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  1. I tend to leave the game loaded when I’m not playing it so the hours recorded aren’t really the hours played even if I do play for far too many hours
  2. Decisions Determination Teamwork Work Rate Natural Fitness add Technique and you’ve got the DNA that I look for in my teams
  3. It took me a little while to get to grips with them but the new training modules are great
  4. Not keen on sharpness and condition showing as colours only. This is retrograde step because with colours there has to be an underlying numeric divide meaning that somebody with sharpness and condition of, say, 90% could show as green on both indicators but as amber if the underlying figure was, say, 89%. When in reality there is minimal difference between 89% and 90%.
  5. No idea really but have you tried saving on 31 October 2176 and then holidaying through until, say, 1 December?
  6. Try giving yourself a first or second nationality of French or German
  7. 4 October 2020 IRL you lost 6 -1 at home to Spurs so 7 - 0 away seems fair enough to me. But seriously though if you want assistance then it would be a good idea to post your formation and tactic and request assistance from the forum ... you'll receive lots of good advice.
  8. When you set up a scouting assignment and click the radio button next to a specific attribute it automatically sets that attribute at a numeric value suitable for your club. This isn't immediately obvious but if you look to edit the assignment after it's been set up the numeric values are visible.
  9. UIDs for real players and staff never change
  10. From what you are saying you are the top club in Spain, one of the top leagues, and have had multiple Champions League wins. Presumably you are on massive wages. Other clubs will assume that you are happy in your present circumstances and do not want to move, furthermore the potential compensation that another club would have to pay to prize you away from Valencia would be very large. If you run your contract down and then leave Valencia I would imagine that you will receive job offers.
  11. In my present save I moved to City in 2029 and immediately bought Phil Foden back from Barcelona where he'd been since 2022.
  12. Here is The Ultimate Personality/Media Handling Guide
  13. I have all my scouting reports set to appear in the scouting centre and delegate the responsibility for handling scouting meetings to the DoF. This way I receive a report from the DoF which only highlights his top recommendation.
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