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  1. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester United Data Issues

    I know he's just been released but Max Johnstone's place of birth should be set to Preston, it's currently blank.
  2. [ENGLAND] (Official) Yeovil Town Data Issues

    It'll be FM19 unfortunately. Takes 2 minutes to sort yourself in the editor though
  3. real name fix

    As above, can't discuss it on here I'm afraid. Google is your friend
  4. [ENGLAND] (Official) Yeovil Town Data Issues

    Looks like he's got a secondary job as an under U18s goalkeeping coach set for some reason
  5. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester United Data Issues

    Joe Riley is missing his Man Utd debut milestone. 22/2/16 against Shrewsbury in the FA Cup as a sub. European debut and first start was 25/2/16 in the Europa League against FC Midtjylland.
  6. Because they're at the club IRL, we massively increased our scouting team over the last 24 months
  7. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester United Data Issues

    Another one to bother you with Nick, sorry. Brandon Williams and Jake Barrett are both set as left footed. Having seen Williams a few times this season and Barrett over the last 18 months they should both be set as right-footed albeit Williams is fairly two-footed. The vast majority of their ball play is with their right feet and they primarily position themselves to take the ball on their right feet when receiving it.
  8. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester United Data Issues

    Callum Gribbin's leg break happened 3 days before the U23 season started which would date it at August 11th: http://www.manutd.com/en/News-And-Features/Football-News/2017/Nov/callum-gribbin-poised-to-make-comeback-against-athletic-club.aspx He's been back in training since Nov 1st, played some minutes last night against Bilbao. Too late date-wise to be added?
  9. [ENGLAND] (Official) Crystal Palace Data Issues

    30. Dion Henry 32. Levi Lumeka 35. Michael Phillips https://www.premierleague.com/clubs/6/Crystal-Palace/squad
  10. [ENGLAND] (Official) Burnley Data Issues

    17. Johann Gudmundsson, assigned 25 in-game
  11. [ENGLAND] (Official) AFC Bournemouth Data Issues

    Lewis Cook still has no. 18 in the editor, should be no. 16
  12. [ENGLAND] (Official) Arsenal Data Issues

    Kelechi Nwakali's place of birth is Imo State, Nigeria: https://www.arsenal.com/academy/players/kelechi-nwakali
  13. [ENGLAND] (Official) Everton Data Issues

    Opened up Everton in the editor - Joel Robles still has the number 1 shirt, should be no. 33 and Oumar Niasse has no. 14, should be no. 19. These also need adding: 35. Dennis Adeniran 39. David Henen (re-registered) 58. Nathan Markelo 59. Jose Baxter 60. Boris Mathis 63. Shayne Lavery 65. Joe Hilton 66. Con Ouzounidis 67. Fraser Hornby
  14. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester United Data Issues

    Have a read of the first post of the thread again. This isn't a data issue, it's a bug and therefore shouldn't be mentioned in this thread, open a thread in the bugs forum please. Here would probably be the best place: https://community.sigames.com/forum/569-other-gameplay/ This comment is in no way constructive and is quite frankly childish. This isn't Twitter/Facebook where throwing around insults is accepted, there's no need for it. In the 7 posts you've made since joining the forum all you've done is throw around hyperbole and make claims with no evidence to back them up - you even say that you don't watch the players week in week out so what substance is there behind your claims? Read the FAQs and the house rules and put together a constructive argument as to why you feel there is a such a problem with the attribute ratings, backing them up with stats and specific examples.
  15. Anyone got a decent 4-2-3-1/4-4-1-1 working with the default squad? Looking to start a new game but haven't had great luck with tactics so far