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  1. first two matches with your tactic Franky Southport - Chester 0-2 Chester - Gateshead 5-0
  2. Lech Poznan if you can please
  3. Team talks

    This is what I'm using at the moment. Works quite well.
  4. Team talks

    Does it work if you heavy underdogs? Don't think aggressive team talk can help. Have you got any experience with it?
  5. Changes to Scouting - FM12

    yes mate, they finished it after 1 day
  6. Changed run with the ball from often to sometimes. It was mentioned before here.
  7. Hi el_magico89 Your tactic is fantastic. I'm using 4-2-3-1 with the striker tweak. 4 seasons and won the league 4 times. Won the domestic cup 3 times as well. And I'm on quite a run now http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/823/kolejorz90.jpg/
  8. Tactics looks great.Solid at the back and going forward. Played 4 games so far with Lech Poznan. Won 4 And this is a highlight http://img703.imageshack.us/i/lechbarca.jpg/ Good work vu duc tu
  9. Hi I'd like to apply for beta tester becuase I think I can be helpful with further improving the game. FM is better every year but still not perfect. I've been playing CM/FM for a very long time, I think since 2000. I think there is couple minor issues with 3D match engine, specially player movement on the pitch sometimes looks unrealistic. Press conferences and player interaction also need a little improvement. I've noticed another small thing. Polish clubs not signings many foreigners what is different than real life. I also did't get any notice of my staff expirings contracts. Thanks fot the opportunity All the best Tom
  10. No problem, I thought someone from SI will give me an answer
  11. Yea I did. And I got an answer "We apologize". I just want to know when can I play this game, next week or in february. That's not much I think
  12. No mate, I understand game might have some bugs, no one is perfect. But if you playing with your team, you win the league and don't get qualified to european cups that's what I call unplayable game.