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  1. I said the exact same thing every time
  2. Late to the party, but I had a spell with Charlton in FM and came to really like the club. Wished them well in real life, but sadly they dropped back down (FA curiously docking Wednesday's points next season). Good to see you doing well. Maybe I missed something, but had any run ins with Bowyer? In my save last year he was quite the git whenever asked about how I was doing with Charlton.
  3. February 2023 Buttcheek's tensed. Going in to February, and the start of the Championship Conference, eight points clear of second placed TNS seems to have left the lads with the above condition. Doctor?! First up was a trip all the way down south to Barry, and a repeat of the recent cup game that saw us knocked out by a solitary goal. The league game was just as tight. A dull affair which ended 0-0. Barry are a good team, so I wasn't worried. The fact that TNS beat Cardiff 3-0 was a little concerning, that fact closing the gap to six points. The games are thick and fast in February, and next saw us head west to Aberystwyth. Queue us completely collapsing and throwing the unbeaten league run, that stretched back to September, out with the bath water. They stuffed us well and truly, the lads seeming to forget what sport they were actually playing. My hopes for new signing McGill were well and truly scuppered in this game. I'm seeing a lot more in Brino right now. I think we'll be talking Italian next game. Talking of next games, welcoming TNS to Nantporth when we'd just been stuffed 0-3 by Aberystwyth was daunting. Buttcheek's becoming un-unclenchable. True to my words, Brino came back in between the sticks and Dalia replaced young Camm at right back. Both Delvecchio and Lennie Armstrong had come to me before the game to say they wanted more pitch time, but they'll have to remain patient for now. I really want Delvecchio to shine again, like he did first season. For now, however, Poch Junior remains first choice. No one is truly cemented in to the first team at the moment though. Babos especially fits that case. I can never get sustained periods of the best from the lad, and Cauterucci is on the bench for this one. Well, on to the game. We were awful and suffered sustained pressure from a confident looking TNS. They had just thrashed Barry 4-0 right after beating Cardiff 3-0. TNS duly took the lead midway through the second half, though I was surprised we had held out till then if I am honest with people. I had just taken off the woeful Babos and Edwards, replacing them with Cauterucci and Agyemang. Olopade was having a poor game too, and I soon replaced him with Price, reverting to a more attacking formation to try and get an equaliser. My changes proved themselves. Price receiving the ball on the edge of the box lays it off to an attacking Dalia. Dalia's pinpoint cross lands right on the head of our talisman, Serafino. He duly knocks the ball past the TNS keep. 1-1. Buttcheek's loosening. That was a good point, after the first eighty minutes of ineptitude. On to the 19th February and the last game of the month. A whole week with nothing to do afterwards...damn schedules. I probably say that every year. We welcomed Bala back to Nantporth for another Gwynedd derby. Their form had been patchy so a win was a must. The Championship Conference has started badly, and we need to get back to being mighty Bangor. The lads listened, and we were all over Bala for the first forty-five. Serafino had chance after chance but failed to convert. In the second half I finally got sick of his inability to put the ball away and brought Babos on. Babos's form had resulted me in starting Cauterucci in this match, Piero is slowly becoming my utility man. I think he has played everywhere but keeper this year. Babos played well, though granted he couldn't have missed as many chances as Serafino in thirty minutes. It was the recently returned Dalia and Ghanaian wide man Agyemang that produced the goods though. With a quarter of the match remaining, Dalia picks up the ball on the edge of the area, after a Delvecchio attempt was deflected (yes, I gave him a chance because Edwards had been terrible and was out of the squad). One shot. Left back blocks. Second attempt. Goal! Eugenio, I love you. Italy proves itself again. Two minutes later, Delvecchio picks the ball up on the right. A nice one-two with Babos and a pinpoint cross on to Agyemang's left peg. 2-0, and surely the winner. The old boys are doing the job for us. Consider those buttcheek's unclenched. The Bangor machine is running smoothly again. TNS drew too. We're back to five points clear. Not the end of February I wanted, but it's better than I thought it was going to be at eighty-nine minutes into the TNS game. In one little bit of transfer news, Massimo Sammartino has left the club after four years and eighty-six games. He wasn't getting games this year and I said he could go with my well wishes. He's gone off to Gzira United in Malta. Good luck to you, Massimo. I nearly forgot tradition of naming a Player Of The Month for February. I can only give that award to Eugenio Dalia. He came back to the team and produced the goods. A goal and an assist to resurrect February. Emmanuel Agyemang pushed Eugenio close though. Only three games in March, and more breathing room between each. Cardiff, Barry (again) and TNS to end the month. That TNS match may well decide the title. Bring it on. Feeling better after that Bala win.
