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  1. Yes, working for me again now. Thank you.
  2. ThamesIronWorksD

    Latest Steam update not working

    Fixed it by going to Steam Menu called "Steam", then "Settings", "Downloads" and then changed download region to Paris, France. Both the UK options failed for me.
  3. Cannot play game. Steam just says "Starting" in downloads section then times out.
  4. How is it I notice this issue within 30 seconds of playing on the new patch yet in makes it through SI "testing" ?????
  5. ThamesIronWorksD

    Christmas Fixtures

    Reported and got a reply to say they were already aware of the issue.
  6. ThamesIronWorksD

    Christmas Fixtures

    Busy schedule for me in the Championship:
  7. ThamesIronWorksD

    [England] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I have similar bug but even worse to deal with :-) The whole of the Championship have 3 games in 3 days (League 1 & 2 are normal):
  8. ThamesIronWorksD

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    I'm such a child
  9. Really really didn't work for me. Was top of Ligue 2 before. Didn't expect a result against Monaco but the rest of the games we were awful:
  10. I have created some custom view for player search & shortlists but each time the game is loaded and I access that screen the default view is show. I go and select mine again and they work fine until the next time I play.
  11. ThamesIronWorksD

    Scout - Pros and Cons filling the white space

    Or even better:
  12. In each scouting meeting I get a number of suggestions with a rating for some of them. The first thing I do for each player is to click the player profile and review their attributes. Would be so much better if these attributes were shown on the on the report card, especially as there is a huge space already available. Would save me many clicks.
  13. ThamesIronWorksD

    Flickering lines on pitch

    During game the white lines on the pitch (touchlines, halfway, 18yrd box etc) are flickering. It looks like a flickering light bulb effect. Had it only in games with rain so far.
  14. ThamesIronWorksD

    Game jolts before "event"

    Yeah. I get the same jolt before a goal or significant highlight. Had the same in last years version too.