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  1. managed to win the SPL in season 3 by 1 point. Have spent my CL windfall on lots of regen potential wonderkids. Risky I know but trying to lay foundations for career save as well as get some more quality HGC/HGN players. Oh and Harry Wilson in his 3rd season on loan to us from Liverpool is beasting it out wide on both flanks
  2. Brexit is becoming an issue in the game too now - way the dice landed I've had a hard brexit. Strict WP rules means I can only sign established internationals and mediocre home-grown Scottish players command a ridiculous premium. I know it's the same for all SPL clubs but my plans for European dominance are definitely hindered. Just out of interest - has anyone NOT had a hard brexit in FM 17/18 or 19!!??
  3. great effort by the Jambos - looking forward to this 3rd season as extra Champs League places up for grabs for SPL teams. Third of the way in to the season now but Celtic juggernaut shows no sign of slowing down unfortunately
  4. Good to know - they have sold a few of their best players now (Edouarde, Ntcham, Tierney) but with tons of CL cash every year the replacements are decent and squad is deep. I've managed to overhaul most of our deadwood with a net transfer gain although wage budget is creaking. Playing 4-2-3-1 gegenpress with line up season 3 of: Bialkowski Tavernier McCrorie/Katic Barisic (despite his continual moaning) --- Jack Arfield --- Patrick Roberts (signed on a free) Ravel Morrison MIddleton --- Morelos or Trotta
  5. I'm totally with you on this. The Tic had a 33-5-0 record season 1 and I was well off the pace but managed to win both cups and get to the knockout stages of Europa League so really decent first season with, as you say, no money and a shed load of long term injuries. Season 2 and I win 33 games, draw 4 and lose 1 (against the Filth) but it's still not enough because Celtic go W34 D1 L3 (all 3 defeats v us!!) and I lose the title on goal difference! In what other league in the world could you have that sort of record and still finish 2nd? What really hacks me off is the rest of the league are
  6. had exactly the same happen to Zlatan in his first season at ManU - cruciate - decided to retire. Measly insurance payout although didn't mind geting him of the payroll TBH
  7. Ok buddy. A little less aggressive tone wouldn't go amiss. Jeez - was meant to be a post about how frustrating the ups and downs of the game are. I fully recognise the implications of reloading and that's why I didn't/don't feel great about it. I'd hoped replies might simply acknowledge this as well as prompt sharing honest thoughts. Guess there'll always be people like you who can't resist a verbal swing.
  8. Thanks - you're almost 100% right. I would argue it's the 'game' of FM, with all it's brilliant and not-so-brilliant idiosyncracies, but it's certainly not 'football' as in this animation error doesn't reflect what happens in real life. On balance though we learn to take the rough with the smooth so there's a lesson in there somewhere.
  9. So I'm playing a crucial top of the table clash at home v my biggest and local rivals. 0-0, tight game with few chances but one of those reassuringly realistic cagey derbies. Not unhappy with a point truth be told. However.... 90+1 mins, they get a free kick 30 yds out, good effort which (my top-class) keeper saves and spills. No player from either side within 10 yds of him yet he stays down for what seems like an eternity, allowing my CD and two of their attackers to converge on the ball which is now sitting up proudly on the 6 yd line waiting to be spanked. But it's ok because my 16 attribut
  10. Perhaps this should be posted in the bugs forum but I am playing as Santos and have a fixture in the Copa Sudamericana 2nd Preliminary Rd but all senior squad players are unregistered. The competition rules state that the deadlibe for registering was 3 days before the fixture but I have had no prompt in my inbox (I only discovered the deadline by checking back once it became clear there was an issue). My opponents' senior squad are also all unregistered. This must be a bug? Sorry - just realised this is a known issue in the bugs forum.
  11. So I may want my advanced forward to dribble less as he's not that proficient in that regard, or I might want my central defender on defend duty to get further forward when the team has the ball? I realise that in previous versions of the game there were always moves that were already active for the role but now it seems there are additional options such as when the player/team has the ball for which there are NO alterable instructions....
  12. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. I'm a seasoned FMer but for the life of me I cannot fathom how to edit the default player instructions in some (not every?) position when I choose a new tactic. The new screen has some options greyed/greened out by default I guess because those are suggestions for the role I have chosen for my player. How do I override/change these? Thanks
  13. I'm with DizzyPenguin on this one. I actually quite enjoy the start of a new career/season, seeing what backroom staff to keep, which squad players to offload and positions to recruit as well as balancing the books and geting rid of deadwood. I know people belt through the game but I prefer to really immerse myself in some of the detail.
  14. I can't seem to find an answer on this so any clarification would be appreciated. I just got hired by Real Madrid but have so much dead wood on my wage budget. I want to know if Castilla players' wages count towards my overall budget costs (it's just too onerous manually counting every player to check!) and therefore if they leave, get signed by another club or their contracts expire, does that come off my total RM salary budget? I have players at Castilla earning six figure weekly salaries!
  15. Dear SI - I realise you have bigger bugs to fry especially with a new release well under way. However please acknowledge this is a bug. If you can't or won't fix it in a future patch can you at least create an action to 'withdraw coach from course', or something similar. Thank you.
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