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  1. Basically i use your tactics because as far as im concerned their the best in fm18 My Results are from the 4-1 defeat at Bor Munch
  2. Started using this tactic Knapp going great so far not used it before so thought id give it ago
  3. Yes just got this first time iv'e ever seen this tbh how do i get my assistant manager to join me not giving me the option to confirm
  4. I’m doing a fantastic job in my current job on FM18. 2 League Titles 2 European Cups 2 Super Cups 2 Charity Shields in 4 seasons but not one club as come in for my services why?Do I need to change any settings within the game Cheers
  5. So far so good Knapp Using this now without Opposite Instructions WIN WIN . Summary of players brought in and SOLD,Jimenez to Real 36m not played a game wth now not needed do i buy him back the fans at Wolves loved him .
  6. https://fmguido.com/setting-up-training-football-manager/
  7. Try this https://fmguido.com/setting-up-training-football-manager/
  8. Another season nearly over secured the title again two seasons in a row and another champions league final to look forward to. Great work knapp. Looking forward to using your best tactic for next season with these signings
  9. Cheers must have read your mind as i downloaded FM18.2.2 before i posted this been using FM18.2.1 P101 with my Wolves save and doing well with it tbh. Will use the other next season. PS any tips for training pre-season then start of season cheers
  10. Knapp ive just searched best fm18 tactic ever and it came up with this you are mentioned on this site so a quick question for you. Which tactic would you say is your all round best fm 18 tactic ? https://fmbrotherhood.com/best-fm18-tactics/
  11. New season so far so good here is my latest results loving it
  12. Update amazing only played since Bournemouth game the rest is history cheers knapp
  13. Knapp the high scoring one you tested with Arsenal did you use the same tactic Home and Away ?
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