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  1. Hi , good spot, thanks for flagging this. Will get this sorted for the next data phase..
  2. Do you have a save game from before the player became unhappy about the sale of his teammate? If so, could you please upload your save and start a thread in the Other Gameplay Issues bugs forum?
  3. I think it would only be worth uploading if it's from the same season as your champions league exit. However, if anything similar crops up again subsequently where it feels like expectations or confidence is too lenient, please do open up a thread in the bugs forum. Expectation and confidence at big, and famously impatient, clubs is something we're always looking at, so all saves are helpful.
  4. Would you mind uploading your save game so we can have a look at this please? If you could start a thread in the Other Gameplay Issues forum, that would be great. Cheers, Julius
  5. Hi Jayke, Could you try following these suggestions and see if any of them fix your problem? Cheers, Julius
  6. Hi Jimbo, Not sure if it'll help, but have you tried deleting your cache and preferences?
  7. I'm afraid this falls a little outside my area of "expertise", due to this being a steam issue. I've had a look for similar issues on the steam forum, so might be worth searching for threads there. Might this thread help at all?
  8. Ah, I believe this is due to licensing issues. The Brazilian head researcher has given a brief explanation in this thread. Cheers, Julius
  9. Hi Kurtis, Just to clarify, is this on FM15 or 16? A good first step might be to delete your cache and preferences Let me know if that doesn't work Julius
  10. Have either of you tried (as outlined at the bottom of this page https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8787-wyil-1543) checking if a firewall or any anti-virus programmes are interfering with Steam?
  11. Is this issue only appearing for Flamengo? Could you possibly raise this in our bugs forum? Preferably with a save game to highlight the issue. Cheers, Julius
  12. If you haven't changed the trackpad settings in System Preferences, you should be able to move between your desktop and FM (in full-screen) with a 3 fingered swipe.From left to Right to get from FM to desktop and vice-versa.
  13. If you go to a player's coach/scout report, you'll see in the attributes panel there's a description of the player's personality - like Balanced, resolute, determined, ambitious. This is a reflection of their hidden attributes which can also be found in the editor for any player. Also on a player's information screen, their Media Handling Style gives an insight into their hidden attributes
  14. Hi Steven, have you still got the game up on this screen? Could you try watching a particular highlight from during the match (like one of the goals in the game), and see if when the highlight is over, you can now continue.
  15. Hi pugalu, would you mind starting a thread in the Transfers/Contracts and Responsibilities forum outlining your problem? (That's if you haven't already) Is it the players/agents or the clubs who won't negotiate? If you could supply examples of the players you're struggling to sign and, if possible, upload your save game so we can have a look at it. Details on how to upload your save game can be found here. Cheers, Julius.
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