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  1. @Welshace - Not thats fine. I just think there are some key elements that need ME updating. I'm sure they are complicated else they will be been addressed during one of the FM18 updates. I didn't see see any Si response to some of these issues so I am hoping to make sure they aren't forgotten. Animations - I'd love to see one of the bone crunching but fair tackle with the defender standing over the attacker / winger Stuart Pearce style
  2. I'm not sure to what degree animations and ME relate but the ME clearly has some improvement opportunities as they are driving some of the animations we see on the pitch - for example it could be forgivable to see the slight awkwardness of an attacking player being closed by a single defensive player but seeing 3 defenders do this benny hill style leaving other attackers uncovered, even if the animations look perfect, in my view is not Its all down to people's subjective views and of course I am thankful for the forums to be able to express my views and that SI are reading and responding. Its one of the things that makes FM and SI great
  3. ahhh yes thanks. Yes Alex Reeves i remember now. Can't recall if this was out first on the Amiga or Championship manager. I recall i could almost guarantee scoring a goal from a header or hitting the bar for every corner i had by charging in from outside the penalty as the kick was taken. Fun days. That makes you old like me haha
  4. There is a slider that allows you to increase / decrease transfer budget which will in turn increase / decrease salary budget. In your case you may be able to increase your salary budget by decreasing the transfer budget
  5. There was one game, I think the player's name was Alex McLeish. You controlled him on pitch as a relatively old player who after a few seasons went into retirement where he then managed the club. May have been a game on the Amiga, but can't recall its name
  6. Well I'll be honest and say that I'd rather see dev effort in getting the existing match engine correct than upgrading aesthetics in the short term The FM18 ME has some key defects around defender positioning, covering / chasing down player with ball etc which I hope get a higher priority for resolution
  7. this is a link to the suggestions I made in the Suggestion thread on the subject of in game sounds:
  8. LOL - I have offered advice in this forum for the person asking, you choose to make a pointless dig at SI which doesn't nothing to help the person asking for help. Other people are trying to help be one of those type of people Do you have the problem, have you tried any of the options offered?
  9. that's great advice for those with the problem . Regardless of who caused the problem, lets try and resolve it for those that currently have it
  10. @dmndmn - No need to apologise for English. I think you should try the latest video driver first and see if that works first. I think the issues was for high end nVidia graphic cards but you should keep drivers updated If this doesn't work try disabling Gsync for this game and playing it in windowed mode.
  11. MrPompey

    Match will not start after exiting.

    have you selected pitch and clicked the play icon?
  12. MrPompey

    Goalkeeper - not much point in playing one

    You will need to upload PKM's to evidence these occurrences detailing the time of each instance. I find the diving graphics quite funny and also note that shots hit at the keeper seem to make him slide backwards a bit. Bugs already raised by me for these
  13. MrPompey

    idiot positioning in throw in situation

    mm, do you have any swap position set between say him and a centre back?
  14. I had this issue also, it seemed to get jerky at away stadiums (cacheing maybe?) There was a fix confirmed I think by SI, I can't find it, which i applied (a config change i think). I believe nvidia mmay also have released a fix. At the risk of the obvious have you downloaded the latest driver?
  15. MrPompey

    The False Nine

    When playing a false 9 would you want, need to have an AMC shadow striker or another striker? The risk otherwise is that you are not having a central striking target up front for your team?