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  1. Yes, an actual update 16/17 End of Season Update The promotion stage was not too difficult. I lost a could along the way, but still was able to finish in first to get promoted to the Pro League 17/18 Transfers In the off-season I lost my best player, but I got a good amount of money for him. Especially for this level.
  2. If I decide to add a different country at the beginning of a season does it add enough players to play it reasonably?
  3. I'm waiting to see if they include an editor so I can start further down the pyramid. Until then I'm sticking with FM17 Touch.
  4. My main FM2017 touch file has been freeing up randomly. It just stops responding. If I kill FM and start it again the game will stop loading after about 5% and just freeze. No error message at all. A computer reboot seems to fix it until the game freezes again. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to resolve this?
  5. I removed and reinstalled the Intel Driver and now the game opens. Do you want me to send anything to you guys to help others with this issue? Thank you so much for your help.
  6. Thanks for the response Neil, I uninstalled/reintalled the Graphics driver, but I'm getting the same result. I tried some different versions of FM and I'm getting the same issue. I'm getting the issue on FM17 Touch, Full FM17 and FM16. I've attached the crash dump file for FM16 in case it helps. FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2017.02.23 19.57.32).dmp
  7. After a reboot my touch game won't open. I'm getting the error "Failed to Set Up Graphics System". I've done everything listed at https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2017/86_technical-support/92_pc/i’ve-encountered-a-crash-dump-on-launching-the-game-r241/ but it hasn't helped. I've attached my dxdiag.txt. Can someone help me? I miss my FM17 Touch. DxDiag.txt
  8. 16/17 Mid Season Update I think it helps when you sign players. Over the 10 games in the Opening Stage we had the best offense and best defense. Easily the best player on my team is Steven Worgu. He may want to leave, but he has been magic so far. At this time we go into the Promotion Stage. Six teams. The top two are promoted. The 3rd placed team plays against the 12th place team in the Professional League to see whom stays up. We've also had a good cup run so far beating two teams in the Professional league so far. I'm not expecting to any further because we are playing the best team in the country in the next round.
  9. Thank you for the awesome update. I might have found a minor issue, but I'm not sure if it is something you can fix or not. It is showing me stadium#1 instead of the name of an actual stadium.
  10. I finally got through the pre-season and signed 20 players with only one leaving. In the pre-season though we didn't perform as well as I had hoped. We only won one match, but the last two were against opponents in the division above us. After all is said and done here is the opening squad for 2016-2017 Only 10 games to determine our fate in this league. I am hopeful, but unsure since I've never coached here before.
  11. I decided to start in the First Division in Oman and after about 10 interviews and being linked to 5 jobs I’ve decided to join the following team: Bosher Club Established 1970 When looking at the team I will really be able to make my mark since there are only seven players on the team currently (I had to promote a player from the reserve side). They are below: The First Division consist of 2 Groups of six teams each. The top 3 teams in each group move on to the Promotion Stage. Here are only 10 to determine the top 3 teams those so we need to get off to a fast start. The board is expecting me to make it to the Promotion Stage and are only asking me to be competitive in the Omani Sultan Qaboos Cup (FA Cup). I have a Transfer Budget of $65,057 and a payroll budget of $143.600 per year and I’m only spending $24,851 currently. I’m going to need every dollar since I only have 10 games to make my mark. The good news is that I have 253 days to get things sorted before my first professional match. I’ll update at the beginning of the season with my signings.
  12. After reading the great story by Makoto Nakamura I was inspired to try the same kind of challenge. I have downloaded the excellent update by Classen which opens up almost every country in the world to be used. I chose 5 countries at random that are not currently manageable in the default version of FM2017 and decided to have a little fun. I don’t know how long this will last, but I will give it a shot. I don’t know how to tag Classen or Makoto in this post so if someone knows how that would be great. I want to give them the credit that is due @Makoto Nakamura @claassen I’m going to start with the following countries with the following profile: I’ve done as much as I can to load all the possible players from those countries. Here we go…..
  13. If I start a game now and you release a 17.3 update will that require a new game or can to be updated during the game?
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