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  1. Hi, Sounds like a bug. Do you have a save game from before the promise fails? If so, could you upload it so we can investigate the issue? Details on how to upload your save can be found here. Cheers, Julius
  2. Players asking to leave...

    Hi trajano080, Thanks for raising this in the bugs forum, we have noticed the thread you refer to and everything said there has been taken into account for future versions of the game. But, "I'll accept a bid that meets our valuation" and "I'll accept a bid after we find a replacement" should trigger their own specific promises. So if you have an example where this isn't the case, could you please upload a save game from before a player chat to our FTP please? Details on how to upload your save can be found here. cheers.
  3. bug 16.3.1

    Hi Samuel, This isn't a bug. The 16.3.1 update was to accommodate some licensing changes, including Brazlian clubs. Cheers, Julius
  4. Yeah it's a fair point. Will get it logged.
  5. Similar to the Rechwein thread, this is to prevent these conversations getting too long and cyclical. If you were given the option to reiterate your stance, then why shouldn't Kara respond "but I want you to talk up interest in me..."? There'd have been no progress made from the previous back and forth.
  6. Cheers Barside for raising this, it'll be looked into.
  7. Have logged this as a feature request, as the referee's performance isn't currently taken into account when calculating fan match confidence.
  8. 16.3 Team meeting bug

    Thanks for raising this, we'll look into the issue. ~Cheers, Julius
  9. Promisses impossible to achieve

    Hi Katani, Do you have a save game you could possibly upload so we can investigate the issue? Preferably from before the promise was made, but any time before you're sacked would also be helpful. Details on how to upload your save game can be found here. Cheers, Julius
  10. 16.3- new contract promise

    Hey FrazT, Sounds like the wrong promise end date is being added. Are you playing in Scotland still? Is the date in question after the final game of the season before the division splits? Not that means it isn't a bug or anything, just wondering. Either way, if you have a save from before the promise was added, can you please upload it and I'll get it logged. Cheers, Julius
  11. Thanks for taking the time to upload your save, this issue is now being looked into. BTW, this hasn't ruined your squad morale. These 7 players would've likely been unhappy whichever option you had selected, so there wasn't any (or negligible) change to the team's morale on the back of this issue. The issue here is purely to do with the response not matching the user's comment. Cheers, Julius
  12. Hi blake, Do you have a save game from before you held the team meeting? If so, could you please upload it to our FTP? Details on how to do that can be found here. Cheers, Julius
  13. Actually, I'm completely wrong. The perceived squad status was rotation regardless of what squad the player was in. No idea where I got Key player from, must've been looking at the wrong player or something. @Nelsonpique, thanks for starting the other thread and of for your more general feedback about player happiness. It's always appreciated.
  14. Promises only last one day

    Thanks for the offer, but if the promise added the right promise length, then I'm not sure if it would help our development team address the issue. Cheers though! Julius
  15. Hi mike, Do you have a save game, preferably from just before the players became unhappy which you could upload? This would allow us to investigate the issue. Details on how to upload your save can be found here. Cheers, Julius