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  1. Yep, bought out within first season in my game (using latest database/patch)
  2. Apologies if this has already been raised but..... Just recently started a new game as Ajax, and I've only just noticed, on the "sponsors and other" income, they only have a 1 year TV deal at £8.75m. No shirt deal, no other sponsorship. Is that correct?
  3. "Tactics - Went for a tiki-taka formation that worked well for me in previous game but just moved Klich into a more central midfield role" Playing the general tika-taka presets?
  4. Good question Basically, if it isn't ticked, does it just drop off and not get replaced by a new deal?
  5. Morning all, A question - in the editor, if you look at a teams finances, in "other income" they list all the relevant things like kit sponsors, total commercial income etc. There is a tick box next to them called "renew income" - if it isn't ticked, does that income just drop off (and potentially not get replaced) And if you tick renew, does it just renew at the same value. I noticed teams like Man Utd/Liverpool/Arsenal, pretty much all had it ticked, but at Everton, only a couple are ticked
  6. If they put a bid in for a player, as soon as you see the message, just go to the contract drop down (should be an option withdraw contract or change contract). Allows you to cancel transfers arranged by someone else
  7. Ross Barkley showed 'lack of professionalism' for nightclub visit, says Frank Lampard https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11871044/ross-barkley-showed-lack-of-professionalism-for-nightclub-visit-says-frank-lampard
  8. Some details from Talksports website - story is August 2019..... "Pogba has now missed four penalties in the Premier League since the start of last season; this is more than any other player in the competition, according to Opta"
  9. Got this guy from Monaco end of first season for £7m
  10. Maybe i'm going blind, but don't have the U18/U23 squad options on the left bar. Basically have to go into squad and filter by the groups...….
  11. What you been smoking! We haven't been overrated for years lol!!! Kean's stats would have been from the Juve researcher, where he played very well for them last year.
  12. haha!!! that is mental Where's the money Bill!!!!
  13. i'd like to know if Everton have finally moved out of Goodison......!
  14. Having a blast with Leeds, managed to squeeze out some deals, will update tonight with full details. Alioski went for 6.5m to boro i think (of which i only saw 3.5m back in the transfer pot). Nearly got Marin but heee got injured before i could complete, so will have to wait till january to try again. Gronli was bought (the new kuki!) Abd got boubakar from marseille on loan at centre back and mousa diaby (winger) from psg Top after 6 games (5 wins, 1 draw), banging the goals in left right and centre. Last 2 friendly games netted 19 goals, and averaging 3-4 per game in the league
  15. pretty much the same for me - got him for £250k btw
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