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  1. Not sure if this is a bug, but the information in the YELLOW box seems to be empty when hovering over a player's position on the heatmap. It should have the players name next to their number, correct?
  2. I will not be happy until I can download the Ikea furniture pack from FMScout
  3. Rather than being two separate ways to display the exact same information, the opposition instructions screen needs to have the red box identified in the second screenshot below as a sheet to display the opposition squad's attributes we find relevant for making those decisions. It would make setting them, especially at half time and during subs, much easier and faster to come up with.
  4. I always enjoyed managing in coastal areas meant I saw more palm trees, always felt like a cute little addition.
  5. Makes even less sense within the context of so many other applications now INCLUDE a dark/night mode built-in. Couldn't think of poorer timing.
  6. Bump. I'd be pretty disappointed to see this in the final release, PLEASE address this issue.
  7. Clever, but there's no good reason to call a Director of Football a General Manager when no one really does that outside of MLS.
  8. I really don't like that American english language uses the term "general manger" instead of "director of football" and "head coach/assistant coach" instead of "manager/assistant manager" just seems unnecessarily different.
  9. I'm kind of surprised something so glaringly poor went unnoticed like this. I understand that it's only the beta, but a simple play test would reveal it.
  10. more examples of the unreadable UI. Napoli away. that xG graph best represents the overall issue.
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