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  1. Signed this guy to Arsenal for £14.5m Minimum Release Clause...he's epic!
  2. Having great success with this tactic - managing Arsenal in 2025 (started with Stockport County, and arrived at Arsenal via Crystal Palace). So far 12 wins in 12 in the league,
  3. Before I start - I am not complaining! This years FM is much more playable than FM2018, and the tactics are much easier to understand and tweak etc. and I'm loving it. My save is with my local team - Stockport County. Serial under-achievers considering the stature and fanbase of the club. Even though I'm a Man City fan, I do have a soft spot for County as I did used to go and watch them as a kid, and grew up only a few miles from the ground. In my first season I got promoted from the National League North through the Play-Offs, and in my second season I won the National League. Currently in my third season, and despite the pre-season media prediction of finishing bottom - with 10 games to go I was 6 points clear at the top of the league, and in the final of the Checkatrade Trophy. Then, I lost a game. Then I lost another. And another. And another. Then I lost the final of the Checkatrade Trophy...and then lost another league game. I managed to win two more games before the season ended (both of them 1-0 against teams fighting relegation), and just about scraped a play-off place. I decided to save the game, and post on here before beginning the play-offs to see if anybody can suggest what might have happened? Basically, I had a really good tactic which had secured me back-to-back promotions - and I was virtually there with a third consecutive promotion - then the wheels have completely come off! I understand that these things can happen in football, but we've gone from being the Brazil of the Football League for almost 3 full seasons, to being...well, Stockport County again! Have the AI Managers figured me out? Or is the game saying "you aren't going up again!"? Or are my players just completely knackered (I do have a fairly small squad and tend to have virtually the same Starting 11 every game)? In reality, I had no right to be top of the league anyway - the media prediction of 24th made me think it was going to be a difficult season, but this has just fell apart overnight! Anybody else had something like this happen? How did you stop the rot?
  4. Ok - i've taken on all your advice, and here are the results... I give up!
  5. Thanks for all your messages. Unfortunately, there seems to be some bug/error on the game or my laptop at the moment as it keeps crashing whenever I try to save so not playing until it's fixed. The problem I have though, with all your advice is, for example, Vasilli07 said that playing KDB and Silva in CM is suicidal - but it's also suicidal not to play them at all. Sane on the left, Bernardo Silva/Sterling on the right, Ozil in AM (granted I didn't have to buy him, but I have now!)...this leaves the only positions available for KDB and Silva to play are CM. It's true what a few people have said on here and on the other fansite I've posted this on - there is no real guidance from SI on how to use the tactics. The information on the Tactics page when you hover the mouse over it is very misleading!
  6. Hi Neil I've done this, and the first time I tried to save after I launched the game it has crashed again!
  7. Can someone please let me know why this happens when I save the game. It seems to happen maybe once in every 5 times I save, which I tend to do every month or so of gameplay. It results in me losing the previous months play, results, data, player development etc. and is rendering the game almost unplayable! The error message is: Football Manager 2018 18.2.2f1055984 has stopped working'.
