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  1. i wonder how far into this the builders were before someone twigged *the other 2 stands looked fine
  2. i know its nothing specifically to do with your database, but does anyone know if its possible to use this under the 'create a club' option? I can only see it when i create a new standard game (where it did look good by the way )
  3. I'll 100% give this a go. I spent all of FM18 playing with a create-a-team of the the Isle of Man FC (replacing Barrow). I wanted to use as many local players as possible, but I only produced two youth players worth first team football and they were both poached by bigger clubs. then after getting into the Prem I couldn't improve the facilities quickly enough to keep up to the required standard. On the Beta I did the same as a test
  4. Great career , just smashed through it in the last couple of days. Its up there with your classic A-Z career You still have some great leagues left to add/move onto.
  5. I'd double check the Brexit details as in my saves the existing foreign players at the club don't count towards the 17
  6. I think a realistic target of this save is to get all the London clubs in the top 2 divisions. still a mammoth task, but one that could be possible
  7. yeah agree. I missed that line from my post.. everyone plays the game their own way.
  8. is quitting without saving much different to people that use the 3rd party scouting tools or download shared tactics?
  9. I'm in mid January of season 1. trying to play either a flat 4141 or a 532 depending on squad depth/fitness. Lolleys sole contribution was a hattrick against Derby. Worrell cant find a partnership with any of the other CB's. Just orange and red lines. Figueiredo hasn't manged a run of form or fitness yet. Cash dislikes big matches Carvhalho is inconsistent and shots constantly. He's currently being trained for the 'looks to pass rather than shoot' PPM, so hopefully that helps. Semedo is always injured Standout performers so far have been Watson, Ribiero, Silva
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