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  1. Cheers @Toin Good spot, I've tested with other nations and it happens internally... Logged for our developers. BIG thanks for spotting this, and sorry for the delay!
  2. hey @Bosman Thanks for the save, good spot and thanks for being so detailed - I was able to recreate this in full internally, and send this through to our developers. So it's in our hands now. Thanks for raising!
  3. Logged this and passed to the developers, guys. Thanks for all the feedback. I saw a few errors, including the second XI picks you make being meaningless... It's with us now, thanks for raising, and sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. hey @KratTheBear No, that does not sound normal! Happy to check this out, I'd just need a save where this happens - if you have a save before you resign I'll try it myself? and pass it along to our developers.
  5. hey @bananahk Oh dear - can't imagine this is right! Happy to pass this along to the developers, I'd need your save showing the issue though, just before you get this email would be ideal
  6. Hi @jere_d, Sorry you're getting this issue, I agree we need to investigate this. I would need your save please as per the bug logging template
  7. Hey @Jervaj Few comments on what you've asked... In FM, concerns about a "position" are a part of the pitch. So Attack = strikers, Midfield = Central midfield, wingers, attacking midfield, inside forwards, Defensive midfielder, all count as midfield. It is not the same as role or duty; it's the part of the pitch they play in. And yeah, "Natural" is what counts most. When you have a promise active about developing youth, it's basically how well they develop when provided with plenty of gametime. If this seems a bit ambiguous, basically just use your youth player(s) enough and they get
  8. @cwattyeso Hey, yeah I see your point - you spend ages developing a young talent and the board think £5m is an offer they can't refuse. Sadly realistic...! But yeah, if you're powerless to do anything at all? This might be something we need to add to the game rather than something not working but your feedback makes sense to me. I'd like your save please, might be a bit difficult sorry but the best save would be one before a player gets sold by the board. That way we can see the whole process. (if not, no problem, I will try to recreate internally)
  9. hey @kevgaleuk It does sound a bit over-the-top being asked about every job going given your successes. I don't mind taking a look, I just need a save where I can see it. If you're currently unemployed (well, resigned) I guess the media questions should be pretty regular then? Do upload a save please, I'll play a bit of your save and see what we can do
  10. hey @Zhovor Sorry about this, looks a strange issue. If they're really - as in legitimately - that unhappy the game should at least give you reasons why on the Dynamics screen. Does look very off to me though. Would you mind uploading a save showing the issue & we will get it investigated?
  11. hey @matthew.kennedy Custom skins can control how these panels display, so I would recommend checking it in our vanilla skin first. If you've done that and the issue persists I'd like you to send us your save please & we will check it out
  12. hey @AvoidingRelegation Thanks for the saves - I've looked at your issue and yeah this needs looked at. I'll be taking this to the developers, thanks for flagging it up!
  13. hey @Bogleto If I understand you correctly (please tell me if I haven't!) the buying team reject the sale because the player's wage is too high? This is not something you as a manager can control; it's set by the player / his agent, and for the other club to negotiate. You can only control your own club's wages, so for player sales, what the player wants is not really in your control Does this answer it? Please let me know
  14. Sorry for the delay here guys. This issue is something we've noticed internally. I'll investigate further based on the saves provided here and update the thread accordingly. Cheers for raising, all
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