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  1. With counter why slow pace down? Get the GK playing it quick probably to the wings, allow both Full backs to overlap maybe put them on attack.
  2. Can someone help me with this to?
  3. Can someone help me with this to?
  4. I only have La Liga, SpFL & The PL & Championship loaded i guess it effects the Tycoon numbers? If i loaded say league 1 next season if the clubs have no set owner, will takeovers happen or random owners added?
  5. List your tycoons here, I'm in 2024 & yet to see any, I think the social feed makes it harder to spot them Is there a way in game to search the word Tycoon?
  6. Its back doing it again, i cleared the download cache & still no luck.
  7. Keep getting this when steam trys to update with the new update, how do i fix it?
  8. Post pics of your strikers here, the less talented one probably has better mentals.
  9. I use Microsoft essentials that could be why? I've turned it off I'll try downloading again, should I continue downloading from the point it stopped at or start again?
  10. How do I do it?
  11. When i'm downloading the demo its stopped at 2.2GB, it isn't downloading for some reason.
  12. When it's out?
  13. Can you post the SPFL? Woukd be good to see
  14. The second one would be fine at least for now? How about this?
  15. This good enough for FM17? Any cheaper that are great to? How about this? I'll only be running the top 4English leagues, La Liga, SPl & probably Italy.