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  1. Hello I wasn't sure which section to put this in, so just went for this one: I only use my PC for Football Manager, and on the rare occasions I work from home. I use my iPad for general internet browsing - so was thinking to keep everything in one place I would get rid of the laptop and the iPad and just get a Microsoft Surface - as it is a PC and a tablet in one. My question is - does Football Manager full game work on a Microsoft Surface, or is it only FM Touch that will work on it? I believe the surface has all the capabilities of a normal Laptop PC, so I'd expect the full game will work - but wanted to check. And, if it does work, how well does it work? Thanks
  2. Question regarding takeovers

    I had this on my Southampton save too - and it actually took well over a year, maybe two before it went through! I moved to Atletico Madrid and that also took quite a while - however, in both instances, when it got part of the way through the Transfer Window the board either pushed through the sale or cancelled negotiations immediately so I could dip into the transfer market, so I wouldn't worry about that!
  3. Great Tactic - won the Spanish Premier Division twice in a row with Atletico Madrid, and looking like doing it again this season. My squad is good, but not a patch on Real Madrid/Barcelona's on paper - but using this tactic it gets the best out of the right players...
  4. Prem Midfielder

    Should still be able to get Aleix Garcia on loan from Man City! Very good player - I'm in Season 4, he's still available for loan, and is worth £19m. I've taken him on loan to Atletico Madrid, and he's a Key Player for me, so you being in Season 3 with QPR he should be a good player for you! Won't give you the experience you feel you want, but I'd highly recommend you get him!
  5. RW replacemet for Martial

    I was scrolling down ready to type 'Goncalo Guedes' anyway, so good shout!
  6. Just had a Brexit...

    On the flip side, I am 4 seasons into a Southampton save, and decided to take the Atletico Madrid job! As soon as I got there I signed 3 players from Southampton - my English wonderkid regen striker, Will Hughes (English) and an Argentinian wonderkid regen goalkeeper - which took up my max 3 FGN players in the squad. I had no idea these were the rules (English players now classed as FGN in Europe), and frantically had to cancel the negotiations I was in with James Ward-Prowse, then start looking for EU Nationals to sign! In all the excitement I accidentally confirmed the signing of Gerson from Roma - who I've immediately had to loan out as I can't register him! I then also had to sell any players who were already at Atl Madrid and were FGN as there was no space for them! Not the best start to my time in Spain - but on the pitch it's been all good, including 15 goals in 7 games for the 19 Year-Old Regen striker, Mark Maloney!
  7. Unreal Regen!

    Also, check out this regen goalkeeper I just got on a free transfer...
  8. Unreal Regen!

    Weird really when you consider he only has 3 assists! He's scored 12 in the first 7 games of Season 4!
  9. Van Dijk Replacement

    I started a save with Southampton recently - I got £50m for Van Dijk from Chelsea. I got Keane & Jonathan Tah - Keane is better though. Think I paid £25m for him.
  10. Unreal Regen!

    Just wanted to share this regen - appeared in my Youth Team toward the end of season two, and scored 5 goals on his Under 18's debut! Had a quick look at the coach report and it was very positive so thought I'd stick him on the bench for the first team - came on for his debut and scored! Since then, he's gone from strength to strength. I gave him a few cameo's in the first team in Season 2, he scored a few (mostly in the cups) and then season 3 I played him regularly and he's scored 23 PL Goals and 33 in all competitions...he's still only 17 years old! (Dubbed the next Gary Linekar - been booked once though!)
  11. You lot don't deserve him... Anyway, in addition to my original post, another two examples have just cropped up back-to-back on my save: 1) Alfie Jones, my backup centre-back has just picked up an injury which will keep him out of action for 7-8 weeks. The Social Media light up with fans disappointed that he's injured, saying we're going to have to adapt our tactics due to this injury, questioning who is going to step up to replace him. Alfie has played two games this season - both in the league cup, against Charlton and Newcastle. There are 3 or 4 other defenders ahead of him in the pecking order! This is not an issue, and again, wouldn't even be worthy of a mention on Social Media. 2) As I said, I'm in the Champions League in my second season with Southampton after winning the Europa League in Season One. I qualified from my group, and have just been drawn against Real Madrid in the First Knockout Round. Social media post said: "Doesn't really have the Champions Cup magic about it!" REALLY? What better team could we have drawn? Literally, no other club would have created more 'Champions Cup magic'!
  12. Manager reputation - Not realistic

    I know what you're saying about an unrealistic input resulting in an unrealistic output...but please remember, this has not been a problem in the last 20 years of FM/CM! My reputation has always grown at a realistic rate in line with trophies/promotions won etc. It is only this year that it has become a problem - hence its an error on FM17 which has ruined the game for me!!
  13. You've lost me with that first paragraph...
  14. Exactly. They've released something ****, so next season they can go "Look at us, we've made vast improvements on this area of the game!" Whereas, really, they should have just brought it out when it was actually good! Some people fall for it though, I guess!
  15. Manager reputation - Not realistic

    I am the OP. I started the save with Sunday League Reputation, managing Southampton. In my first season I finished 7th and won the Europa League - which means now, in my second season I am managing in the Champions League (so far, 4 games, 2 wins, 2 draws). I am also unbeaten in the first 11 Premier League games of the season. My reputation status is still 'minimal', as it was when I loaded up the game with Sunday League reputation at the start of season one - having won a European Cup, and finishing 7th in the Premier League (only 4 points off 4th too). So, no improvement on this error! If they can't get this aspect right it really is going to be curtains for me and my time with FM! The whole point is to build your management reputation within the game, and they can't get it right - makes it such a waste of time! Especially if you want to complete some of the challenges, like winning the league in every country etc or other journeyman careers. This seasons game has been a complete waste of time and money for me!! This is the (strategy game) equivalent of playing Theme Hospital but an error meaning you can employ any doctors - it is fundamentally flawed and means you can't progress!