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  1. Hi Neil, Just to update you. I retired and re-added my manager and still got the crash. Does this mean my save is just not going to work anymore?
  2. Ah, was hoping that wasn't the case - thanks anyway Neil, I'll do that.
  3. Hi, I can't seem to go past 30/12/2017, it just crashes. I've attached a crash dump and my dxdiag.txt. My save game has been uploaded to via FTP as 'KingJames94_Continue_Crash' A similar crash dump was generated when I tried to process past a Ghana B match, in which no players had been called up. I managed to go back a save before the call-up, and put my assistant in charge, which allowed me to progress past that date. However, the problem in this case just happens on a normal match day, so I'm unsure. The only thing I can say is I'm close to another squad selection for Ghana. I've tried sacking myself and replacing myself (using the in-game editor) but no luck. FM 2017 v17.3.2.970983 (2018.05.22 13.18.03).dmp DxDiag.txt Stuff I've tried to no avail: - Updating graphics card drivers (up-to-date) - Updating Windows (up-to-date) - Uninstalling MSI Afterburner - Deleting Graphics - Excluding FM folders in Avast I would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance. Edit: Just to add, when I resign as Arsenal manager, the game continues fine, which is obviously something I don't want to do.
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