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  1. Think White was the right choice, played well in the minutes he's had. Shame the Stevie G wannabe wasn't dropped as well, not fit and could have cost us the game with his antics yesterday.
  2. Making such a fuss over the 3rd (4th?) choice RB ffs Just get one of the standby players in the squad and be done with. Not like it’s Kane or someone that’s actually important to the team
  3. Also, sure Nick has these ones in hand already but just so they're not missed- Dermot Mee signed a pro deal 28/5 at Man Utd. He was erroneously moved to Fulham permanently for the January update, this was in fact a loan spell but as discussed at the time the details were very unclear. Oliver Kilner joined Oldham as a 2nd year scholar 27/5/2021. Not on a pro contract yet so end date would be 30/6/22. Young Trio Earn Pro Deals - News - Oldham Athletic
  4. Jack Barrett (28122169) should have been at Everton all season, he's currently unattached in game. He signed a new 1 year pro deal 11/5/2021. His birthplace is also missing, as per the article it should be Formby. Teenage Keeper Barrett Signs New Everton Deal (evertonfc.com)
  5. Scholarship contracts should be able to last for 3 years, not 2. It's becoming more common for some clubs to offer a 3rd year of scholarship rather than a professional contract after 2 years. Example here with Burnley: New Deals For Under-23s | Burnley Football Club 2 years should be the default contract offer when a player joins the youth team with the option to extend for a 3rd year when the player is in the last year of his scholarship.
  6. 4 CBs? Coady, Maguire, Mings and Stones. Guy on SSN can't read properly.
  7. Henderson shouldn't be going, he hasn't played for 4 months and there's better players available anyway. Bring him along as a glorified cheerleader if he's that important behind the scenes but shouldn't be part of the playing squad with the players we have available who are actually fit.
  8. Hi Harry, Dylan would have been too young to be included in this year's edition of the game. Unless parental consent is given, only players over the age of 16 by 31/8/2004 can be included for child protection reasons. He will be able to be included in FM22.
  9. Joe Ledley's "Date Left" in his Non Playing History for Newcastle Jets is set to "2019" which is before his join date. He left at the end of the Australian 2020 season (31/12/2020?).
  10. Microsoft are currently having a major outage with some of their cloud-based infrastructure. It's an ongoing issue and there's currently no ETA on a resolution.
  11. There may have been some fixes to errors and some small changes here and there but that's it. The next major update for ratings will be FM22.
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