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  1. I had to use the in-game editor to fix a kit colour problem with my Bath City save. Now, even though I have unticked the "show in-game editor in the menu bar" option in Preferences I still see the little pencil icon. Have tried clearing cache, removing editor and reloading skin but the icon persists. Anyone with any idea if I can remove it. I'm using the default skin that comes with the game.
  2. OK, had a play with the in-game editor and seems like it is resolved now. Swapping over the below fields looks like the solution:
  3. Any update on this issue or feedback as to whether I can make changes with the in-game editor to resolve the problem?
  4. More weirdness. Playing at home against a team in black and we were in our own away kit:
  5. Also found the same for when the away team wears white. This is Bath vs Gateshead:
  6. Files uploaded as requested. Just to let you know the issue has happened each time I've played away against a team who play in white.
  7. Playing as Bath City and if we play away against another team who wear white we are still using our mainly white kit I think it might be because the game thinks the kit is mainly black, as the formations screen shows the below: However, in-game the kits are difficult to separate: Anyone know if this can be changed with the in-game editor so that it recognises a "white vs white" game?
  8. Fixed it by going to Steam Menu called "Steam", then "Settings", "Downloads" and then changed download region to Paris, France. Both the UK options failed for me.
  9. Cannot play game. Steam just says "Starting" in downloads section then times out.
  10. Reported and got a reply to say they were already aware of the issue.
  11. Really really didn't work for me. Was top of Ligue 2 before. Didn't expect a result against Monaco but the rest of the games we were awful:
  12. In each scouting meeting I get a number of suggestions with a rating for some of them. The first thing I do for each player is to click the player profile and review their attributes. Would be so much better if these attributes were shown on the on the report card, especially as there is a huge space already available. Would save me many clicks.
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