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  1. Evidence and facts please else the rest of us will call this incorrect
  2. If you are the better team dominating the match then its no surprise the opposition keeper may have a lot to do whilst yours has nothing and so gets a lower rating. If you watch football then you will have noticed this happens in real life
  3. I agree in a way but this happens every year with small drops of feature changes/enhancements from first announcement to open beta. Not sure how you can make a decision to give a release a miss when you dont what's in it yet but your choice
  4. Sheff Utd. They tend to overlap the wing backs causing overloads on either wing
  5. It may be in the game database. Post in the data forum.
  6. Its in your interests to take the smallest salary you can as its a drain on club finances What would you want to spend it on? Maybe an import to GTA or something
  7. Having a final flurry on FM21 will make the wait seem less
  8. Sometimes you'll get players having enough of your praising them and morale may decline How does it work personally for you in your job with your boss?
  9. as an aside whilst no good for your save is there a case that the existing Coventry staff are better than their attributes? Can you check if any have recently undergone training for coaching badges in real life?
  10. Its not aggressive in anyway so please dont stir trouble when there is no need to. My post is factual, and Im not the only one to say the same. The poster is also trying to suggest its been confirmed by an official statement without fact. If you make things up it doesnt mean they are right
  11. Of course your theory is wrong and your statement is wrong
  12. If there were NZ database updates then if your version of FM has been updated to 21.4 then you will have it but obviously you will only use the new database if you start a new game
  13. Its also down to luck, keeper stands up, dives left or dives right
  14. I would also check you can attract better coaches first! Personally I wait until their contracts expire before making changes and as mentioned you may have to pay off contracts You could ask the board if they will allow an increase in coaches you can have
  15. I admire your desire to do this but this is a mammoth task for one person and as mentioned takes 100's / 1000's of people to do this currently In terms of attributes there will be some information of what each attribute means. Unless you are watching every player of every team for every match how can you be accurate? If you remain patient all the player attributes will be updated in FM22
  16. Think about this in the real world. would you follow your sacked real world manager and move to a new country to work for less money for an employer with less status than the one you currently work for? That's the dilemma your former FM club staff have . I cant see any FM alternative to encourage them, you'll have to recruit new staff at your new club if you dont like what you have
  17. I think it needs to be on average 95% of capacity for a season, also depends nearby clubs and perceived local fan base
  18. Why would you cheat to get around the real life challenges? Of course it needs to be realistic in this respect else the game will lose credibility. Im sure there are plenty of UK players and staff. Maybe the issue can be overcome running lower UK leagues and increased database size for UK
  19. As I confirmed earlier, the OP's club progression up the leagues is unrealistic and there is an inherent FM issue that club reputation and finances cannot keep up with it
  20. You typed the question, I've posted it above . I'm not telling you what your question is, I've posted exactly what you asked "if getting relegated back to league 1 will revert this nonsense?" If you don't like the answers you been given then that's OK. The solution is black and white. Pay them want they want and bankrupt the club, don't pay and risk losing the players. Have you not considered selling them, bringing in players on free loans. This is what football management is all about, its not supposed to be easy Why is it the end of your save? I've suggested you loan in players, get a senior affiliate and loan in players. You've over achieved with a club that the finances can't keep up with it. Small clubs cant generate the revenue to sustain them beyond their means It happens IRL. If you get sacked for whatever reason then that's football my friend, management is fickle. Your issue is your association with the club and refusal to accept facts. Take on another club, accept you have taken one as far is is possible If you get relegated players will still ask for increased wages or a better club. If you get sacked thats life, happens all the time in the football world. You are asking for a magic wand, there isn't one
  21. I don't agree. That's your question above. Its quite binary. You are being given the same answer every time because its answering what you are asking. The advice has been not to pay it or you will bankrupt the club. You know the answer as you have stated it. Players wanting more money will be less happy in a league they have been relegated into. If they are already contracted then what's the rush to give new contracts. You'll have to invest in developing players who are less money hungry. If you lose players then consider loaning players in for free, should be many U23 players wanting first team football. Many clubs IRL have over achieved and paid wages they cant afford.
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