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  1. This is really great and the suggested complementary leagues are the icing on the cake
  2. No .. I was just guessing. Maybe worth asking in the bugs forum. Good luck.
  3. If you want to automatically give your newgens faces you may want to do an internet search for AGP Regens Megapack
  4. I'm currently managing Lyon in France where I'm limited to a maximum of four non EU players. The board want me to sign players aged under 23 and also players based in France and I've got thirteen scouts. In view of the limit on non EU players I don't think that it's worthwhile having scouts based permanently outside Europe. All my scouts are told to look for players with a maximum age of 23 and very good potential ability. I've set three of them to scout France and all the rest have been told to scout Europe. I'm unsure as whether it's best to tell them to scout the whole of Europe or to assign specific countries to specific scouts. What would you advise?
  5. If you can’t find a database you can make Palermo playable by following the instructions for the Youth Academy Challenge
  6. I delete all promises as a matter of course and don’t think I’ve ever had a problem. As @FrazT says, it’s all about the money
  7. This. In a single player game do whatever makes you happy but never ever use the editor if you’re playing a challenge and never make any posts detailing your achievements if you’ve used the editor for anything other than cosmetic reasons.
  8. Have a look at Keysi Rensie 's blog. He's excellent at set pieces.
  9. I scored six in my last season with Juventus
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