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  1. SI don't announce features ahead of the game announcement. Whilst fixes can be made for smaller issues, they won't be doing an overhaul in a patch for this version of the game. Hopefully in the next couple of versions we'll see large scale improvements in that area
  2. He will not be appearing in the game at this point. Can't really say much more than that at the moment I'm afraid.
  3. Hi @Iainden Can you please raise that over here as it's not a data issue, it's a bug: All Other Gameplay - Bug Tracker - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com) Thanks
  4. Kambwala and Mainoo have PAs that would allow them to become very good PL level players, jury is still out on Kambwala though as he's spent 9 months out injured at a crucial point of development. If they hit the top end of their PAs then there's no reason why they can't be part of the Utd team for years to come in-game. Jurado has flattered to deceive since arriving, has looked pretty average. Garnacho and Fernandez have decent PAs that would mean that they'd be good enough to play for the club if they reach their top end but both have flaws in their game that don't really warrant a higher PA at this point IMO.
  5. Williams has been rather hard to pin an exact DoB down whenever I've looked, definitely an U16 though. He is still 15 at the moment according to the UEFA Youth League site but they haven't published his DoB. Even some of the others on that list I've seen different dates depending on the source.
  6. Hi @roussos, all of those players are U16s and U15s. Players under the age of 16 born after 1/9/2005 cannot be in the game due to child protection laws. We'll have a good scholar intake next summer though with some of the players on there!
  7. An assist has to be a completed pass to a team mate. If the opposition player has scored the goal it's not come from a completed pass from a team mate. There's no assist on a penalty because no-one is passing the ball to the player taking it.
  8. Could you please post those in the relevant threads here along with any links confirming them: Database and Research - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com) Thanks
  9. They have to be 16 by 1st September 2005 to make it in due to child protection laws.
  10. Please raise it as a bug: Football Manager 2022 Early Access Beta Bugs Forum - Bug Tracker - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com)
  11. As per the opening post: State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements. The Spanish researcher is not going to make a large change like that just because in your opinion it's too low. What has Valverde done to deserve a PA that high? Or is De Jong's too high?
  12. If you create a post in here showing the issue then someone will be able to help you: Crash, Technical Issues and Game Performance Support Portal - Bug Tracker - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com)
  13. Worth doing, worst case scenario put it in as a feature request if it turns out it's by design
  14. There's a similar bug here- If you've got another example it'd be great if you could upload the details please
  15. Hi, circumventing licensing restrictions cannot be discussed on the forum.
  16. @Gilberto Silvahave hidden your post as one of those individuals cannot be named in the UK as they have not been charged with an offence yet. Mendy and the other individual in question do not appear in FM22.
  17. Known issue, there's a couple of threads in the UI bugs tracker already but any extra examples would be useful - https://community.sigames.com/bugtracker/football-manager-2022-early-access-beta-bugs-forum/user-interface/
  18. This is due to licensing restrictions unfortunately.
  19. If there are issues with the Huddersfield data please post them here with any links/proof to validate the data:
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