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  1. Problem not fixed in Poland after latest patch. Don't worry SI focus on new fancy improvements of press conferences which are useless and other rubbish.
  2. Teraz mam w polskiej lidze na Twoim dodatku, ale widzialem ze ludzie zglaszali tez w innych ligach. Na poprzednim patchu to samo dzialo sie w save bez dodatku. Zglosilem jako bug. teraz odpalilem fm i trening dziala nomalnie. Nadszedl 6 grudnia i wiadomosc ze zespol udaje sie na przerwe miedzysezonowa. I znow treningu nie ma. Nie sadze ze to wina dodatku tylko jest problem w grze.
  3. @Bigpolewiesz moze cos o co chodzi z treningami i czy bedzie naprawione? Chodzi mi o to ze z koncem listopada nastepuje przerwa w treningach a jeszcze w grudniu sa do rozegrania mecze.
  4. The same issue in Poland. this message comes and still have 4 matches to play in december save uploaded - training issue.fm e.fm
  5. Why you didnt fix it ? Still 4 games to play ! It has been reported many times.
  6. Once I asked that question my striker found his shooting boots. I don't expect my striker to score that many goals. My both strikers scored now 19 goals in 42 games between them. I'm happy with that. What advice would you give if I'm playing against teams like Liverpool and i'm huge underdog? Playing with Lech Poznan btw. Would you change any instructions?
  7. Does your striker score a lot @FuSS ? Mine not getting many shots. Team has around 25 shots but my striker just 1 of them.
  8. I asked the question and thread got closed immediately. Only asked if any more patches are coming. Not when. Didn’t know it’s a big secret. 5 months after release game is still not ready. But wait till October when they will ask to buy new game. Not happening this year.
  9. Does anyone can confirm one thing? Does Opposition Instructions work? I set them up in tactics screen and tick apply to all players play in this position so this way they should be set permanently. But in a match screen they are blank.
  10. You are doing fantastic job sir. Do you have idea when can we expect playable 4th tier? Don't want to rush you but I can't wait to start career with my 4th division home team
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