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  1. For the first time since I playing the original Champ Man I'm not playing CM/FM at the first available opportunity. A mixture of finances and the fact that I want to finish off an existing FM18 season mean that I'm not up and running. Just wondered if everyone was playing the BETA yet?
  2. Carninho

    [ENGLAND] Nottingham Forest Data Issues

    Fox should be a straight CB. doubt he will ever play at LB ever again
  3. if there isn't a Women's Futsal databsse in FM20 the I'm going to start a right ruddy riot @Smurf just start up a steam DB. you don't need to win the lotto for that. if you are as passionate as you say then get involved with that. As I have said on here several times now FM gives you a DB Editor for free and many people create their own. Or just play one that already exists on there and help improve that.
  4. there are databases on steam, go back a page or two for the link
  5. I have a laptop which sits on the arm of my sofa, so I play pretty much every evening. the Mrs doesn't mind as she is happy watching the TV next to me. My daughter will borrow the laptop to play SIMS over the weekend sometimes after she broke her own laptop but that's when I can switch to the xbox or doing any of my many jobs round the house that I put off. My happiest days were when I could take my laptop to work and play there too. My current setup doesn't really allow that, but I did install an early Champ Man on an old XP laptop I found in a bag. I leave it in the server room and chill out in there for an hour every now and again. The sad thing is that FM helps me get the sleep easier. Maybe I've been hardcoded this way, but I need to think about my team to drift off to sleep. I got knocked out cold a couple of weeks ago and I remember thinking about FM when I was losing consciousness lol
  6. Carninho

    Scheduling Question

    it just depends who are touring at the same place and available obvs. maybe pick a more general location to tour? IMO though you want to play those lesser teams as it helps improve the players form and moral. I play a game every 4 days against local teams, also seem to start the season off well. I'll play a big friendly every now and again esp if its a testimonial.
  7. So play with those then. Problem solved! Also why haven't to shared these DB's on this thread to help others that are asking for one? Would you expect the female DB to run along side the mens or as a separate game?
  8. @Smurf have you played the DB on steam? or has anyone on this thread?
  9. as JCW163 pointed out above, a DB does exist For the players that want a womens DB, get involved it that and show your encouragement to the creator(s) I'm genuinely convinced SI would take notice if that DB gains some traction, but the subscriber numbers need to seriously increase and I mean by 100 times https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1315662285
  10. Yes it does diminish my enjoyment as the persons (MALE OR FEMALE!!) job role is to entertain me. That's the point. As for your other comment
  11. Scott was good but nobody outmatched anyone else, so that's exaggerated. And yeah you don't need to be male to understand the game, but this is going way off topic now. I share the same views as the women who I talk to this about so that's good enough for me (in fact they have stronger views than me!), obvs I don't know the ins and outs of skys recruitment, but all I can go on is my perception. Like you say a lot of explayers aren't great pundits, which is why I think the female explayers have been fast tracked. Of the hundreds upon hundreds of ex pros leaving the game each year only dozens will be female so the ratio's don't tally up for me. Only the best should be in the position. Surely quality over quantity, Alex Scott is on par with her counterparts but the others used on skysports news of an evening aren't up to it YET. So why introduce so many new faces at once? From what I see of skys recruitment for that specific role in the past you need to just be a famous face, talent is secondary. Lets be honest the ex female players arent household names. And I don't think their talent is over and above. You have the match reporters like Bianca Westwood and Michelle Owen who are key personnel but they don't sit in the studio watching the match as they haven't played the game. Sky like ex pros for that. So my question is why pick 3 or 4 female explayers all of a sudden to report on the men's matches?
  12. I don't think women's football is a fad, just the sudden use of them as pundits. Skysports use a female every day covering the live games (except on soccer saturday). I think I saw 4 different faces on sky this week. now you cant say that they are suddenly all experts at mens football over the ex male players which they employ to cover the games. Sky must be going out of their way to employ them because they are female. Yes its great to have a female voice when its justified, same a male. but fast tracking them smells of a PR stunt IMO. All the sports on Sky have a female involved (and quite right too) but my point (all be it a minor one that I didn't need to say on here) was that increased presence doesn't correlate with the actual facts of a huge increase in women's football. What you could say is that Sky are attempting to drive the interest and awareness by raising the profile of the game, but they don't broadcast any of their games do they? I ask this as a serious question (not wanting to be a ****) One thing I don't understand is where the money comes from, there is no way that these teams are anywhere near self-sufficient. I assume that clubs like Man City run them at a loss? so I guess they come under the community budget at the club? I know that clubs dropped their ladies teams as they couldn't afford them when they were amateur and weren't paying wages, and I doubt the WSL generates that much income?
  13. Carninho

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    now that's OK if that only happens in leagues where VAR is active, but my concern is if they bump out more incorrect decisions across the board.
  14. its bad when you have football on, and one of the teams is the same as a match that your playing on FM. My brain gets very confused then.