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  1. Go to page 2 in this thread and scroll down to see @yolixeya 's comments about filtering to find wonderkids
  2. Board: Would you like to increase the budget for scout's wages? Me: I'd rather increase the budget for coaches' wages Board: "Club spending levels on staff are already high therefore we will not allow any further increases in the wages that we are currently able to offer staff." This doesn't seem very realistic to me.
  3. My first season in my first attempt at the challenge. I took the “easy” route of choosing Bari which was not playable in the previous year because in July 2018 it was excluded from Serie B for financial reasons meaning that I was starting with a relatively good club. At the beginning of the season the media prediction was to finish eighth, the bookies predicted 11th and the board expectation was that we’d reach the playoffs. A major challenge was the winning the players over. When I joined my reputation was significantly lower than that of the club which was 2.5 stars compared with my reputation of about 0.25 of a star. The starting dynamics showed zero players supporting me, 16 having no opinion and 7 opposing me. Throughout the season the board supported me with coaching courses and I’ve currently gained a National A Licence and am studying for a Continental C Licence. As this a youth challenge I decided to save money by hiring only one scout (although I’m not really sure that I need one) and no data analysts. At the start of the season the club was worth £1.27m and the bank balance was £3.3m at the end it was worth £7.6m and the bank balance was £4.2m. I played 4 4 2 throughout the season. The results were really good in that we won the league by a margin of 27 points. Here’s the league table (I can’t work out how to show the full table showing goals for and goals against.) No transfers in, of course. One transfer out … he wouldn’t sign a new contract. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1b_B10SpMWJmSRSwpAOrGPujKAn7_cI21 For a youth challenge Bari looks as as if it’s a good choice. At the end of the first season I have eight players aged between 27 and 39. The oldest of the other players is 22. This year’s youth intake gave me four 16 year olds with four star potential albeit one has low determination (4) and one is described as being temperamental. Unfortunately, the HoYD that I hired at the beginning of the season decided to retire at the end of the season. Anyway, I guess the hard work starts now.
  4. In Brazil you have to be careful because the teams play in both the national and state leagues. I don’t know if this happens elsewhere but I suspect it may well be the case.
  5. Woo hoo! I've gone from pretty much all of the players opposing me to all of them having no opinion of me. EDIT .. mind you nobody is interested in listening to my team talks
  6. Oh dear ... sorry to read that. I've just started this challenge for the first time yesterday and started with Bari
  7. If they don’t have strength set as additional personal training they must be complaining about the general team training. I always ignore them.
  8. In pre match interviews when I'm about to play a team that I've previously managed there is very often a question regarding this. I've just been asked "Everybody knows that there is no love lost between you and ..." All the available replies make the assumption that there is bad blood between me and the previous club. I feel that the game would enhanced if I could deny any such assertion. I may want to manager the previous team again at some time in the future.
  9. I've no idea about the first four but I've got the Dell which seems to be fine for me. If you fancy this have look at Dell directly where it looks as if it's £100 cheaper than at John Lewis. https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/laptops-notebooks-and-2-in-1-laptops/xps-15-laptop/spd/xps-15-9570-laptop?view=configurations
  10. I’d endorse @sporadicsmiles’ suggestion to read his thread. It’s full of good advice and his comments regarding team talks are first class.
  11. I think that this happens. In my previous save I was at Leipzig and offered a stupid amount of money to a young Brazilian but no matter how much I offered him he refused to move. Then he moved to Barcelona for about 10% of the wages I was willing to pay. Putting aside my FM persona maybe IRL he would be making a sensible choice.
  12. This. It’s kinda stupid when the staff can’t give you a report about a £50m player who had 20 international caps.
  13. I don’t know the answer but if you are looking for a topic started by Cleon It may be worthwhile going to his profile page from where you can search through all the topics that he has started.
  14. Do you give individual team talks to the individuals or the same talk to everybody? In the prematch talk I tend to select all the players and tell them that I have faith. At half time I tell any players with yellow cards to take it easy and then group select the rest and tell them to keep going or play better depending on the score. At full time I praise the best performers, castigate the worst, and explain substitutions.
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