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  1. Adama Traore can be a massive RWB; as well as Doherty and Max Aarons
  2. Yes when I bought it 6 years ago. I just played fm 14 on a different pc a few months ago and it was working fine then
  3. Steam support says they don’t offer the support for this game.
  4. I recently installed FM 14 on a new laptop and I went to play it on steam. For some reason I can't access any of my downloaded things including the in game editor. It says I need to enable the steam community... which I did but it didn't help. What should I do??
  5. What roles do you play them in? For instance an Advanced Forward may be more important than a target man
  6. Just started my save. Tops of the league through 4 games.... that’s an unfair assessment of how we are playing though. Been very fortunate on set pieces and penalties. things I’m wrestling with and would love your help; -How do you get Alli, Gio, Ndombele all on the pitch and in what roles/positions?? Gio and Tanguy are firing but can’t go Alli going. -Do you play Sess as your backup LB or do you have him back up Sonny on the left? -What role do you play Kane in? Also when you rotate Parrot in do you play him the same way?
  7. Yeah I’ve done it the way I referenced in the past though. Genuinely curious why it won’t work now
  8. Hey there, I just got a new PC and I downloaded FM20 off of steam. In the past when I have used the create a club mode it defaulted to whatever database I last used.... I assumed that would be the case this time so I started a career save with the DB I would want on my Create a Club. When I fire up the Create a Club though it will only choose the default database and none of the edits (Steam FC for example) I have never run into this problem before. What should I do?
  9. It could be the difference in PA between saves.
  10. I signed him on loan with an option to buy for 9.75m. Hoping that if I got promoted I could afford him. I did and bought him
  11. Pietro Pellegri has been immense for me with room to grow in PL
  12. I can't wait to play with this team after the update.... How big of a bump do you think Taganga will get?? He has made two TOTW's in his few starts
  13. How did your sell most of your players??? When I offer them out with unspecified prices (usual strategy) I can only get bids on Jan, Toby and Eriksen.
  14. Has anyone noticed any differences in the full update in terms of players you can or can't now sell? Also players you can't now buy easily (looking at you James Maddison)
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