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  1. Are these saves? I can't get the Scotland one to show up to load.
  2. I just went a full league season unbeaten playing this, the first time I've ever went a full season unbeaten in England in any FM game. It works so I'm not looking to change, but I'm looking for advice to have a few different versions I can use. Like changing a few roles, trying different roles for my front 3 especially ect. I also created this tactic with 3 Strikers, I've used it in a few games but not enough to see if it really works. I did notice though, the CF seems to score more & be more of a threat than my AF. Is this most likely because he has the FB(A) & CM(s) on his side, or the choice of role?
  3. That's a mistake I sometimes make & know i'm making here where I presume attacking means a bigger attacking goal threat, also with no player in the AM slot it can mean we don't dominate that area of the pitch. I know to when playing no AM but with 2 Inside Forwards on attack, that a support striker is probably better. I've often struggled in most tactics though to get a lone support striker to work well, though I'm guilty of given up on it too quickly. My ideal would be a short passing style, where we dominate the ball & are a big attacking threat with high numbers from my striker & wide players. I've found myself playing direct, because on a few previous tactics my strikers weren't as much of a threat in a short passing style. So with this I've caught up in still playing direct for my AF's benefit, while still trying to be a passing side with Playmakers. I changed the WB(S) to FB(S), I've played 4 games & won them all beating Roma twice, Man Utd & Everton. The team looks more solid, but I'd appreciate any help you could offer in creating a short passing 433 & another more direct thanks.
  4. Yea I started using the bottom tactic from September during the season & i'm top with 4 games left, I don't feel the team is as dominate as It should be though & sometimes we scrape through games. We often struggle to break down more defensive sides & Liverpool & Arsenal both beat me 4-1, I later beat Liverpool 5-1. I started playing the top in the last 8 or so games. Maybe i'm expecting too much, because in my Rangers save dominate the league playing the bottom tactic only losing once this season. Then again though, I had gone about 50 league games unbeaten playing a different tactic 3 & 4 seasons before.
  5. Looking for advice with these setups, any changes you'd make? Any problems? I know this tactic is probably too risky, I'm looking for help to find a good balance where it's defensively solid but a threat attacking
  6. A tactic i'm trying in my Rangers save, played one game so far. This can work or a change of roles etc needed to make it work? I'm unbeaten in 56 league games , playing the same 451 with the HB I posted above from my Newcastle save. Unbeaten last season & know why change it, I'm looking for 3 tactics that can work. The 451 is proven to work, I'm also trying the 4231 posted above from my Newcastle a save. I like the idea though of 1DM, 2 CM's 2 wingers & 2 Strikers, It's more having 2 Strikers & 2 wingers I want most. I guess 442 could work?
  7. AP or AM on attack or just support? My thinking for DLP was because I don't have a player in the DM position. I selected take more risks, so he'd still try & be more creative. The DLF with the SS, is putting the DLF on attack a good idea or stick with support?
  8. If I wanted an AF would the SS as an AP be a good combination, or which role would you suggest? Also would the DLP set to Defend rather than support work?
  9. This was my main tactic for 3 seasons, 2 with positive then last season on Attack. I won the PL last season, what do yous make of it?
  10. Yea I'll get him to unlearn it, I'll try him as a F9 but I still want the AF option as well. Could DLF(s) with dribble more selected work also? Coming deep might explain why he didn't score a lot last season in my 451 formation. My IF(A) on his right scores about 20 goals in the league, no doubt him dropping deep helped get the IF's numbers up.
  11. I'll try that Yea I noticed that to when I signed him Though it can happen? I guess a player can be a poor jumper, but still head great if say running on to the ball rather than having to jump high?
  12. This is my main Striker, a well rounded player.
  13. Yea that was the thinking, something different to try & unsettle a defence & also I thought it would create more space for the SS. Does it make no difference really to the SS?
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