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  1. You should have taken both jobs. Ai was lookeng fairward to Gary Neveehle talkéng een Francais een zese updates
  2. Oathkeeper was a stand out tactic for me . I use it in my Monopoli save. I switched to it after my first season then back to back promotions into Serie A and I narrowly missed out on the Europa League with a team on players from Serie C & B. Now the winter update is out I'm starting a youth only save with Forest and this 4231. Like you say the 3 striker formations dont real right. Do you look to train up certain PPM's?
  3. FM18: Nottingham Forest Thread

    @Vali184 is that the same Daryl Murphy in your squad?? cant be can it, he must be past it in 2020? Awesome job
  4. I've seen a real life player in my squad (Ben Brereton) get a newgen brother for the first time last week. that was odd. Assume it happens all the time but never noticed it before.
  5. Full use of substitutes

    Or Italian league games, they use all the sub slots. Basically you will see a warning if you havent filled out all the slots when you leave for the match. @Tatidis Does your issue relate to all players or just ones from your reserve squad? it maybe that the players you are trying to add are not available, i.e. they already be selected for a reserve match?
  6. FM vs RL

    I think this could be a generation issue, or just unrealistic expectations of 'computer/video games' these days. Having grown up with sensible soccer and kick off, playing fifa or pes always amazes me now with how far these games have come. back in those days you would see a new football game on the market every month or two, and 99% were garbage. but you had to pay your £20 to find that out (gazza's super soccer sticking out as being particularly sh*te ). same with management games. I'd play championship manager alongside premier manager, and loads of others i cant remember the names of. Over time all the others fell away and you have a choice of FM or nothing. The alternative games I see people playing are basically old versions of FM but with an up to date database, or fifa/pes' management mode. The fact that FM is the only one left standing should tell you that its bloody hard to make a game these days, so dont blame SI if you dont like FM. Its not their duty to represent all football management in a computer game format. Basically what I'm saying is they dont work for us. we are lucky to have a FM18, 17, 16..... for the £30 FM costs me each year I get so much value for money, FFS its 8p a day to play FM! How many console games are released only for a shed load of DLC to follow, with the sole intention of screwing the people that bought the game for more and more money. yes the match engine inst perfect but it hardly makes the game unplayable. I need to stop myself from moaning on about this, and but yes its annoying when a game in released with some heavy bugs, but having played FM since day one, i know that whichever team it is of guys it is running the show that they fix any bugs asap. No edition of FM has ever been unplayable. or in my opinion been anything but value for money. FM cant be, nor will ever be 'perfect'. Its just that its our only decent option if we want to play a football management game. Don't b*tch at SI because you dont think its good enough, just be grateful that you have a game to play full stop. If yo don't like it, play the free demo and don't buy it. Or get behind an indie football management game developer?
  7. I use the data analyst camera and zoom out and over the pitch. I find its pretty close to the old 2D. Its just annoying that you see all the fans sat in the stands wearing the same colour clothes, but that's another issue...
  8. I'd take Stark too. If you are still in pre-seaon then Ascacíbar would have time to learn English. Plus you said he is a backup anyway... I see some players ask to be sent on a language course as part of their pre-contract negotiations, I always think this is a good sign that they will adapt well.
  9. When i read this i thought Ooo hang on a minute, he's right. I know my early saves were flooded with injuries and the forum went crazy for it too. I never stuck with a long term save for various reasons till a few months after release. The injury issue has gone in all the long term saves I've started, but its rare that patches fix a current savegame, and the fact that you are having multiple long terms injuries still make me think you always will in your current save. If it was me i'd 100% start again On a side note I was inspired by your old David Beckham save having really enjoyed following it and Ispent aged looking for a similar story arc I could follow in the last FM. An old legend who I could follow the career off like you did with DB. Mido & Jay Jay Okocha were a couple that looked good on paper that I wish i'd stuck with. I would enjoy reading another save of yours that followed a playing career again... (not that i'm telling you to abandon this Gary Neville/Everton save)
  10. I know when FM18 was first released this message board was full of complaints about player injuries. I saw the same with my initial saves too, but nothing recently following the last couple of patches. I know things are going well in your save, but you might need to think about restarting as you will be hit with these long term injuries throughout your save, as the patch doesnt look to be one of those that corrects game saves :/
  11. FM18: Nottingham Forest Thread

    Jason Cummings leaving for Rangers has made me sad. not for Forest IRL but how it effects FM. He is one of my best players in every Forest save. After years of suffering as a Forest fan I rank my love of Forest in FM over them IRL. I'm never too brokenhearted when we miss out of promotion or were relegated to League 1 as I know it will make FM (or ChampMan) more of a challenge.
  12. Also after FM19 when the UK leaves the EU you will only be able to buy & play future Football Manager's in the UK Now that's a Hard Brexit! * * Its also not true
  13. FM18: Nottingham Forest Thread

    i'm using this on my latest save
  14. this happens all the time in real life https://www.sportskeeda.com/slideshow/football-5-players-left-clubs-signing-new-long-term-contracts