  4. It's in my opinion that the work only begins at the "intake" stage. I never completely discarded anyone (well, maybe the absolute garbage) at that point because even the worst players can suddenly show improvement. It's been my experience in FM that some players might show the potential, but they can be outshone by a hard worker that might not have the same skills. Of course, if someone is viewing the game's setting for player potential then I feel they're missing out on a big part of FM; the ups and downs of bringing through a youth player. I'm not sure of the full intricacies that are in the game in terms of player potential, but I'd like to see FM have a lot of variability in player potential. Maybe the in game value is changeable (I'm not positive how it works), but I feel it's possible for any player to become good. Think of the number of players that are told they're not good enough at a youth level (size, strength etc) but then go on to shine in later years. For me there should be so many factors that go in to determining if a player makes it, no matter their potential when they first arrive on the scene. Take AFC Bournemouth, for example. A squad of players that had only ever really gotten game time in the bottom two levels of the FL, yet under Eddie Howe they shone for five seasons. They became much better players than they should have. Maybe someone can highlight how the game actually works.
  5. Holy necro, Batman! Yes, I'm back. Originally, I thought to have a little break. FM had been feeling a little tiring and I felt I needed to go away for a week, maybe two, recharge the batteries and come back to tackle the title charge. Well, I got playing other things. Then COVID hit, football in the UK died and FM kept slipping away. God my squad is alien to me...got to at least finish this season though.
  6. PrtScn > open in paint > open player you want to compare with in game. Not ideal for everyone, I know, but it's a way. Probably need a two monitor set up. Ok, just realised it's a necro thread moment... You could, of course, just look at their stats and judge whether they'd be good in a different role. For example, training someone up to play wiode means they'll want good pace and crossing, for starters. They're generally going to want to be young enough to give them an opportunity to elarn a new role.
  7. Has anyone seen a truly catastrophic player meeting effect in FM20? My team had romped through January unbeaten but lost the last game of the month, a cup game. A game later and we still looked half the team we had been so I thought I'd hold a team meeting and push the team on a bit with some encouragment. I told them they were doing great but could do even better. They really did not agree. My dressing room atmosphere dropped from almost at the highest level to a fifth of a bar and labelled 'abysmal'. The team even came to me a day later to say they were upset at the dressing room atmosphere. One team meeting should never drop atmosphere that much. Should it?
