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  1. Great post @magicmastermind124 I'll add it to the FAQs when I get a minute. @krlenjushka what are the scripts written in, bash?
  2. Not tried mobile so can't comment on that I'm afraid
  3. (At least on my screen) There's a "posted 4 minutes" ago just to the right of the username, next to Report Post. If you hover over it then it gives you the timestamp.
  4. The idea is certainly an interesting one, but I would say would you really want your name, age and date of birth, place of birth, home location and current location sent out to millions of people around the world? There's enough information there to quite easily work out where someone lives, see that they're on holiday for a week and break into their house for example. Not to mention as it's personally identifiable information they'd be data protection issues.
  5. This should be fixed now
  6. Can you post the issue here please dale? -
  7. Give the latest version of Firefox a go, it's much improved over the last year or so. If you were on Windows 10 I'd suggest Edge after the anniversary update comes out. I run the Insider builds and we've had extensions available for a little while. Really nice, clean browser once you get an ad-blocker on it. Doesn't quite have some of the functionality of Chrome/Firefox but nothing major.
  8. Does it do the same if the page is in compatibility mode? Could also try using a proper web browser
  9. DNS replication - the cause and solution to a surprisingly large number of "network problems"
  10. SSL cert is issued for, but because the link takes you to a security warning pops up.
  11. The captain selector needs to be replaced with a drop-down containing all the players at the club. Having to do a database-wide search makes no sense.
  12. It's in one of the menu's at the top of the editor, can't remember which one exactly off the top of my head though
  13. Quite possibly a mistake from the creator in the config file. You need to make sure the unique IDs of the players in-game match the IDs mapped to the pictures in the config file.
  14. Hi, could you raise this crash in the bugs forum please? Someone there will be able to help you better than we will.
  15. Memphis hasn't travelled either