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  1. Just finished reading Hometown Heroes and I gotta say - the way you play the game is phenomenal, with that attention to details, the scrupulous youth development, the metagame aspect of it with the Excel spreadsheets, it's all super inspirational. I read Jimbokav's Irchester thread last year, but Hometown Heroes, for me, was even more entertaining. Someday I want to have a save similar to yours (and I probably need to catch up with your earlier campaigns!) Very much looking forward to seeing how this journey of yours unfolds, good luck in Switzerland!
  2. Well I certainly won't be building on anything at HKFC as I've already moved to a different club in Hong Kong, another newly promoted side but this one is professional, so hopefully I'll be able to grab a couple more badges and do well in the league and cups before landing a better job elsewhere.
  3. Well, after a whole year without a club I finally got my first job - in Hong Kong! Without further ado, here's a recap of the season. 2021-22 The newly promoted amateur Hong Kong FC hired me with the hopes of avoiding relegation, but as soon as I realized what predicament I'm in exactly I thought it would be impossible. For you see, HKFC would be the only amateur club in Hong Kong Premier League, surrounded by professional sides who can actually pay their players. Meanwhile I had to settle for mediocre free agents while also taking into account the foreign player rule - the match squad can't have more than 4 foreign players. But our amateur status also turned out to be a blessing in disguise - I could sign whoever I wanted, look at their attributes and release them if necessary without paying out any compensation. So that was the plan - try to find decent enough players for this league and pray to the FM gods that we succeed in our task of avoiding relegation. And you know what? We did it! The Hong Kong Premier League works like this - teams play each other twice, top 4 qualify for championship group while the bottom 4 fight for survival. We did well throughout the season and could've actually finished in top 4, but were eclipsed after a horrid run of form towards the end of the season and had to settle for 6th after 14 games. In the end we won 2 of our 3 relegation group games and finished 1st, or technically 5th, which is an amazing result considering that our squad was by far the worst in the entire league. Here's our run of form: We tried our best to compete in cup competitions, of which there are 3 in Hong Kong, but unfortunately crashed out of all of them. I also oversaw the first youth intake of this save, and oh boy Lastly I'd like to talk about my favorite players of this season. Marcus McMillan carried us on his back the entire length, and without his contributions in the final third we would've been in a world of pain. He was repaid with the golden boot and a place in Team of the Year. But he wasn't the only hero - Jacoqes Pakoa was one of the many free agents I signed in the summer and he quickly formed a healthy partnership with Michael Fray at the back, even though we conceded the most out of all the teams. So what's the plan now? Well I'm currently trying to get a job elsewhere because, let's face it, I won't achieve anything of note with an amateur squad in a professional league, and we'll be lucky to repeat or especially do better next year. However, it looks like even teams with low reputation don't want to even interview me, so as of June 2022 I'm still at Hong Kong FC. I am getting my National B badge in July though, so maybe I'll have better chances at a better club once that is done. I'll make this one quick - Turkmenistan didn't qualify to the Asian Cup of Nations, and overall it was quite a bad run for us. Here are our results: I've already resigned from Turkmenistan and my next goal is to find a better national job in Asia before the Cup of Nations in 2023.
  4. @timpy00 As of now I'll try my best to qualify to Asian Cup of Nations, but regardless of the outcome I'll probably leave them after that because, as mentioned earlier, the player quality is truly awful and it's hopeless trying to achieve something real with that team.
  5. Well it looks like I made a crucial mistake by only loading South America from the get-go - none of the clubs even grant me an interview opportunity, so I guess I'll have to postpone the South American adventures of Mr. Worldwide until better days. In the meantime, I added all Asian leagues into the mix, with India, Hong Kong and Australia becoming available in the summer of 2021 so hopefully my first club job will be in one of those countries. While I wait, let me give a quick update on Turkmenistan. First of all, remember how I identified Ruslan Mingazow as the single best footballer in Turkmenistan? He... turned out to be not that good, and in fact, in almost a year of being in charge of Turkmenistan, Mingazow only scored twice and assisted once in 10 games. The real hero turned out to be Altymyrat Annadurdyyew, who managed to score 5 times and made 3 assists. Also, the Asian Cup of Nations qualification didn't start 'soon after' the friendly against Bahrain in September of 2020. In fact, I had to wait until March 2021 to play the first group stage game against Indonesia. Speaking of that, here's our group: Doesn't look to be that strong, does it? Well, you'll see what happened once the group stage is over. Let me just say that we're far from favorites... So, before all of that, we played a lot of friendlies and I managed to assess the squad somewhat. Here are our 2020 results: Bahrain and Thailand outclassed us entirely, but as far as other games go, we were unlucky not to win more of them. A few players stood out, like the aforementioned Annadurdyyew and his striker partner Mihail Titow, as well as the majority of our defence, who, despite conceding so many in just 6 games, showed their overall quality. My early conclusion that Turkmenistan was blessed with good center-mids was entirely wrong though - we lack good passers and some real authority in the midfield.
  6. Well it looks like my actual first step in management will not be in South America, but in Asia, as it happens Turkmenistan made the decision to give young Mr. Worldwide a chance. The first game with me as a manager looks to be an away friendly against Bahrain in early September, and we're expected to start our qualification for the Asian Cup of Nations soon after. As for players, Ruslan Mingazow, who represented Slavia Prague once upon a time, is by far the best, most well-balanced Turkmenistani player in the database who can play as both a winger and a center-mid and also slot in the striker spot in case of emergency. As for the rest of the team, Turkmenistan is apparently blessed by decent-ish center-mids in general. Not so much in other positions though, and in fact, there's only one left-footed left-back in the whole country seemingly. I had a few interviews at various South American clubs, but unfortunately to no avail, however I'll certainly get another opportunity as the majority of leagues there start in winter of 2021. Right now I'll occupy myself with international management and see where that takes me.
  7. Can't get a save going on for more than 3 seasons this year so I decided I might as well give this challenge a go, hopefully it'll be fun! Introducing Mr. Worldwide, because who else would be fitting to take on this worldwide (eventually) career: The first step of my career will be in South America, which I think is the only continent I have not yet touched on FM ever. National teams of Cambodia and Turkmenistan are also available so one of them might be my first dip in the international management if I decide to apply.
  8. I'm not sure where exactly to put it, but I figure this is the most fitting place. Sabri Lamouchi doesn't have Nottingham Forest in his job history (ignore his current job, that happened during the save).
  9. This is a simple and minor suggestion for the next installments - instead of having to click "Cancel friendly" and then rearranging it from the ground up, have a button that says "Rearrange friendly" that does precisely that without unnecessary additional steps.
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