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  1. Hi all, not sure if this is the right section to post but I am planning a save where I sign as many brothers as possible. What siblings are in the game? I have already accounted for the Esposito's, Carboni's and Simeone's. Anyone else?
  2. Oh right. It's not in the editor, it's through arranging a friendly cup in the game. It's just done it again now. It's listed as a cup up until matchday then the semi-finals just default to two separate friendlies and that's it.
  3. Evening, just a quick one from me. The last two seasons I have scheduled a pre season cup competition I want to become a regular thing. However, when it comes to it, the fixture just changes to normal friendlies, even when all four teams are playing the supposed "semi final." It just doesnt; register as a cup and defaults to two normal friendllies.
  4. I like to have a pop at the officials
  5. Can you still get a touchline ban in FM? What are the requirements?
  6. So I've deduced it's something to do wth the the fact I've swapped one of the existing teams with a newly created team But I am not sure what is causing it to say it has 14 teams when my newly created team is in the league
  7. Appears it is. However, I have found a new issue when trying to load Hero I-League in India. It says I have 14 teams instead of 13 but in the editor it is 13.
  8. I've got multiple clubs using the same logo as my main club even though I have logos set for them in the config files. Is it because I've selected use same kits in the affiliate info?
  9. I am but it's not an issue with any other of the clubs I have 'rebranded' just this paeticular one
  10. Hi all, I have renamed a club to be in line with a host of satellite clubs I'm working on, yet on the game, the club name still says Sudeva Dehli rather than the new club name. Does anyone know why?
  11. Quick question from me about 'merging' databases. I have database 'A' which I am creating a custom team, but I want to merge it with database 'B', a downloaded league structure. I want to merge it because there's some editing I've done to it that I want to bring across the database 'A'. My question is, will I be able to use database 'B' as a standalone database without the database 'A' information if in the future if I merge them? I.e., will the new 'merged' datavse only be in effect in database 'A' ? Sorry if this makes no sense I can't figure out how to explain clearly.
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