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  1. Start date looks to be pulled out of someone's ass in the future
  2. I'm going to try and buy this guy just for the name
  3. in feb 2020 i paid £100 for a 4gig 1050 which i'd been using over lockdown at home. i had to take it back into work today as one of the graphic designers needs a pc at home and in the office
  4. its worse as i need a low profile one. the PC only has as 630 currently. (I bought dozens of them for work a couple of years ago and they are worth more now 2nd hand) its basically a 730 or a very budget 1030
  5. I buy in Lenovo v530s - the current models are here https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/desktops-and-all-in-ones/lenovo/lenovo-v-series-tower-desktops/c/v-series-towers which is why i came on here. I've taken one home and it needs a SFF graphics card just for FM use. I dont want to spend more than £50 on one, just for FM. Does any body have a recommendation?
  6. i wonder how far into this the builders were before someone twigged *the other 2 stands looked fine
  7. i know its nothing specifically to do with your database, but does anyone know if its possible to use this under the 'create a club' option? I can only see it when i create a new standard game (where it did look good by the way )
  8. I'll 100% give this a go. I spent all of FM18 playing with a create-a-team of the the Isle of Man FC (replacing Barrow). I wanted to use as many local players as possible, but I only produced two youth players worth first team football and they were both poached by bigger clubs. then after getting into the Prem I couldn't improve the facilities quickly enough to keep up to the required standard. On the Beta I did the same as a test
  9. Great career , just smashed through it in the last couple of days. Its up there with your classic A-Z career You still have some great leagues left to add/move onto.
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