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  1. Oh, in that case forgive me . I wonder at what point do the sugar daddies say enough is enough then the unsustainable clubs clatter down the leagues. Still so far that money has yet win the ultimate club trophy Starting budget - Yes, it normally is whats left after the summer purchases/sales in the view of the researcher but I think you can set a flag to disable it also
  2. Work rate - This could be your flair player who could have a low workrate but comes alive a few times during the game to create the defence splitting passes or some magic where he dribbles past 5 players and scores a screamer then goes back to sleep. Or a player given freedom of the pitch to make things happen who never tracks back to defend...the team could carry a player like this Players reactions, in particular like the one you mention, will be subject to FM AI. I've been playing FM since the start as CM and to be honest I've not seen this particular reason. Additionally in real life I have never heard of player openly saying he is fed up with lazy teammates and becoming unhappy.. He would become very unpopular with players, managers, fans etc if he expressed this in the real world! I have heard of players wanting to leave as their ambition exceeds that of the team or the teams ability e.g. players wanting to join a more successful club or a club with better prospects or a club in a higher league etc. THIS IS included in the game. A managers promise may be to sell him at the end of the season or promise to buy better players etc You can raise your issue as a feature enhancement but have a think if its already covered in what i detail above?
  3. I agree. In this very rare instances it would be an exceedingly high expectation for FM to be able to replicate this in a likewise one in a million (?) chance This is why the FM researchers have the opportunity to amend data to reflect real life. I In this instance as I mentioned I personally think we need exampled facts to demonstrate the issue to gain clarity
  4. Lack of teamwork does not necessarily mean lack of effort or laziness, it means he is likely more selfish. This could be a valuable trait in a striker. A player with a high work rate can still be effective even with a low team work attribute I would personally recommend that you read up on the player attributes to help you understand these better, try this: https://www.guidetofm.com/players/attributes Also please understand that a rating of 10 is not bad, its actually average Hunter makes a valuable point. Why not take a save and then experiment with players being mentored by different players with different attributes then save each and examine the results. This is the feedback that will strengthen your point with evidence that SI will also have to investigate. The foundation to any any argument, proving of a point, identification of an issue etc requires tangible evidence to support it. People will then listen if the point is well made and exampled In terms of your feature request players can already ask to leave a club if they dont get on with a player, manager etc. They may refuse to be mentored by a specific senior player. Players with high ambition may also choose to move on. I think there are many factors which can influence players decisions, attribute growth etc
  5. There is no snark from my side as you well know so please dont try to incite a situation when you know there isn't one there. The reference to post 2 was because it contains valuable information and request that the OP chooses to ignore. Asking the same question multiple times is unlikely to be the way to go In my opinion
  6. If you want it deleted then just make a post to that effect or message one of the mods with a link to the thread
  7. Do you not think there is any correlation between mental attributes and player attribute improvement? Do you not think think being at a more successful club and learning with, learning from, being mentored by, being coached by people with higher mental attributes would have a more positive effort on mental attributes and playing attributes? I'd say at the lower leagues you have a greater chance of moving players around as they are on shorter contracts of lower wages and more senior players will get released. Additionally I think you under estimate the professionalism of league 2 clubs assuming you mean EFL The problem with the OP is that he is unwilling to have a debate or to look for any alternative reasons or explanations. Instead follows the I am right so everyone else is wrong approach. It appears he is asking the same questions again that SI themselves have directly answered for him. If he isn't prepared to help himself by uploading saves to prove his point then there will be no surprise that no one will be interested in trying to help. Indeed insulting those that try will only result in one outcome even if there may be a discussion worth having here
  8. I'm sure you did but that will likely be historical kits and face packs etc. If we are talking about the same website then try a download of something new Anyway in either case better value for many options are available
  9. Which interestingly are available from a well known website who charge an annual subscription fee to enable downloads. No idea what SI's view is of commercialism within the forum but lets look at the facts: 1. 50p for your own team is peanuts 2. The cost for a full league or indeed all the leagues in a nation will be expensively prohibitive which is why this is unlikely to take off
  10. I will absolutely ignore this until I see a Portsmouth kit
  11. How many youth players with exceptional talent and promise stay at a club where their potential far exceeds that of their fellow youth and senior players? They move to a better club with better players with better skills and with better attitudes better training facilities and better mentoring so they have a better chance of improving and fulfilling their potential
  12. if an FM manager tells a player with 1 for long shots to take long shots as often as he can or one with 20 for long shots not take any then perhaps he wont get the best out of player. I expect you could apply that to many players with certain attributes in that you may not get the best out of them if you dont use them in the best way In your example it might depend on the position is in, the role he is playing, the overall formation and the teams tactics and style etc etc. How many times do we see a player excelling in one team then going to another and becoming a flop......and vice versa Funnily enough there is also player attribute called decision making. When you watch live football you will see many players who are challenged in this department
  13. LOL!! Whats that got to do with the point I'm making? Guardiola has just completed his third season with a reputation of being one of the most successful managers. As a new FM manager I doubt your credentials would match his The OP's question was would the transfer budget NOT made available for the start of season 1 be available for the Jan window. The answer is no, any budget made available would not be a carry through of money that has already been spent.
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