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  1. Hey @djmrboy Issue no 1 is something we are of and currently investigating. Thanks for raising issue no 2, this is now with our dev team to investigate. Cheers for taking the time to raise both things. @Jorge666 What league are you playing in? Certain league may have recall options written in by default. It's also possible that the club you're negotiating with have locked the recall option into negotiations. Cheers, Julius
  2. Hi @MaxiMayhem, Thanks for all that great info - have passed it on to @Dean Gripton and we'll hopefully get that in to the DB for the full game. Chris Ramsey is technical director/coach in game. There's no differentiation between a senior squad/academy technical director - but he should be given relevant responsibilities in game that reflect real life. Alex Carroll is one I've thought about a fair bit in the past - there's no in game role that reflects his role entirely, at leas from my understanding of his job. For now I'll leave him out but feel free to make a case for it. Jordan Nyang's LinkedIn says he's stopped working with the U18s so will leave him off for now - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordannyang/?originalSubdomain=uk Cheers, Julius
  3. Hey @QPRSteve Reasonable thing to flag - will look at bumping him to competent for a future data update. I believe he only played 3 or 4 BCD games there and while, as you say, he was good it's not a huge sample size. Can only really see him playing on the right of a back 3 unlike, say, Furlong who looked accomplished at CB even in a back 4. Also worth seeing how he plays at RCB and/or he responds well to being trained there. Cheers, Julius
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