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  1. Abandoned matches

    At lower leagues I do agree. I think if you can support that claim with evidence say over a few seasons then that would be great to add into a bugs report .
  2. Abandoned matches

    the other way to look at this is in real life....how many matches are getting abandoned mid game on average per season
  3. this is the issue for many clubs getting promotion. Sell some players buy some more. Stick to realistic wage budget, for all new contracts and/or include a relegation % drop for salary for the new contracts. Thats how clubs protect themselves. if you do get relegated there will always be players you can sell to balance the books plus some will want to leave and not play lower league footy
  4. How do I stop this?!?

    I recommend you schedule friendlies with top opposition / best opposition you can with a view to getting match day funds to boost club finances. Also seek a parent club
  5. easy test, fire up FM2017, set the no transfers.....advance to Jan 1st 2017 and see if you get any funds
  6. Issue - I made 3 subs in 2nd half and they never come on, just left with button cancel changes. Cancelled changes and did the same, they didn't come on..game ended. All subs in 2nd half, sorry no timings pkm: Mr Pompey_Subs that never come
  7. Sounds a bit far fetched that this has happened in your last 10 games but if its so raise a defect in the bugs forum and upload PKMs of each consequetive match where this happened
  8. In all my penalties so far I've scored everyone, as has the opposition
  9. ME1809 - I have had this as well. In my instance the opposition scored so whilst the replay was progressing I went to the Tactics tab to change tactics. When I went back to pitch the pitch was empty and everything appears frozen. Pressing Skip Replay makes no difference but the upload to you tube was working
  10. FM18 Regens

    I really don't know what the fuss is about. Its obvious to me what has happened, let me explain Sex God Pierluigi Collina (the famous ref) has been a bit of a ladies man. Travels all over the world have resulted in his off spring now coming of football age. Alas Collina was not known for his good looks or his hair so the regens reflect this FM has been coded to reflect this aspect When you look at their estranged father a little closer its easy to see a likeness:
  11. Player ratings

    I would think a balance issue but not 100% sure Using the instructions above it will take you to this screen below Simulated - It means it doesn't use the full ME to process the match and results etc. If it says mixed then it is only full detail for your league not the other leagues in your nation you are playing. If none then they are all simulated for that nation. Same also applies to international matches and so on. So for full match details for all clubs in a nation set to all but it may impact your processing speed subject to your PC capability and how fast / slow you are comfortable with and how many active leagues you have running in the nation you are in. Personally if I was playing in the English league I would with say 4-5 leagues I would play those on full detail and for the other nations leagues I would play simulated. However you could test this playing full detail for all leagues for a month or 2 to see how it is for you. Performance speed is an individual thing as too slow for one person may be just right for another. I wonder also if the end of "year" would be a bit slower e.g. 30/6 but processing one busy day is easy as you can just clear off for a bit if tales too long. It may also depend what else you are doing on the laptop. Just give it a go and see what you think works best for you
  12. Player ratings

    FM Touch - I don't know anything about this side of things I'm afraid
  13. Player ratings

    @Weller1980 - Haha no I actually raised this in FM2017 but we are there now with the good news from SI its fixed Demo - It will have the latest ME Version (ME1809 I think) so in Demo and Full versions currently: ME Running Full Detail - Is resolved - YAY ME Running simulated detail - will favour defenders currently incorrectly with ratings as we have both seen but is under investigation by SI pending a future fix. I'm sure this post will be updated if/when resolved - Nearly YAY! I hope you like the Pompey data. Getting a seat in Fratton is not an easy thing unless yiu hold a season ticket
  14. Player ratings

    @Weller1980 I started CM when first out on the Amiga, that makes me old! The issue with the ME ratings appearing to favour back four defenders in the league average player ratings now appears resolved (will be in the FM go-live version today). This particular issue was raised some time ago by myself but SI have obviously been very busy but its fixed now :D. Let us now your views. However there is a key element here. When you first start your career, after you are prompted for your first save you need to check you are running the FULL match engine simulation for the league your are in or the leagues you want to see this issue resolved. When you start your career and save game select: FM from top of screen > Detail Level you need to run the FULL ME for all matches in your league, and any other leagues yo want this. Soak tests recently with full ME show a mix of average ratings to players from different positions. We have even seen a GK in the top 10. My soak test findings over 3 soaks so averages below: Premiership - Average defenders in top 20 = 5/20 Championship - Average defenders in top 20 = 3/20 League 1 Average defenders in top 20 = 2/20 League 2 - Average defenders in top 20 = 4/20 HOWEVER There is an issue with simulated ME matches that will reflect the findings that you and I have already discovered and reported with back 4 players appearing to dominate the average ratings. This issue has been confirmed and acknowledged by SI and is being investigated. I would hope this will be resolved in the near future but to avoid for now simply ensure your league, and perhaps those in the nation or nations you want see more accurate player ratings have the ME running in FULL mode NB The default is to run simulated ME in other leagues than your own As an aside, being able to participate in the Open Beta allows people to identify issues, thats its purpose. Different people play the game differently and expect different things. Hopefully you will get back to FM2018 shortly @rumian83 fyi