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  1. I think you get the question at the start of the season. Something like "you are invited to play in a u23 series, do you want to?". Don't think you can force it.
  2. Mine is FM19 so not sure if its exactly the same in 20, but just asked the board to add it to my principles i would be measured at. Nothing happened after asking (no news item), but somehow it just got added to my contract. And opened more dialog options when asking the board.
  3. Not sure if this is kind of the same problem as me, but changing my principles made it possible to ask the board to upgrade youth recruitment.
  4. Aaaaand you were right!!! Went to board, asked about new principles, and at the end of season i get this beatiful message! Thanks!
  5. Thumbs up. i am hoping its something that the game resolve by time, maybe when todays board exit. I struggeled 10-12 years with the stadium too, with the final stage of upgrading never happened. But "suddenly" it all started over again with new city planning, and this time it only took about a year. Getting a good acadamy its not a showstopper for me, but would add even more to a great savegame ;-)
  6. There is no more options to ask the board, related to this. Only to decrease junior coaching budget, and cut back junior recruitment. Not increase...
  7. Been taking over the U18 team now to try go get better on this aspect. I think my problem is here: (look at yellow). How do i upgrade this one?
  8. :-) thanks for motivating reply. Since i have never seen one....what would a world star player look like when young at intake? Would he also be a 1 - 1,5 star, or would they rate him as a potenial 3 to 5 (or something like that). I don't think i ever have gotten a 2 star either. Would believe at least some two's and threes stars would show up with my intake at some point... when getting so high ratings with Blyth in most fields... :-)
  9. Hi, I'm in about 30 seasons in with Blyth Spartans. In the top spot premier league, playing champions league etc. New stadium, have everything maxed out methinks. I can't see where there is any more possebility to get better on facilities, nothing more to ask from the board. Only capacity, but that happens automatic when sold out. Youth intake still sucks. Anyone know if there is any hope that i will get a jewel sometimes in the future, or is that hardcoded to be impossible? Only potential 1 - 1,5 stars showing up every intake.
  10. A bit offtopic, but that is a newgen profile? How did you get that face?
  11. Can't really understand the moaning her. You want harder game? Then just make your own set of rules when playing. I use my own Llama-rules, and i find the game more than difficult enough. If i want it harder, i make myself even harder rules that i have to follow. For example: you think its easy with lower league because you can loan very good players. Then just don't loan. Easy fix.
  12. yes, its a bit tedious to press the buttons every year for the same competitions. Should at least be an option to "select all" when they suggest 20 competions. Probably should be suggested in feature request.
  13. yes :-) But finally, after 26 years(!), they have built their own stadium. located in Blyth. Not named after me (as a Blyth-legend ingame) but after Robert Dale, also a Blyth legend :-)
  14. Lol . Same for me. has been playing 7 years in premier league, as Blyth. We also have Turf Moor as home stadium since our own stadium doesnt meet the standard. Only 3 hours away with car :-)
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