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  1. Is this the correct link to MRL? https://forum.mrltactics.com/ Doesn't seem to work?
  2. We can't thank you enough for your great work! Fantastic! Just 5 countries to go 😉
  3. Sounds conclusive. However, I had the impression that LNCs are working with other user files (for other countries) for lower league clubs.
  4. I am using a downloaded user file (Germany tier 6). However, I would like to change some club names via the German LNC file. This does not work with some clubs (I assume that these are the clubs that weren't part of the original database). I checked the following: - The LNC file does identically exist in both 1200 and 1220 folders. - The club ID is correct and does not appear in any other LNC file except the intended one. - The club shows a different ID in the game than in the editor. However, the ID showed in the game seems to be the correct one, since the according logo works with that ID. I even used CLUB_NAME_CHANGE for both IDs at the same time in the LNC > No effect. - I used CLUB_NAME_CHANGE, as well as the SHORT or LONG version. None of these works. If I am correctly informed, an LNC file should overwrite any editor data? Any ideas?
  5. I will check that precisely tonight... A first check seems to confirm that that's the problem... Obviously not all added logos have the same size.
  6. I've got the problem that some small logos that I manually added are not "positioned" correctly in the table. They kind of "slipped/ shifted" to the left, including the club name. Thus, these logos/ names are not left-aligned with the other logos/ names anymore, but shifted further to the left (not that much, but enough to look weird). The logos itself are displayed correctly, only the position in the table is incorrect. For your information: most logos that I'm using are from the Metallic Pack. These logos (which shifted) are from another pack (however, size and quality are equal to Metallic). Does anyone have a clue about this problem or even a solution?
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