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  1. here is a List of fan-owned sports teams which is headed by football clubs. I've no idea how ethical any of them are but it may give you some ideas.
  2. I can confirm that it does not let you print players' traits. There a search option of traits, which you can list, but this details any traits that are being taught to players not any they may already have.
  3. There's quite a lot of LLM comment in the FM21 Realism Thread
  4. I’ve not got the game open at the moment but there’s an option to manage the various views from within the game whereby you can delete unwanted views but IMO the easiest way is to delete the preferences folder … look here . This option does mean that you will have to reset all of your preferences but I find this an easy way to clear out any redundant views that I’ve created
  5. An internet search for "FM21 custom views" will help you!
  6. You'll also find that facepacks don't work with the fake player option
  7. I always start by asking for 100% of wages whether playing or not plus a fee of 2.5% of the player's value if playing or 5.0% of value if not playing.
  8. Good question. I don't know the definitive answer but I work on the assumption that I'll have more success if the affiliate club is in a loaded league.
  9. I think I can say with 100% certainty that the games stores costs such as wages as a single value and that it makes no difference whatsoever as to how you decide to show the value. If you want work out the conversion rate between weekly and monthly costs just toggle between weekly, monthly and yearly in the preferences and, I imagine, that will be very easy to work out the applicable formula.
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