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  1. Just downloaded your stadium pack, great pack, but which is the best skin to use for this pack?
  2. Ive never seen it happen in mine, thats why i asked about it in the forum, about putting it in next season's game
  3. Well ive had clubs offer less than what he's on at mine, and yet some of there players are on much more than what my player is at my team.....just be nice if they put this in the next game
  4. Whenever i sell a player, if the buying club offers less wages the player always comes to ask for me to pay towards it till his contract is ended, But whenever i try to buy a player i can never ask the selling club to help pay towards the players wages? As can never afford some players wages...Can this be introduced to the next FM?
  5. @ Bigbob, where did you get your stadium backgrounds from? As they look better than the current ones i have...
  6. Mine always judders aswell after scoring when going back to the kickoff, + its not as fluid as its slow in the 2d options, so have to stick to 3d even tho i dont like it
  7. Dont think ive had a 0-0 yet, defending is non existent, keep scoring and conceding from crosses, might just go back to FM12 till this is sorted, as getting silly the amount of times, players just walk past my defenders without them putting a tackle in
  8. Noticed one or 2 error's, like brian mcdermott the reading manager, his picture isnt of him...
  9. Yeh im just downloading the packs now, as used the cut out pics for FM12 but i used to collect the panini stickers, so reminds me of my youth
  10. Looks good, might give these a go for FM13
  11. Looking forward to using this skin, thanks for making it
  12. Yeh its an improvement on FM12 esp with the new patch, as before was always scoring from a cross
  13. FM12 till someone releases a new skin, as the current skin gives me headaches, so im playing FM12 till then
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