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  1. Please post a reply to @John Wood in the bugs thread about this, he is a QA staffer kind enough to engage with us in that thread:
  2. Sure. I guess that's fair. However, I would not have anticipated a core element of the game (analysis and stats) to be broken for four months, which is why I say I am hesitant about a future purchase.
  3. Hello John, thank you for your attention to our problem! Seeing what players an opponent 'plays through' or who attracts the most attention in attack or where on the pitch the opponent favors. This allows me to make minor adjustments (FB on att to def, focus play, etc.) More importantly, it offers me a look into how my squad is performing without having watch hours of highlights. I don't have as much time to dedicate to FM as I'd like, so for the past few iterations I have become reliant on data analysis to accomplish this. Heat maps work similarly for me. Overall, finding crucial connect
  4. Sure, but the issue is that even if there are issues in the demo, there are no guarantees they'll be cleared up, no matter how obvious.
  5. Nope! You have to use the bogus xG they implemented without much care for anything else. They've completely screwed everything else in stats and analysis just to be able to give you a meaningless statistic that means absolutely nothing as presented in game. Who needs heat maps, passing networks, P/90 stats, and all that fancy stuff? It's pretty obvious the goal for this release was get xG in over anything else and because of that we've all been left to bear the brunt of this while still paying full price but we won't be offered anything in return for our patience. Instead, the mods will
  6. Bugs relating to xG should just be the title of this thread, good lord.
  7. This is, like, the bare minimum they owe us as customers. I really do not care if it is bad news or good news, I just want THE news!
  8. that is all I ask for, just an update. I would respect the more straightforward answer of "we had some unintended consequences of overhauling the stats engine and unfortunately, we just cannot fix it" instead of them saying it's on their radar or whatever. I'm not trying to disparage anyone, so please do not misinterpret my frustration as accusation, but I do think criticism is warranted with this.
  9. Unless SI come out and say that there will be one final update with these problems addressed, I don't foresee this getting fixed. But hey, at least we have useless xG!
  10. This is not correct, you cannot access dugout information from the touchline tablet.
  11. I just want to add-on to this point, I retrained Denis Rodriguez as a RWB at Newell's Old Boys by training him in that position and then exclusively playing him there for most of the season. At some point, he ended up a natural. So it just takes time and effort.
  12. Tactics menu > In transition > [third menu on the right] has those options, you can select either to a group or specific position but your instructions will limit your options (e.g. can't take long kicks to the centerbacks; can't roll it out to taget man)
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