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  1. How much money you getting? Any chance you can upload the save?
  2. I don't think so, but it would be a big help if it was shown on the list of clubs for example.
  3. Tbh I'm not actually 100% sure, I think it did? Maybe I'm wrong.
  4. Big money to spend? I had a South Korean tycoon in FM20 as Newcastle, really transformed the club. One thing I haven't seen though, in the last few FM's is a Man City style takeover. A midtable club say, getting the biggest budget in the league. I guess it's because of FFP & because it's so rare in real life to begin with.
  5. How are those teams getting on? Anyone seen any more?
  6. I'll try that but apart from that a good set up? I know a WB behind a CM(A) is a risk, but some games I could try a FB(S) instead. I'm thinking of trying in pre season, DM(D), CM(A) & DLP(S).
  7. I've 2 games left in the season, so I'll try a TM in pre season. I'm hoping to have at least 3 strong tactics, with maybe 1 or 2 others as a back up if I need to change mid game etc. The 4231 & the 3 striker one you helped me with will be 2, this I made myself yesterday I hope can be the other. What do you think? I'm finding the CM(A) playing some great balls through the defence for the W(S). I won 4 games in a row with it, including a 2-1 vs Inter Milan. A big surprise but then I lost the 2nd leg 7-0.
  8. I played this game with a Carrillo & marking the wingers, I kept the standard play, DLF & B2B midfielder for now. I'll test the TM & a more direct style of play, over the next few games.
  9. Wouldn't a DLF(s) work? I guess the target man because he'll look to play others in more & try to score less himself? This was the only game I've played so far with my tactic before the changes you suggested. It was against the bottom team, so probably not the best game to judge. Btw I had switched the BPD to the right side, because I try to avoid one on the side of an attacking full back. Is either way fine? or a better balance now?
  10. Merry Christmas! Same to everyone here Keep up the great work on your channel, first place I look for advice on FM.
  11. Setting the tactic up now using a CM(S) instead of a B2B, I'll set up another using the B2B without the narrow IW after the advice from TokyoWanderer. I'll post up how it gets on after about 5 games, here's my 3 striker Tactic I've yet to test.
  12. I'll try them changes thanks, the RB role is fine then? I'll try the CM(S) then thanks Basically just a standard style of play, mixing it up rather than being big on shorter or more direct. Possession isn't a must, I'm just looking for being effective with the ball keeping & using it well, a goal threat & solid without the ball.
  13. I'd say my Hearts team is the 3rd or 4th best in the league, I'll try it anyway to see how it gets on. I'll try & play some better teams in the next pre season to.
  14. To try & stretch the play more while having the IF & IW more central to maybe take advantage of space between the FB & CB. I know with my set up, it's more likely to happen on the left side if at all. It's still a tactic I'm testing, i'll try a few different roles etc. Suggestions would be great, can you give me some for how I've set this up & how you'd set it up without the Narrow & wide player instructions thanks. I also have a 3 striker tactic, I'm working on but I've yet to test it.
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