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  1. sounds like he fell asleep at the wheel. no skid marks etc
  2. Cornette thinks the sun shines out from Codys ass so you're probably right
  3. he tweeted about having to move onto the twitter alternative that the mental q-anon lot have setup. i'll dig it out later. but yes Kane is a #### too
  4. on the subject of the Flairs. Has charlotte had some work done on her face? she looked different but couldnt work out why, could just be makeup...?
  5. i saw some bits around the Rumble. Is the baby Ric Flairs??
  6. do any of you guys watch OSW Review http://oswreview.com/episodes/ The cover all the old stuff, starting with the whole Hulk Hogan WWF journey... (the sound quality on the first half a dozen is pretty poor though) i dont ever recall a mention of it on here and they are by far the best video podcasters I've come across and not just in wrestling Matthew from Botchamania appears on the more recent PPV reviews
  7. is his still fat? i remember his last wwe come back matches and he was spilling over his trunks
  8. Edge v Balor at WM Edge is a wrestling hipster and its the cool thing to do
  9. "British, old-fashioned + informal. —used to say that someone or something is very appealingI really like that car; it's the cat's whiskers. Going to the movies was the cat's pajamas when I was a kid."
  10. they should be all in on this and get rid of Foxy Hung like a Donkey Having a Whale of a time The Dogs bollocks Cats whiskers Memory of an Elephant
  11. I gave up on it when it became one long advert for their side projects. Also used to hate it when Conrad would be like a dog with a bone over a mundane question and not let go if Bruce didnt give him the answer he wanted.
  12. Nice one. I'll get through a few of these this week no NBA on Sky TV to till Thursday/Friday so I have a big whole to fill. I cant stay up for the live games as I need to be up early
  13. I'm playing with them currently on 2K MyCareer. Its taken a while to get used to it, but it was worth it as now I can watch them on tv. i'm just glad they have finished using their blue kit. while we are on the subject, the Pelicans court irritates me the most. why cant they just fit the logo in properly if it needs to be there...? its just one big ****** mess
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