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  1. I can't remember that one? The Liverpool game when they got in was pushed back by a couple of weeks and the Bournemouth game that was called off due to a device being found in the toilet was pushed back 3 days.
  2. The security failings are a massive concern, drunken yobs or not. Would have been very easy for someone to get in an IED amongst all the chaos and then we'd have been looking at a disaster. The stadium should have been declared as compromised the minute the original lot broke through and armed police brought in to remove them and sweep the area.
  3. I did wonder whether Pickford might have taken a penalty given who was left on the pitch. Took one in the Nations League shootout and scored.
  4. Still so frustrated this morning. So much that could and should have been done but yet again, dithered about and paid the price. If your game plan revolves around spending nearly an hour playing for penalties against a team you could have put away on the counter you deserve to lose. Mount was anonymous, Kane played well for 15 mins and then did nothing and Sterling was doing his usual "run into a blind alley and give the ball away". Couldn't get him any support whatsoever. The right subs were far too late and the ones that came on earlier did nothing. Rice was our best midfielder and the only person driving up the pitch, got hooked. Henderson as per usual offered nothing, Saka was channelling his inner Emmanuel Eboue for most of his time on the pitch and I can't recall a thing about Grealish's brief cameo apart from being on the end of that Jorginho tackle that should have been a red card. Massive opportunity missed that we should have taken.
  5. Wouldn’t want Shaw anywhere near it, he was bricking it. His EL final penalty was the worst in the shootout, only just went in
  6. Stones used to be a decent penalty taker when he was younger IIRC, remember him chipping a couple into the top corner
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