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  1. Thought I'd start a thread to see if anybody has taken a punt on a player, who turned out to be a world beater? For example: Whilst managing AC Milan, my striker got poached by Chelsea in summer - so I needed a replacement. I made a decision, before even looking at who it was, that I'd try to sign who ever finished the season as leading goalscorer in Serie B - regardless of age, and wasn't going to scout them. Turned out to be a 20 Year Old Advanced Forward called Allessandro Gillardino - got him for £21.5m. In the remaining 2 and a half years I remained AC Milan manager he led our scoring charts averaging over a goal a game, whilst winning Serie A and the Champions League - before I left for Bayern Munich...where I obviously took him with me for about £60m. Unfortunately, I've got bored of this years FM so uninstalled without taking any screenshots. Any other similar success stories?
  2. Haha, being Man City means I can just buy whoever the 4 best defenders in the game are
  3. Attacking Width: Fairly Wide No specific player instructions. Let me know how you get on with it.
  4. Here you go - the tactic, my current league standing, and previous Champions League History...it's a pretty ruthless tactic!
  5. Yeah as an Inside Forward from the Left Wing. He's now Man City's highest ever league Goalscorer with (around) 220 PL goals.
  6. I saw a thread on here ages ago where somebody asked something along the lines of 'How much is too much for Mbappe?' I did reply at the time, to say he's incredible and buy him regardless - but he's just had his best season for me, aged 31! And, I've got him playing as a Left Winger, so bare that in mind when you look at these stats... Yes, that does say 67 goals in 68 games, and 34 assists!
  7. Can anybody recommend a tactic? I've been promoted for 4 consecutive seasons, and now in Vanarama National League North - and no money, so not been able to improve my squad. I'm completely out of my depth, and need a tactic to try and hang on in the division - probably something very defensive, and hope to counter and snatch a win!? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  8. Thanks - I'd say this is the greatest achievement, in your opinion. What I meant is something that comes up as a News Item - such as a stadium being built and named after you. Doesn't sound like being knighted is part of the game - but possibly a consideration for SI in the future?
  9. I know you can't technically complete Football Manager (despite Jay from The Inbetweeners claims) - however, what is the biggest honour that can be bestowed upon you? I had a stadium built and named after me on Football Manager 2009 - but not had it since. Is that the pinnacle? Or is there more? Can you get knighted?
  10. Has anybody had this before? I've never seen it, but it might have happened and I just didn't notice - but my Annual Youth Intake has been described as the 'Golden Generation'. Is this common? Or should I prepare myself for a 'Class of 92' scenario. Having looked at the players, they don't look that good, but being 4 leagues below League 2, I guess they don't have to be that good!
  11. This is amazing. As a player of Football/Championship Manager for over 20 years, I have never even looked at these databases with the lower leagues in - I've always done a save with Man City (even before we were rich), and sometimes my local club, Stockport County. But now, thanks to this, I've started a save with a club that is less than 1km from my house, and which I go past every day on my way to/from work - Wythenshawe Town! Starting with a squad with zero players in, and signing everybody on a pay-as-you-play basis is a refreshing change from the usual 'Name your price' approach I have at Man City, when I want to sign a player. Great work! And, "Thank you" to the creator of this!
  12. Unfortunately, I am not the winner in this instance - but, an exciting (but gut wrenching) end to the season. I was 9 points behind Dortmund, in February. However, as you can see from my Fixtures list, I went on an impressive run and managed to close the gap to 2 points, with one game to go - but Dortmund had a better goal difference & head-to-head. Dortmund were away to Nurnberg, who were 12th - and was at home to Mainz. I needed a huge win, and Dortmund to draw - or, better still, lose. Dortmund went 1-0 up after 2 minutes and I thought that was it - they would hammer Nurnberg. But, they equalised after 20 minutes, and score stayed at 1-1 whilst I was busy sticking goals past Mainz for fun. Then, in the 89th Minute, Nurnberg went 2-1 up! I was absolutely buzzing, especially as I'd done mine bit and was at the time 5-0 up (eventually ended 6-0)! Then - well, you can imagine what happens next... just look what minute Dortmund scored in!!
  13. Not sure if this is just a coincidence, but I loaded the Dark Skin and my team stopped scoring. I'm managing Bayern Munich in 2032 - and went 7 games in a row without scoring, against very poor teams. 30+ shots in most those games too. I got rid of the skin and reloaded the normal Football Manager Skin, and everything went back to normal. Is this just a coincidence? Or can changing the skin affect the results?
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