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  1. Imported fine in FM18. Just need to adjust age! Sorry for the bump But this is stellar work!
  2. http://spielverlagerung.com/ - Excellent site with in-depth analysis http://www.zonalmarking.net/ - Not as active as it used to be, but the archive is gold for recreation of tactics https://www.imortaisdofutebol.com/ - History oriented, but also presents the most common tactics used by past great teams I mostly use these three to get inspiration, hope it helps
  3. Choccy18

    Football Manager 2018 08/09 Database release

    No worries, you've done a massive amount of changes so kudos to you I'm having a go with Spurs now, will report back if I spot stuff
  4. Choccy18

    Football Manager 2018 08/09 Database release

    Thanks for sharing this! Love a good retro DB Had a browse through some of the big teams and noticed some stuff, Wayne Rooney has retired from NT (age 22). Heurelho Gomes at Spurs is set to retire at the end of the season. I guess these were in the original DB so not so easy to spot unless you manually sift through each squad.
  5. Yeah, but you still can see hidden attributes during searches, in profiles etc. I now start all saves with ticking the box for preventening use of the editor.
  6. Half a season, the ME gets too repetitive I guess