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  1. yes. I find the graphic blurry, and hard for the eyes. Came here looking if other have same issue. Have updated drivers, and not sure its a problem or if its the way it is.
  2. was going to ask exactly the same question. I don't see any effect at all...and quite pointless.
  3. Thanks. A follow up: do you avoid "automatic" when making your own to have better control of the duties?
  4. What happens when you chose "automatic" on duties. Example: If a defender is on automatic, how can i tell if its on support/defend/attack?
  5. Is this normal? Lower league (blyth spartans), no scouting packs bought. 2 scouts, scouting players. First, i get message either by player or scout which seems interested. Then 0%., i get to press button "scout". After i while, its 3%. Not much to see on player. Maybe one attribute. gets to press the button "scout" once more. And so it goes a while, but not much progress. The highest i have come is 20%, but not often more than 10% and not possible to scout any more. And when 10% not many attributes to see, i just have to rely on the number the scout presents (the one from 1 to 100). I TL/DR: i find scouting very difficult. Find very few players. And those i find i see very few attributes after scouting.
  6. Good write up! This is the story of my FM-life later years: I always have seasons like that. Never consistens good, beacuse i always(!) gets a sets of consecutive losses/no win streaks after a very good period. And my hope is that new features in FM 2018 give me some kind of tips/advice to avoid this. I am sure its my tactic/something i do with players but i have never understood what.
  7. My twisted head can't live with any matches/AI desiscions being dumb-down played, and i always have every competition and leagues on "full detail". Can confirm that it makes huge difference on processing time.
  8. Same story here. Played my first CM on the Amiga but it was the later CM on the PC's which clocked in playing hours > hundreds. Bought FM for 2017 like i do every year, but not played the game (still in its plastic) because of hectic real life last year. So my thirst for FM 2018 is huge(!). My weekend is lined up for the beta. Let it roll out!
  9. Is it too late to order the game now, and get the Beta?
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