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  1. Hi @FMathlete I'm finding this planner really useful so many thanks for sharing it with us. When @Pedroig issued his update for FM20 he included a fourth row which which reported the intensity of each day's training which I found very helpful ... I don't know if this was included in your original version for FM19. If you decide to update the planner for FM22 I'd like to suggest and request the inclusion of a fourth row detailing the daily training intensity.
  2. Try using a wide midfielder with a get further forward instruction. It’s a really versatile role and can do pretty much anything that you want.
  3. I used to, but no longer, add a position and ranking coding after each players name so, for example, my first choice AML would have AML after his name whereas the second choice would be AML2. I eventually stopped doing this because I thought it was a bit clumsy. I now add ** after my captain's name, * after the vice captain and + after the name of high potential youth players.
  4. Do Distribute to Centre Backs, Play out of Defence, and Work Ball into Box work well together or do they just provide sterile possession?
  5. I’ve tried playing as one team and then restarting a new save when I become bored but simply don’t enjoy playing like this. For the last couple of iterations of the game I’ve been a journeyman for the whole of my save until the game slows too much for me and then I start a totally new save for the last couple of months before the next version. I probably have too many leagues loaded because if I played with far fewer leagues the game would probably not slow down enough to stop me playing.
  6. My long term save has become too slow so I've started a quick new save pending FM22 and have discovered Keuken Kampioen Divisie, the second tier in The Netherlands which seems interesting. o Unless you are laying as a B Team there seems to be virtually no restrictions on the players at the club; o there are 20 teams so you play 38 games; o the top two teams are promoted to the Eredivisie but four of the teams in the division are U23 teams and are ineligible for promotion; and o you are allowed 12 subs on the bench. I'm thinking about starting here as well in my FM22 save.
  7. I think what I really meant is that it's difficult to completely understand them as the images are no longer available
  8. ..... not to mention "Building A Tactic From The Beginning And Maintaining It Long Term"
  9. I'd love to see "The Art of ..." series and "Creating a Tactic - Step by Step", updated
  10. I'm currently at July 2053 so I've just stated my 34th season. I've managed Empoli, Monaco, Hertha (twice), Atlético (twice), England, PSG, Juventus, City (twice), Inter and Chelsea. In FM20 I reached 2044 but gave up when it started to take so long to save the game, FM21 is so much better.
  11. I think that "reasonable" is perfectly fine. In my present save in my last three matches my ARM was an Inverted Winger. He's got a reasonable left foot and his last three rating were 7.4 when he scored a goal, 6.1 when he had a nightmare as did the whole of team in that match, and 7.2 when he had an assist.
  12. I've changed my mind about starting abroad. In FM19 or FM20 I started a journeyman save at Colchester which I enjoyed. I've just looked at its philosophy and policies and I've decided to start at Colchester again but this time I may well do a one team save which is something I've only ever done previously when undertaking @dafuge's challenge or failing miserably when trying the Youth Academy Challenge.
  13. When I control my youth players’ training I tend to concentrate on developing their physicals but generally don’t have any strong feelings about the specialised training undertaken by my first team. When I initially set up my first team training I put everybody concentrating on their stamina and when they start complaining about their individual training I change them to something else with which they are happy. Later on they’ll once again tell me that the individual trading is no longer suitable and I’ll change it once again. Unless I really want to develop a particular attribute I’d prefer to have a happy player than one who is dissatisfied with his training.
  14. I’ve found that. It seems to take an unhappy player some time before he realises that he’s signed a precontract. I can’t remember if he stays unhappy until the new contract kicks in or whether he loses his unhappiness before then. I do remember, however, that his unhappiness does not get worse.
  15. This year I was a journeyman starting in the second league in Italy. In FM22 I’m thinking of starting in, perhaps, Denmark. I like to keep away from players that I’m knowledgeable about as my real life prejudices interfere too much with my gameplay.
  16. I would agree with @Platinum when he said "Now player search only includes players in your scouting package/have been individually scouted which is realistic imo." If you limit your search players to Scouting>>Players>>Scouted, Scouting>>Players>>Analysed, and Scouting>>Players>>Recent and do not use Scouting>>Players>>Search you will only find players who have been found by either your scouts or analysts.
  17. @Cleon It's really good of you to provide links to the wording of some of your older posts and include the images. I still refer back to many of your articles but it's sometimes difficult to completely understand your message when the original images are no longer visible. Many thanks
  18. I've come to the end of the season and have been offered a two year extension to my contract which I've decided to accept. I was tempted to retire and create a new manager, Dexter Hovisson, and start a new career in the same world but as FM22 is, hopefully, going to announced relatively shortly I thought I'd carry on as the same manager.
  19. I always use it when I'm selling youth players. Works a treat.
  20. In my game in 2051 he retired from playing in 2025 then become Assistant Manger at: o Osasuna in 2030 and was released from there in the same year; o Mallorca in 2034; o PSG in 2036; and o Juventus in 2046 Be very interested to compare his post playing career with that in your save
  21. Have a look at this thread and scroll down to the post dated 2 June 2020 by @Overmars where you will find some suggestions that I've found to be very useful
  22. It may be a licensing problem. I seem to recall that I read that SI does not have a licence for the German national teams.
  23. I'm currently in 2050 and my manager's aged 75. I enjoy the game when it's populated by newgens because my real life prejudices about players don't get carried over into the game so I'm wondering whether to retire my manager and continue with the save as a new manager. Has anybody else tried this and what was your experience in your save?
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