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  1. Crash Dumps

    This was the irst crash dump Ive had in the full version. It was repeatable but somehow resolved by the geForce update and no reoccurence through to season start so far
  2. Crash Dumps

    @par510W - You are awesome mate. Just run the GeeForce |Experience App I have, it seems to have pulled down a minor update. I've now just holidayed to 1/7/2019. Fingers crossed thats the last of it
  3. These are repeatable from this save: Ful_ME1809_MrPompey_WJ (v03) (v08).fm FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.09 11.10.50).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.09 11.23.52).dmp Crash happens on 30/6/2019 I am unable to even holiday past this crash so this looks like the end of my career save: The 3rd crash is when attempting to holiday. FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.09 11.32.44).dmp
  4. Thanks for the update Ben The issue is that the in game experience of affiliates, specifically senior affiliate has changed under FM2018. It feels like the old functionality has been removed and the new scouting functionality used to shoe-horn senior affiliate functonality. Its not an immersive experience, you would expect news items, and you would expect a batch of players from the senior affiliate to be made available as potential loans The news updates and available players for loan need to be at least at the level they were pre-FM2018 else the process has gone backwards Obviously nothing will change for FM2018 so expect me to be moaning for FM19 if it stays the same
  5. In the save below you will see: 5/11 23:16 News item about my feeder club Bognor 6/11 2320 News Item about my feeder club Havant and West There is nothing about my senior affiliate Man Utd. I have aged past this until end of transfer window and same applies Ful_ME1809_MrPompey_WJ (v03) (v04).fm Here is a save prior to the window starting on 29/12 Ful_ME1809_MrPompey_WJ (v03) (v06).fm Do note Pompey won L1 in my first season and now have a great chance of promotion to the Premiership in season 2
  6. Ok - Just entered the Winter transfer window, I get 2 messages in my in-box from my feeder clubs on consecutive days but no news item from my senior affiliate. As raised 2 months ago there is an issue here unfortunately with senior affiliates
  7. The affiliation is confirmed but you should receive a block offering of players during the relevant windows. All I can say is that the FM18 process does not feel like there is a senior feeder club affiliation. I'm also not 100% sure that U23 etc players available on loan are being offered.
  8. Thanks for your post. The process does not feel right, it does not feel like there is a relationship between the clubs
  9. @Ben Kenney Hi Ben - As mentioned before the Feeder Clubs are not working as they did or should. As news item should be produced during close season and on or just before start of Winter update to confirm which players from the senior feeder club are available for loan The number of players made available should be significant, based on league feeder club is on. It feels very broken. If a player pops up in the scouting centre I'm not convinced its a result of the feeder club agreement There is not a lot more I can do here to escalate this as an issue. The whole process has changed and the way you suggest it works does not appear to work and anyway it does not have the feel of how the feeder process should work or did work. Its backward step in my opinion. I'll leave this with you, if nothing is going to be changed then please confirm
  10. GK deciding early their save before the shooting

    in many cases you will also see the keep dive and fall to the ground before the ball has reached him and the ball goes in. I suspect it is graphical timing thing with the GK
  11. Waaaaay too many goals!

    so how many goals in your league have been scored across a few seasons and how does this compare to real life? Thats really the only way you can define if its too little, just right or too many
  12. Pitch Invader running across pitch

    On the SI server in the pkm folder
  13. Current & Potential ability?

    the star system is a reflection of his skill level amongst his team mates, not rather than the world in general In terms of a player having a similar PA to CA then consider a player who has reached his peak. Certain players in certain positions reach these at different ages. Also not that not all players reach their potential. Plenty of players in the real world like this
  14. it will be income less fee. Easy way to make money by looking to making biggest net gain