  8. January 2023 January was a wonderful month for us that took a downturn right at the end. We look very cosy at the end of the first phase of this year's league. I even managed to strengthen us with a new signing between the sticks, and have a new face coming in in the summer by way of a very talented youngster. Plus, last but not least, the board have agreed to improve our youth facilities. In the Development league our lads are not really competing with the top teams. The board were reluctant at first but a little pressure meant they saw the benefit. The money we are making from the European Bangor Bus really should go somewhere. We'll never spend it all on players. My next request will be that we turn professional. I'm not sure it will happen however, and I'll be upfront and say I'd seriously consider a step up in my career now. If we can win the league then I think I'll have done all I can at a semi-pro club. Transfer Window Transfers first then, and joining us in the summer is Llandudno youngster Nicky Wynne. I'd been looking closely at Nicky, and when I saw that Bala had offered a contract I jumped in and beat them to the punch. We have to signal our superiority. We have some work to do technically, and especially in developing Nicky's heading, but I have high hopes for this young lad. I know it says he's a full back, but Nicky will be playing center back. Joining towards the end of the month was our new keeper, Thomas McGill, on a free after having been released by Brighton. He is 22 and very competent. There is also room for him to improve. If truth be told, I had wanted to sign a keeper from Maidenhead who was transfer listed, but he refused to even come here on loan. I don't understand it. He could journey Europe with us. His loss, Thomas's gain. I've been actively trying to find loan moves for a number of youngsters and, as I said before, Aldair Neto wants to leave the club. There have been very few offers though. Well, offers that my players like anyway. Lower division clubs regularly try to entice my back up away, but they never want to leave. I suspect the sticking points with Aldair is him wanting to join and also his wage demands. I've not seen the best from him this year and he has fallen well behind my current wide men, Edwards and Poch Junior. I also have offered Dave Dafydd up for loan. I just want him to have more game time to help him show his true abilities and he's not getting it here. Goalkeeper Jay Waller and center back Kristian Watson have been playing regularly on loan and it has really benefitted them. Again, there seems to be an issue with clubs not thinking he will agree to a loan deal though. They could at least try. January League Games So on to January's schedule, and what a month. I'll give you, the reader, a little teaser. We conceded a goal. We started at Colwyn Bay just a few days after beating Haverfordwest. Our new year bloomed in to life for us just before half time. First, Tom Price stepped up to score his first goal for us - another belter from the edge of the area. I have encouraged my midfielders to shoot more. Three minutes later it was two, Serafino nodding home a Liam Edwards cross. It marked a continued return to form for our talisman. Things slowed down a little in the second half but we did make it three through Poch Junior late in the game. A nice 3-0 win made for a joyful coach journey home. The games continued thick and fast, and a few days on we welcomed Barry Town to Nantporth. Barry are having a mixed bag of a season but they are still a quality outfit. The seaside outfit limited us to a sole Serafino strike around the twentieth minute, but the real stars of the game were outr center back pairing of Scott Wilson and Billy Sass-Davies. I really should off Billy a contract. He hasn't received one from Crewe yet. I'm kind of reluctant to hear him say 'no'. The Barry game wasn't the end of the weekend-midweek fixture list, and three days later we travelled to the Wrexham are to meet Cefn Druids, before we welcomed Colwyn Bay back to Nantporth for our return fixture. We blew Cefn Druids away in the first half, romping to a 3-0 lead at half time. In the second half I was forced to shout down the touchline as we took our foot off the gas to allow them a back door in to the game. The shouting worked, however, and we held on for a 3-1 victory. We were on a roll now, and we continued our sparkling form against the Bay. An early Serafino goal, his sixth in five games, and another long ranger from Cauterucci in the second half secured us a 2-0 win. We finished the first phase of the league at home to Llanrhaeadr. We rather blew them away. We were two up within six minutes before the village team tightened up a little. We had a cracking thirteen shots on target and doubled our tally in the second half to record a great 4-0 win. Liam Edwards was fantastic in this game. Three key passes, an assist, one other chance created and a goal. Liam is having a great first season for us, and he's justifying the £10k I spent on him. I told you we conceded a goal in January. Just the one though, and a whopping thirteen goals scored. All this has had a very dramatic effect on our league challenge. The New Saints and Cardiff Met Uni had mixed months whilst Bala Town had a catastrophic drop in form, losing their last four games. It has left us with a very healthy eight point gap at the top of the league. Corbett Sports Welsh Premier Football League as at 21.30, Monday 23rd January 2023 (bizarrely the Barry vs Aberystwyth match is not scheduled until 4th Februrary) There was one last game in January and it was a trip down to Barry in the fourth round of the cup. It is fair to say we didn't turn up. McGill came in for his first start and did okay. I certainly can't blame our keeper for the fact that we lost 1-0. Serafino had scored in his last seven games, but he must have changed his boots for this game. It was a horror show and it ends our cup run for this season. The board won't be happy, and we will need to follow through on this lead we have built up in the league. There is nothing forcing the board to not sack me, and I do fear that if we fail to win the league then I could be out of a job. Heading back to better memories, it is hard to pick my Player Of The Month after such a strong month. It has to be our talisman though, surely. Seven goals in six games was a fantastic return to form for Francesco Serafino. Yet another Player Of The Month award for our star striker. Where would we be without our talisman? The Championship Conference is not scheduled yet, but we know we will be playing The New Saints, Cardiff Met Uni, Bala Town, Barry Town and Aberystwyth. Barry and Aberystwyth have been patchy of form all season and Bala are on a terrible run. TNS and Cardiff are the teams we must worry about. Can we bring the title to Nantporth? If we blow an eight point lead I'll be crying.
