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  1. swap the player positions with the guy in the number that you want I assume you have created a new tactic and moved the players around. I see it sometimes when I switch between 2 or 3 saved tactics, esp if they have been created by different people
  2. DoF is set to help find clubs for my transfer listed players. I allow him to bring in players too, but I have the final say, and 99% of them I cancel. That 1% though has brought in some great players of the years so I stick with it.
  3. you don't need an IF to use the existing tactics. an IF can play as a winger without any drop in performance. right footed on the right side does help though (& left on left...)
  4. things pick up when your defenders form a nice green partnership. check who is making the most 'mistakes leading to goals'. When I used TFF's tactics in the lower league I also conceded loads, but it didn't matter too much as I still finished in the top 2 positions.
  5. its the hardest role to fill. I tend to poach other people in the same role, or just pick the recommended coaches that come up in the news feed
  6. no but I know a good place to look https://community.sigames.com/forum/19-tactics-training-strategies-discussion/
  7. 100% agree with this. I've player since year one of CM/FM and it took my several months of playing FM19 to trust this advice and for it to be true after seeing it for myself. The roles being red don't matter The issue why they are red is a whole other story....
  8. isn't it the OneDrive vs the local C: drive? have you checked the same paths on both?
  9. they all work, just depends on your forwards. if you have a SS then play that in a 4411 if not then 442
  10. I have the same issue, starting at the same time. I play with a create-a-club and now all my top menus are blue & white. is there a workaround? I have tired different skins but with no effect
  11. If you don't like the result enough to replay the game again and again, and ignore the reasons why. how about you just add a manager for Man U and fix the game that way. save everyone a whole bunch of time
  12. my only advise is to have a team meeting. If moral of the players is low then by giving the moral a boost it tends to lift their performances. when results take a dip its not normally down to tactics etc but players mental states. Did you appoint a new captain, has it upset anyone? is there a better option within the squad? so any players want to leave? have you upset any players with broken promises etc... IMO once you have found tactics that work for you there is no need to ever change them again in FM. Have you reviewed all the set piece takers recently? are the relationships between players a solid green line or do you have any reds? are any of your star players in decline? has a player lost their pace or other physical stats without you realising, such as a CB? if you are going to 'give up on FM forever' then do us a favour and go quietly, no need for a woe is me session on the forum.
  13. Football manager simulation too close to the real thing... 🙄 Play it out, if you get the sack move on and manage another team. 😀
  14. cant you just install the FM demo on a PC and copy over what you see? (obvs I'm assuming you have a PC to run the demo...)
  15. I had a huge downturn in results. I was at the tail end of the season in L2 and pushing for automatic promotion, then things went very pear shaped. Losing out in the playoffs and a very poor start to the following season. I made one change to my formation and everything is looking lovely again. Instead of my flat 442 below I pushed the M/R to a AM/R. I didn't think anything of it till I saw this and it does tally up with last update. Or maybe I'm just making one huge assumption.
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