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  1. Sunderland were expected to get promoted from L1 last season but they didn't. They did however male the L1 Play-Off final against Charlton. The manager IRL kept his job but I suspect he had more managerial experience than what you detailed when you took them on In addition you haven't told us what league position you agreed with the board when you accepted the role, perhaps this was implied as at start of FM19 I think a few FM people do get sacked and dont mention it, or scumsave/restore Where in the league did you finish and for what season?
  2. Yes, good shout It would be interesting how SI would interpret what has happened based on the OP
  3. I would raise and it can be looked at. No harm in raising it and it getting rejected but at best it may get fixed
  4. We have some people who find the game to easy , some people find the game to hard and some find it just right When people ask for a difficulty selector when starting the game these in various guises already exist and attribute masking is one I personally dont select it to make the game easier or harder as such, I like others choose this because its more realistic. How each person enjoys the game is down to them individually
  5. Turn it into a bug a and raise one with relative save games for SI to investigate. Its possibly that your teams reputation etc has not increased in line with your progress and your chairman uses this on which to base selling players rather than your bank balance There have been plenty of chairman who sell to the annoyance of the manager Other strategies are to give your key players long contracts which should subject to age help to increase their value
  6. Having the styles is one thing, how they are used by the ME and AI and squad building is another
  7. You'll have google search but too be honest I doubt you will find one
  8. In a way this comes back to the issue of AI squad building. If a manager has a particular set of traits then you would expect him, Resources Players / finances allowing, for him to build a squad around how he likes to play The AI squad building appears light years away from this not even buying sensible e.g. 3 expensive right backs let alone buying players fitting a style of play he prefers
  9. I wonder how much data is on the DVD and what the individual saving of say installing 70% of the game from your DVD drive and 30% via download COMPARED TO Installing the game 100% via download Accepting there may be an individual cost to people downloading files over the internet Miles did mention the costs of the eco packaging increased overall costs by 30% So........is there a more eco friendly option to make it a digital download only game??
  10. I have all 4 EFL leagues and top league from around 8 key nations and custom database e.g. load key players Europe etc
  11. Agreed and also the view of a narrrow defense with 3 centrebacks. If strong in the air its likely more effective to keep them in the middle to defend crosses
  12. This is a question you need to raise with the premier league . In general young player awards seem to be a club specific activity rather than league When it is happening irl I'm pretty sure FM will get updated to reflect it.
  13. It would be interesting in real life to understand how many goals his team concedes from crosses and corners Anyway the trait is listed under "Tends Not" so its not a black or white tactic, just a tendency he perhaps coaches his team in. As I mentioned it would be interesting to understand how FM might interpret this. Additionally if it cant now its recorded for one it perhaps can
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