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  1. It would be great if we could edit other teams' squad numbers in the in-game editor. Means that we can fix some of the odd AI decisions when it comes to numbers from the second season onwards.
  2. There are no further updates planned for FM20.
  3. Man Utd Luke Lawrence joined as U18s fitness coach in May 2019 from Stoke - https://uk.linkedin.com/in/luke-lawrence-86bb99124
  4. Injuries after August are not included in the game
  5. @Kodiak there is still work ongoing to the database, please be patient. You don't need to be constantly chasing for a response less than 24 hours after posting.
  6. @Freddie Sands I think we've found a bigger issue here than the editor itself - check the last 3 posts. Do you want another thread creating in the Mac section for this?
  7. That is news, not a data issue. SI will have seen it and it should be in the data update when it's released.
  8. I've found a way of getting this consistently working, at least on a Mac. Open Steam -> Go to Library -> Find FM20 -> Launch. If the game is launched from the dock or from a desktop shortcut then that's when it hasn't appeared and then has required wiping the cache and restarting Steam.
  9. I think people are getting two different problems confused. Problem 1 - the editor is randomly disappearing and even after clearing cache, verifying game files etc is not appearing. Problem 2 - the "error 1000" which was due to the server issues the other night. Problem 1 was occurring for me before Problem 2 was a thing. I've also tested on my Windows setup and I have the same issue.
  10. Having the same problem with the in-game editor randomly disappearing. MacOS latest version. Steam updated to latest version. Get the message about the Steam Overlay not being enabled when clicking Downloads but it is enabled in the Steam settings. Cleared my cache and verified game files. Show In-Game Editor option was ticked when creating a new game.
  11. Alex Fojticek on loan at Stalybridge Celtic should have "can play for parent club reserve team" ticked. He's been on the U23 bench numerous times this season. Also mentioned here as part of the loan agreement: https://www.manutd.com/en/news/detail/alex-fojticek-agrees-to-join-stalybridge-celtic-on-loan#
  12. Some of the posts in here are completely over the top and uncalled for. Is there an issue? Yes, that much is obvious. Is it frustrating? Yes. Calling for devs to be sacked and throwing around insults however is not on and won't be tolerated. Marc has just posted above saying the issue has been acknowledged and a hotfix is being prepared. If some of the posting continues in the manner it has done then infractions will be handed out.
  13. The editor will be available upon release. If you feel there are issues with the data, then raise your concerns constructively. Making accusations of bias and hyperbole aren't going to get you anywhere. There are many others things aside from the finishing stat that will affect a player's ability to score goals. Things like off the ball, composure for example will come into play. How does he actually function in the match engine for you? Is he scoring 20 goals a season or 2? If he's not performing, is your tactic allowing him to get into the positions to regularly score goals etc? If he's getting into the positions, is he scoring 1/4 chances or 1/20? How does that stack up with his real life finishing stats? If it's 1 in 20 then yes, there might be an issue with his finishing attribute that'll need to be looked at. There's a lot more to it than "OMG this stat isn't high enough".
  14. Hector has already left Chelsea. He can't be registered by Fulham until Jan 1st but he's been training with them since the deal was agreed.
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