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  1. I totally agree with your sentiments. Having said that, I'm successfully playing the game on Linux Mint using the Steam Proton system. Give it a go ... you don't need to use windoze.
  2. Hovis Dexter

    How to disable brexit?

    Tried this but after "Click the England dropdown" there was no option to "Select agreement change" ... unless I'm doing something stupid of course! Thanks for this. I'm trying it out.
  3. please delete .. talking nonsense
  4. In addition to my first team I've got a small reserve team plus a youth team. All my reserve coaches coach the first team. Is there any disadvantage to moving all of my reserve players into the first team? If I do this then I can add the present reserves to the first team mentoring groups.
  5. @Rob Heckman I'm managing Racing Lens in the French Ligue 2. The first two players I reported are Gregoire Pineau (ID 49054399) and Kassim Sidibe (ID 49040414). The third player who reacted as I would have expected is Yassine Chan (ID 48036557). I do, of course, appreciate your comments about different players reacting differently. I just don't think the first two reactions are very sensible ... having said that IRL a lot of people are not very sensible!
  6. Free food and beer wins for me 😎
  7. Yes, I regularly move saved games between my desktop and laptop and use a thumb drive to move the saved games between machines.
  8. I told two players that I was proposing to send then on loan and they objected. Conversation in each case was: Me: "You need to be playing more first team football ... I'm going to place you on the loan list to hopefully get you more game time." Player: "I don't want a loan move ...." Me: "It's only a loan .... in the short term" Player: "... I don't want to leave even if it's only a loan ..." Me: "Ok,, I like your passion ... I've changed my mind, you'll be staying ..." Player: "... I'm not happy ... you've treated me really unfairly ..." I don't understand their ultimate reactions. I've conceded to their desire to stay at the club but they are unhappy. They should be happy and saying "Thanks for listening to me and taking my wishes into consideration" Edit: Just had the same conversation with a third player and his ultimate reaction was "... thanks I'm pleased that you've seen it from my point of view ..." Surely first two players should have had the same reaction?
  9. It's easy enough to get rid of the social media nonsense just go to Preferences>>Interface>>Screen Flow and untick the "Visit News Screen Automatically" box
  10. I like my manager to everything and I’m only up to December in my first season. I read on another thread that somebody is already in his seventh or eighth season. It got me thinking how fast does everybody play, and why?
  11. Why on earth is this an issue? Does every footballer anounce to the world that he's formally retired? Of course not. The fact that players have not told the press that they are retiring has zero effect on the game.
  12. Unfortunately, that didn't make any difference the new scout has judging actual/ potential ability ratings of 14/11 and his tactical knowledge is 13. I'll post this as a bug.
  13. Hmm it could be that. His judging actual/ potential ability ratings are 14/12 but his tactical knowledge is only 6. I'm getting a full report with the exception of any suggested pre-match training focus. I'll try a different scout to see if that makes any difference.
  14. As the title really. My scouting reports on our next opponent do not show any suggested pre-match training focus. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  15. Hovis Dexter

    Complete training view

    Like this. Thank you