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  1. Great career , just smashed through it in the last couple of days. Its up there with your classic A-Z career You still have some great leagues left to add/move onto.
  2. I'd double check the Brexit details as in my saves the existing foreign players at the club don't count towards the 17
  3. I think a realistic target of this save is to get all the London clubs in the top 2 divisions. still a mammoth task, but one that could be possible
  4. yeah agree. I missed that line from my post.. everyone plays the game their own way.
  5. is quitting without saving much different to people that use the 3rd party scouting tools or download shared tactics?
  6. I'm in mid January of season 1. trying to play either a flat 4141 or a 532 depending on squad depth/fitness. Lolleys sole contribution was a hattrick against Derby. Worrell cant find a partnership with any of the other CB's. Just orange and red lines. Figueiredo hasn't manged a run of form or fitness yet. Cash dislikes big matches Carvhalho is inconsistent and shots constantly. He's currently being trained for the 'looks to pass rather than shoot' PPM, so hopefully that helps. Semedo is always injured Standout performers so far have been Watson, Ribiero, Silva & Bostock (when fit) Only purchase is Mikael Ishak who is doing fine upfront with Grabban. I'm in 4th (Fulham and Brentford have a gap at the top) and desperately looking for a DM playmaker to cover Watson & a ball playing CB.
  7. guess that would be an issue for FM21 onwards? we are the poorer cousin at the moment for sure. think we'd need to be established in the EPL before that changes.
  8. After having a scan around FM20 I think the Olympiakos link could mirror Watford's with Udinese. Forest & Oly share the same player recruitment staff and infrastructure etc (I didn't know the Benfica link was official, I assumed the links came from Jorge Mendes)
  9. @robterrace Nice work on the Forest squad again A couple of minor things I noticed. Matty Cash, will he be a natural RB (I know he currently has a light green dot in that position) in the final release and his defensive stats increased a little? I think he's shown enough this season already Also Zach Clough looks the same as last year and he's bombed to League 2 levels IRL. Can we have an affiliation with Olympiacos. Minimum would be a yearly friendly between the two?
  10. i'd have done the same. Maybe just the one scout to save some money, but sit tight and wait for a takeover. I had a similar save in the Italian lower leagues and as long as you are preforming on the pitch your job is safe and the money will be found from investments etc.
  11. Facebook is for showing off, sulking and venting anger. *cant believe I've come back to this thread
  12. the way you stereotype FM gamers makes this whole thread garbage to me
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