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  1. Whereabouts is that AM recommendation for formation and roles? One thing I can't see from last year is the variations under Quick Pick - you used to be able to pick a rotated side for cup games for instance - all I can see is a quick pick button and that picks the best each time.
  2. Great explanation, thank you. I started up a game with Ajax and got beat 2-0 by a Romanian side who had 60% possession against me when I had all my player roles at "best", so figured something was wrong with how I was going at things. I understand the tip from some of watching the whole game, but I'm playing FM Touch for a reason - I haven't got the time! I guess it's all about understanding how the different roles affect / help / detract from the other players around you. What use do you get from the analysis of tactic screen (where squares are red/green)? So before the match above, all squares were green apart from 2 in defensive midfield as i was playing 4-2-3-1 wide. All players were set to their 'best role', so assumed that's why the squares were mainly green - the 2 central midfielders were set to ball winning and deep lying playmaker, but the squares below them were red. I took this to mean that I didn't have anyone positioned in those squares and that's what the help description also hinted at, but was it really telling me that I didn't have a player with a role that would backtrack into that square (or conversely a centre back willing to step through to close the gap between defence and midfield?) Also, do you guys change the roles much depending on who you're playing and the formation they play, or do you just get a tactic working for your side and stick to that? So many permutations!
  3. Hi, Just a question on the player roles screen in FMT... once I've settled on a formation - say 4-4-2 for argument's sake (where I have suitable players for that system) - what do people do with the player roles? Do you set all players to play in roles where they are full green in that position? And then alter the Team Instructions to suit those player roles? Or would you set a player's role to something he is 50% suited to in order to fit your team instructions? Also, I feel like I'm guessing a bit when choosing a style and team shape - i'm playing with Leeds so often go with Control as I feel I should boss most games and with fluid. But like I say, feels a bit hit and miss! Thanks!
  4. Hi - I've preordered FM Touch 2018 and got an email with a 'redeem code' button. On clicking this I get my activation key - can I do anything with this yet given the game isn't out for a couple of months? Followed the instructions button to + add game in Steam, but it doesn't recognise my key. Thanks Rob
  5. Agree with the above. The improvements don't jump out massively, but it all makes for a much smoother, enjoyable experience compared to last year.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way of importing shortlists into Football Manager by Excel or notepad? Quite often while browsing around the forums/reading articles during lunch at work about wonderkids/players to sign etc I make lists of these players names, but then it's quite time consuming to go into the game and search for these players and add them to a shortlist. Also, if certain leagues aren't loaded then I can't find that player to add to my overall shortlist. It would be great if there was a way of creating a single column Excel list which can be loaded into the game and the players associated with the loaded leagues would appear on that shortlist. Can this be done? Or is it a completely manual process? Thanks Rob
  7. Promoted to the Premiership in the first season, beating Bristol City 5-1 in the playoff final. Dwight Gayle scored something like 28 goals, while I also had Abdelhak Nouri on loan from Ajax. Craig Gardener came in on loan and scored a crucial 9 goals in the final 19 games of the season. Now in the PL, floundering at the bottom with 2 wins in 19 games. However, I've just been given £41 million to spend by Mr Chansiri, so I've brought in Wojech Szchesny, Sam Byram, Charlie Taylor (both Leeds), Leonardo Uchoa and Siem de Jong. Need results urgently, but the chairman has been pretty patient so far, no warnings about losing my job... yet.
  8. Hi all, I'm managing Harrogate Town on FM 15 Classic and want to try and get a feeder club to help supply me with some players... however, i can't see how I can request for affiliated clubs. In the Board tab there's no option to do this, am I missing something?! There's already one affiliated club (Harrogate Railway), however this is a club where I would be sending players to, rather than a feeder club. Thanks Rob
  9. Hi, This is probably a silly question, but how important is it to use the Team instructions feature? I'm playing with Leeds and struggling (23rd after 8 games)... Whatever options I choose don't seem to have a great deal of effect on my team's performance. Is this just because the players are pretty useless?! Also, does everyone use individual instructions AND team instructions? Or are these likely to contradict? I have avoided using both as I'm a bit wary of not knitting it all together - for instance, if i set a winger to run at players and cross to far post, i presume i need to telling my striker to make far post runs etc? Any advice on getting the best out of the instructions sections (or any online guides) would be appreciated! Trying to get the best out of my average Leeds team! Thanks Rob
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