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  1. One for the Grand Theft Auto 5 fans amongst us - he even looks like him!!
  2. Just signed this guy from Porto for Minimum Release Clause of £56m. As you can see, coach report rates him as good as Mbappe, aged just 20! Think I've got myself a gem here...
  3. I've noticed that whenever there is a VAR decision to make, it is always the exact same outcome: Goes to VAR to check a foul inside the box > Penalty awarded 100% of the time Goes to VAR to check offside > Player was offside 100% of the time Goes to VAR to check whether the foul was inside or just on the edge of the box > Just on the edge of the box 100% of the time No point having VAR in the game if it's going to have the same result every time - doesn't add to the excitement/tension, as I know what the outcome is going to be.
  4. Got them in the group stages - it worked a treat...!
  5. Just got him at the end of season 3 in my Man City save - £192m and £500k per week wages. I played 1 match of the new season, and he scored twice from AML (IW). I’ll be rotating him across the front three throughout the season though. I’ve been knocked out of the CL by PSG every season, and he’s been the man doing all the damage - so hopefully this year the tables will be turned!!
  6. Being the Man City Manager, the temptation to spend £200m on one player is always there - as is the opportunity. However, I'm quite pleased with, what I think, is quite shrewd transfer business in the first summer - having won the Premier League by 1 point. I brought in Tonali for half of his £28m value, but couldn't resist getting Ruben Neves from Wolves - and they came straight in with an offer to take Tonali on loan after I bought Neves, so thought it was fair as he'd get more game time there. I sold Otamendi last season, so got Jonathan Tah as a replacement for him - and Dani Olmo was rated 95 by my scout, and is worth £41m after signing him for just £19.5m. Dries Mertens I don't really need to be honest - but for free, again, I couldn't resist. In terms of outgoings, sold a load of dead wood that I'll never need - and loaned out a bunch of young players to continue their development, including Dragan Vukovic who is an English 17-Year Old Regen Left Back who is worth £9.25m so I'm quite excited about him. My squad as it stands is below. What do you think...?
  7. No sure if this is a bug as such - but some of the news items wording just doesn't add up. For example, just got into the final of the Carabao Cup to play Crystal Palace - and the news item said something about us hoping to win the trophy on consecutive occasions, despite our poor form... Below is my current form, which isn't 'poor': There are other examples throughout the game, which doesn't ruin the game as such - but just doesn't make much sense. E.g. I'm 2nd in the league, still in the FA Cup, Carabao Cup, and Champions League, and on the Job Security page it says 'Stable'. But, when Newcastle appointed a new manager, at the bottom where it says 'Sack Race' I'm second favourite to go next at 5/1.
  8. Now that this game finally works (what a novelty) I need a tactic. The side of FM that I like is the buying & selling of players, and developing young players etc. I'm not particularly good at creating my own tactic - so I just need a good plug & play tactic which will work whether I'm Home or Away, Favourite or Underdog, League or Cup etc. Just the same tactic each game, then I can focus on the part of the game I enjoy. There has always been tactics in FM like this, hence why I managed to win the Treble with Hull City and similar teams in the past. I tend to do saves with Man City - but one that will work with any team from Man City to Stockport County, and everything in between, would be nice - as I like to do journeyman careers.
  9. Oh good - finally!! I'm at work so not seen any change to my game. Have to give it a try tomorrow night!
  10. Half the comments on this thread (and other threads on the this site) are very very very similar in tone to what I wrote previously - and I got banned from the forum for a month. Anyway... Any chance of an update on the update? The last one was pre-Christmas, in my opinion there surely should be an estimate time frame for when this patch will be ready. It would be very much appreciated to be given some idea of how long it will be before we can play this game, as it currently is completely unplayable.
  11. So it’ll be unplayable until the new year, 2 months after release - brilliant!
  12. 100% agree - but this isn't the only game it happened in. Aguero still hasn't scored a one-on-one all season. I understand he can't realistically score them all - but he'd score more than 0 haha So the patch hasn't fixed the issue?
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