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  1. @Franky To show my love for this tactic in FM17 I created a check list/breakdown of it. I thought I'd share it as the tactic seems to work just as well with FM18 I use it with each member of my squad to check the progress of the PPM's and their role suitability. It prints off onto one sheet of A4 as i find it much easier that way as I dont have a 2nd monitor Frankys Marauder Check Sheet by Carninho.xlsx
  2. I think all the FM17 tactics can still be used without any changes
  3. FM18: Nottingham Forest Thread

    he looks vgood. can you give him any game time off the bench yet?
  4. FM18: Nottingham Forest Thread

    I'm halfway through the 1st season and from being top and unbeaten at the 11 match mark, i lost to Hull then the side started. Form has dipped and I'm conceding late goals from some comedy errors at the back. I'm still in the playoffs but only just, and have 3 month injuries to Murphy and Bridcutt (who is by far my standout player). Also After the Derby match Rowett said in the press that I should be sacked due to my teams physical approach, lol. The board gave me a cash injection and there's no money to spend. i only made one free transfer yet we are leaking money Brereton may be off in the January transfer window as I'm seeing a number of press reports linking him with moves away (he's valued at £3m).
  5. What is with Arsenal?

    ^ yeah it was supposed to be a joke...
  6. Goal Styles

    then if you manage in south america or africa you can see players chasing the ref off the pitch at full time
  7. Goal Styles

    it wouldn't bother me that much but when you can give a player a specific PPM you'd expect to see the odd overhead kick or rounding of the keeper Its a shame as they seem to have a dozen different ways for the goalkeeper to score a own goal. i'd like to see the odd fighting animation for scuffles and mass brawls. you cant watch Match of the Day without seeing one or two each week.
  8. Age is just a number

    That's what i tell the mrs
  9. What is with Arsenal?

    Miles is a huge Arsenal fan. he's had a season ticket for years. (he watches Watford when they're playing away)
  10. FM18: Nottingham Forest Thread

    @Gilbo88In FM17 i'd say yes 100% (he goes onto to play for England in my saves), but 13 games into my FM18 season and he's been very flaky and not cemented a place in my starting XI. His general stats look the same so I'd still take another opinion. I think 5m is worth it though. Shame you cant get Cummings as he's another step up.
  11. is their mascot Yogi Bear?
  12. FM18: Nottingham Forest Thread

    I'm looking forward to next season in FM as Ryan Yates looks very useful, its a shame we cant cancel the loan with County. did you have a hand in increasing his stats @robterrace? I didnt ever notice him in FM17.
  13. FM18: Nottingham Forest Thread

    Yeah I picked up Stevie Stone too I probably could have got Pearce too as I saw that he had just taken up a coaching job, I link in League 1! What formations are you guys playing? My main is 523 with inverted wingbacks and 3 central strikers. So far i'm unbeated but only 6 league games in so very early days... Bridcutt and Cummings are standouts so far but I want to work in McKay. I cant seem to workout a decent formation that fits him in yet, and the same goes for Dowell. Osborn is being retrained into a wingback to replace Fox as it tended to be his best position in FM17 Curci (new on a free) > Worral, Mancienne, Hobbs > Darikwa, Fox,> Osborn, Bridcutt > Murphy, Cummings, Vellios/Clough
  14. Signing regens

    might need an example or 2 here to help understand. if they are wonderkids then you couldnt easily sign them in FM17 within the first year of their contract.... surely you dont mean that you cant sign any regen.
  15. i know it takes a while to apply, but you can train your player to 'refrain from taking long shots'. if FM18 works like FM17 then i tend to add the PPM if a forward or central midfielder has less than 12 for long shots. you can always remove the PPM if they train well in that area. you will see that this makes a huge difference