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  1. @FrazT Upon reflection I think that the wording in my previous post was clumsy. I did not mean to criticise you I merely wanted to highlight the author of the set piece instructions in view of your comment saying "I copied this from a previous thread and will reproduce it here without any guarantee- apologies to the original poster as I didn't log his name." Sorry if I sounded over the top, as said, that was not my intention.
  2. Are you sure? I thought that the IGE became usable as soon as you bought it and it was not necessary to start a new game.
  3. @FrazT you should credit @Overmars for the set piece instructions. I’ve been having some success with them.
  4. If you hover your mouse over the warning triangle next to to the warning you should receive more detailed information.
  5. I've moved the default location of my documents, music, pictures, videos, downloads and desktop folders from my C drive [an SSD] to my D drive [an HDD]. This has the advantage of having the operating system and program files on the SSD whilst moving the "storage" files to the HDD.
  6. Liverpool would effectively get a 10% discount. I often use the percentage of sale clause together with a buy back option when I'm selling a player.
  7. If you want to play a single game on two separate devises it has to be the same type of game you can’t mix and match full fat and Touch.
  8. Can you elaborate as to how you set them up please? I've only ever used one manager.
  9. Here's how I often start. Choose a formation that suits your players and in the tactics screen set up a few TIs that you think will work and then having placed your best players in the chosen formation go to the drop down menu to the right of the Quick Pick box and click on the lower of the two Pick Without Restriction options. This has the effect of changing the roles of every player to that which the game thinks is his best role. This is highly unlikely to produce a balanced tactic but it does give a start. I've currently just moved to Saint-Étienne in 2020 and this is what I got: I think that I was lucky with the suggested roles in that they look quite well balanced. However, I've changed to DLP (S) to a DLP (D), the CM (D) to BBM (S) and the W (S) to W (A). I'm now going to see how it plays.
  10. You should find that there’s no problem ... you can time travel in FM
  11. Toss a coin and see how it goes
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