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  1. Its based on club reputation. For a long time now FM doesn't scale club reputation progression in relation to club progression. Also remember its football MANAGER not FINANCE manager
  2. No idea what else you may have running and how many leagues and the level of processing you have with each league. If you have custom graphics simply move the contents to a different folder then restart. Have you set in preferences Skin > Use Cacheing ? In FM you can get high intensive usage of CPU. If its just now and again then dont worry but if its constant then in my experience it could be due to a faulty hard drive assuming it happens with all Apps not just FM. Have you checked usage stats when not running FM but running other applications?
  3. Thanks for that - we have now lost our 66 World Cup win
  4. I was on a poor run and after the update won the next 2 games!
  5. Thanks @hepple Dean - Can be validated if required by Glenn Bridgman Twitter and youth history at Portsmouth: Alfie Bridgman (2000065692) - I have submitted request to change: Added Glen as parent and Stan as sibling. NB Glenn is marked as Not for Extraction so wont feature in FM? Stan Bridgman (29218307) - @Dean Gripton Low Priority change if you find time, add Alfie Bridgman (2000065692) as sibling and Glenn Bridgman (29111862) as parent Glenn Bridgman (29111862) Marked not For Extraction @Dean Gripton Low Priority change if you find time, add Alfie Bridgman (2000065692)
  6. I dont think you can base this on a single game. What are the stats for multiple leagues over a full / multiple seasons, how does this compare to real life?
  7. Oh, do you have a save before it started? If so upload and confirm save name
  8. This is just one players view against the rest of the squad - what is his personality and ambition. He may just be trying to cause problems
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