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  1. That looks really good. I'd be very grateful if you would please share the code to add the players' faces to the squad view.
  2. If you really want to sign a member of staff for a role in which they are not interested try offering them double the wage they originally requested for their preferred role.
  3. Thanks for the post. I subscribe to The Athletic but didn't know the podcast existed. I'll give it a go.
  4. I’ve not got the game open but if you to preferences there’s a menu at the bottom left hand corner which includes the Clear Cache button above which there’s an option to reset warnings / confirmations.
  5. I was just looking forward to the highlighted additions that you mentioned here:
  6. Before each youth / reserve team you should receive a notification asking you which of your first team players you want to include in the youth / reserve team for the next match. At this time you can select the positions that you want the youth / reserve players to play and they will start the next match in those selected positions.
  7. I'd be happy for the fake Messi to have Messi's face. I probably wouldn't recognise 99% of the players just from their pictures but I would recognise many of the names which I'd like to get away from as I bring my real life prejudices into the game. I've tried a few players and checked that that their UIDs do in fact match the UIDs of the images in my facepack. I'm using Flut's skin which has background images of the players and as you can see from the attached image the fake player "Ercan Aydin" UID 91001078 has a newgen face but his real image is picked up in the background and I do hav
  8. I asked this question in the skinning hideout but nobody replied so I thought I'd try again here. If I start a game using fake players my facepack does not map the images to the players' UIDs. Does anybody know why this is and also is it possible to make the facepack work?
  9. Two thoughts. Are they wing backs being played in a full back position or the other way round? Are the managers complaining about the role the players are undertaking rather than the position in which they are playing?
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