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  1. The Conservatives tend to have the newspapers behind them too, and I think that sways a lot of people. I haven't bought newspapers for a long while but when I was growing up I always read 'right wing' ones, not because of anything political but because they were the most popular and entertaining. The Labour Party were always portrayed as being un-patriotic and militant in those. After a while that sticks, and it's difficult to get out of that mindset sometimes.
  2. What are the roles being affected? I remember years ago I worked in an organisation in the Public sector where I had to work with a few private contractors. I asked one of them what he thought about the organisation, and he told me if it'd had been operating like that in the Private sector it would have collapsed. Ultimately what happened was that they ended up training people up in their jobs to take over from them, but the people taking over weren't particularly specialised for the roles they went into. Became largely inefficient in the end. It was a long time ago now though, and it's j
  3. Thanks for your reply - very much appreciate the info as it probably explains a lot. Just wish the District Nurse or someone from the Surgery could get in touch, even if it's just to say they're going to be delayed from seeing my Mum for a while.
  4. Good luck with that. I'm still trying to get my Mum's vaccination sorted. She's coming up 75 and classed as housebound as she has Alzheimers. I've been in touch with the Surgery trying to arrange things for a few weeks now, but all I get back is that they'll pass the message onto the District Nurse who'll get in touch. Nothing happens though. Going to put a complaint in if nothing gets done next week.
  5. I think the pandemic has probably affected people in very different ways to be honest. Speaking personally from a work point of view it's probably been beneficial to me as I work for an organisation who promoted wfh before it started, and i've been able to save money up during it as i'm not going out. On the flip side i've some very big responsibilities and i've found that they have increased dramatically because of the lockdown as services were cancelled etc. I think now, i'll find it more difficult to do things when everything is lifted as i'll still have the responsibilities and it'l
  6. For football stories/speculation I like the Sporting Life website - that's pretty good. I find myself reading the Daily Mail website quite a bit nowadays too - not sure why as i've never actually bought the newspaper itself. But I think the layout is really good. Soccerassociation is good if you want to keep tabs on the football leagues in Europe/World. I don't tend to use social media really so avoid that in general, but look at Twitter accounts for sports stories/results etc'. YouTube and Amazon are probably the websites I use the most.
  7. I don't know if you know, the actor who played Bulldog is too - completely different to his on screen persona.
  8. How do the vaccination centres work in the Netherlands? The reason i'm asking is because one of my neighbours here was saying that she arranged her vaccination, and was given the choice of a few centres to go to. The nearest place was 15 miles away, which is ok, but the others were a bit daft. One centre was 70 miles away on the other side of the country. I'm hoping when I get my jab it'll be somewhere more local.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised. The reason i'm intrigued is because he's quite a local MP to the area where I live and it's rumoured there's 750 Treasury jobs on the way to the area which will be announced in tomorrow's budget. So i'm interested to see what happens. Things like this have always been talked about without happening. So i've got my fingers crossed tomorrow will be different.
  10. I don't usually watch the budget but i'm quite intrigued as to what he's going to say tomorrow. He's definitely making a play to be PM.
  11. What happened to Quavers? When did they go out? A pal of mine who doesn't even like crisps eats them. Of the 4 I think it's got to be sour cream Pringles to win and i'm not a big Pringles fan.
  12. I've always been of the belief it's better to have some germs kicking about than none as it ultimately gives you a bit of protection/resistance. Whether it works with Covid I don't know, but my gut feeling would be that the principle would be the same.
  13. The upcoming budget will be a key thing I think. It'll show how the government intend to reduce the debt and get the economy going again. That'll have a major bearing on the next GE I think as people won't want to see any more national debt stacked up, but will want to see creative ideas to stimulate the economy. Avoid a boom and bust scenario really.
  14. I think it's to help it heal isn't it? Make sure it clots?
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