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  1. I'm playing with a tweaked version at the moment, and it seems to be working very good. Will hopefully post screenshots and tactic later tonight.
  2. 4-4-2 drlw1980, a possession based 4-4-2 tactic. ​I've been struggling to find a good tactic for my Liverpool team, and I've tried many tactics without any big success. Therefore I ended up to make my own tactic, picking up some tips here and there. My main goal was to make it a possession-based tactic, because I think this years ME would allows me making one, and because this is my football-philosophy. This is the result: Tactic download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jw4a19gcq4wxh89/4-4-2_drlw1980.tac Tactic overview: Goalkeeper: I choose a sweeper keeper because of my high defensive line and offside-trap. And want him to deliver short. Fullbacks: I want my fullbacks to be stable at the back, but also contribute at offense. I always prefer pacey defenders. Sometimes they play bad, but I think this probably is a ME problem. Central defenders: Strong and not to slow defenders is what i prefer. Found Skrtel/Agger most stable, used Sakho more as a fullback. Central Midfielders: I started using BWM's her, but they picked up very many yellow and red cards. So I choosed one Box to box player(Gerrard/Henderson) and one Deep lying playmaker(Lucas/Allen). This combination was for me the best. Wingers: I preferred right-footed at right and left-footed at the left. So I played Sterling/Henderson/Coutinho/Ibe at the right and Wilson(teenie)/Coutinho/Cissokho/Moses at the left. They will dribble, cross and play wide. Strikers: Here i choose one Complete Forward(Sturridge/Yesil) and one Deep lying Forward(Suarez/Aspas). They will score many goals. DLF will be the main threat at corners, with bringing the ball into the box from a short corner. O.I.: None Results: League table and players stats: Some matchstats: Training preseason: Upload tactic in all 3 spots. make 7-9 friendlies. Training inseason: Team of the year: Signings: I'll appreciate feedback, and I hope some of you will try it. This is the second time I upload any tactic of mine, so I'm glad for all feedback.
  3. Hey cooper74. Pitch size = Normal Match prep = Defensive positioning Training = Fitness average And allow rest before and after match. Would be nice if you let me know how you get going on. Feels the tactic might be a bit weak against better teams away..
  4. Just an update. I've played my first Champions League match home against Barcelona, second season. :-0 Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Hey! This is the first tacic I've posted here. I've been searching for a tactic who suits Liverpool without any luck. The tactic is possession based attacking tactic. The back four stays back and it's the midfield and attackers who should create the goals. Downing has been very good in this tactic for me. Style: Rigid Strategy: Control GK - Goalkeeper Defend RB - Full back Defend CD - Central defender Defend CD - Central defender Defend LB - Full back Defend DMC - Anchor man Defend MRC - Ball winning Support MLC - Advanced PM Support RW - Winger Attack LW - Winger Attack SC - Poacher Attack Downing 11 goals and 13 assists in 35 games. 7.18 avg rating. Suarez 22 goals and 10 assist in 38 games. 7.27 avg rating. Gerrard 10 goals and 5 assist in 37 games. 7.26 avg rating. Skrtl 7.24 avg rating. Allen 7.11 avg rating. Reina 7.10 avg rating. Here are some screenshots: The tactic: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Results: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Table: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Lineup: GK - Reina DR - Johnson/Kelly DRC - Skrtl DLC - Agger DL - Enrique DMC - Lucas MRC - Allen MLC - Gerrard AMR - Sterling/Borini AML - Downing SC - Suarez I've got a few losses after Christmas that costed me the League, and I got 3 shots in the woodwork in the last match against Man U. :-( I think this is a good achievement with the default squad and just a few loan signings. It's giving me some really good attacking moves. Almost forgot to upload the tactic ;-) http://www.mediafire.com/?b3dw7q7uwqf319v No OI's. Shouts: "Play through defense" and "Work ball into box" Hope someone will test it out. PS! This is my first tactic post, so if something is missing please tell me.:-)
  6. I tried this tactic for 6 months with Liverpool. After being 8th and 20 points behind Man City I gave up.. Most because I think the squad don't fit the tactic..
  7. I'm going to try this one with Liverpool for one season. I'll keep you posted.
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