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  1. I think it's been a pretty good World Cup overall. I don't know if it's just my memory but there seem to be a lot less flair players around nowadays, compared to past years. And I think that has an impact on the competition. But in general the games were great and I really enjoyed it. I'd put it second after 1990. I know that wasn't the most spectacular overall, but it was very exciting being English, and having such a strong North East connection to the team.
  2. mrw072

    Best players of the World Cup

    For me, the best player of the tournament has been Denis Cheryshev of Russia. I've been really impressed with what i've seen from him. Scored some great goals too.
  3. I'd love to see England win the World Cup, and before the tournament started I put bets on France and Croatia, so I guess wouldn't be too disappointed if either of them won. But with the players they have I just can't see Belgium not doing it. I think they just have too much quality in attacking areas.
  4. mrw072

    Overated players

    I do understand what you mean about Ronaldinho and Romario, but whenever I saw them play they always seemed to have a 'swagger' about them, a bit of arrogance really, because they believed in their abilities. I didn't see that from this Brazil team if i'm honest. I think Neymar has potential, but I also wouldn't be surprised if he just becomes a 'nearly man'. I'm sure his injury before the WC didn't help, and he does have undoubted skill. But all i'll remember him for in this WC is for how he reacted to being tackled etc. I'd like to see Brazil do well in the future, and i'm sure they will. But I do disagree that they had a team capable of winning the WC. For me, there were 4 or 5 teams ahead of them. But i'm sure they'll be ok.
  5. mrw072

    Overated players

    I think a lot of it's down to the fact he plays for Brazil, so the expectation is greater. Personally I don't think that this Brazil team was particularly good. I think they're full of good, but not world class players. Neymar is probably the pick of the bunch, maybe with the exception of Willian. But his reputation is suffering a bit because people still remember the Brazil forwards of (relatively) recent years, Ronaldo, Romario, Ronaldinho etc. I don't think he's quite at their level yet. So for me is overrated as he's being, talked about along with Ronaldo, Messi etc. But that's not to say he can't get to their level one day.
  6. mrw072

    Round of 16: Brazil vs Mexico

    I could see this one heading to extra time. I don't think Brazil have a great team in this tournament really. I think they might struggle to break Mexico down if they sit back. I'd still take Brazil to get through, but don't think it'll be a major shock if Mexico sneak it. Probably 1 0 Brazil in extra time
  7. mrw072

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    For me - the Russian girl in the the 2nd post is the best looking girl by a mile
  8. mrw072

    The most famous person from your school

    According to wikipedia the most famous person from my old school is Mark Gatiss. Football wise it'd be Ross Turnbull I think
  9. mrw072

    Guide for staying up

    I'm managing Sochaux in France at the moment - i've managed to get them promoted into Ligue 1 and i'm about half way through the season. I had a great start - then a terrible run of results. But unless anything disastrous happens I should be ok. One thing I made a point of doing after promotion was to keep the squad as it is and only bring 1 or 2 players in. The reason I decided to do that was because we've got a good team spririt and work well as a team. My team is technically the worst is the Division, but it doesn't seem to matter at the moment. I'll look to make changes to players next season, when i've got a good idea of where I need to improve. So i'd suggest not making any big changes, and having faith with the players that took you up. If you have any money to spend on players, maybe look at the January transfer window when you'll have an idea of which players are suited to the higher division, and which ones aren't.
  10. I tend to lose interest a bit when the re-gens start to appear more and more, so don't tend to play more than 7 seasons or so. But to try and keep things fresh a bit - I like to look around for other jobs when they appear. So that could keep me playing for a season or two longer. But after that I prefer to start a new game with a different team in a different country if i'm honest.
  11. mrw072

    Paris - Things to do

    It depends what you like to do really. But if you like museums i'd thoroughly recommend visiting 'Les Invalides'. It's a massive museum in the centre of Paris, where Napoleons tomb is. It's a military museum really, so if you're interested in that sort of thing, i'd certainly recommend it. You could spend 4 or 5 hours there - its that big. But there's so much in Paris really, you can't get bored.
  12. mrw072

    £2 to £1000 Betting Challenge

    Cheers Oakesy - I wasn't really expecting to get a win last night. Usually when I spend a lot of time analysing the matches, that's when it goes wrong for me
  13. mrw072

    £2 to £1000 Betting Challenge

    No doubt this will be where I drop out. But my round 4 bet is: Southend Utd to beat AFC Wimbledon Stake: £45:01 Odds 1/1 (Bet Victor) Returns: £90:02
  14. mrw072

    £2 to £1000 Betting Challenge

    Round 3 Bet Strasbourg vs Nantes (Nantes to win) Stake: £14:52 Odds: 21/10 Returns £45:01
  15. mrw072

    £2 to £1000 Betting Challenge

    I'll put my round 3 bet on very soon, but here's the screenshot showing my round 2 bet that came up. Hope the screen shot works - first time i've tried it