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  1. Ive just this minute started FM22 Early Beta as an unemployed manager. I always start with the first transfer window closed so the game start is life like. Callum Doyle is in the first team squad for Sunderland on Day 1 and has a preference of playing the left side of 2 DC's in a 4-2-3-1. Ive then gone on holiday until the 20th September. Callum Doyle is still in the 1st Squad and has played 2 league games. It looks like he is mainly competing with Ibsen as the left side DC Ive holiday'd until end of season (Sunderland finished 6th and funnily enough lost to Pompey in the semi finals). Doyle played 22 games plus 2 as a sub. Lee Johnson was sacked as manager 3/22
  2. Not sure if there is time to get changes in for release but can you be more specific, what is is it that you think is wrong and why e.g. attribute x could be considered changed to y supported by evidences z. He is already a talented player but at only 18 he is still in his development phase. I suspect he will continue to develop in game during his loan
  3. Hackett has only just made this statement. Ive already spoken Dean this am. Hopeful this gets included
  4. Thanks for your post Cowleys are well known to be part of Eisner's long term plans and highly thought of by the family. Of course I could be left with egg on my face by the end of the year Reeco. Thats interesting. On the official site this was the line-up posting before Saturday's game / update during the game In the live match text they avoid his surname and call him Reeco to save space where they could use Hackett. I also acknowledge that in the official line-up before the game they dropped Fairchild. We could change his common name to be Hackett e.g. his surname remains as is but common name would be the name he was known as.....might be too late now
  5. Thats because you are in charge instead of the Cowleys. I have run a number of soak tests unemployed and Pompey generally get promoted via play-offs and yo-yo between Champ and L1 over a 5 year period I have some concerns of the AI Managers' and their selection of teams
  6. Thanks for your feedback. All the data is subjective I suppose and football is always about opinions, especially if they differ Cowleys have a mid range rating, have been welcomed with open arms, very open and honest and continually big up the club, the people and the city. Play a much more expansive style of football than Jackett which fans love. Jury still out on how successful it is. Arguably premature and the view of the fans will fluctuate. After the Sunderland game it would have been very high, less so after Rotherham and Ipswich. I do trawl fansites to get a view. Plenty of time for them to move to the disliked section Oxford again mid range rating along with Plymouth and Sunderland and in part is due to play-offs. There have been some heated matches in the past and also some classic. I was at the 5-5 game in Oxford. These do seem to change as time goes on, some become less and some start from new because of incidents. This didnt help: https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/11304198/mowatts-mad-minute
  7. Thanks Major. Could you please confirm the current playing positions for Gabriel Kamavuako, Sonny Fish, Kevin Bosaka, Billy Fuller, Maxwell Hurst and Harvey Laidlaw from the under 18s. There may be a chance we could get these guys into the DB before its locked down (which will likely be very very soon)
  8. Linked-In shows Prodomo at Bournemouth as U23 coach from August but its difficult to work out if this is before or after time at Pompey
  9. This sort of statement isnt helpful. What would be helpful is to say that attribute x is n but should be y based on z supporting evidence. / player comparison However remember opinion is just that and there are lots of them I'd then get this into the relevant database thread end of today to stand a chance of it being looked at and possibly adjusted. However XAW is right the db will be very soon locked up for full release however it might influence the winter db update subject to how the player does between now and end of year irl
  10. Evidence and facts please else the rest of us will call this incorrect
  11. If you are the better team dominating the match then its no surprise the opposition keeper may have a lot to do whilst yours has nothing and so gets a lower rating. If you watch football then you will have noticed this happens in real life
  12. It likely defaults to Man City because your manager profile has them listed as your favoured club. Amend profile then re-test
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