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  1. I have put forward in the past the suggestion of SI having a ME working party with the Devs and key FM users / ME experts (SI will know who these are). This could be a good way to go I like you have bought every version since the Amiga release and for the last few years I dont seem to enjoy the ME like I used to but I do enjoy the way the other elements are evolving (even if I dont use the training module)
  2. I wouldnt get your hopes up. Based on previous experience its unlikely. Work will be planned for FM21
  3. Not convinced a steam post will get better traction than here. SI do the development work so writing in an SI Forum will get better results than a steam forum surely. For a number of reasons SI Devs tend not to post here but it doesnt mean they don't read posts. If the post is well articulated with supporting information then it will help resolve the issue. Its all very well people complaining about what it does, but to get change people need to detail what it should do and why and relate this to football in real life. Most comments here will be too late for FM20 but getting posts detailed now about the ME failings will perhaps aid FM21 (well I hope that every year)
  4. 1. Chances and Goals. What do you base that statement on, what are your FM findings and what is current IRL? See my post earlier 2, As above. I've not really looked at this but how do your findings compare to real life? I dont know for sure but at this stage aside from a major issue then I doubt there would be any ME changes now until FM21. If you fin any log them in the Bugs section as they can get looked out for FM21
  5. What is clear is that with set pieces being responsible for year on year increase in goals scored then there is a requirement for this to be a bigger feature of FM going forward. I would hope something that allows for greater innovation from human and AI
  6. @Tyburn Try adjusting your corners where its aimed and who will be in position and see if these changes over the next 10 or so matches
  7. Not sure if this has always been in the ME for FM2020 but I do seem to see a return of the ...Aim corner toward back post / put biggest DC with good jumping/heading to increase chance of headed goals. I'm not actually sure how this relates in FM to total goals scored from corners, if the goals scored from my routine above is more successful than mixed corners or if i am simply blessed with a giant centre back who can score with his head. It would need a lot of time that I don't have. What is certain is that in FM he is scoring a lot more goals than in real life However to get a balance for my own sanity I did a quick search to identify that 23.4% of the premier leagues goals scored season 17/18 were from set pieces Season 2018/19 146 goals were scored from corners in the premiership, the highest over the last 8 years (almost 14% of total goals scored) despite an overall reduction in corners awarded It would seem that Southgate specifically targetted this as an area of opportunity for England in the World Cup. I think Hoddle coined the phrase of the players lining up for the corner in a "Love Train" So apart from all people reading my post and changing their corner routines what has been people's experience so far with corners and goals? How does real life compare to FM?
  8. As Gripper says yes I have made updates and these are now in the FM & data update issued this week. Take a look
  9. @Gripper Im trying to help here Dean and so is the other guy. Lets work on that basis going forward this is what we try to do. If the EFL has the final word then is 6912 as I have said https://www.efl.com/clubs-and-competitions/sky-bet-league-one/clubs/burton-albion/
  10. Have you added a facepack or is this standard FM. In either case it will be images associated with an incorrect staff id
  11. 1. You will need to give more evidence for paces and acceleration e.g. is he faster than slower than x who has Y. At 18/19 you suggest he is one of the fastest people in the world who plays football, is this correct? 2. You need to be a lot clearer than this regarding his position. Each position has a 1-20 option. I believe he can play in midfield and up front but in what positions. There are 4 positions up front and 4 in midfield
  12. haha Looking at your forum name I guess the same could apply to a brown trout
  13. In the UK we have plenty of people with the surname of a fish name including the name Fish itself. Some examples: Sturgeon, Salmon, Trout, Pike, Bream, Bass, Pollock, Spratt, Ray, Whale, Haddock, Perch etc You can't blame SI You can blame parents for first names, history for surnames What is noticeable in the screen shot is that the lad is only 17 and yet is bald. Haircut or heritage?
  14. if you train a player for a specific role then ideally you'll need to play him regularly in that role if you want to see improvement in the attributes for that role. You will need to consider the player's age, the key age for development, the peak age for the position and to what degree he may already be playing at toward his maximum potential
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