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  1. metal_guitarist

    The BBC asks "why is rock music less popular now?"

    Just got back from Download Festival and rock music is alive and well. So many good upcoming bands around such as While She Sleeps, Bury Tomorrow, Dream State, Holding Absence, Loathe, Creeper etc, you've got the likes of Parkway Drive, Avenged Sevenfold, Architects, Stone Sour, Bring Me The Horizon (as much as I hate their music now), Neck Deep and Lower Than Atlantis becoming the new top dogs across their various sub-genres. Will any of them become as big as the likes of Guns N Roses and Black Sabbath? Probably not, but capable of playing in front of 100,000 people at a festival like what's just happened over the last 3 days? Easily. You Me At Six have gone from being one of the best pop-punk bands around to just another bland alt rock band whose venue sizes have more than halved thanks to the god-awful album they released, and PaulHartman gave a very good summary of what happened to Asking Alexandria (btw, are you "Soupy" on the Download forums? Posts are near identical in the thread over there ) . Has there been a generational gap with rock music? Probably, but it's far from dead.
  2. metal_guitarist

    Visa payments disrupted

    Hardware failure to blame apparently. Would not like to have been a sysadmin working there today. Wouldn't surprise me if it was a SAN failure and for whatever reason didn't flip over to the redundant one. Looking forward to reading the report if they ever make it public
  3. metal_guitarist

    Han Solo film

    For anyone that is wondering how a certain character came to appear in this film: Eventual fate: Would love to see this, although I'm not sure how he'll fit in given what happened in the finale of Rebels.
  4. metal_guitarist

    Han Solo film

    It was a bit but the 3D glasses might not have helped, even on IMAX.
  5. metal_guitarist

    Han Solo film

    Good but not as good as Rogue One. That said...
  6. metal_guitarist

    The I.T. Support staff Support group thread.

    Anyone fancy a game of BGP battleships? https://blog.benjojo.co.uk/post/bgp-battleships
  7. metal_guitarist

    Music festivals 2018

    Heading to Slam Dunk South on Sunday and Download in a couple of weeks. Was at Pop-Punk Pile-Up a few weeks back as well as my band played on the Saturday that Mallory Knox headlined
  8. Got mine for London, £69! 😫
  9. metal_guitarist

    non secure card box

    wouldn't touch it, it's a poorly run site. No encryption on the login page or the card page, bottom of the site still says 2017, I bet the database is vulnerable to SQL injection as well judging by the lack of basic security features, wouldn't be surprised if there were cross-site scripting issues too. I could have a field day with that as a hacker.
  10. They'll have their own 0-days and tools but a lot of them are publicly available vulnerabilities and exploits.
  11. They might be stepping up the number, but they're not doing anything ground-breaking. It's the usual bad perimeter configurations being exploited - unpatched systems, ports left open that don't need to be open, existing vulnerabilities etc. One of the vectors is through Cisco devices which had a piece of software enabled by default that was vulnerable to remote code execution. This was patched weeks ago so there's no excuse for people to not be remediating these issues.
  12. metal_guitarist

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester United Data Issues

    I know he's just been released but Max Johnstone's place of birth should be set to Preston, it's currently blank.
  13. metal_guitarist

    The most famous person from your school

    My PE teacher in year 9 school was Nigel Carrick who's a touch judge on the Rugby Union Premiership. Aside from that Nick Gearing who I believe works as a data analyst at Gillingham was a couple of years below me, played for the same football club when we were younger but never really spoke. Wouldn't really class it as "famous" but if anyone remembers a few years back there was the large media coverage of a soldier's death because he was one of 3 brothers who were all serving, I went through 3 schools with them and used to play football in the playground with them..
  14. I do. I like the convenience and even the look but sound quality isn't great. It's better than the standard Apple wired earphones have but my Plantronics wipe the floor with them. Gets worse as you turn the volume up as well. I use them in the gym and for the walking bit of my commute if it's raining and I don't want to get my Plantronics wet, not come close to losing them. 5hr battery life without putting them back in the case is a bit of a kicker as well, can't last the whole day at work.
  15. metal_guitarist

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Yeovil Town Data Issues

    It'll be FM19 unfortunately. Takes 2 minutes to sort yourself in the editor though