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  1. Hey @FM Geek Looking at the crash dump it is processing something about nations&countries when it encounters a problem. I'd agree with FrazT that this points towards the custom database (I can't see any other problems in the dxdiag either for what that's worth) I would suggest the custom db is the issue here. Sorry we can't offer support with that directly. If you want to try starting a new game though just to see if the error reappears in "vanilla" Football Manager we can take a look, though I'm sure it's the custom db in this instance...
  2. hey there @thos beans As you're not getting a crash per se I think you should ask in our Editor Hideaway - that's where custom DBs and the like get discussed the most. I'm not sure of the answer to this myself, so it is worth asking there: https://community.sigames.com/forum/26-editors-hideaway/
  3. hi @abod316 Sorry you're getting this! Can you run a System report for us so we can take a look?
  4. hey @Arowojay Do you still need assistance? As above, I can't see a crash dump attached unfortunately. Also ads FrazT says, a dxdiag would really help us help you!:
  5. If you want us to take a look please follow these steps to generate a System Report Si vous souhaitez que nous examinions, veuillez suivre ces étapes pour générer un rapport système
  6. hey there @patriesling sorry you're getting this issue As FrazT mentions above, it does seem to be graphics related (just going from the crash dump you attached, thanks for that) Are you running any custom packs, be it logos, graphics, a database etc.? I do think your next step should be looking at your drivers, can you take a look at these steps when possible and let us know what happens? (a dxdiag and crash dump again would be great if this doesn't clear it up!)
  7. hi @Zirome I agree with FrazT - when you get something like this it's usually a bad sign for your graphics setup. But yes, if you attach a dxdiag we can have a look and be more sure!
  8. Hi @ronyPark thanks for attaching the dump file. Has the game worked before or is it new? From what I can see from it, this seems to be a graphics driver crash. if you're not running anything custom (graphics, logos etc. which I'd recommend you remove), I'd recommend reinstalling your graphics drivers - a full uninstall & reinstall. To be on the safe side I'd also recommend clearing out your game's cache so it detects your settings anew - as you can't get into the game you may need to do it manually, I've attached steps here: If this doesn't clear it up, please come back to me with another crash dump & dxdiag!
  9. Salut @Jul24! Le ventilateur fonctionne plus quand il joue un match. C'est la partie la plus intensive graphiquement. Est le jeu "OK" quand cela se produit? Si ce n'était que le bruit, je serais inquiet pour le ventilateur. J'ai entendu dire que les Macbooks 2020 avaient des fans bruyants, mais je ne sais pas ce qui est «normal» ... https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204463 Exécutez-vous d'autres jeux ou vidéos? Je me demande simplement si le ventilateur est aussi bruyant de par sa conception, ou s'il ne s'agit que de Football Manager. L'avez-vous remarqué en train d'effectuer d'autres tâches? --------------- The fan does operate more when playing a match. It is the most intensive part of the game, the graphics. Is the game OK when this happens? If it is just the noise I would be worried about the fan. I have heard 2020 Macbooks do have loud fans, but not sure what is "normal"... https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204463 Do you run any other games, or videos? I am just wondering if the fan is this noisy by design, or if it's just Football Manager. Have you noticed it when performing any other tasks?
  10. Hi @mozza79 Strange issue, there's nothing especially different about the Home screen versus any other screen. Are you getting this every time you click on Home without fail or is it temperamental? There are some settings in game which can affect loading times: I'm wondering how many leagues you're running, and the size of your game database? Though I'd expect to see slowdown across more than just the Home screen, knowing more about your game might help me figure it out for you A save game would be useful! I'd also like to see your dxdiag, here are steps to do this:
  11. I'd have to check your game to find out for sure I think, it's possible if your manager rep is sky high you can sign a lot of players.. but in a league two club? Hmm... Could you upload your save and myself or one of my colleagues can take a look for you?
  12. Hi @Rub Me! the way that screen is designed, if you're putting a tick here: You're telling the game the players must have some interest. The menu you get is simply the level of interest. "Doubtful" is the least sure, yet to have doubts is surer than an outright "no". As you're a very successful manager, and the club you're at is likely a winning club, it makes sense a lot of players would be open to joining. So the "no, I won't join" players are already filtered out. I hope this makes sense. Or perhaps you could tell me what you're looking for? From how it looks to me you could filter it further by adding Conditions (on the first screenshot you posted from Player Search)
  13. hey there @Gilang Prasetyo Ifandanu Sure we can take a look, could you upload your save file from June if possible? You can upload here, just let us know the name of the file: https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4
  14. "on fullscreen mode when i press ESC button, it acts like i would press windows button." That's a Windows shortcut for the menu by holding CTRL and pressing ESC. Strange it is coming up here, as if CTRL is being held down. I just tried to alt-tab myself with CTRL held down and Windows doesn't allow it. I also noticed in the screenshot you've got some entries for "Unknown" keys. This is really odd, can you Restore All Bindings to Default, and show us that screen again please? Basically I don't think the keyboard is getting picked up by the game correctly... trust me, there are stranger issues out there than sticky keys, so I would like you to check your keyboard please If you have a spare keyboard hanging around it'd be the quickest way of checking this, appreciate you might not though!
  15. We have a whole tactics forum! https://community.sigames.com/forum/19-tactics-training-strategies-discussion/
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