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  1. If you only have FM19 installed then the only sub-directory of "Sports Interactive" will be "Football Manager 2019" and in such a case you can do as you suggest and copy the entire "Sports Interactive" directory onto the new computer and overwrite the new files that were created when you did the fresh installation on your new computer. This should not overwrite anything that shouldn't be overwritten. Just to be safe, I don't do it that way. I only copy directories that were not created during the fresh installation. So I copy "filters", "graphics", "tactics", "views" and any other directories that are not showing after the fresh installation. Also, if you are using an edited data base this should be copied to the "editor data" directory. For example, I have Brexit disabled and copied the file "!NO Brexit!.fmf" from my old computer to the new one. Hope this helps.
  2. I've just sold a couple of young players. In each case I was asked by a journalist "The sale of a promising youngster in ... has unquestionably caused concern amongst the ... fanbase. How will you appease the supporters and convince them that the transfer will benefit the club in the long term?" I would have like the option to say that I didn't think that he was that promising and could not ever see him as being good enough to play for the first team. Additionally, in the case of one player I negotiated a buy-back clause. In this case I would have thought that I could have replied to the effect that if he does turn out to be better than my expectations the club could implement the buy-back clause.
  3. I've done this a few times. I: - download Steam to the new computer; - install FM from within Steam; - copy the FM19 directory from the original PC to the new PC. You only need to copy those directories that are not created during the installation of FM plus the contents of the "editor data" directory if you have a edited data base. You are then set to go ... start the game, do not create a new profile, but load your latest save game. You will have to reset your general game preferences.
  4. I try to minimise the status of all players whenever possible on the basis that this will reduce the number of complaints about playing time and, possibly, let me keep the wages bill down. I've often started with no key players and haven't been aware of any problems. The only thing that I've noticed is when negotiating a new contract some players [or their agents] insist on key player status and I haven't been able to keep them at their previous lower status.
  5. My inbox reports that one of my players and I have had a heated argument because he wants to return home. I am 99% certain that this is the first time the question of his homesickness has been raised. I am sure that I have not received a prior message saying that there was a problem or a potential problem in this respect. I have uploaded "DexterHovis_HomesickPlayer.fm" which is a save made shortly before I received the message.
  6. When we attend an interview for another job there a many options that we can choose when we are asked if we have any requests but I find it strange that there is not an option to request an increase in the number of support staff. In particular I think we should be able to request an increase in the number of coaches, and to a lesser extent, physios and scouts.
  7. Good idea ... especially adding in disliked teams.
  8. Off topic but an interesting screen shot in your first post. With some, mainly, wide players being unhappy, or supporting you or being against you. There's probably a whole soap opera going on with some players wanting to play more often. :)
  9. It is currently possible to choose the reserve and youth starting teams. Just before the reserve / youth team match is to played you receive a notification from the Ass Man asking who you want to make available to play from the first team. At that time you have the option to select the full reserve / youth team. The players you select will then be the starting teams
  10. I've noticed that coaches seem to improve in line with the role they have been coaching. So one who is coaching defending will tend to see an improvement in that skill. Similarly to how players improve.
  11. Before each friendly I've set the Ass Man to give the initial team talk. In each of the previous three matches his advice has been "Let the boys go out there with clear minds. We don't need to address anything at this stage." but be doesn't follow his own advice. In the lastest talk he then said "Go out there and show me what you've got. There are places up for grabs. Impress me." Before previous matches he's given different team talks. I've uploaded a save entitled "DexterHovis_AssManTeamTalk.fm" which was made just prior to the latest incident
  12. One difference is that the playmaker acts as a “ball magnet” as do all playmakers.
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