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  1. Would a B2B instead of a RPM & maybe a DLP at DM work as well, maybe better? How about a DLF over CF(S), since like AF the CF is basically a runner.
  2. I'm out the CL in the group, so will see next season. What do you think in general, good or maybe a few tweaks? Would a DLF be better than a Complete on support? Btw my CM has move in to channels, would I be better with him on the left side? Given the WB(A) & Complete Forward?
  3. Changed it to this after about 18 minutes vs Motherwell when 1 down, I went on to win 4-1.
  4. Changed the 1st tactic in to this going to try it now, what do yous think?
  5. Yea I've got the 3rd best team maybe even 2nd, I lost the league by 1 point last season. Change the FB to WB(s) & any other changes?
  6. None I can notice so far, because I've only used the top one in about 3 games. I'm just wondering if on paper, they look like good set up's?
  7. Wondering what yous think of these tactics? I've used the 1st a few times. With a DM already & in a formation with no wingers, should I probably switch the DLP to a more attacking role?
  8. Decided to go Newcastle, my English team anyway & I enjoyed a Tycoon save with them last year. A great job you did last season I see getting 7th, unlikely I'll match that this season but I'll try, The 4 signings I made with the 5 days that were left in the window, I failed to sign a GK in time.
  9. I'm not sure tbh, does anyone else know? I think some guys use this https://www.mediafire.com/
  10. I think you select choose files from here & go to your games folder & select the save.
  11. Any chance you could upload the save? I'd be interested in checking them out thanks
  12. Which years & how wealthy? I'm looking for a Tycoon PL save, I'm at 2027 & yet to see any.
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