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  1. Are you sure this isn't a screenshot from Sensible Soccer?
  2. Horrible idea to hide attributes, IRL you can spot a good passer, crosser whatever using your eyes. An experienced manager spots the major strengths/weaknesses pretty quickly during training or in matches. Attributes are the only way to see this in a game such as FM.
  3. I keep coming back to this wonderful collection of his articles, relevant for any version of FM (even if the latest versions have been a bit worse...) Too bad the pictures are gone now
  4. My last FM was FM18, I'm off the the wagon for good. Been playing since early 90's but since I can't find any enjoyment in the latest releases there's no point buying the game anymore. IMO the match engine gets worse every year since FM17.
  5. I'm playing FM16 these days, IMO an underappreciated release.
  6. Gorgeous looking skin! Been a fan of your skins for years, this looks stellar as always. Especially like the fonts and attributes, crisp and clear which is great as my eyesight isn't the best.
  7. I'd prefer to not use the update when starting in the summer as i don't want the transfers but only the changes to players' ratings. Would be great if there was an option to only include CA/PA changes
  8. Not necesserily, Genie Scout for instance only reads the save file.
  9. Same as OP, I've given up on FM19. Been playing around with FM15, FM16 and FM17 and find them much better games overall than both and 18 and 19. The only thing I miss from FM18 are the new roles, but the ME is a lot more enjoyable so it doesn't matter much. Won't be buying any new FM games untill a new ME is introduced as the current has had it's day and them some. For those who prefer FM17 there's a season 18/19 update by Nightstorm over at sortitoutsi. Here
  10. Imported fine in FM18. Just need to adjust age! Sorry for the bump But this is stellar work!
  11. http://spielverlagerung.com/ - Excellent site with in-depth analysis http://www.zonalmarking.net/ - Not as active as it used to be, but the archive is gold for recreation of tactics https://www.imortaisdofutebol.com/ - History oriented, but also presents the most common tactics used by past great teams I mostly use these three to get inspiration, hope it helps
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