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  1. That's fair. I might join if I ever get FM21. At this point I'm not sure if I should wait until FM22 is released.
  2. Can I do this challenge with FM20? I started a save last week from Level 11. The team is Newark.
  3. 22/23 Season Another season where we fell at the final hurdle. Very frustrating. Adventures in Europe There were none. We didn't qualify for Europe this season. League Campaign For the first time we ended the regular season undefeated. In the playoffs we made it to the finals, in the first game we won 3-1 (away). You would think that having a 2 goal away advantage would be enough to win the finals.....it was not to be. We lost at home 4-1 to lose the playoffs to Libertas 5-4. Very frustrating, but we did qualify for the Euro Conference League. I think our team i
  4. It can only be done by adding leagues using editor files. If you look at the Editors Hideaway you can get the files and instructions you need. Also, this can only be done on full FM. If you are running FM Touch or Mobile you cannot add leagues using edited files.
  5. 21/22 Season Below is our Preseason expectations. I wasn't sure what to expect this season because of all the retirements. Adventures in Europe I fell at the first hurdle in the Euro Conference League. I shouldn't be surprised since this is my first season in Europe. At least I scored a goal. You need to start somewhere. League Campaign The league campaign was good. We only lost one game in the league again, but failed in the quarter-finals of the Playoffs to Pennarossa. FA Cup Another failed campaign losing to
  6. Records, Retirements, a Takeover and a Call Up. Interesting offseason so far. First up are the records Retirements We are losing two of our GK's to retirement. One of them was our started last year and the other one is our 50 year old keeper. Neither was rated highly, but we are running short on goalies overall. Retiring players Takeover We have a takeover from a local investor. He gave us $50K, which isn't bad, but we really don't need money right now. Cal
  7. 20/21 Season Review Not a bad season with only two loses on the year. The only problem is that one of them was in the Playoff Finals against Cosmos. Squad list by Appearances League Table Playoffs Based on making it to the finals of the playoffs I have qualified for the Euro Conference League for next season. The reason some of the scores seem high in the playoffs is that they are two-legged matches. Onto next season!
  8. Pre-season 2020/2021 Not a bad pre-season only losing one game. Board Expectations The media says we should finish 3rd. This would meet the board expectations. Squad List Below is the squad list. There are two interesting things I noticed Most of the squad has the same personality. We have a GK that is 50 years old. I searched for him and he is a real player. His squad number is 70. I hope that also isn't the age he is going to play until. I would hate to see him break a hip while trying to save a corner kick.
  9. I've been getting into Youth Only saves more and more recently and while I'm only on FM20 I wanted to give it a shot from a small country. Looking at the European Coefficients it looks like San Marino is one of the lowest starting places (54th out of 55 countries). Goal: My goal is just to see how far I can get. I'm hoping I can get through seasons fairly quickly since there are only 18 games in a season, up to 6 playoff games and 1 cup. I started unemployed with no badges. The first club to sign me is Faetano. They look like a lower mid-table club right now. Let's see w
  10. In your experience with a Youth-Only save do you know how much it costs to increase Youth Recruitment? I'm playing a Youth Only on FM20 starting in Level 20 (full pyramid) in England. I have about $25,000 in the bank and I finally got an approval to increase Youth Recruitment. I would assume the cost would depend on country and division, but i didn't know if you had any thoughts.
  11. Should we trade Trump for Boris and see what country gets destroyed first because of Covid?
  12. Youth Intake Preview We can use the good center backs so hopefully this will come true.
  13. 2021/2022 Mid Season Report This season started much like the last as we are in 1st place in the league. The question is can we keep it up. We are out of the FA Cup, but still in the President's Cup.
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