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  1. Hi @DementedHammer Afraid we would need a save from before the news item generated. But thanks for raising this and do upload a save game if you find it again. Will keep a look out for this in-house too Cheers, Julius
  2. Hi @AralasX Do you have a save game from before you make the permanent transfer offer for Murray? If you do, would be you great if you could upload that save to our cloud so we can investigate this issue. Details on how to do that can be found here - Cheers, Julius
  3. Thanks @subsequent for uploading your save and highlighting this. It is now under review. Cheers, Julius
  4. Hi @jfgoude You should be able to still take control of tactics and training fo your B and youth teams by going to Staff -> Responsibilities -> Training and selecting Take Control for General Training of the side that you want. Hope this helps! Cheers, Julius
  5. Hey @Johnsey Thanks for taking the time to upload your save. This issue is now under review and is now with our dev team. Unfortunately any changes will be for any future iterations of Football Manager. Cheers, Julius
  6. Hey @Robbie Hood Delighted to hear you're enjoying the game. But do agree that the expansion could hopefully be dealt with better visually. Do you have a save game from before the expansion was agreed that you could upload, so we can investigate the issue? Details on how to do that can be found here - Cheers, Julius
  7. Ok, no problem. For the majority of issues, we need a save from before the incident for our dev team to look at but for now t is something we will look out for reproducing in house. Cheers, Julius
  8. Thanks for that, much appreciated. When I play through the save, De Graafschap go into the game as slight favourites and are described as such in the news item. I think this is reasonable given their reputation, expected finish and their home advantage. The news item does say 'Almere go into this away game with every chance of walking away with something against slight favourites De Graafschap' - so I think it seems pretty balanced. Cheers, Julius
  9. Hi @AdaWong Just to clarify, did you download a tactic or a save game? Have you tried clearing your cache and reloading FM to see if that solves the issue? Details on how to do that can be found here - Cheers, Julius
  10. Hey, Thanks for that. Do you have a save from before you moved to QPR that you could upload? Cheers, Julius
  11. Hi @joao_91_machado Thanks for this, this issue has been passed on and is now under review. The issue seems to be that Ordonez is in both your B team and your U23s team, so when you promote him - the game thinks he is 2 separate players. Think I've found a work-around for this issue. If you go to Ordonez in your B team and move him to your U23s, there will no longer be 2 of them. He will then, incorrectly, be listed as out on loan in your U23s. If you recall him and then continue one day - you should be able to promote him successfully to the senior squad. Hope that helps Cheer
  12. Hi @Gongom Understand your frustration but we appreciate you raising this issue. For now, I see from above screenshot that you still have 'untouchable' job security and you seem to be doing well in your job - so hope this won't put you off continuing with your save. Have you tried negotiating club vision in contract negotiations or anything similar - to get rid of the sign Russian/Ukrainians culture? Cheers, Julius
  13. Hi @scass Yes please, a save from just before the match he was sent off would be great. If it isn't too much trouble, one from after would helpful too. Cheers, Julius
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