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  1. My band have a new single out today, video to follow at 3pm over on Alternative Press’ Facebook page. If you’re as disappointed with the new A Day To Remember album as I am, go listen to this instead https://music.apple.com/gb/album/history-single/1553166771
  2. Buy all 3 and you'll be sorted for months. I bought Odyssey a while back, currently 65 hours roughly into the game, doesn't feel like I'm getting to the end yet. Picked up Valhalla when it was on sale but no idea when I'll get around starting it
  3. As per the title, they're just names in game, it makes no sense as to why we can delegate squad level responsibilities to them. Delegations should look like this IMO: 1st Team Squad Activities: Assistant Manager First Team Coaches Director of Football Technical Director 1st Team Recruitment/Scouting/Transfer Activities: Assistant Manager Director of Football Technical Director Chief Scout Scouts Recruitment Analysts U23 Squad Activities: U23 Manager U23 Assistant Manager U23 Coaches Head of Youth D
  4. Currently you can sign as many U18-U23 players in game as you like. IRL you cannot do this. English academies should only be allowed to register a maximum 30 players of U17/U18 age. Furthermore they should only be able to have a maximum of 15 players per age group up to U21s - 15 that would qualify as U19s, 15 that would be U20s, 15 that would be U21s. The release/retain lists for scholars have to be confirmed by the 3rd Saturday in May and scholars not retained are free agents from the first Sunday in June. See from 251 onwards: https://resources.premierleague.com/premierleague/docu
  5. Development meetings (similar to the recruitment meetings) between the first team manager, U23 manager, U18 manager, head of youth development, loan manager, director of football, a recruitment analyst and scout. These could occur at the following times: Start of season Start of transfer window Midway point between end of transfer window and the start of the next one End of season These meetings should identify: U23s Best 4 or 5 prospects. U23 players ready to move directly into the first team (if the meeting takes place at the end of the season or
  6. One to report in the Bugs Forum please: Football Manager 2021 Bugs Forum - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com)
  7. 1 more for Forest - James Garner should be no. 37, not 35. Think it was changed late on because I saw somewhere he had 35 when he signed, definitely been wearing 37 though.
  8. Hi, The SI Gibraltar file provided on the Steam Workshop does not work with the latest update. It's an unverified file and due to the existing Editor bugs cannot be manually verified by users with the latest update. Could do with someone at SI verifying it on the latest database and updating it (although an Editor fix wouldn't go amiss either ). Cheers!
  9. For anyone who wants to maintain existing squads throughout the first season. You'll need to untick "disable first transfer window" when you start a new game. Embargo will expire 1/3/2021. Steam Workshop link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2405479333 m_g-transfer-embargo.fmf
  10. Hi Prej, that transfer will have occurred after data lock for this update (15th Feb). There will be a second update coming at some point in the next few weeks, it's very likely that it will make it into that update instead.
  11. Hi @Jay25H, Dean has responded in the Data Issues Forum about this, there was a typo with his current reputation. It was accidentally set to 195 instead of 95. Will close this thread as the Data Issues thread was the place for it.
  12. Hi @Jay25H, Dean has responded in the Data Issues Forum about this, there was a typo with his current reputation. It was accidentally set to 195 instead of 95. Will close this thread as the Data Issues thread was the place for it.
  13. We’re at that time of year again so a quick reminder for people to please post civilly and constructively in here. It’s perfectly fine to disagree with ratings but the researcher’s opinion is final. The pre-game and in-game editors exist and can be used to edit players in whatever way you see fit. What’s not okay is to PM researchers with abuse or post comments in here abusing researchers or SI.
  14. And that's why you take the drives offline/make them read-only. Never trust a user.
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