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  1. i have tried with slightly later versions of FM/Champ and its not that easy. Some do run on Win7 others XP. It gives me a reason to hang onto old laptops in random places round the house and **** off the mrs
  2. it will tally up with the year Madrid were relegated so i'm guessing Championship Manager 00/01? It looks like one of my favorite editions, and from memory there were a load of insane strikers then. Forest had Andrea Silenzi, who IRL was a lazy ass mercenary, but was unreal in Champ. Croatian Davor Suker was another who could score more than a goal a game. I have it on disk still but i dont thin kit will run on a Win10 machine, I might see if i can dig out an old XP laptop now that you have me feeling all nostalgic
  3. they probably got caught bribing match officials again...
  4. Its the annual pre-release lull in the forum isn't it
  5. IRL there was a player called Kiko who played for Athletico Madrid on a £1 contact so i guess he is your man It doesn't mention the story on his wiki page but i think it was either due to him being injured for a season or the fact that the club couldn't afford to pay him after the team was relegated? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiko_(Spanish_footballer) if its not Kiko then its deffo a Spanish striker from his era.
  6. if you have tried to untrain them twice then I'd say you need to move them on and bring in someone new. I agree its a bit of a contradiction in the PPM's, but you do see that in players quite a bit. ie an inside forward that has a PPM for 'always hugs the line'. In my opinion and experience of FM for whats its worth, I think that the PPM's have a nice impact on the game and you need to get them right. players with a low long shot rating should have the PPM to refrain from taking long shots. attacking full backs need to get forward when possible and to hug the line.
  7. No No, just you I have played every edition of FM and before that CM. I think FM17 is the hardest edition to succeed in so far, and the match engine has been improved on since FM16 (which you would obviously know having played it......). I dont have any issues with the ME. I have read many posts in the tactics section to understand how to setup team, tactic and player roles. no instructions have been taken out of the game, you just need different combinations of instructions and roles. My main issue with FM is the complete lack of game manual and details of how to interpret the roles and player instructions. I shouldn't have to troll through a forum to find them and even then its just other players opinions.
  8. you are a year too late. hold on a couple of months and repost changing FM17 to FM18 when someone starts of with game is broken, i've played every edition and i will never buy this game again i tend to switch off
  9. Bob Mortimer does a weekly skit of the Spurs players. You'll like it as it matches up with your Soccer Saturday stuff. the earlier episodes touched on real football stories, but now they just make **** up about Steve Mclaren, his 'fat lass' girlfriend and his pet snake Casper. The Spurs players (Dele Ali, Eric Dier & Harry Kane). Ep15 My Jambon Hell - is a classic episode from when Bob went to the Euros last year during the riots. he was locked up in his hotel room surrounded ham that he's bought from the local shop and his attempts to keep it cool without a mini fridge.
  10. Truly lovely stuff - is there s bit of Athletico Mince in your 'arry Kane
  11. Are you not even slightly tempted to take full control of the match days for a season? If you did and went further in Europe it might boost the rankings and give you that elusive 4th reputation star? Also what do you think of work rate? I place it up there with determination, but you dont ever seem to mention it
  12. [FM17] Nottm Forest – Nigel Doughty Academy

    One last quick update is to show you Felix Bastians I think he is hugely underrated and may slip under the radar in other FM savegames. His ave rating is a little skewed here as I had to play him at CB a couple of times and off the bench in some of my heavy defeats
  13. [FM17] Nottm Forest – Nigel Doughty Academy

    Lewis McGugan I don’t know what to say about this guy. He was my only signing last season and he played half a dozen games. He didn’t look up to much and in preseason there was no sign of what was to come. Ben Osborn is my first choice B2B midfielder and as I mentioned above, found himself injured for 2 months, the only cover at the time was Lewis. Ordinarily he would be my last resort and in the 2 months that have now passed he is keeping Osborn out of the side. He has no right to be playing this well and his stats have even dropped over this period.
  14. [FM17] Nottm Forest – Nigel Doughty Academy

    New Season I love being in Europe, mainly because you get some early competitive fixtures against some minor European jobbers. The players can boost moral with a couple of big wins. The route into the Europa League group stages was pretty simple and I gave the entire squad a runout. Dinamo Brest were first up with a straight 4-0 aggregate victory. A first leg 4-0 win away to HJK allowed me to field a youth team in the return leg which we disappointingly lost 2-1 on the night. We were seeded in pot 3 for the group draw and found ourselves with Lazio, CSKA Moscow & whipping boys Trencin. First league match and we’re on TV vs Man City. Big test for but not too daunting as we did defeat them on route to our League Cup win last season. Osborn and Lascelles are both injured for 2 months and would be in my regular starting XI. Not that we missed them as we were 2-0 up at halftime, then the game turned and Man City hit back with 4 goals, and reality hit home. Newcastle away next and confidence was restored with a convincing 3-1 victory, then like a yo-yo inconsistency began. Away win at Burnley, home loss vs Spurs. I don’t know what happened against Watford and the 2-6 defeat followed by an extra time defeat to Bournemouth in the League Cup. By this point the XI were knackered from playing 2 games a week, and the poor results meant that I had to play my strongest possible team. Leicester Away was a huge rescue job. From 0-2 down Assombalonga popped up with 2 goals, the second coming in the last minute. Then two more defeats to CSKA Moscow and Arsenal and the pressure was on, so an away match at Anfield wasn’t looking good. By this point the injured pair of Osborn and Lascelles had returned but it was goal a game striker Assombalonga that won the game for us and hopefully helped to turn the corner. We’re mid-table now a still averaging a point a game.