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  1. I tried to play with 2 strikers, but my squad, unfortunately, lacks the talent. I only got one "usable" striker (its first season and the team is facing some serious money problems). I tried to use the AF, but it didnt contributed as much as the CF/s. I didnt tried the PF/a yet. I'm trying next! Thanks for the response!
  2. Thanks for the response! I've run some tests with your suggestions. The team played more "freely", less "heavy" on the field. Thats was very good! Thanks for that! In regards of the through balls, we didnt had much progress on that area. Most of my goals are still scored after crosses. However, when we play against strong teams, that play more openly, we can put some through balls and score that way. So, I'm thinking that my system is limited by too much movement in central areas and not enough at half spaces. That make vertical passes more predictable when the opponent plays a 5-li
  3. I notice that thing you said about passing range. I made many tests and I think that may be my problem here. I see the opportunities for the through ball, but my players decided to make a safer, shorter pass. However, when I change to a more direct approach, the overlappings never get the time to happen on the pitch and my team loses the superiority that allow us to score. I'm starting to think that my system OR my players cant find a balance between keep possession to organize attack and them play more directly. I've tried to change pass rang to mixed and then manually put some players w
  4. Hi guys, everything all right? So, I'm by no means a tactical genius and, honestly, most of my experience with FM was using other's tactics and, at most, tweaking my way. This year, though, I thought that would be more fun if I make my own tactic. I'm having sucess with my creation and I'm very happy about it, but theres one thing bugging me: I kinda want my team to make more through balls, but I'm struggling at that. Could anyone give me some advice or suggestions that could help my team unlock that part of our game? So, I'm gonna give a little context about my team and the pr
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