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  1. The save game you uploaded has Szoboszlai already confirmed so afraid can't check for certain. It can take longer than a month for a player to want to join again. I'm sorry you've encountered this issue, my other suggestion would be to use the IGE (if you have it) to move Szoboszlai to your club immediately.
  2. Hey @Becanes Afraid in that case it falls in to the slim criteria that results in this issue, listed below: - Save game started in PRB - User in charge of English club - Any transfer offer that is made and completed between the close of the January 2021 window and June 24th 2021, will have a transfer completion date of 1/1/2022. - Any transfer offer made after the 24th June 2021 will go through in the summer 2021 window - If you are still seeing the warning on the 'Transfer Offer' page about players not being registered until 1/1/2002 after you have passed the 24th June 2021
  3. Hey @CapaJr Contracts can be rejected further down the line - as you can see his agent says 'I'll be in touch regarding my client's final decision in the near future'. Did you negotiate down the 'wage after reaching international appearances' and 'minimum fee release clause'? If you have a save game from before contract negotiations, would you possibly be able to upload it? I would happily investigate the issue. Details on how to upload your save can be found here - Cheers, Julius
  4. Hi @Becanes Thanks for taking the time to upload your save. Have you tried saving and reloading your save game? This should resolve the issue. Cheers, Julius
  5. Hi @fmapnwww As @WilsonJuve says, regional reputation in game will provide quite a few job opportunities. It is actually only one level below what is recommended if you start a save in charge of Botafogo. Have you tried dropping experience down to Sunday League or Semi-Pro? Cheers, Julius
  6. Hi @Amosifo We are aware of this issue and it's currently under review - In the meantime, if you press 'enter' after you change the salary of the player or staff member in question, the change you've made will register. Or alternatively, using the ^ - + icons will also register changes correctly. Cheers, Julius
  7. Hi @Tig212 Thanks for taking the time to upload your save game. As I responded in the other thread to you and a few others, if you select [enter] after you manually write in the wage amount, the change you've made will register. I'm going to close this thread off as we've had the same issue reported in a few spots, but if you have any questions, please feel free to post in this thread and I'll try and help as best I can Cheers, Julius
  8. Hi @Tig212 @Tyburn @CapaJr So as I've said in this thread - https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/540202-transferloan-negotiations-are-broken-immediate-withdraw/ After manually changing the wage value, if you select enter, the amount you've negotiated it to should then register and you'll be able to 'suggest terms' for the amount you set. I've passed this on to our dev team to investigate the issue too. Cheers, Julius
  9. Hi all, So the source of the issue is that after manually inputting a value, in this instance the wage of a player, you need to then select Enter for the dropdown to disappear and the change in proposed wage to go through. If you do this, the change should register and [Suggest terms] should appear rather than [Finalise deal]. It won't matter what format is being used. I've passed on to our dev team to investigate but in the meantime, either selecting enter after manually writing in a wage value or using the '-' '+' '^' icons to change the wage value will mean that negotiations go l
  10. Thanks for the extra info Dom. Which players is this reproducing for you when wage is per annum? As afraid I still can't reproduce the issue you describe. I get König to agree to £151k p/a. Sorry for all the back and forth
  11. Hi all, Would any of you be able to upload your save game so we can investigate the issue? Details on how to do that can be found here - Cheers, Julius
  12. Hey @The Dominator Thanks for the save. I haven't been able to reproduce the issue you mention. I offered contracts to Altay Bayindir and Natalino Fernandes successfully getting them to agree to wages below what they initially requested. Tried it with some of the players in your squad already - Richard Konig agreed to £3k pw contract, Alex Mac Allistar agreed to £50k pw. Would you be able to talk me through the specific players? Or how you go about offering them a contract, i.e. step by step. Thanks so much Julius
  13. Hi @The Dominator Thanks for taking the time to post (and welcome to the forum!). Would you possibly be able to upload your save game to our cloud so we can try and reproduce the issue? A guide on how to do that can be found here - Cheers, Julius
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