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  1. i'd have done the same. Maybe just the one scout to save some money, but sit tight and wait for a takeover. I had a similar save in the Italian lower leagues and as long as you are preforming on the pitch your job is safe and the money will be found from investments etc.
  2. Facebook is for showing off, sulking and venting anger. *cant believe I've come back to this thread
  3. the way you stereotype FM gamers makes this whole thread garbage to me
  4. player animations to show skills. step overs turns etc and players rounding the keeper when one on one being able to edit your own kits a season into the game
  5. In the older FM's when the option of adding a favourite club was included, then it did (the game dev's confirmed it) buy you more time at a club if things were not going well. I assume that still goes for the current version as I doubt they would have removed that from the game. Probably more effort to take it out than leave it in..?
  6. swap the player positions with the guy in the number that you want I assume you have created a new tactic and moved the players around. I see it sometimes when I switch between 2 or 3 saved tactics, esp if they have been created by different people
  7. DoF is set to help find clubs for my transfer listed players. I allow him to bring in players too, but I have the final say, and 99% of them I cancel. That 1% though has brought in some great players of the years so I stick with it.
  8. you don't need an IF to use the existing tactics. an IF can play as a winger without any drop in performance. right footed on the right side does help though (& left on left...)
  9. things pick up when your defenders form a nice green partnership. check who is making the most 'mistakes leading to goals'. When I used TFF's tactics in the lower league I also conceded loads, but it didn't matter too much as I still finished in the top 2 positions.
  10. its the hardest role to fill. I tend to poach other people in the same role, or just pick the recommended coaches that come up in the news feed
  11. no but I know a good place to look https://community.sigames.com/forum/19-tactics-training-strategies-discussion/
  12. 100% agree with this. I've player since year one of CM/FM and it took my several months of playing FM19 to trust this advice and for it to be true after seeing it for myself. The roles being red don't matter The issue why they are red is a whole other story....
  13. isn't it the OneDrive vs the local C: drive? have you checked the same paths on both?
  14. they all work, just depends on your forwards. if you have a SS then play that in a 4411 if not then 442
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