  9. Thank you. Yeah, I notice their squad is even more diverse now. For some reason they are not setting the Cymru North alight in real life however. The skin is Heffem.
  10. Well, I'm no tactical genius, but at that level it is less about technical ability and more raw aggression. A big target man and attempting to deliver longer passes to him is a good bet. Setting up a wing play tactic with a couple of pacey wingers should also serve well. Essentially you want simple tactics with simple positions. BWM, DLF, TM etc. I find a hard working and fit B2B MF to be great. I've never found WBs to work great at this level. FBs with a WB instruction, maybe, but not full on WBs in a 352. Start with a simple formation and fiddle with it for best results.
  11. As far as Germany ploughing their way through another tournament, yeah. Not so sure about Origi being golden boot... I am ready for another episode, when I find time to write it.
  12. Well, I've been playing my current save for all but maybe a few hours of my 342 hours of FM20. I'm midway through season four. I doubt it is much less than 90 hours per season for me. I don't rush... EDIT: Okay, I just realised this is a necro of the highest order, this thread. It's a year and a half old thread.
  13. The Welsh Premier gets a lot easier if you can get in to Europe. Put everything into the cup or try and get in to the top few places. The £500k or so you will get for just one European tie will let you compete with TNS. It's a tight league and getting the best free signings will be key. If you're semi pro you could raid the likes of Cardiff Met Uni for their best amateurs, and there will be a number of other good amateurs at other Welsh clubs. Get a director of football and ask him for loan suggestions. Your scouting will be unlikley to be funded enough to find English players, but your DoF may suggest some. It will cost you to scout them, but getting an English league player, or two, on loan will realy help you. Are you limiting yourself to winning with Newtown? If you can do well with them then try and get the TNS job. They are by far the best Welsh club. That said, none of the above will guarantee you the Welsh Premier. It's a very tight little league. I've been managing it for 4 seasons now and myself and TNS are loaded from Europe. I'm still seeing clubs like Bala and Cardiff defy the odds though. Good luck.
  14. World Cup and December 2022 Qatar Winter World Cup The first ever winter world cup kicked off November 21st as Qatar hosted Croatia in their first world cup appearance. In front of their home fans many hoped it'd be a successful first appearance. It wasn't quite so. The hosts lost all three games in Group A; 0-2 versus Croatia, 1-2 versus U.S.A. and, in the decider for bottom spot, 0-1 versus Morocco. In the group A top spot decider the U.S.A. shocked Croatia 1-0. Germany were Group B winners, trouncing Uruguay 4-1 in the process and finishing with three wins out of three. South Korea and Sweden packed their bags and headed home, the Asian team failing to score. In Group C Portugal slipped up against Burkina Faso. They drew 0-0 with the African newcomers in a game in which they managed twenty-two shots but only thirty-six percent possession. This slip up allowed Argentina to claim top spot. Burkina Faso failed to capitalise on their point from the Portugal game, losing 0-3 to Argentina and 0-2 to Greece. Portugal did bounce back to secure second place courtesy of beating the Greeks 3-0. Group D was well and trully bossed by a rampant France who won all three games without conceding. Australia were the surprise runners-up courtesy of securing the only other win of the group against Senegal. In Group E it was England who progressed unbeaten, and they were joined by Chile who won their decider with Poland 3-2. Group F saw favourites Belgium and Spain progress, but Iran took them close. The west Asian nation scared Belgium when they nearly turned over a 3-0 deficit and then managed a 1-1 draw with Spain. They thrashed Costa Rica 6-1 but ultimately went home. Los Ticos will be seriously disappointed with their showing, conceding a whopping thirteen goals. Group G saw Brazil progress comfortably win three wins, and then saw Mexico send home the Dutch with a 2-0 win. The Dutch had looked great in their first match, thrashing a luckless Mali 5-0, but they were disappointing versus the Mexicans and the Brazilians. Gabriel Jesus