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  1. I'm playing as Sochaux in Ligue 2 and have a number of very promising 16 year olds. So I promoted them to the first team squad and made them available to the under 19s. I play them in some first team games and they're doing well. Their attributes are shooting up.
  2. I agree with you there. I think keeping things as simple as possible is often the way to go. I also think that too much is made of the attributes of a player sometimes. One thing I do is watch what my players do on the pitch and how they play and base my decisions of where they should play around that. For example, i'm playing as Sochaux and have an 'advanced forward'. He looks great all the way up to the box when he usually fluffs his shots. Because he's so fast I decided to try him out on the wing as an inside forward. I thought his pace would cause problems if he ran at the defenders. So I put him on an attack duty. He's got 15 goals so far. So I think just watching the games and spending less time on the data available can help in bad spells of form.
  3. I tend to prefer a cautious mentality I think. Although it's dependent on the team i'm managing. But I find that it doesn't seem to stop my team from being adventurous. I guess I tend to associate it with a counter attacking mentality, which I like.
  4. My goalkeeper once scored. He just sent a long ball down the pitch, the other goalkeeper dived, the ball bounced over him and into the net.
  5. I've noticed similar - I haven't counted, but i'd say half the penalties I've had so far (10 Maximum), have been missed
  6. It's got to be a bug really. If the ball went into the back of the net without another player touching it, it should be a goal kick - unless the rules have suddenly changed
  7. It might not be as hard as you think to get one of those jobs. I started off at Grasshoppers and got them promoted back to the Swiss top flight in my first season. I set my background to tie in with the level they started at. So i'm an ex pro I think. But I found the Swiss league a bit boring as there are 10 teams in the Divisions and you play teams 4 times. So I decided to resign (with the promotion under my belt). After that I thought i'd just spend a bit of time applying for jobs. Most of the teams that were interested in me were lower league English teams. So I just ignored those to try and get a better job. Then totally out of the blue the Lokomotiv Moscow job came up. So I applied, even though I didn't have the experience they were looking for, and I landed it. Not sure how I got that as the players don't respect me too much due to my low reputation. But I've managed to gel them into a good team and we're winning most weeks. So I think you could be closer than you realise. I get the impression that some teams are just more likely to take a chance on you. Lokomotiv being one. Winning the Champions League could be the tricky bit
  8. I'm not sure what their finances are like in the game. But i'd think Sunderland would be worth a look if you're starting in League 1. I'd imagine there would be a lot of pressure there though.
  9. I usually go for the darker skin. But I really dislike the purple in this year's version. I think it's awful to be honest. So i'm sticking with the lighter skin till next years game comes out.
  10. I never do to be honest - I never start in England either. But I do have the league as playable in case i'm tempted to jump ship. And also to see how the English leagues are progressing. The thing that puts me off the PL is the amount of money in it so i've never been tempted to play as Newcastle. Although I could be if they fell on hard times and dropped into the Chamionship. I go along to see Darlington play too as they're my local team - but they're far too low for me. So stick to managing teams in France, or Holland as I like those leagues.
  11. I think that Adam Mitchell who played one game for Sunderland in the PL is at former World Cup winners West Auckland now.
  12. I decided to start a game off in Serie B as Venezia. I thought they would be a good team to manage, with the potential to become established in Serie A after a few seasons if we achieved promotion. I had a great start to the season and won my first few games but after that just couldn't find a win from anywhere. Plenty of draws though. Towards the end of my first season I was given an ultimatum by the board that I needed 9 points from 5 games or i'd be sacked. Anyway the inevitable happened and I got 8 points from 5 games, so was looking for a new job. I thought i'd try and get another job in Italy so continued my game and applied for every Italian managers job that became available. I had a few interviews, but most of the time got nowhere. Then by chance Verona who were two thirds of the way down Serie B ended up hiring me. I thought that was a step up really, because they appeared to be greatly under achieving. So felt quite lucky to get the job. The only reason I thought that might have been because was that I was very complimentary about them when I managed Venezia, during a press conference. Although that may just be a coincidence. Anyway, finacially they're struggling, but they appear to have some really good players for Serie B, and i've managed to gel them into a team that's top of the table with about 10 games to go. So fingers crossed I could be taking them into Serie A. My only worry is that most of my players are wanted by other teams and I don't have the finances to sort out any new contracts at the moment. My aim now is to take Verona up into Serie A and hopefully stay up, so I can build the team up a bit. Or pray for a tycoon taking over.
  13. I think it's been a pretty good World Cup overall. I don't know if it's just my memory but there seem to be a lot less flair players around nowadays, compared to past years. And I think that has an impact on the competition. But in general the games were great and I really enjoyed it. I'd put it second after 1990. I know that wasn't the most spectacular overall, but it was very exciting being English, and having such a strong North East connection to the team.
  14. For me, the best player of the tournament has been Denis Cheryshev of Russia. I've been really impressed with what i've seen from him. Scored some great goals too.
  15. I'd love to see England win the World Cup, and before the tournament started I put bets on France and Croatia, so I guess wouldn't be too disappointed if either of them won. But with the players they have I just can't see Belgium not doing it. I think they just have too much quality in attacking areas.
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