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  1. Daniel Berntsen of Tromso was the player I was editing at the time. His undisclosed transfer fee was on the wrong line of his history. I can add another "undisc." onto the correct line but can't remove the existing "undisc". option and set that field to blank.
  2. His Non-Player History has a join date of "2019" for Dortmund, the game is possibly interpreting that as 1/1/2019 in the biography which would have been in the 18/19 season. Needs a full join date adding- 1/1/2020.
  3. Guys, let's wind it in a bit. I will be removing the above messages because it's just descending into insults. BanOly has raised things that he feels are issues, if the research team don't feel the need to act on them then that is their right as researchers. Either way we don't need to get into personal insults.
  4. Some of this may be an issue with how the formations are named in game. 3-4-1-2 in-game uses wide midfielders rather than wing-backs, the wing-back equivalent would be 5-2-1-2 WB in-game.
  5. The game is not "broken and unplayable". At the top of the thread it states how to post issues in this forum, if you can't post constructively without throwing around statements that are clearly not true then you won't be posting in here at all. The rest of the post does contain some good information and sources and I'm sure the Italian researcher will be able to answer why things have been set the way they have or correct the issues should they be wrong.
  6. Looks like only the shirts have been created in the DB, there's no shorts or socks.
  7. In the pre-game editor, if you go to a player's playing history, the drop downs under "Other" cannot be set to blank if there is an entry erroneously entered. Just went to fix a data issue where a player has "Undisc." set on the wrong year and I can't set the field to blank. You have to delete and recreate the whole history line.
  8. On the Munster Senior Cup, 2018 and 2019 are missing the host stadium. Should be Turners Cross for both years. Date Decided needs filling in as well, 23/3/2018 and 22/3/2019. 4/8/2020 for this year. Leinster Senior Cup 2019 was at Richmond Park on 16/11/2019.
  9. Pinyaev is too young to be included in the game, he's not 16 before 31/8/2004 so can't be included due to child protection laws in the UK. It'll be FM22 before he's able to be included.
  10. Ah yeah it's the Peak Potential. There's still no explanation as to what that does that I've seen. I could speculate but it wouldn't be helpful. The range difference seems to vary though, I think with Greenwood his PPA is 10 lower than his actual PA from memory. Still waiting on an official answer on it. No problem, the warnings in the thread have mostly been in response to people that have crossed the line and had their posts removed. The beta thread turned into a bit of a free-for-all so we're trying to avoid that here, the discussion/abuse around Saka went on for pages despite Dan's e
  11. Ceiling box? I have no idea what you’re referring to I’m afraid. Is that that PPA field that seems to have appeared? I’ve no idea what that actually does. Very different player to both of course but could reach a similar level. Anyone who’s watched him come through the system would be able to attest to that.
  12. Saka’s rating was done to death in the beta thread, it will not be gone over again. Also given that he still can’t even hold down a consistent position it is absolutely pointless trying to compare him to two strikers (who are also different) who are completely different players. There is no such thing as “a box ticked so that he can only reach 158” either. Having watched Greenwood play since he was 13, I can comfortably say that aside from Ravel Morrison, he is the most talented player to come through the Utd academy in possibly the last 30 years and has the potential to be one of th
  13. Known issue that's being looked it as per the pinned thread at the top - Default Basic Nation Rules not verifying - Pre-Game and In-Game Editor - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com) Hopefully won't be too long before it's fixed
  14. Injury end date appears to have been set to 30/4/20 rather than 30/4/21 looking in the editor. Galani injury looks like a typo as well, set to 2021 rather than 2020.
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