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  1. Hey @Tig212 Thanks for uploading your save. Afraid I can't get this issue to reproduce even after a few attempts. Can you remember how you selected the 23? I.e auto-selection, manually. Cheers, Julius
  2. Hi @jowo89 Would you be able to upload your save game please so we can investigate the issue? Details on how to do that can be found here - To clarify, which issue is affecting you? Is it players rejecting your contract offer days down the line? Or is it with manually entering values? If it's the latter, try pressing enter after entering a value in transfer/contract negotiations and that should resolve the issue. Cheers, Julius
  3. Clubs do still approach managers, so it definitely still exists in FM21. Could be a few reasons why you're not seeing it in your save game, my hunch would be that you've done so well that your reputation has soared and even big clubs don't think you'll be interested. But would have to check your save to see for certain Julius
  4. Hi @lossantos This looks like an issue from FM20, I'm afraid this forum is for FM21 issues. SI provide technical support for previous versions of the game - i.e. crashes, but not for gameplay so I'm afraid we'll be unable to help with this. Hope that explains things. Thanks, Julius
  5. Hi @aspestos Was there a significant signing on fee for the player? This will be taken out of the transfer budget and if it larger than the budget may lead to the transfer being delayed or cancelled. If not, could you please upload your save game to our cloud from before the transfer goes through, and we'll investigate the issue. Details on how to upload your save can be found here - Cheers, Julius
  6. Hi @Tigas If you could upload your save game, that would be a massive help. Lots of potential reasons why clubs might not want to loan your players - what wage contribution and fee demands have you put? Details on how to upload your save game can be found here - Cheers, Julius
  7. Hi @Ronnieekelund Have you applied for any other jobs? Are there specific jobs that you think you should be approached for or linked to? If so, could you please upload your save game to our cloud service and I'll happily look into it. Details on how to do that can be found here - Cheers, Julius
  8. Hey @titool Thanks for uploading your save game, do you happen to have one before the start of the second season? Ideally one from June 2021 - it would really help us investigate the issue. cheers, Julius
  9. Hi @rich)) Would you possibly be able to upload a save game to our cloud so we can investigate the issue, please? Ideally a save game from before you signed the player on a free. Details on how to do that can be found here - Cheers, Julius
  10. Thanks very much for the save game, it looks like something is a little off in the calculation for WP and he should be passing based on number of international appearances he's made for a top 50 ranking side. I've passed this on to our dev team and the issue is now under review. Cheers, Julius
  11. Hi Tommy. Best place for this would be the data forum - but looks like you've raised it there too and the issue is under review so I'm going to close this thread off. Cheers, Julius
  12. Hey all, As Ed said above some changes were made for new save games in 21.4 that should see Moukoko less inclined to join clubs in January '22 on a pre-contract agreement. Due to game-wide repercussions, changes couldn't be made at this late stage to ensure that Moukoko always stays at Dortmund, so I'm afraid there will still be some instances in new saves of him agreeing to join other clubs. Factors such as if Moukoko has a good relationship with the user and is playing regularly, alongside uncontrollable elements like which clubs come in for him and what his personality is like in your
  13. Hey @dr p wigwam Would you be able to upload a save game so we can investigate the issue? Details on how to do that can be found here - Work permit eligibility is decided via points allocated for a number of factors such as national team matches played (and the quality of that national team) , level of league, achievements etc. It also is dependent on Ukraine having a relatively high World Ranking. What ranking are they at the point you make the offer for Valeev? From a guess, I think the issue here is the news item could be worded better to clarify where Valeev falls s
  14. Hi @Stevenel Thanks for taking the time to upload your save. I've taken a look and spotted where the issue is, you've correctly delegated transfer responsibilities to your DoF but you're still set to be in charge of contract negotiations. So your DoF has been making lots of offers for players but they've been falling through as you're set to negotiate contracts but are obviously on holiday. If you navigate to the contracts tab for 'Transfer and Contract Responsibilities' and delegate those responsibilities (see attached screenshot) - your DoF should complete deals and will allow you to co
  15. Hi @Viceroy Thanks for raising the issue and taking the time to upload your save game. I think there is an issue here with players incorrectly being returned on this filter and have passed it on for our dev team to investigate. Cheers again and hope you're enjoying the game. Julius
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