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  1. Can you post a screenshot what you mean please
  2. Knap could you please show me how to find free transfers on FM18 what do ineed to do cheers
  3. Thank you never used this before will try it,Another question do you employ in any tactic you have made to beat the offside rule / or one on one to chip the keeper ?
  4. Going with this 92% in tactic thank's anyway
  5. Cheers how do you know roughly when it's 90% want to try something new
  6. Knap how do i get 100% on roles and duty ? Cheers. I Have all 3 slots with your tactic
  7. I know mate have you screenshots with this team. But im having great success with the one i posted never ever had goals conceded less than other of your tactics
  8. Basically i use your tactics because as far as im concerned their the best in fm18 My Results are from the 4-1 defeat at Bor Munch
  9. Started using this tactic Knapp going great so far not used it before so thought id give it ago
  10. Yes just got this first time iv'e ever seen this tbh how do i get my assistant manager to join me not giving me the option to confirm
  11. I’m doing a fantastic job in my current job on FM18. 2 League Titles 2 European Cups 2 Super Cups 2 Charity Shields in 4 seasons but not one club as come in for my services why?Do I need to change any settings within the game Cheers
  12. So far so good Knapp Using this now without Opposite Instructions WIN WIN . Summary of players brought in and SOLD,Jimenez to Real 36m not played a game wth now not needed do i buy him back the fans at Wolves loved him .
  13. https://fmguido.com/setting-up-training-football-manager/
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