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  1. 100% fitness indicates that a player is at optimal fitness but i would think that anything over 90% would be considered fit enough to start a match. Is there perhaps an issue with league fixtures unrealistically close to international fixtures, perhaps you need to check this or perhaps playes in your international squad have not been playing regular for their league side, have come back from injury etc Its been years since Ive managed an international side. Should the international side have a fitness coach recruited, can training be set etc? If this is an issue is it specific to England or is it for all international sides. is it something that only affects international management for countries with active leagues rather than in countries with inactive leagues? A few things to look at as issues may have a pattern that can help diagnosis the underlying issue
  2. Hi, I would recommend you have a read through this: https://www.guidetofm.com/squad/tutoring
  3. MrPompey

    Worth Player Retraining?

    I don't know if there is a specific age but I would expect this to be more successful when a player is developing his skills as opposed to someone who has reached his potential and/or now declining. Do his existing attributes align to his new position and positional locations e.g. we see flank players able to switch flanks, move up and down the flank positions, central roles going slightly deeper or more advanced on the pitch e.g. MC going DMC or AMC but it may be expecting to much to expect your DR to be successfully retrained as an SC If you have a player retrained or able to play in multiple positions and you play him in multi positions your risk developing a utility player with attribute development across multi positions rather than a specialist player developing attributes in a single position / role In real life how many utility players become known as one of the top players in a specific single position? I think one of the coaches will be confirm if the position training is successful or just not working. As I mentioned above it would make sense to play a player in the position you are training him in else he is unlikely to develop in that role
  4. MrPompey

    Worth Player Retraining?

    When you retrain a player into a new position during this period it will help if you play him in this position also
  5. MrPompey

    FM 2019 Scout About

    I think it would make him chuckle In any case the role / fun is likely redundant when there are utilities that allow DB queries for players below age x with a PA of value y plus the normal release of wonder kids per position detailing value and salary. In theory the OP request is possible to an extent where many of the Manager responsibilities can be handed over to the AssMan. Players can be watched with director Cam for matches you want to attend
  6. why not select a lower league sleeping giant ?
  7. MrPompey

    Bringing on Subs

    I understand exactly what you are saying but player attributes will impact this including professionalism, ambition, determination morale etc I think in the modern world the modern footballer has a much larger ego than previously and expects to be pampered and for some they do have attitude issues. I might like to see some flair players who are brought on as a sub when the game is virtually won showboating / nutmeging etc
  8. MrPompey

    Third Uefa competition

    A long career game will be based in the main on the rules, competitions etc as at date of release Its in the interests of SI and SEGA to sell units for each FM iteration, it will make it a selling advantage to include the latest circumstances, rules competitions etc in the latest version I personally dont think it a major issue since from the point every FM gamer starts their game, their individual careers, players in team, teams in leagues etc starts to diverge from the real world and also with each fellow FM gamer. I'm sure stats can be gained from steam that tell SI / SEGA. how many buyers of FM are new to the franchise and how many have the previous, and/or have one or more FM instances in their game library. I expect return buyers are in the vast majority New features, competitions, rules matching that of real life at the time the version is released etc will sell units
  9. MrPompey

    FM 2019 Scout About

    the sackable events would be: 1. wash too hot and shirts shrank or colours run 2. Creases in wrong place 3. Mis-spelling of names on back of shirts 4. Wrong kit taken to away game 5. Left kit at home by mistake 6. Inclusion of wife's knickers in kit bag by mistake
  10. MrPompey

    Third Uefa competition

    LOL - Thats not a valid statement. The details of Brexit have yet to be agreed as you kmow so having the 3 potential Brexit options included proves that they have NOT included what has only beenconfirmed irl because no-one yet knows what the Brexit deal is yet
  11. MrPompey

    Third Uefa competition

    I think for the very same reasons Brexit should not have been implemented. My view is that it was included as a potential sales promotion opportunity for the feature and so from an SI perspective its hard to argue with that. I'm not sure if you'd get the same for the 3rd Uefa competition What will be interesting is if the Brexit options from FM18 will be altered based on what we know know about Brexit which it appears has a small % of not happenin at all
  12. IRL this sort of thing does happen on occasion. There was a very talented player at West Ham when Allardyce was manager (I think he came from Man Utd originally). The player was repeatedly loaned out, I believe he had a repeated attitude / application problem so that when back at the parent club and playing some games he simply no longer wanted to be part of the club and arguably disliked the club thereafter IN FM - By not developing within his parent club he may not develop an affinity for you or the club or develop one for a club he has been loaned at
  13. MrPompey

    FM19 and Game shop.

    You can still get a boxed copy - the early access / beta test likley s emailed in advance of the official release which is 2 Nov about 2 weeks before hand
  14. MrPompey

    Bringing on Subs

    Paul Pogba springs to mind Yeah, I'm looking for potential reasons so 7 years knocks my theory out of the park. It would be good to get comments from the SI module expert. These are probably now best raised as bugs for any chance of fix but I suspect there are many modules now on the list that need some rework
  15. MrPompey

    Bringing on Subs

    It may be because as manager your dynamic with the team is quite low......you likely get the same reaction at team talks. Once you are established and the squad love you I expect the players may react differently when you give them a talk before going on