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  1. MrPompey

    Playing in AWAY KIT at home

    I guess a save game before and the pkm will help get it investigated
  2. Hi @Ben Kenney - Its difficult to explain because its really difficult to ascertain what is going on With regard to the top images this is not clear and is exactlywhat am describing as being very vague The bottom images makes it slightly clearer but ONLY because it shows payments and dates in the bottom half. If you bought a sofa and the sales guy mentioned installments 12 monthly then this means 1 monthly installment for a period of 12 months. The text in bold is absolutely baffling. Detailing Installments 12 monthly is in correct. Its 3 annual installments e.g. 3 payments, each paid annually eg. over a total period of 3 years I didnt see this bottom image (I refused the offer) so i suspect its only shown if the offer is accepted and agreed. Show that top image to Mrs Kenney and check what her understanding of payment would be
  3. The fee is what the buying club offered. It appears to me it should be 3 single payments totalling £925 perhaps over 12 months...its not clear surely its not 36 monthly payments as it would simply say payment at x / month over 36 months which is the easiest way to say it surely If its unclear to me and also to you then there is problem I might suggest Besides I'm pretty sure FM doesn't allow transfer payment or part thereof over 3 years?
  4. MrPompey

    CenterBack getting caught out with long ball

    From kick-off, why has Guthrie just stopped?Mr Pompey - Crazy Defending.pkm
  5. Issue - This is a common issue where the centre backs are looking susceptible to long high balls. They seem to get drawn in and under ball watching it go over their head then take an eternity to turn round and chase back. It doesn't or verty rarely will happen at this level 46:24 MrPompey_Longball Daft Centre Back.pkm
  6. The process now to apply for an international management role seems unnecessarily complicated compared to previous method In additiona when you do apply for an international job, there is news item confirming receipt of your application but also a button to click to declare your interest in the job. Of course I'm interested, I've just applied. The button is superfluous
  7. Issue - Where a player is sold or bought and the transfer fee involves installments there seems to me to be text that is hard coded reporting installments as Installments (12 monthly) yet the number of installments is less 3 Installments I'm not sure if the game is try to say that part of the fee is paid in 3 installments over a 12 month period but whatever its trying to say its doing it incorrectly. Screenshot uploaded: MrPompey_Installments Issue.jpg
  8. MrPompey

    Centre Back Closing Down Issue.

    @Jon_Carroll. SI will not give a time frame for this. I have noticed that the ball carrier can draw up to 5 defensive players toward them leaving other attacking players un marked / un covered and able to receive a pass. I also agree that it impacts enjoyment of watching the game There was a similar issue in FM18 I would recommend that you look out for future updates / confirmation of what is deemed resolved. Where you identify issues follow the SI bug reporting process and upload PKMs confirm times where you witness these events. The more evidence the easier to acknowledge the issue and also hopefully fix iy
  9. MrPompey

    Player Numbers

    is this for pre-season friendlies only or after player squad numbers have been submitted?
  10. MrPompey

    No penalty whistle from the referee?

    @Ben Allingham I have seen exactly the same and I have also logged this
  11. MrPompey

    [ENGLAND] Portsmouth Data Issues

    its easy enough to add 1st team friendlies if you need matches to get players fit
  12. MrPompey

    [ME 1914]- horrible defending

    I raised the issue in FM18 of excessive defenders being drawn to the ball carrier leaving other attackers free. It just wouldn't happen in real life. I have noted the same as the bottom clip with up to 4 to 5 players being drawn to the ball carrier. It makes it very painful too watch
  13. MrPompey

    Strikers dont score goals

    the issue is the definition of a clear cut CHANCE. We arent talking about a 1 yard tap in but merely a decent goal scoring opportunity. What FM AI has not yet mastered in my opinion is runs and late runs into boxes and some passes into space for forwards to run on to. There are too many to feet or requiring players to back track slightly. That said I have seen some passes into space for attacking players to run on to. There is always bias in football. Read a write up from different team papers on their view of a particular match. As FM manager's of teams we will have the same bias I agree with some of the earlier posts, TV will focus on certain elements, you really need to watch matches at near ground level to understand what a clear cut chance is and in truth how difficult it is However the way to highlight this is with defect reports and PKMs to evidence them with also an eye to real life conversions and statistics. A final word is how often do manager's play different tactics per game and adjust mid game. Playing the same tactic home and away may not be enough
  14. you need to log this in the bugs section with multiple pkms. This way it gets investigated
  15. surely the editor cant do this, what did you do?