scored a hattrick in seven minutes as ten man Brazil whooped the Dutch. Coutinho had been sent off midway through the first half, but it took the Dutch also having a man sent off to see them score. Group H was by far the closest with Italy, Russia and Colombia fighting amongst themselves to qualify. The results would depend very much on who could do best against a poor showing Nigeria. Colombia could only draw 2-2 with the Africans, and despite beating Russia 2-1 in the final game goal difference saw them going home. Russia qualified courtesy of holding the Italians to a 1-1 draw. The Italians beat both Nigeria and Colombia 5-1 in their other games. Italy looked very good. Germany and Italy continued their rampant form in to round 2, beating Croatia and Mexico respectively. England and France made it count on penalties, where as Belgium and Uruguay managed to do the business with an extra thirty minutes. Argentina and Brazil managed less than spectacular wins over Australia and Russia to reach the quarters. The Quarter Finals, the first day of matches saw Germany battle through a tight game versus Argentina and then France dominated Uruguay to march on. The matches on day two of the Quarters were by far the tightest. It took a late Divock Origi penalty for Belgium to beat Brazil 3-2, and then England progressed courtesy of a late Maddison volley. The Semis were two very contrasting affairs. France needed two late goals to beat Belgium in an entertaining first match. The second Semi ended in a very tight 1-0 scoreline in favour of Germany, but the match was anything but tight. Germany more than bossed the tie but English resiliance took it close. England's Danish manager, Jonas Dal, will surely be gutted that it took a ninety-third minute Antonio Rudiger header from a corner defeated his men. England claimed third place with a 2-1 victory over Belgium in Doha, before the lights came down on the big final between France and Germany a day later. It was the German center back pairing of Niklas Süle and Matthias Gunter that dominated to help the Germans secure a 2-0 victory. A fifth German victory to take them level with Brazil. It was a great tournament for Tottenham front man Divock Origi, securing the Golden Boot and being named third best player. It ultimately ended in disappointment as belgium were beaten to fourth spot. Bizarrely Origi has only managed six appearances and one goal since he moved to Tottenham in the summer. Back Home Back home in North Wales we could only watch the stars from afar. The lads returned from the little break I had given them and we set about a mini pre-season before they enjoyed Christmas with their families. We returned to league action on New Year's Day as we welcomed strugglers Harverfordwest to Nantporth. In a world away from the megastars battling out a World Cup win, we at least performed like stars to record a great 3-0 win. Francesco Serafino got his first goal in eleven games to open the scoring, and then Edwards and Wilson backed him up. Haverfordwest were never in the game, and it was great to see my lads at their best. With Olopade suspended I had played Tom Price in the box to box role and I think I may have found his best position. Our midfield was so dominant. We go in to 2023 with a two point lead over Bala and Cardiff. The New Saints struggled to a 1-1 draw with bottom placed Connah's Quay to give us a nice four point edge on them. Corbett Sports Welsh Premier Football League as at 18.00, Saturday 31st December 2022 Not much football to analyse to pick my Player Of The Month and I'll give it to our talisman Serafino. He's back to scoring ways and he played a great link up forward role against Haverfordwest, creating two chances. I'm just glad he's scored again. Six games in January. Another busy month in which we're still working around the World Cup. It's an easier month too. Just Barry are having a great season. We meet them in the cup, but it's the league encounter in a week that could define our season. Not going to matter if we can't beat the smaller teams though. If we perform as we did against Haverfordwest then we will win all our games. We have a transfer window too. Aldair Neto wants out and I'll try to sell him, but anyone we get in is going to be doing so because they're quality. Maybe I'll try for Haverfordwest's Dyson again. He can't be happy in the relegation places, but will he still want too much. Back next year.
