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  1. True in his 20's his pace should be 14 or 15, his dribbling a lot better than 6. His techique, passing & creativity also to low.
  2. Looks an interesting save, there's another Newcastle Tycoon posted on page 1 that I'm playing. A few seasons in I'm still being backed well in the transfer market, second season it starts & in the PL. Anyone got any Tycoons in Scotland?
  3. Season finished now, things went well including winning the League Cup. After about 10 games though, I changed the Mezzala to Attack because I didn't feel I was scoring enough goals. It worked & I hit all the boards targets, this new season though will be hard. They want Europa league Football again, to win it this season & at least make the final of the Cups. 2 players I just signed, the Midfielder he looks like he could fit a number of roles I use.
  4. Yea I'd taken that screenshot before removing tight marking & overlap from my other tactic. I'll make these changes to that tactic, the 41212 on positive mentality is working well in preseason. Some new signings that improve the quality of the starting 11, Gianluca Gaetano I'm thinking of playing as the SS but he looks like a great option for the Mezzala. Konishi I'll play F9 with Diego Jota as AF, both have great qualities for both roles I can switch them around. I also have Odsonne Edouard, my first choice AF last season as an option. Bruno I was playing as the Mezzala last season, with John McGinn DLP & Neves HB. I'm looking to start the season with James Maddison at Mezzala, do you think Bruno would be better at HB than Neves?
  5. I'll try that out thanks, I'm looking to create one using wide players could this work? I'll have a closer look at Neves.
  6. I like the idea of that then, I was worried he wouldn't push through the Defence enough because he'd come deep. Here it's here, I sometimes use Pass in to space & sometimes the tempo to lower or higher.
  7. Finished the season now after these changes, I missed out on EC2 position by 3 points. The board are very disappointed, they've given me 8 points from the first 5 games next season to save my job. The Tactic is working had I been using it since the start of the season, I might even have got 4th. The board don't like that I'm not playing Attacking Football, my only real problem with the Tactic is we don't score a lot. Would be more expressive for some games, be enough to please the board? I guess also it would increase my chances of scoring more without the risk of playing on a higher mentality? My SS Striker is James Maddison, but he has come deep to get the ball. Is there a way to remove that trait? I don't see an option when trying to train a new trait.
  8. For some reason my under 18's manager is telling me about the Youth intake, rather than my HOYD. Anyone else having this problem? Does this mean he's basically doing the HOYD job?
  9. Thanks i'll keep just as the Player instructions then.
  10. I meant more for the future if I try it, I'd buy a Striker to fit the role maybe a DLF. I mean on opposition instructions where you can select to press players more. Would selecting it to press defenders more or even just CB's be overkill? Because the SS & Forwards press high already, would they press too much? So far the 41212 tactic is working, a few friendly games using it because of the 2022 World Cup.
  11. I'll try all this out, yea it seems using the 4222 with counter press probably makes me even more exposed vs 4231. Playing against that even there Full Backs are a big threat & Strikers rip through my Defence. In time maybe a 5221 might be a better option than the 4222. For now I'm hoping to get this 41212 working, if some games I went with another Striker which role would you suggest? Opposition instructions, should I leave them to what my Assistant says? With my Forwards & SS pressing, should I select to press teams defences? Or is that overkill? My starting Full Backs & my DM
  12. I was talking about another Tactic, I still have the 4222 with the changes you said I should do. But I also created a 41212 from it, keeping it similar to the 4222 with a BWM & SS added instead. I meant I picked a DLF(s) in my 41212, but then changed it to an Advanced Forward. You're right using a SS isn't 3 Strikers, but doesn't it play like it almost? If I moved him up, which role would you recommend? This is it, what do you think?
  13. Do you think a F9 SS & DLF(s) is a good combination? I changed the DLF(s) to an Advanced Forward, much better to break through the Defence. 3 wins out of 3 so far, I'm still using all the changes you mentioned apart from overlap right,though I'll still use that sometimes.
  14. Yea i'll try that also, I'm going to see if I can get a 3 Strikers working again as well. This time I wont be risky interms of roles & pressing.
  15. I'll look out for that, the biggest problem I've faced is against the 4231. The Striker could always break through my Defence, Kean for Leicester was a big problem. I'll see how I cope with that after these changes.
  16. I put pressing back to default & put higher pressing for the AM's & Strikers. I played Leicester with Standard width & starting with a standard defensive line & LOE & drew 2-2. I scored both goals after pushing my Defensive line & LOE to higher. I coped with Leicesters threat a lot better this time, I'll see how I do over the next few games.
  17. I meant regroup sorry & I'll make them other changes, I turned off out of possession instructions but still had full pressing. I've played 2 games with your changes, but still had full pressing, against Everton & Leicester. Any advice on width? I played wide vs both teams, Leicester put 5 goals past me. I replayed it with narrow & lost 2-0, one thing I noticed since stopping my GK passing to CB's is that he keeps kicking it to the left wing & especially against Leicester I lost possession. I never saved the game, so will replay against Leicester making the pressing change. The other 3 games was using two downloaded tactics
  18. Thanks I'll try all that, I'm predicted to finish 8th in the league if that changes anything? When I remove reshape should I add counter or leave it blank? Should I set pressing to default? I've set it up now, but it won't let me change the pressing intensity for the Strikers & AM's.
  19. A creative passing Attacking style, when it comes to Tactics in the last few years at least my strength has been taking others created Tactics & tweaking them to how I want. Starting from scratch hasn't worked for me much unless I've went say a top team sometimes, so any help is appreciated.
  20. Thanks I'll make some tweaks I just drew 2-2 using this against Real Betis, what do you make of this set up? Too risky? During the game I changed McGinn to Attack also.
  21. Thanks I'll try that & I always like an Advanced Forward, would that work over PF? DLP(S) over CM(s)? What about team pressing, put it to standard?
  22. That's true but I had a look & couldn't see any, I remember a few years ago 3 Strikers was a big thing. I'm in my first pre season since we spoke about tactics on my other thread. I was looking for a 3 Striker tactic already up & running that I could work from, given I'm close to the season starting. The second half of last season, I went with a 4222 using 2 AM's. It worked better than my use of 3 Strikers, but still needs tweaking. One thing is it's too risky going forward especially because I was using postive, leaving me too easy to be hit on the counter.
  23. Anyone been able to get a tactic using 3 Strikers working? If so what's your setup?
  24. Thanks I'm testing a few different ways of setting that tactic up. I'm hoping to get a similar version of it using an AM.
  25. I know I only made a few changes like Standard Defensive line & Forward roles & what TooFortunate said as well. I'm still tweaking some things, taking on board what you said. I beat Sheffield Utd 2-1 & then lost 1-0 to a Chelsea team unbeaten in 15, after making these changes. I'll stick with this for now, I appreciate your help & will use more of what you recommended during the season.
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