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  1. Have you got a up to date kit pack i can download please much appreciated if you point me in the right direction .
  2. Not in 3d game as far as im a where
  3. I have downloaded the new kits ,but when i go into a match and i'm playing away it say's i'm playing in blue shirt juventus (me) but when the game starts i'm playing in last season's 19/20 kit which was yellow any ideas why this is ? I got the kit downloads from here https://fmslovakia.com/downloads/kitpacks/fc12-season-2020-21/
  4. Finished the season unbeaten and ONLY conceded 10 GOALS in 38 games . Is this a record ? Post your best GA in your season here is my screenshots.
  5. Hi guys not sure if this has been posted before on here so i thought i would share with you for all of you still playing FM18 like myself . I'm having great success with Juventus using this tactic screenshots below . This is not my tactic by the way got it of FM Base https://fm-base.co.uk/threads/hasenhuttl-counter-18-the-rock-4-4-2.158248/
  6. I have done what the author of this tactic as said up against top teams more narrow and it has made a difference to my scores 0 goals conceded from Derby game
  7. Really loving this tactic i've always used knaps tactics in the past years but glad i found this one. I haven't changed anything as i think this tactic is suited to my side won every game so far Check pics out
  8. What is this like for scoring and conceding from corners good or bad ?
  9. This tactic is the beast of all your tactics look at the league table not even half way through the season
  10. Loving this tactic now all roles are correct,but saying that the one i used for 2 seasons won me every thing bar the FA Cup so was happy. Think this one plays beautiful football and plays one two's perfect and score some screamer goals thank's Knap. Just one question alot in this thread have said the Anchor one is also good could you confirm if there is any difference in the two tactics ?
  11. Think i've found the tactic but still can't work out which one it is you look at my players midfielder rolls and defender rolls they look different to this one
  12. Look at the pic above i'm not sure looks like MM VOLANTE 442 cheers
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