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  1. Any you'd recommend around the £200 mark?
  2. Would this run FM17 smooth in 3D?
  3. Whats funny about it? Which left wingers in England have had more ability since he played? The Barnes you probably remember was far past his prime in the mid 90's
  4. Anyone?
  5. That was his position & a pretty good one he was to, not been a left winger in England as good as him since
  6. Rangers put in to the English PL done that in 2011 was fun, 2nd save probably Parma only managed in Italy once before, Valencia is tempting though.
  7. Is it possible to download matches & put them on Windows movie maker ect to make compilations?
  8. Should be upgraded for FM17, we need to switch to full match to see what's failing. Assistant manager should be able to tell you in more depth, so you get a better picture of whats going wrong. We get nothing back apart from player needing closed down ect, that suggests we can tweak without switching to full first.
  9. FM16 board said they had increased the number of them to 2, it's no big deal tbh was just wondering if I could hire. Anyone else had this?
  10. The board says I can now have 2 coaches for it, I guess they're already there I just can't see them or hire for it?
  11. I know but I'm talking youth candidate coaches not youth coaches. Anyone know how I hire one?
  12. Theres no option it just says first team & under 20 coaches
  13. I got it increased but how do I hire them?
  14. That's where it moved to?
  15. Looking for some players that will sign for East Fife I'm in Scottish league 1