for a vertical tiki taka tactic as I like this style, ideally I’d like to use the 4-2-3-1 tactic for this but I’m not sure it would be effective for a vertical style (I may very well be wrong) Id love to see mount just in behind Tammy but using the 4-1-2-3 I can replicate this to some extent anyway. I’ve read a lot on different posts about setting up tactics and I’ve recently read up ‘experienced defender’ post on creating a good defensive set up which I found extremely helpful. I’ve got a current tactic set up which I’d like you guys to Combe over and let me know if there’s anything that doesn’t look right and needs adjusting. I am half way through a season already and I am doing really well using the preset instructions for vertical Tiki taka but defensively somethings not quite right. I’ve decided to change it and before using it was hoping for some advice. This is how I started the season up until now. SK- S WB- S CD-D BPD- D WB-S Regista B2B Mezzala-A W- S IF- S DLF- A This set up on a balanced Mentality Like I said, with this set up I was using the preset instructions for V-T-T but defensively I was conceding goals and against bigger teams (Man City and Liverpool) I was struggling to create and conceding a lot as well. So I did a bit of research and first thing I decided to change was the regista to a DLP-D now this changed the fluidity to flexible from fluid. Excuse the quality of pics, I’m at work typing this so have taken pics from my phone of my set up. The pics below are how I’m now set up. Would appreciate any kind constructive criticism and advice. thanks Connor
  7. HMmmm! I’ve updated all my graphics drivers and it does seem to working for now. I used to be able to play one match then it would crash just before the next and it would keep doing that. I’ve now managed to play 3 or 4 games without it crashing. Will post again if I encounter any more issues. Thanks for your help
  8. It seems to happen just before kick off in a match when the line ups for each team are shown. I’ve deleted the Cache and preferences and I think I’ve uploaded my save to the FTP! It should be in there under ‘4321’
  9. My Game keeps crash dumping from today? can someone help? DxDiag.txt FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.13 18.42.59).dmp
  10. Im also getting a crash dumps very frequently now. Can someone help DxDiag.txt
  11. Thanks for the advice, as I said I claim to be no expert when it comes to creating a tactic. Rudiger has pace of 16 and Christensen has 17? Luiz is only 13 however. Would him alone affect me playing a high defensive line?
  12. Hi guys, I've recently returned to FM after a few years away from the game. Ive downloaded the demo for now just to get back into the game and obviously things have changed since I last played the game. My team is Chelsea so I always like to take them on as my first save in any new FM game. Ive been trying to create a tactic for them over the last week and I just seem to be getting no where with it. The board expectations are to play attacking football with a possession based build up. Now the tactic ive gone for is 3 at the back with wing backs. 2 central midfielders 2 wide attacking inside forwards and a lone striker which I personally think is the best formation with the current squad. Obviously I'm not doing something right because I never dominate possession and I seem to concede just as mancy chances as I do create them. Now I claim to be no expert when it comes to creating a formation and ive ready several threads on here when it comes to making one and still nothing works. I'm guilty of being a plug and play gamer on previous games. Please can someone take a look and help me? Thanks!
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