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  1. If u start with control mentality and 3 - 0 up, go down to balanced. If u on balanced, I keep it whole game as don't really feel the counter one is working for me. Last 10-15 minutes go to time waste tactic if you have one. I use concentrate shout too
  2. Team talk issue

    team talks not working on football manager skin too, any solution?
  3. Hi Kurt What changes would you suggest for a National League team to make the tactics work? I'm trying but having hard time
  4. Do you mean to remove it with the new tactics set? the old ones working better for me tbh
  5. I have a feeling that latest hotfix made a tactics worse defensively. Do you guys noticed the same ?
  6. Tactics are seem to getting better with time. Just won the title at old trafford
  7. I load counter. balanced and control as I use them most
  8. You use all of them. Just have to adapt to the opposition. These are very good tactics just be patient and give them time and results will come. I use control if I'm favorite at home and heavy favorite away balanced if I'm underdog at home or slight favorite away counter if I'm underdog away. Attack and overload I use only if I need a goal.
  9. Yeah it was good season, had a bit bad run and get knocked out from CL and FA Cup. Second season had a very good start 7 wins out of 7 in a league plus Charity Shield win and 2 wins in CL
  10. I finished first season with Liverpool. End up winning the league and league cup. Got beat in FA Cup semi final and Champions League quarter final.