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  1. I had 8 seasons in National before i went up. Found out that i was not playing offensive enough, and made the tactic a tad more offensive. And played with a more offensive mentality at home. Was not much adjustment, but in a season it made a lot more extra points to get up. As winners. So maybe try some small adjustments?
  2. For me it was always around christmas, with a long loosing streak. And typically then got the form back again in the end of the season, with a long winning streak. What i have found out to help me is rotate players, praise them indivdually at every oppurtunity i get, and try to change what i say at teamtalks (not say the same thing match after match, even if that means i get no reaction from them). And ofcourse have a team meeting after two or three losses to get moral up again.
  3. Does this go date to date? Or is it the _year_ they get 21 years old? (must the player you buy be 17 years old to be called home-grown later, or could he be 18 years old and still manage to get 3 years before the year he gets 21 years old?)
  4. I just love that my players have a completely green circle in the position they play at. How come a player that has 100% green circle when getting to my club later in developlement get lesser familiar in the position he plays? Is that because i let my coaches do the training, and they train him in the wrong postition?
  5. Did you get this resolved? I have exactly the same issue with Blyth FM19. 4th season in Premiership, but the stadium has not yet been built. Planning permission for ages.
  6. ah, thank you! Did not know it existed a mod for that. Will definitely check that out!
  7. Not sure if it counts since its FM19, but took me 17 seasons with Blyth Spartans. I am in my 20th season now, sitting 8th in the Premier. Was 8 seasons in National before managed to get to League 2 :-) Be patient, get some new players every year that is better than what you have. I thrust my scouting. Oh, and always make sure you keep an eye on economics! I found it more difficult in the two bottom leagues, the money got easier higher up in the leagues.
  8. Never been relagated and not being sacked. Is it possible to survive a relegation?
  9. Not really seen the use of this before, but i have completed for first time 18 seasons in FM(19). I have downloaded profil pics of "all" players at year 0. Nowadays, season 18, everyone in the world is regen faces except managers. Which is kind of boring, they look almost the same. How about getting the opportunity to recycle profilpictures of retired players to newgen players? Could be a "tick" in preferences. I don't mind the profile picture of Messi showing up on an unknown young player in afghanistan...most of the pictures would be unkown faces anyhow. And its recycling. Everyone likes recycling edit: some spelling errors.
  10. 2 million copies of FM sold on 2019? That means 2 millions simulated football-worlds. And your conclusions is being made of looking at only one of those simulated football worlds.
  11. FM is probably the cheapest investment I have when i compare price/hour. By far!
  12. I have had the same problems for every FM, with always big streaks of losses/no wins after a very good period. Got some advice in another thread, and i have been using them...and it works for me. I still have some downs, but not as long as before. 1. Praise your players after matches when its possible (one player gets highlighted after match and often option to praise). 2. Change your teamtalks. I always went for green, but getting "white" can also be good. I try not to say the same match after match. 3. Rotate team. The one with most effect IMO, but most difficult. I now always change two players for match to match (its not a rule of thumb, but works for me) Check your team dynamics. If your moral is good and you get some losses. Just vary teamtalks, rotate team. If moral is very low, take a teammeeting and get moral up.
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