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  1. It needn't be either/or, both could be an option: First window closed entirely, or open with no budgets, along with open entirely.
  2. In previous editions (still by FM15 at least) there was an option to have transfer budgets in the first window set to zero. This effectively kept squads almost entirely as they are in real life, whilst also allowing for loans and free transfers. At some stage (by FM20 at least) this setting had been tweaked to simply turn the window off; no loans, no free transfers. I'd love to have the option that previously existed put back in. Like many players, I like squads to look largely real when the game begins, but when playing as a lower league team still want the chance to bring loan/free players in if an injury occurs in pre-season.
  3. This confused me for ages too, I don't think it's overly intuitive. On the top level staff responsibilities screen not every item is shown, including who arranges friendlies. You have to click into 'match day', which brings up its own page, where there is a small tickbox for arranging friendlies.
  4. Looking at my squad dynamics, and the top row of the pyramid is empty. The notes say "We have no team leaders in the squad. We should look to recruit some strong personalities". So, simple question: What attributes am I looking for in a 'team leader'? The attributes that make for a good captain don't seem to be the same as for a 'team leader'. As I am being advised to buy some players to fill this gap, it can't be down to time at club etc either.
  5. But... if you check that thread, my club did sign someone whilst I was on holiday (the only club that did so). So that must be a bug then? Additionally, was looking for confirmation that this option has therefore changed in recent years, as previously (up to at least FM15) 'disable first window' meant you could still sign loans and frees, you just didn't have any money to spend.
  6. Posted this separately as thought it was an intended feature (might still be) which I was curious about, but now thinking it is perhaps a bug:
  7. Yes, just tested this. Both unemployed and those contracted to other clubs. (However, I can't get any staff to apply for an advertised vacancy during this period, despite getting notices of interested candidates, and finding those I approach directly very happy to discuss terms, but that's another issue). Tested the ability to sign loans/free agents by going to holiday through to firstly, the end of the current transfer window for the Premier League (8th August). During that time, received a notification that the club had signed a player; not instigated or sanctioned by me, nor one that was was already arranged with a future date when the game began: Ended my holiday but was not able to make signings or loans (same message as shared in my previous post), not even when I tried to sign other underage players such as this guy. Went back on holiday until the 8th August as planned, Premier League closed (but League One still 'open'). Still unable to sign free agents, so went back on holiday to the final day of the window. At this point, the only signing made anywhere in England, is the one above made by my staff of their own volition whilst I holidayed. The day after the League One transfer window ended (i.e. 3rd September), I could now approach free agents. Additionally, I started to get a tonne of candidates for my advertised staff vacancies. I'm still the only club in England to have made a signing during the window. So, summary - The transfer window is in fact entirely locked down, not just 'budget-free' as was the case until at least FM2015 (this may be a deliberate change to gameplay), except, my staff somehow managed to sign a player whilst I went on holiday, which would suggest actually this is a bug? Staff can be approached during this time, but will not apply proactively to join your club until the transfer window ends, when you will get weeks worth of candidates in one day.
  8. FM20 is the first time I have played the series since FM15, so this may be a change from a previous version. I like to start games with transfer budgets disabled in the first window, for added realism. However, In FM15 and earlier, you could still make loans in/out, and sign unattached players on a free transfer. i.e. effectively the window was active, but each club had a budget of £0. Now it seems the ability to buy/sell/loan is locked down. Is this the case? Is there a way to allow loans and frees but still prevent more high profile transfers by limiting each club to zero budget? And one for SI; If not, is this a feature you'd consider adding back in?
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