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  1. I am curious about the guidelines of the room from position. What effect does it have? I know roughly the role of roam from position. It is related to the movement of a box to box midfielder. However, i do not know how to move when i gives this guideline to strikers or attacking midfielders. And how can it be used in this tactic? I'm using counterattack tactics from 4411. I am currently satisfied with this tactic, but can I make it better through the room from position? What effect would it have if you used the guidance of loam from position for an attacking midfie
  2. Is there a limit to the growth of a player? For example, can't some players exceed 15 because their finishing ability is low since they were young?Can additional focus training overcome growth limits? If you do additional focus training, can this player's finishing ability be more than 16?
  3. Is the jumping reach actually reachable? If the jump distance is 20, does the height reach 20 for both 150cm and 200cm?
  4. What are forum modators doing? Are they related to sports interactive? In fact, can I say that the topic of the forum is an administrator? Do they participate in game development? Are they sports interactive employees? The reason for the question is to determine whether you should be more focused on listening to their advice compared to the general member's advice.
  5. Can you distinguish between long pass and cross? Does the pass count affect the cross? For example, if the pass length is long, do you raise a long cross?
  6. 1. What effect does room from position have?For example, what happens if you use it in an attacking midfielder or striker?2. How do you use it?3. Is this not an effective guideline for counterattack tactics?
  7. I've heard that counterattacks are triggered at full speed. Does the tempo affect this time? For example, if the tempo is fast, it's fast; if the tempo is slow, it's slow. ,
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