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  1. haha!!! that is mental Where's the money Bill!!!!
  2. i'd like to know if Everton have finally moved out of Goodison......!
  3. Having a blast with Leeds, managed to squeeze out some deals, will update tonight with full details. Alioski went for 6.5m to boro i think (of which i only saw 3.5m back in the transfer pot). Nearly got Marin but heee got injured before i could complete, so will have to wait till january to try again. Gronli was bought (the new kuki!) Abd got boubakar from marseille on loan at centre back and mousa diaby (winger) from psg Top after 6 games (5 wins, 1 draw), banging the goals in left right and centre. Last 2 friendly games netted 19 goals, and averaging 3-4 per game in the league
  4. pretty much the same for me - got him for £250k btw
  5. Couple of things on Jordan Pickford......... 1) Match engine his hair is dark brown it seems 2) Just got this training suggestion - to avoid his weaker foot....then says his "left is weak".......Jordan is left footed?
  6. Cheers mate, didn't realise it had increased (was only £80m originally i think). Still, obviously you start -£40m in debt and another loan gets taken out. Difficult situation for a researcher to put that into the game easily i guess
  7. I thought Moshiri paid off all debts and i thought we had a £80m "loan" with no interest with him. We now appear to have 2 of these debts in-game for some reason, and massively in the red (both chairman loans repayable upon departure) This is from the 2017 Everton financial statements : 2017 League Position 7th Average League Attendance 39,310 Revenue £171.3 Wages/Turnover Ratio 61% Operating Profit / (Loss) Before Player Trading £25.0m Profit / (Loss) After Tax £30.6m Net Assets / (Liabilities) £91.7m Net Debt nil
  8. just about to start an Ajax save myself - visited Amsterdam earlier this year for the first time (from the UK) and absolutely loved it, wonderful place
  9. Because he was a very good wingback/left back who took a good freekick sometimes? He wasn't slow (hence 13/14 pace). Can cross. FM17 stats show he's on the decline
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