  8. HelloSo, in response to people encouraging me to create my own tactic as this is (apparently) the most enjoyable part of the game - I thought I'd make my own, show you the results, so you understand why I don't bother!As I am obviously a Man City fan, I am loving the football we are playing under Pep, so want to try and replicate this on FM18! I am playing a '4-2-3-1 Wide' formation, and the picture below shows my First Choice starting 11, thought there is obviously some rotation to put players like Aguero, Sterling, Fernandinho, Otamendi and Danilo in the team too.I have chosen the Team Instructions that I feel are most likely to replicate Pep's City:Low Tempo - Take their time with the ball, and retain possession in order to retain control of the game - as we all know, City dominate possession Width - Wide, Stretch the play and use the full extremes of the pitch (as we know, Sane and Sterling stand on the side of the pitch waiting for the ball to come to them) Defensive Line - Slightly Higher, I chose this as City's defenders press further up the pitch to push the opposition players back into their own half Closing down - Much more, as I wanted the players to press the opposition and win the ball back as soon as possible Use Tighter Marking - I added this after a heavy defeat early in the season, as all 5 goals were conceded in exactly the same manner...scored by a striker stood completely unmarked on the penalty spot who just tapped it in after the winger squared it. Pass Into Space - As we know, City's wingers and wing backs make runs which players like Silva & De Bruyne see, and pass the ball into the space the wingers are running into. Play Out of Defence - Again, we all know Ederson plays passes out the defenders, who I have set as Ball Playing Defenders, so we can start building play from the back rather than kicking it out to the halfway line and hoping to win a header. Shorter Passing - Shorter passes, greater ball retention Retain Possession - Self explanatory Be More Expressive - City have very creative players, and the two CM's and the AM are set to Advanced Playmaker so thought this would be an obvious Instruction to have. Look for Overlap - As I said before, the wing backs make lots of runs up the wing so thought Sane/Sterling/Bernardo Silva would look for the overlapping run from the wing backs and this would work well with the Pass Into Space instruction. Work Ball Into Box - City patiently probe their oppositions defences, usually passing it around the edge of the opposition box until finding the right pass through to the striker. Low Crosses - As our strikers are Aguero & Gabriel Jesus, both of whom lack height, Low Crosses is the only type of cross worth putting in. Roam from positions - Again, giving our midfielders the creative freedom they deserve.Not much to report on the transfer front - loaned out a few youngsters, and signed Mesut Ozil and Kasper Dolberg. ResultsNot great, as expected! Been knocked out of the Carabao Cup by Bristol City 2-0, despite playing a full strength team.Scraped a 2-2 draw with Huddersfield, we scored a last minute goal due to a mix up between Huddersfield's goalkeeper and defender.Got hammed 5-2 at home by Newcastle, in which Dwight Gayle scored 4!Then managed to string 3 PL wins in a row together, but not huge scorelines, including only beating Brighton 1-0. Then a defeat by Stoke 2-1, and a 5-1 home defeat from Spurs has now (already) resulted in the players thinking I've lost the dressing room and think I need to leave.I also got battered 4-1 by Bayern Munich, but managed to beat Olympiakos 2-0, however both goals in that were in the last few minutes!So, FM Community - what's going wrong? The tactics and team instructions seem the obvious ones to use for a team like City...but it isn't working!The only positive so far is Leroy Sane (9 Games, 5 Goals, 4 Assists).NOTE: Whilst typing this I have played another match against West Brom away - Lost 3-2. Was 2-1 up in the 89th Minute, set the intructions to 'Time Wasting - More'. Didn't work!
  9. As promised, this is the tactic which is working for me so far - not perfect but the best one yet! In January, only lost twice, 3rd in the league but still a long way behind the leaders as I have drawn 8 games! Dwight Gayle works amazingly well with this tactic - 23 games, 20 goals and 20 assists so far! http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-18-tactics/368933-vocal-523_huddersfield-expected-20th-_ranked-1st-epl_scored-65-21-games.html
  10. I started a save a few day ago - mid-October I got taken over by another British Business man - not a sugar daddy though. Slightly higher transfer budget (an additional £22m) but if I adjust the wage budget I can have £82m - but I also instantly got offered a new contract, even though I've only been there a few months anyway!
  11. I meant I know the rest of the game inside out - just tactics aren't my thing! I don't have the patience for it. However, since posting I've started a new save with Newcastle, and drew my first 4 games of the season (came back from 3-0 down away at Man City though - and also drew 2-2 away at Chelsea) then hammered Crystal Palace 6-1 to get my first win. Also beat Sheff Utd 7-2 in the Carabao Cup 2nd Round and beat Chelsea 5-1 in the 3rd Round - so things are looking more positive on this save. Signed Leigh Griffiths from Celtic for £16m and he's scored 6 and assisted 5 in his first 3 games! Can't remember the tactic I downloaded, but I'll come back later to credit to creator when I remember who it was.
  12. Tried that one already - that's what landed me in 10th haha
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