  15. November 2022 Just the two cup games in November and two differing results. It felt very much like a winding down to a season, and just because our next game will not be for over forty days. I could sense the players were looking forward to the break I had promised them. First up was the Welsh Cup and a trip along the coast highway to Prestatyn. Prestatyn is nice in the summer. Beaches, amusements and the general buzz of the British seaside. A November afternoon in the drizzle does not evoke the same feels, and I think my lads were in the mood of the latter. It was a nervy affair won by us through a defence stretching Edwards goal and another long ranger from Alex Babos. I ask my midfielders to shoot on sight and it's working for Babos and Olopade. Sadly, Olopade didn't get the chance to try from range. He was sent off by another over zealous referee inside fifteen minutes. It was not worthy of a straight red, but my post match appeal fell of death ears. Another reason for the nerves may have bene the fact that I experimented with a new wing back based formation for the game. My full backs are evidently not fans of playing as the focused widemen though. Both Dalia and Owens had games that were a shadow of their normal efforts. I'll put that one in the cupboard for later. A week later we travelled over to Northern Ireland for the cup competition I wouldn't overly mind bowing out of. We faced Larne FC, who are currently heading the Danske Bank Premiership. They also managed the same round in the Euro Cup II as we did, only losing narrowly to Grasshoopers. It would not be as easy a tie as I had thought it might be. We reverted back to our practiced 4-3-3 for turned out to be a very cagey affair in which neither team got in to full flow. My lads were just devoid of interest, and I think it may have rubbed off from my dislike of having to be in this competition. There was so little effort, and when I asked them to show some passion they looked at me as if I were asking them to wash my car...with a tissue. The match was won my Larne courtesy of a very unfair deflection off of Alex Babos in to our goal. I told the lads that I didn't mind losing, but the manner of defeat was what upset me. I think we can be proud of two Quarter Finals in two years in this tinpot cup. Whilst there were just two matches I will keep up with my Player Of The Month tradition. It's hard to pick anyone from the Larne game, so I'm making my choice on the Welsh Cup tie. It goes to Alex Babos for a very good performance against Prestatyn. We had one training session after the Larne game and then let the lads head off for some free time. There are youth games during the break, so it's not like the club will be quiet. The lads will be back in December for some friendlies. I fully intend for us to take this league by storm when games re-commence.
  16. @Rob HeckmanI'm afraid the three saves I uploaded are all I have. I run a 10 rolling weekly save but they just happened to fall at the wrong times. I thought it was lucky I got the save just before the fine. The anagain_olopade_beforefine.fm file is my weekly auto save as is anagain_olopade_beforeSO.fm. Sorry. Everything seemed fine until the fine happened so I just let the game run and save as normal. I've had a couple of sendings off since the patch went live, so there is every chance someone will get sent off again. If anything happens I'll update. I have to say that I don't recall having been asked to designate a Code Of Conduct for a couple of seasons now. I'm playing a save that I started early in beta. I don't know if that matters particularly, but I do vaguely recall seeing a bug report or feedback post recently where someone said they weren't getting the option to do a Code Of Conduct. Could there be a connection? Could the match pkm help so you can see why he was sent off? I'm afraid it's the only other thing I can provide. I hope you can find a way to reproduce it.
