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  1. what types of injuries are these e.g. short term of a few days or long term? Have you looked at the real life stats for player injuries in the EPL? You may be surprised and the number that teams have in real life
  2. so does someone have the facts to replace the speculation? I would like to see the over-ride possible as a human manager decision. Did this actually happen with Van Nistelroy & Man Utd in real life?
  3. can you not get around this by changeing the slider to reduce transfer budget and increase salary budget? Additionally is the game ensuring the club remain within the rules of FFP?
  4. Most researchers will have adjusted the first window budget in terms of available transfer budget based upon player purchase / player wages made up until the window closes The option is available so its simply up to the realism level you want to play with at the start
  5. Oh - I've not seen this so thanks for sharing. Perhaps someone from SI could confirm? Perhaps its a patch for an uncommon bug that some users experience
  6. - watches team mate shoot and miss target but still runs into box looking for rebound - chase opposition player with ball with 2-3 team mates leaving opposition attackers un-marked - when finishing stat = >15 miss 99% of one -on-ones - if striker playing AI manager score first one-on-one opportunity when finishing < 10
  7. When did you last run it? There has been a database update some weeks ago following the Jan transfer window. needs a new game for this to show in game
  8. I seem to recall Gazza (for spurs) rupturing his ACL in the opening minutes of an FA Cup final and NOT receiving the red card that everybody saw he should have received Portsmouth IRL recently over the course of the last few weeks have had: - One player smashing heads with a fellow player, losing / smashing 4 teeth with one tooth left in his team mate's head - One player pulling his hamstring when moving house - One player nearly severing his finger in a door You couldn't really make this up and to be honest if this happened first in FM you would have said its impossible Given Portsmouth's history of late (last few years excluded) nothing IRL would surprise me so to see it happen to some extent in FM kind of re-assures me that SI may have got it right
  9. I dont think you are listening to what the OP is saying it appears he questions why a player will move from his club to another that has a lower reputation and on a smaller salary. Of course contract length, signing on fees, favoured club etc all have their influences but this is not the first time the player logic in moving to different clubs often smaller and on smaller salaries has been questioned in FM
  10. How can you avoid losing is like asking for the meaning of life. Who knows what happened, maybe you were over confident and set-up expecting a big win and got caught out. teams at the bottom have points to prove and perhaps a desire to avoid relegation is stronger than one to avoid promotion. In terms of FM tactics I'd go to the tactics forum but dont expect a one size fits all approach. Football is full of upsets, its what makes football
  11. Sorry guys but I'm not really understanding the point of this post as there will have been a lot of changes Im sure If there is a change you agree with then great If there is a change you disagree with then its best discussed with the researcher in the relevant club data forum though I suspect there can be no changes now until the FM2020 data is worked on
  12. Hi, The calculated age that is displayed on Choose Profile appears not to do a dynamic check but instead use the calculated when the profile was originally created e.g. with a DOB of 16/11/1964 at todays date the age will be 54 however its displaying the age calculated when the profile was first created e.g. pre 16/11/2018 the age will be 53. This age of 53 is incorrectly showing, a dynamic check will calculate 54
  13. I also posted in the thread 7 years ago haha
  14. The SI guys may be a bit busy but hopefully will confirm over the next few days or so @Ben Kenney - Hi Ben, can you offer any clarity here please? Thanks
  15. I'm sure its a combination of future fees owed in terms of transfer payments to be made, club owed sell-on fees, player sell-on fees and clauses associated with transfers such as appearances reaching certain milestones
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