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  1. This is not about the current bug in the winter update. My question is why do people disable the first transfer window? I've never done it before, but I see it as being unrealistic. The entire world would not decide to just not transfer players during a specific window that is already allowed by the rules. Perhaps I'm just being daft and not understanding the concept.
  2. You are upset with the board because they did what you asked?
  3. During your first season at TNS did they have the title wrapped up before you joined? I'm managing in Wales right now too. I'm coaching Conwy Borough F.C. right now. I got them promoted to the premier league, but TNS is tough in that league.
  4. Touch is definitely a great option. The full fat is too much sometimes. I only wish the touch version could used edited league files. If it had that I would probably only use Touch.
  5. February 2019 Well.....my team sucks. It's tough with no staff. I just got a chief scout, scout and physio. I'm starting off this season behind the 8 ball. With only 8 games in a season it's going to be tough to come back. I'm hoping I don't end up in last, but it might happen this year. I was able to add a central defender with the recommendation of my new scout. We'll see how he does.
  6. Pre-season 2019 Only 2 friendlies since I only had two weeks to arrange them and only one other team was available to play against me so I played my reserves. The only piece of good news is that I have offered a contract to a chief scout. We'll see if I can hire any other staff.
  7. Club Deportivo Puyo was founded in 2008 and plays in the Ecuadorian Lower Division. There are 40 teams in the Lower Division split into 8 groups of 5 teams each. Each teams plays 8 games and the winner of the group go on to a playoff to try for promotion. The media expects me to finish in 5th out of 5 teams. I have no staff which makes it difficult to assess the team, but the squad is large. Main Squad Reserve Squad
  8. This game started as the worst episode of The Bachelor ever as there were 144 teams without a head coach. I was going to do a ton of interviews, but that got a bit boring so I didn't interview with every opening. When I ended up settling on is a job with Deportivo Puyo.
  9. I was born in Dolores which is in Uruguay. I forgot to change my birthdate, but everything else starts as low as possible I believe.
  10. Nobody's Global Tour Reading the story from @Makoto Nakamura has inspired me to do the same kind of game. I’m using editor files from @Timo61 and the Canadian Megapatch from @yellowsweatygorilla. Rules: My rules are real simple. Start in each country as low as possible and see what happens. I might stay until I win everything, but I might decide to leave early if I’m not having fun. In the end that’s what this is all about, right? I’m using downloaded tactics because I’m not very good at them. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I will gladly take any advice given. My plan is to load 5 countries at a time and disable and enable new countries as I finish them. I’m also not planning on sticking to a certain part of the world. I want to get those frequent flier miles. My first 5 countries: Ecuador Mongolia Cyprus Lesotho Turkmenistan Let's find out where I'm going to end up
  11. I agree that Dan does an amazing job with this file. I think part of the issue with SI creating it every year is ensuring it is updated with correct information. They haven't added new countries in a long time (except the new Canada file). I think it's because of the yearly update and transfer information would be challenging to keep track of.
  12. So is the file in the original post for FM20 or FM19? I am a little confusion because above you mention it's for FM19, but the title shows FM20.
  13. Which Canadian update are you using? I was going to use SI's official one, but now I'm not so sure.
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