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  1. Mine was on FM14. I was Valencia and the title race was between me and Real Madrid, who were 1 point ahead. With 15 games of the season to play, we both went on to win 14 games in a row - and so, obviously they stayed 1 point ahead of me at all times. The 15th game, and final game of the season was, of course, Real Madrid v Valencia - which I won!
  2. I posted - no one has replied to it. Won't bother again haha
  3. I don't know why Alessio Rosa's profile and stats are at the bottom of the post - I've tried to remove it about 10 times, but it won't go. If any admins want to sort that out, feel free!
  4. I started my career with Sunday League Reputation, at Rochdale. I chose Rochdale as I had a successful save with them a few years ago, but also because they are the only club in English League Football who have never won a trophy - and I fancied changing that. However, after a couple of seasons, I switched paths to try to win the top league in England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Holland - but I am going to try to do it with a team that isn't the favourite i.e. I won't be using PSG, or Liverpool, etc. I will outline below a (very) brief history of my career so far, and then go
  5. I have a question about the value of my players - posted in here as I have a Regen to share as an example... I'm managing Hoffenheim in 2027/28 season. I have an excellent Regen (attached) who, as you can see from the stats, is pretty impressive, favourite to win Player of the Season, and is now wanted by Arsenal & Barcelona. However, he is only valued at £6.75m. I don't understand where the valuation has come from. He still has 4 years left on his contract, and we are the Bundesliga Champions, so he's not playing for a mid-table club or anything. Can anybody shed som
  6. I think the level of coaching qualifications that I’ve done might have an influence? And Hoffenheim said my style of play suits them, so maybe teams who play a certain way would be more interested in me? I don’t know, but it would be interesting to have a response from SI as to what factors determine what job offers you’d get?!
  7. To answer my own question, I have an update... I finished the season with Rochdale - things started to come together in the end and finished a very respectable 13th, and then the following season finished a-still-very-respectful 16th. However, I was done with Rochdale and threw my hat into the ring for a few other jobs around Europe...by this stage my Manager Reputation was at 50%. I had interviews with Hoffenheim, Real Sociedad, and Rennes - and received offers from Hoffenheim & Real Sociedad, and think I would have been offered the job at Rennes too, but had alrea
  8. I don't, I'm afraid - it's impossible to predict when something is going to happen like this, so I'd have to save before I press continue game every time.
  9. I've started a save with Rochdale, with Sunday League playing experience. I was expected to finish 22nd, but stayed up by finishing 18th. Then, in the second season I finished 4th and won promotion through the play-offs. Naturally, I'm finding life in the Championship pretty difficult, and most likely will get relegated. I'm just wondering, if I were to get sacked or resign at the end of the season - where can I expect to find a job? My manager reputation is 35%, but not sure how that translates to what clubs may offer me a job? Obviously, Man City/Liverpool/Chelsea et
  10. Good luck - I’ll follow your progress! My save this year is with a team that has a maybe more cheerful recent history, but a considerably more depressing overall history - and only round the corner from Oldham. I’m managing Rochdale! The only club in League Football to have never won a trophy (Play-Off trophies don’t count haha) - no leagues, league cup, fa cup...not even a Papa John’s Trophy. Absolutely nothing...ever! Managed to survive in League One in my first season (pre season expectations of relegation), and currently 2nd in the table in February of my second season - but wit
  11. This has also just happened. The manager of Brighton said he was going to take Haydon Roberts back from the loan deal as I was playing him in the wrong role. When the January transfer window opened, I got an email as if I were the Brighton manager to remind me to recall Haydon Roberts back from his loan.
  12. Just started a save with Rochdale, and signed Morgan Rogers on loan from Manchester City. After his debut, the new item seemed to suggest that Rochdale were the parent club...whereas it's Manchester City who signed him for £4m and had invested in youth.
  13. It's still happening on my game (video attached)... FM - Error.mov
  14. He only has CM or DM as his positions on my game?
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