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  1. a team full of leaders is likely what every manager desires
  2. do you have a match plan in force so that at certain score lines certain things are changed?
  3. This is a good point if playing a long term save. My view is that Leicester should appoint a Chairman in FM as its empty FM role within the game. real life updates as always can be made at appropriate FM update windows
  4. MrPompey

    Ledley King MISSING on FM 19?

    The DB is based on factual information. If King decides to take up a football management role in the future he will be added As mentioned above imagine all the players who have retired / will retire in FM being included in the db without an FM role, it would be pointless
  5. MrPompey

    What Is Going On With The Advertising Boards?

    Of course but the problem you have is not a major issue if you avoid clicking on them. For some people it may be what they want to do plus SI are promoting some good things here
  6. For me if you actually look at the player he is goal side with his flailing arm on the right with the player you claim he hit on left so there is no connection possible
  7. MrPompey

    Half Time Morale Dives

    Unlucky helps when on a bad run else constant berating destroys morale further
  8. MrPompey

    Half Time Morale Dives

    "I believe in you..." I am halfway through season 2 and its still working fine
  9. MrPompey

    Half Time Morale Dives

    you posted them same thing twice saying "saying the same thing does lessen the effect" - that was the ironic bit It appears one of these posts have now been deleted. It just made me laugh at the time!
  10. MrPompey

    Half Time Morale Dives

    haha that Double post of yours Hunter is ironic
  11. MrPompey

    Half Time Morale Dives

    Whatever "team" half time comment I make it can be vastly improved by speaking to each of the Defensive, Midfield and Attacking groups of players saying "I have belief in you...." It will also be linked to the amount of respect your players have for you. If you are new to the club with little history then don't expect the players to be awed by you and believe everything you say
  12. MrPompey

    Still not complain with referees after 19.2

    Thats a trait rather than an attribute. I've been playing FM since the start when it was CM. Maybe my memory has faded but I dont recall ever having / seeing a player set off for arguing with the ref. It would be interesting to understand the league stats for second yellow / straight red cards for arguing with the ref and what of any stats SI have when running soak tests. Additionally as manager you get the oportunity to fine a player for being sent off and again I dont EVER recall an option to fine a player when he has been sent off for arguing with ref and likewise I dont ever recall seeing this in the commentary An SI clarification would be good here
  13. MrPompey

    Still not complain with referees after 19.2

    a player trait to argue with the ref? Please let me know which attribute you refer to
  14. MrPompey

    Version 19.2

    Thats the version released last week. Steam will automatically download each time a new release is available