  17. It just occured to me that you might want a save before the match he got sent off in - I'm sure you will want to try and rteproduce it by sending him off and seeing what happens. Uploading anagain_olopade_beforeSO.fm
  18. I found this issue a bit bizarre. My player was sent off in a match via a straight red. I wqas told afterwards that the sending off could be considered unfair and so I appealed. At the time of being told it was unfair I was also informed that I could fine the player but that he would be upset. I was not told that the code of conduct had isued a fine or a warning. Skipping forward, shortly afterwards I was told that the appeal had not been successful and the player would have a one match ban. Then, a day after that I got a message to say that the player in question accepted his fine. It says for his dismissal. My CoC states a warning for the first sending off (2 yellows or 1 red) and then a 1 day fine for the second 2 yellow or a weeks fine for the second straight red. This is only the player's first red. The only other way he could get a fine is to miss training or go awol, or be banned 3 times for bookings. The message did say dismissal, but accoriding to my CoC I don't fine for first. The player is extremely happy. I'm not sure what saves to provide for this so I'll add a couple. The first save is anagain_olopade_beforefine.fm and should be November 6th which was the day I got the appeal unsuccessful mail. The second save is saved after he got fined and is anagain_olopade_fined.fm The player's name is Denzelle Olopade. I hope this helps. It all seems a bit odd and I'm sure you at SI have tools to see what happened to a player and why he was fined. The saves took absolutely ages to upload, even though it said a few seconds. I hope they uploaded ok. I guess my save is pretty big.
  19. I have noticed that ratings for that role have dropped off a bit with later patches. When the game first came out I was seeing great ratiings for my DMs.
  20. Does anyone else find goalkeeper ratings to be very low this year? I've seen my keeper pull off save after save and only get 6.7ish. I just had a report of a loan keeper playing in the cup against a side a level higher. He saved 8 of 9 shots and got 6.7. I know there's more to a keeper than just saving shots, but it makes me think distribution must be awful to get 6.7 for a near 90% save rate.
  21. October 2022 - Part Due The month of hell is over and it truly was hell for everyone in our league. No one found any form in October, resulting in draws aplenty from a bunch of tired players. Only three teams have less than four draws after sixteen games and it has resulted in a very tight table. As to our own perspective, well we're not losing, but nor are we winning enough. We managed five draws in October, and it pretty much signifies our inability to hold on to a leading position in most cases. In just one game did we come from behind to salvage a point. Francesco Serafino hasn't scored since the win over Aberystwyth at the start of the month, and nor does he look like scoring. It's not that we're failing to score, but if we could put our chances away then we might not be drawing so much. I spoke to Francesco at the end of the month and told him he needs to get back to scoring ways. Three days after the Bala match we welcomed Connah's Quay to Bangor for a televised match. We continued with box to box man Olopade partnering Babos playing in a more attacking playmaker role. It was another game in which Olopade failed to perform and it was down to Liam Edwards to get our goal, latching on to a long, searching ball from Babos before coolly slotting past the keeper. It was an equaliser to a Quay penalty just three minutes before, Babos having bought their man down on the edge of the area. Neither team really hit the high notes in the second half, and 1-1 was how the game ended. After the next match, in which we welcomed struggling Llanelli Town to Nantporth we had a couple of longer breaks between games, but the game itself was the biggest farce you might expect to see. There are matches every year where people say the refree had no control, well this referee had too much control. Had he been a traffic cop then it would have been a bumper day for money recouped from traffic fines. He dished out nine yellow cards and, much worse for us, he sent Billy Sass-Davies off in the sixth minute for a second yellow card. Yes, I did say sixth minute. To be fair, from the moment the ref dished out a yellow to Billy, in the second minute, then the defender should have been the definition of calm. For him to go rashly in to a challenge just four minutes later showed a lack of discipline I had to address after the game. Despite the chaos we actually took the lead twice in this game. You might be thinking, 'wow, a man down and they still bossed the game'. I was happy with that, I won't lie. But to hand it back to Llanelli so easily was a matter of utmost frustration for me. It was the defensive quality...or lack of...that had me fuming. For their first equaliser my defense managed to switch off enough to leave three - count them, three - Llanelli players unmarked at the back post. For the second goal, Scott Wilson was apparently bird watching when he allowed their forward to waltz past him and finish unopposed. It was a shame for Wilson after he had given us the lead right on half time with a powerful headed finish from Serafino's free kick (our talisman might not be scoring, but at least he can provide from time to time). Our first goal had been a well timed back post header from Liam Edwards. 