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  1. How do I get it to show up when in game? I need to leave the game to click to record.
  2. Going to try this, but unsure how to work it. How do I record thanks? I think I found it now, is it screen recording(Gif)?
  3. So you recorded the match footage using ScreenToGif? I just did it through the game.
  4. I'm checking it now, but unsure what to click.
  5. It just comes up clip saved during the game.
  6. I saved some footage but can't find it, where does it go?
  7. Thanks I'll try that, do I just click & drag the mouse to get the frame basically?
  8. I'll check it out thanks, how did you record the footage from the game though? Anyone else know any that can record 3d?
  9. I tried connecting my game to Youtube & it says to keep your account safe Google blocked this access. They got rid of connecting to Youtube or there's a problem?
  10. Maybe the wrong place to post, but I see guys on here post Gifs to show footage from their save. How do you do it thanks?
  11. Tried this in the last few games, beat Celtic twice but lost 1-0 to Motherwell. What do yous think?
  12. Would a B2B instead of a RPM & maybe a DLP at DM work as well, maybe better? How about a DLF over CF(S), since like AF the CF is basically a runner.
  13. I'm out the CL in the group, so will see next season. What do you think in general, good or maybe a few tweaks? Would a DLF be better than a Complete on support? Btw my CM has move in to channels, would I be better with him on the left side? Given the WB(A) & Complete Forward?
  14. Changed it to this after about 18 minutes vs Motherwell when 1 down, I went on to win 4-1.
  15. Changed the 1st tactic in to this going to try it now, what do yous think?
  16. Yea I've got the 3rd best team maybe even 2nd, I lost the league by 1 point last season. Change the FB to WB(s) & any other changes?
  17. None I can notice so far, because I've only used the top one in about 3 games. I'm just wondering if on paper, they look like good set up's?
  18. Wondering what yous think of these tactics? I've used the 1st a few times. With a DM already & in a formation with no wingers, should I probably switch the DLP to a more attacking role?
  19. Decided to go Newcastle, my English team anyway & I enjoyed a Tycoon save with them last year. A great job you did last season I see getting 7th, unlikely I'll match that this season but I'll try, The 4 signings I made with the 5 days that were left in the window, I failed to sign a GK in time.
  20. I'm not sure tbh, does anyone else know? I think some guys use this https://www.mediafire.com/
  21. I think you select choose files from here & go to your games folder & select the save.
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