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  1. How many years in a row have Man City won the English league (whatever it's called at this point)?
  2. Can I try this challenge with FM20 Touch?
  3. Really? I wonder of my google search is wrong or the game has it wrong. D'oh.
  4. I'm playing FM20 with a mod for lower leagues. I think it's the one that goes all the way down the pyramid, but I can't remember now. I'm playing as Thornaby Dubliners. I started with them in Level 11 and now we are at Level 6 (National League). My stadium only hold 600 people and after 5 consecutive promotions and my average attendance is only about 50% right now. In the National League there is a stadium requirement that the minimum capacity is 4000 so I'm ground sharing. It would make sense to ground share in a stadium near me, right? The game has me ground sharing in Victoria Park where Hartlepool plays. My team will have a 2 hours trip (each way) for every home game, lol. I wonder how much my attendance will go up.
  5. If you put in one of your own players then you can play 12 v 10. Perhaps the assistant was thinking outside the box /s. In all seriousness, I would submit a bug report for that.
  6. Nice job. Sometimes this game is just too deep. I know they have a user guide, but they almost need a walkthrough about exactly what each screen controls. I'm sure that would take too long to create though since they created such a deep game.
  7. Hopefully I can dodge the water bottle faster than those reporters.
  8. I realize I sounded like a reporter when I asked that question, lol
  9. Now that you've won the CL three times running what are your goals now? Win the Club World Championship? Take on the National Team and win the World Cup?
  10. Great job. That last game was fun to read. I'm sure your heart rate was up a bit while watching it.
  11. That's fair. I might join if I ever get FM21. At this point I'm not sure if I should wait until FM22 is released.
  12. Can I do this challenge with FM20? I started a save last week from Level 11. The team is Newark.
  13. 22/23 Season Another season where we fell at the final hurdle. Very frustrating. Adventures in Europe There were none. We didn't qualify for Europe this season. League Campaign For the first time we ended the regular season undefeated. In the playoffs we made it to the finals, in the first game we won 3-1 (away). You would think that having a 2 goal away advantage would be enough to win the finals.....it was not to be. We lost at home 4-1 to lose the playoffs to Libertas 5-4. Very frustrating, but we did qualify for the Euro Conference League. I think our team is stronger than last time so perhaps we have a chance to get a bit further than last time. FA Cup We failed nice and early here to give us a chance to focus on the league. Season Positives Lots of records set this year for both the team and our best striker Daniele Liverani. Since everyone is pretty much on a Amateur contract I'm hoping I can keep him as long as we keep winning. Finances I haven't turned semi-pro yet and I don't know when that will happen, but I did get the Junior Coaching Budget increased. Youth Candidates Eh.
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