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  1. Have you tried bringing the start date forward so that it matches your game start date? Clutching at straws a bit here but I've got one set up with no issues.
  2. Leave the appeal date blank. Also 2100 might be a bit far into the future (not tried something with that date myself) so you could shorten it a bit.
  3. Currently ingame (in England at least), youth/scholarship contracts can only be 2 years in length. They should be able to go up to 3 years. I know at Man Utd Jacob Carney is still on a scholarship as he was taken on as an "academy student" in his first year, not a full scholar, and in the past Michael Keane and Paddy McNair have both been 3rd year scholars. Watford extended a bunch of their 2nd years to 3rd years this summer as well.
  4. The file will be released when it's ready, can we please stop pestering creators for updates. They'll let you know when they want to.
  5. Take out the Passion4M and sortitoutsi files and try it. I run the rest of the files in there with no problems.
  6. he's currently on a break from football and won't play for the club again. I don't know the exact ins and outs of what's gone on behind the scenes but he hasn't physically been at the club since October although he's still registered until his contract runs out at the end of the season.
  7. The Loan Manager role is becoming more well known and the gamer should include the role. Responsibilities would include: Provide reports on the players who are out on loan. Give advice on the loan suitability and whether it should be extended/cancelled - is the player playing at too high/low a level, are they playing in a suitable position, are they getting enough game time, does the style of football suit the player etc? Find clubs for players to go on loan. This should have a screen similar to the affiliate club search result screen where you can see the manager, preferred formation, number of players at the loan club who play in the same position and their ability, style of play, players who have been loaned to the club previously from your club and whether it was a successful loan, financial terms of the loan deal, length of loan etc. You can then choose the loan club or delegate responsibility to the Loan Manager to choose the club. Some of these responsibilities are already in the game but they're dotted around the manager, scouts and head of youth development. Would be nice to tie them all under one specific role.
  8. Licensing issue again unfortunately.
  9. Looks like he's had history data for his time at Brechin added for this season (which shouldn't have happened as it should be done at the end of the season?) and the loan box wasn't ticked.
  10. He’s not had the same impact that he had last year granted but he’s not been awful. Compared to some of the other “performances” I’ve seen from some of the u23 players this season he’s done alright. He has been subjected to a bit more physical treatment than last year now that he’s a known quantity in the league and defenders have adapted their game to deal with him but there’s still a player in there capable of reaching his potential. Gomes in addition to his injury problems had a similar type of season last year. This year he’s been probably our best player that level and when good things happen it’s generally the two of them at the heart of it.
  11. It's NickOGS20 but I have to say I massively disagree with this. Greenwood has played twice (I think from memory) for the U23s and looked out of sorts in both games despite the goal on his debut. Far too good for U18s/U19s level but hasn't been able to make an impact when playing against more developed players at U23s. Gomes and Chong have consistently been two of the better, if not the best players on the pitch at that level and have both made their senior debuts. They all have in-game PAs that give them the opportunity to become world class players with Chong rated slightly higher than the other two.
  12. They are the only 2 he's scored all season (that immediately come to mind anyway), most of them have ended up well over the bar or straight into the wall. Garner and Puigmal are both consistently working the keeper and putting better crosses into the box from them. I do feel though that he should be 20/20 for footedness given that he takes both penalties and free kicks with either foot. Haven't got the DB open to check but Lewis Baker was 20/20 for that same reason.
  13. Guys if you're getting issues can you please make sure they all get posted in the bug forums? Nothing will change if SI can't see that the problems exist because they're buried in sub forum threads. Even if someone has posted about the issue already, just add a post in the thread saying you're seeing the same issue etc, it all helps. Bug forum: https://community.sigames.com/forum/667-pre-game-and-in-game-editor/
  14. It needs verifying in the pre-game (free) editor. The verification however, fails: "active rule group hasn't finished in time - cannot find FA Cup teams". First division and second division rules verify fine if you do them individually and then it appears to work.
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