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  1. Carninho

    leadership course

    Ooo good spot. I'll look for that one later
  2. conspiracy! conspiracy! everyone please don your foil hats asap
  3. Carninho

    performance bonuses

    in the older FM's you'd give the players a huge goal scoring bonus and it was said to motivate them to score more goals. sounds like it still works. the only ones I max out is the initial squad bonus, then staff payouts when negotiating contracts and I cant afford their wage demands
  4. After replacing Barrow for my own create a club I have just finished my 2nd season. I managed to finish top of the National League at the end of season 2. I was in the play off spots all year but only went top with a few games to go. What switched things for me was playing the CM as an advanced playmaker. He plays lots of long balls through the middle of the pitch in his own half for my pacey AF to run onto. If I had a better quality AF I would have wrapped up the league much earlier, but he's inconsistent and finish stats aren't great.
  5. Carninho

    The Graham Taylor Career Journey

    Plus Lincoln are better now than they were then. The interesting bit will be the 2nd Div 2 team that @mylescattle potentially moves to
  6. Carninho

    The Graham Taylor Career Journey

    be good if you could share some of your thoughts in here too
  7. Carninho

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    Sorry but i think its a bonkers idea and it cant work. @santy001 did a good job to advise why, but like in previous posts in this thread you seemed to ignore anything that you think is negative towards your idea
  8. Ideal XI would be the Arsenal back four Dixon/Adams/Keown/Winterburn. Vinnie Jones as the ball winner. One winger with great crossing and set piece delivery say Glynn Hodges as the poor mans Beckham. Other winger is full of flair and pace Darren Eadie/Tony Daley. A big strong CM with a great engine who can get forward and score Robbie Earle/Gus Poyet. Then Niall Quinn and Kevin Phillips up front
  9. The AP doesn't effect the long balls he's just set that way to be higher up the pitch and play around the TM. The 2 central midfielders don't really contribute much to the build up play, and the AP chips in with goals. The RM/winger is still the key position. I wanted to have the back 4 stay as a solid line at all times as even just with one FB going forward I was very venerable to quick balls back over the top. even with 2 defensive minded/positioned CM's I was leaking far too many goals. Now having a defensive back 4 & and a BWM, I could release the other CM to get forward, I picked the AF role as it matched Rooney's preference, and it worked well. Its like when Wimbledon used Oyvind Leonahardsen or Bolton with Okocha or Djorkaeff. I guess a straight attacking CM would be OK, but I just didn't have a natural one in the squad. I did have a huge schoolboy error, as I setup my throw-in routines but forgot to set the actual thrower to 'long throw'! I've spent half the season not utilising my biggest weapon
  10. The last 5 games are when I left this alone so the player stats below reflect the performance. I haven't had much luck from set pieces. star player is Aaron Davis on the right, but at least the TM Blyth is now getting some good knock downs for Andrews to score from
  11. Chesterfield are walking the league in my save. I do have a decent long thrower (Dan Jones LB), but he is taking an age to learn the 'long bullet'. I'll post my tactic this evening as its taken a while to perfect. I started with @Peljam's on page 2 and went from there. Its taken half the season to find a consistent fit for my squad. I went with a Create a Club using Barrow in the end as I wanted to try again with Isle of Man idea. The 'star player' is a TM Jacob Blyth, who starts the game injured for months. I brought in Michael Rankine to cover till he was fit. I couldn't get a tune out of either, but at least Rankine scores the odd goal. Blyth still hasn't scored, but he does play a great support role to the strike partner (Corie Andrews he too was injured for the first few months of the season).
  12. I'm the same. When I had my own office it would be on all day. Then I moved to another job where my desk was in the middle of an open plan office. I then managed to wrangle a move to the corner desk and rigged up a secret laptop & privacy screen. In my current job I'm back to being the middle of the office but I setup an old XP laptop in the server room so I can play an old copy of CM when I get really bored. I know that if I setup a link to my current FM19 save then I'd be on a slippery slope. I could easily hide away on it all day being a hermit. Even back at school, instead of revising for exams I'd by playing it behind my parents back, then getting **** grades. Basically Champ Man/FM has ruled my professional life since it came out. I go to sleep at night having imaginary meetings with my chairman and staff talking through what's going on in my current save and what players to keep/sell etc. Unless I'm really knackered its the only way I can drift off to sleep.
  13. Carninho

    Greatest FM myths

    There were always enough overrated young players in the game to steer me away from them. Dominic Matteo didn't have a set position, so sometimes he would be the best GK in the game. Same with Tony Loughan at Forest, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Loughlan he was a monster of a player, long before Cherno Samba & Freddy Adu!
  14. @robterrace this sounds like Ben Osborn. The role should be named after him: 'A wide player who begins to make a forward run with the ball, but then stops and plays a simple ball inside even when presented with a crossing opportunity.'
  15. Carninho

    Greatest FM myths

    Showing my age a bit here - Mark & Derek Tobin