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  1. Before creating a tactic, watch the players attributes. You are using Vlahovic as a pressing forward but that's not his best role for example. First tactic has huge problems. You are playing cautios with work ball into the box and no offensive duties. You just saying 'let's keep the ball and try to not get a goal'. Second tactic, you're using Chiesa as an IW but he's right footed. Players are extremely wide so they could be isolated, especially Ribery as a winger. Not talking about pressing and lines. Think about the movements you wanna create
  2. Just a bit but he's gonna defend more. You need to think that 3 playmakers are not gonna attack and free spaces that a mezzala could. The false 9 is trying to get the ball back and nobody is driving inside the penalty area
  3. My opinion on this tactic. Try using an halfback and widing out the two defenders. The DLP is probably going up on the field a lot to help the circulation of the ball, leaving the two defenders alone. One other thing i don't get is why you're playing fairly narrow and only have Playmakers on midfield
  4. Player traits aren't something always working. They depend on the player attributes and especially on the player mentals. think about how the match engine works. Every tick(for explaining like seconds but that's not true) every player on the field takes a decision depending on his attributes. The trait isn't gonna activate unless the player thinks it's the perfect choice in that moment. Malik has decision 13 so he could make a mistake. Traits could cause conflict? Between them, probably not unless the player is not able to do that. Trait and tactic? yes. If you play a shorter passing tactic and a player has a long pass trait, that could cause problems. But this is preseason man, it's normal that a player makes mistakes. Probably, here he tried to round the keeper but missed the chance so he just tried for the shot. You gotta think the opponent is playing too. The goalkeeper here made a good movement and blocked the vision on the goal
  5. Yeah, attacking tactics are actually OP against AI. That just because AI tends to play a lil more defensive and make some mistakes. You can achieve results with balanced tactics, not gegenpress tactics too but that's more difficult. Against other people, 4231 is not always the answer. I play a lot of online on FM20 and seems like who win uses a 442 or 433 cause you can't take advantage of the high pressing of the 4231 if the opponent is using a high tempo, or standard passing tactic. If you wanna play the real football manager, play online where you can actually counter any type of tactics
  6. If you wanna just let them go forward when they have space, set mentality to attacking and make them BPD-Defend. Don't set them to cover. Ye, this is a common movement that italian teams do when they play 3 at the back. I love to see that
  7. Maybe one dm and one CM? like a dlp on dm position to get a good defense and a CM on support to stay a bit higher
  8. My opinion, try a BWM on support with go further forward. It's amazing
  9. Sorry it's the italian translation of AM(C). AM(A) is a lot more free and he'll search up for spaces but still trying to get the ball up on the field. You need that. But anyway, poacher is a bit useless if you have a good player that can keep the ball. Try using advanced forward to make him more free
  10. Watch out, mentality doesn't work as you think. Mentality is only how many risks are your players taking when playing. You can be on attacking but still be a pretty defensive team. If you use a BWM you can use any mentality you want. He's still gonna defend a lot. maybe on attacking, he'll try a long pass or maybe a dribbling but this is gonna happen few times
  11. Seems like you don't have anyone on the central final third cause the AM(C) is going back to the midfield leaving your poacher alone when building fast. Try to build a lil bit slower if your players can handle it or try to be a little more aggressive on the midfield.
  12. Maybe a trequartista cause you can't waste that vision and passing
  13. But the root of the problem is that the game doesn't let you create some movements. The game would be more interesting if you could create movements for buildup phase, final third, transition, different routines players could choose
  14. i need someone that can actually change the way he plays basing on others. Don't know if a winger can actually do that
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