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  1. Still unbeaten love it quick question Knap when doing H/T team talks do you praise each player or just address all at once ?
  2. Right guys i'm after training one or two players to take the ball round the keeper when on one to one and slot the ball home . What attributes do i need in a player and how do i go about it in asking one of my coaches , playing FM18 Cheers
  3. Not been on here for ages but the tactic from knap is still going strong even with Hibernian
  4. I have managed to install the kits but for some reason all clubs are fine bar Man Utd is this a copyright thing for this years FM20 .which deletes all season kits from previous FM games ?
  5. Hi everyone wonder if someone could help me ive bought a new Desktop and managed to load my saved game from steam onto my new computer but after playing the game for a week just realised all the kits and badges are not upto date which was in my previous saved game. Will I after download this all again or is it because im in season 2030/31 Cheers
  6. Just like to thank you on a awesome tactic first time ive gone all season unbeaten and least goals12 conceded in 34 matches is this a record? Here are a few screenshots
  7. Knap when you get a player sent off do you change any thing on team shape or mentality ?
  8. Knap i think this tactic WOF is your best yet look at the results from Monaco game and the league table only half way through the season smashing records for goals scored and against cheers
  9. Well that narrow's it down at least give me a clue which one is the best
  10. Which one is that Knap seems to be alot of WOF tactics
  11. Knap i have used most of your tacticts in FM!8 but i find this tactic better than your Argus 3-4-3 formations it plays beautiful football and beats the offside trap now and then which i love,only thing i changed is what you tried changing the center backs to DCB works a treat thank you . Maybe this works with PSV the players ive got not sure but not lost a game so far /cheers. Here is a few screen shots
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