2-2 was how the game finished and I was far from happy. Sass-Davies took the brunt of my wrath. As I said, we had a nicer break before the next match. We had a whole five days off before we travelled down to Cardiff to face the students. Our opponents were having a good season, and we would have to be at out very best to take three points home. Capitano Rea was back in defence to replace the suspended Sass-Davies, and I replaced the poor of form Tom Price with the defensive, yet more creative, Marcus Dackers. It turned out to be a good move. We were fantastic as we trounced the student team 3-0. Alex Babos opened the scoring with a lovely edge of the area strike off an Edwards lay off. After that I will be honest and say that Cardiff bossed possession. They failed to do much with that possession however, and I feel we just wore the amateurs down. Denzelle Olopade scored our late second with another long range strike and Poch Junior finished them off when he stabbed home a Neto cross. I travelled home very happy. The last game of our mammoth month was after a wonderful seven day break. We travelled westerly down the coast to Aberystwyth, a town that feels miles from bloody anywhere. Having secured a good 2-1 win at the start of the month against the same opposition I hoped for more of the same. Sadly, it was another case of not holding on to a lead. We really looked devoid of any passion, and had it not been for Poch and Scott Wilson we may have gotten absolutely nothing from the game. After Wilson had turned home a Poch freekick for his third goal of the season we looked comfortable enough that I really thought we'd see the game out. Poch was knackered and I gave him a rest on seventy-eight minutes. Two minutes later they scored from a free kick that Atkinson flapped miserably at. Our young English keeper has been above Brino in the pecking order for a couple of months now, but I wasn't happy with that flap. My scouts have made me aware of a very able goalkeeping talent that is transfer listed at Maidenhead. I dropped Brino because he was making bizarre mistakes, and now his deputy. I may have to spend more money in January. Things are tight at the top of the Premier, and that is frustrating what with us dropping ten points this month. I've been urged to consider that we played three teams challenging at the top of the table this month, in TNS, Bala and Cardiff, so perhaps we got a reasonable haul of five points from those games. We still dropped six points to teams we should have beaten however, and that is what bugs me. Six points would have put us in a very commanding position. Corbett Sports Welsh Premier Football League as at 17.00, Sunday 30th October 2022 With the games done, that just leaves me to decide upon my Player Of The Month for October 2022. Maurizio Pochettino has been fantastic in a month in which I really needed my whole squad. When I handed him a start he took it with open hands and delivered the goods. He got a payrise, too, for appearances and fully deserved it. Thank you Poch Junior. We have two cup games in November; the 3rd round of the Welsh Cup and an Irn-Bru Cup Quarter Final in Northern Ireland. Then it is a nice break before fixtures start up again on New Year's Eve. Should we negotiate the Irn-Bru Quarter then we may face a Semi in early December, but we'll see, what with the World Cup. I've pencilled in a break for the players late November though. We'll need a mini pre-season late December. Prestatyn and Larne to come, then a rest for all. Even me, I think. I'm sure the boss will want me for something though.
  22. Just caught up with your thread. Congratulations on the league win - total domination - but commiserations on the continental final loss. I thought that after the demolition of Zamalek you were odds on...but, next year. Hmmm...just as I was writing the above you were posting the breaking news. My timing is impeccable...
  23. One game with update - had a man sent off for two yellows after 5 minutes, saw a horrendous case of back post unmarking of three players from a corner, and conceded a goal after a horrendous piece of defending where my CD just stopped. It was more like the defending I was seeing before the beta of the current update, and defending I wasn't seeing in the beta. I'll take it as a one off (man sent off and had a busy month of games moved for winter world cup so players are knackered) but keep an eye on things. On the other side of things, I saw a lot of much better balls in to the box, less crazy heading over and some nice new bits of play. I just got unlucky with proceedings in my first macth with the patch.
  24. Was looking through my pics folder for something and came across a funny. I know United have struggled of late, but...really? I know the old Jesus name joke has been done so often. Just thought this was apt.
  25. Yep, conincidence...not sure FM has corona virus coded in to it...but boy does this game throw up real world equivalents. Remember a few years ago when City beat United 6-1? Well, I got the exact same scoreline in FM a day or so later. And not me managing either.
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