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  1. I’m puzzled by this. I think that the new training module seemed to promise a great deal but I’ve no idea how to implement it properly. If I come up with my own training schedule I can’t see any way in which to see how well or how badly it performs. So I just leave it to my Ass Man. I’d like some way in which to judge the effectiveness of various training schedules.
  2. I think Palermo will be a good team for the youth academy challege
  3. o edit the image so that it is 140 x 180 ... this is possibly optional, but, it's what I do; o rename the image with the player's UID; o copy the image to your existing facepack; o edit the config.xml file to include the new players - I use FmXML ... or if you prefer you can do this manually using any text editor ; o load the game; o clear the cache; o reload the skin
  4. That's really interesting. I'm fascinated to see that workrate is not included as this is one of my key attributes when assessing players. I also include natural fitness as one of my key attributes but I'm less suprised to that excluded.
  5. No. The only way of viewing them is to search through the example.ltf file
  6. I’m pretty sure that @Cleon used to wax lyrical about a real player called David Brooks
  7. Yep ... they are a pain. I can’t really answer your specific question but, if it helps, I just ignore them and the problem seems to go away. If they complain about things that I can change then I do tend to alter their individual trading routines.
  8. I’d like to get rid of the running ref and show the replay in a box.
  9. Totally agree with this. Of course, I have no actual knowledge but I’m sure this happens IRL as well in that many agents will happily pocket whatever they can get at the expense of the player.
  10. In my various FM careers I’ve never leaked anything to the press so I don’t know the general reaction of various boards in the game. However, IRL I’m pretty sure that leaking information to the press would lead to the manager looking for another job.
  11. I’m a bit in two minds about so called headline features. On the one hand they often sound good but don’t IMO improve the game. Here I’m thinking about the new training schedules and the mentoring system both of which are seriously underwhelming. I can’t see any way judging whether any training schedules that I may spend hours preparing are any better than those set out by the ass man as a result of which I don’t think there is any benefit to changing the schedules prepared by the ass man. Similarly, I’ve never seen any improvement from putting players into mentoring groups. The mentoring system seems to been prepared simply to stop people from using tutors to changing a fickle 16 year old into a model citizen in a couple of years. That certainly needed to be changed but, as said, I don’t see anything else coming out of the mentoring system. So, if we don’t have headline features what then? Well, there seem to be so many people on these forums who say that the current version, or rather, any current version is the worst ever because: o this needs fixing; o that needs fixing; o the other needs fixing; o and so on and so on. This make me wonder if we’d better off if, instead of having “attractive” headline features each year, there was an acceptance that it was good thing if all or, at least, a great many of the individual little things about which so many people complain were fixed. Just my two cents worth.
  12. If set up OIs on the position screen for some reason they don’t show on the selected formation screen but they are still in place and are used
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