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  1. So, I'm playing as Guiseley, I agree to take over Bolton at the end of the season and sure enough 3 days before the national league play off final I complete my move to Bolton. Gutted. Surely this is a bug?
  2. What is classed as a significant rep boost? I wont CL with PSG which took us from 7th in world rep rankings to the top, that not enough?
  3. Don't know how much he'd cost or if you'd even be able to get him but Ilaix Moriba has turned into a beast on my save
  4. Hi mate, i've noticed my city packs dont show up on the club info screen. Do I need to extract them elsewhere? ta.
  5. I have noticed the city pics dont show up, do I need to put them elsewhere?
  6. How do you manage to get it so only specific teams can enter?
  7. Do pre season competitions have previous winners listed now? @erikeagles
  8. On mine too, coincidentally no matter what skin I use. Also affecting the development and youth candidate center screens.
  9. That's great to hear. I love skins that have the stadium and city pictures on the club profiles and can also be used for smaller screens so yours was perfect.
  10. Will there be another of these skins? @Sh@rk ? My favourite skin to use on fm19
  11. thinking of starting either panathinaikos or shaktar
  12. Knap will you be creating another 442 like the beowulf one? Was my favorite tactic on 19.
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