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  1. Hovis Dexter

    Is a new assistant manager effective?

    I'm 99% certain that that I've read that the accuracy of the Ass Man's reports improves as he spends more time at the club. It would make no sense if he were able to provide an accurate report on each player from his first day at the club.
  2. When we start a new game it is possible to become the manager of an international youth team but once the game has started we can not use the IGE to take control of such a team. I think that enabling this in the IGE would be a good improvement.
  3. Hovis Dexter

    [Brazil] Data Issues

    Thank you for the clarification.
  4. Once you’re half way through the season and attend a job interview you’ll be asked if you want to take charge immediately or at the end of the season. In my present save I said that I wanted to complete the rest of the season At the same club. I was successful in the job application and joined the new club at the end of the season. I can’t remember the exact date but I’m pretty sure that I was transferred to the new club sometime during May.
  5. In the tactics screen we can set opposition instructions for each position. During the match we can only see OIs as they apply to the individuals on the pitch and these instructions will, by default, be blank. It would be helpful if the in-match OIs showed the general OIs that we set in the tactics screen. This would remind us of the pre-set instructions and also help us in deciding whether any changes were necessary during the match.
  6. Hovis Dexter

    What player attributes never change?

    That’s the only way to export data from FM. I do it slightly differently in that I export the data as a webpage and then open the resulting document in my spreadsheet rather than pasting the contents into the spreadsheet. It’s marginally quicker.
  7. Hovis Dexter

    any way of adding more coaches

    It is not possible to do it in the game other than by making a board request. Nor can you increase the number of permitted coaches with the IGE. You can use the IGE to transfer a coach to your club but this does not increase the number of coaches that the board will permit. I don’t know about FMRTE or any other external editor.
  8. Exactly. They are generated so that there enough players to fill out the team. You can take control of them by offering them contracts but beware they are (always ?) pretty poor players.
  9. Hovis Dexter

    Norway Div 4 (Tipping ligaen)

    You have to start a new game
  10. Hovis Dexter

    Average Gamer Age

    I’d echo your comments apart from the fact I don’t have any kids.🙄
  11. Hovis Dexter

    Struggling to create and defend 4141 DM Wide

    Why start with a clean sheet? If I were you I would start with one of the preset tactics that plays the type of football that appeals to you and adjust the individual instructions according to how you see the game playing out. Incidentally, your original post was made at about 2.00 am UK time when most people in Europe were probably sleeping so you’d be very lucky to receive a speedy reply.
  12. Hovis Dexter

    How to warn player for sending off

    Thanks for the info. That probably explains it. I’ll watch out for that in future.
  13. IMO it sounds like a bug so I’d report it.
  14. Hovis Dexter

    How to warn player for sending off

    I’ve found that this happens sometimes. I’m pretty sure that I logged this as a bug but can’t locate the thread. Perhaps you may want to report this as a bug.