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  1. You can currently sort by two columns. The second column is sorted by shift clicking.
  2. You'll want to load a custom data base. Have a look in the Editors Hideaway Download Forum FM21
  3. Ha Ha ... pure coincidence. I read this thread and won my very next game 6 -1 resulting in the six of the best headline
  4. I suspect that it will be a temporary thing. I'd try giving him the individual team talk to the effect that you want to see a good performance from him and don't praise him for a good performance. I'd expect that this would sort him out in a relatively short time.
  5. When you start a new game there's a box that can be ticked to prevent the editor from being used in the game. Also, in the preferences there's a tick box allowing you to choose whether or not to show the editor in the menu bar
  6. @AhMostyn Just discovered your logo etc pack. It is really great many thanks
  7. Didn't you say in one of your old posts that when you create your team you appoint your wife chairman? If so you should speak to her . If it wasn't you who said that then my apologies.
  8. I try to balance: o fatigue by looking to play a fresh player in each position if possible; o overall condition - self expanatory; o match sharpness by playing players who are losing sharpness; and o playing time happiness - there's never a problem dropping anybody who is >= very happy
  9. The only side effect is that you will not gain any points on the leaderboard once you have used the editor ... you still gain points once the editor is installed but not used.
  10. Looking forward to our youth intake this year .
  11. I sign a player and get the response that the club / fans (?) are delighted to sign a global super star. Wind forward a couple of weeks and the board is devastated that I haven't signed any high profile players!! This has happened a few times to me in FM21.
  12. Never mind. I've found out. Here's an image showing Chelsea's fines under Frank Lampard:
  13. As the title says, does anybody know what happens to the money raised by fines on players both in the game and in real life? Does the club keep the money, or pay it to a nominated charity or what?
  14. I think that you intended to credit Oliver Jenson aka @fmFutbolManager of theresonlyoneball.com
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