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  1. Nope, that is an exact example. Thanks Barside and Pheelf though for shining some light on this. I accept the limitations that you point out with the game set-up, with just one country's leagues, but I still expected a higher degree of interaction from foreign leagues on things like transfers, i.e. 'global' activities, with 'domestic' items like detailed matches, relationships etc, being reduced. Perhaps even a note when setting up the game saying "warning, this will have XXX impact on your game" would be useful. This answers my question pretty much. Thanks.
  2. Portsmouth, 2021/22 season, and I'm 2nd in the Premier League. England down to Conference N/S. Large. Interesting comments above that perhaps the database:leagues loaded ratio has an impact. Clearly not everyone is experiencing the issue, and finding that the transfer system works for them. It's not failing to play the system, as some have suggested, it's obvious that for some people, for whatever reason, they are experiencing the issue I am. Others are not. If the issue doesn't affect you, please don't assume that those it does impact on are just playing the game incorrectly. I struggle to sell players I do not want, and almost always have to offer for free to get rid. That is one problem. A second issue is the utter lowball bids for my top players, from top clubs, that do not end up being negotiated upwards. To date in this game, I have not sold a player I hadn't originally intended to (i.e. offered out/listed) because an offer came in that matched their valuation. To offer, as per my example £1.6 million with another say £1 million in add-ons, for a player the game reckons is worth £16 million, is an England international, and scores 25+ a season, is not realistic, and wouldn't happen in real life.
  3. This may not be a bug per-se, but it's an issue that I've noticed for several iterations of FM now. No matter what the ability of my players, their form, their rep, or their listed value, AI teams will offer derisory bids for them. For instance, England international striker, 25 years old, scoring a goal-per-game, valued by the game at £16million, and I've had three bids for £1.6million or lower, and always in instalments. It's often top teams such as Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal making these bids too, so they have the cash, and the player is clearly wanted at a high level. Over the years playing FM, I've basically given up on selling players, with the vast majority of my players that do leave doing so on a free transfer. I know the in-game valuation, like any valuation, is a best guess, but the bids I receive are ridiculous. Does anyone else have this 'issue'?
  4. I'm managing England, and the long-serving Gareth Southgate has just resigned his position as U21 manager, to take on a club role. A job advert seeking his replacement was automatically posted, but some time later, and with an U21 tournament looming, I've had no applications. So I took matters in to my own hands, and offered the job to someone. The first guy rejected it, as did the second, third, so on. Eventually after offering it to 8 people, I offered it to the U21 assistant manager as a promotion. Again, rejected. I then experimented by offering to random people (all English), who were unemployed in case that was the issue. Again, all rejected the offer, same day. After all this time, still no organic applications btw. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. Hi all, I'm attempting to use the official in-game editor on FM2015 for the first time. Back story: erroneous mouse click, and having submitted my squad for the season, I've accidentally missed a player out (cue hysteria in the press, unhappy player etc, but that's another story). I've got space in my squad (22 registered, all criteria around trained at club/nation met). When I tick the 'Allow Squad Registration Anytime' option on the editor menu, it 'unlocks' the squad registration screen. However, every player not already in the squad is marked as ineligible for addition. Is there a way to rectify my error?
  6. Thanks guys, he must just really love the club! And ginger_roy, you cheeky sod, Pompey in my save are a very different proposition!
  7. Nothing to prevent obviously. But is there a bias against it? I'm Portsmouth, he's Aston Villa. Villa have a far higher rep, are playing in Europe, and the player has both Villa and my friend as favourites.
  8. I know the issues with getting AI teams to buy your players are well documented, but this is a slightly different issue. I am in season 4 of a network game. I own a player that my co-human manager would like to buy. The player has both my friend, and my friend's club listed under 'favourites'. My friend's club is of a higher reputation than my own. I have twice accepted an offer for the player, but both times the player has refused to even discuss terms with the other human controlled-club. My hunch is there is some 'anti-cheat' bias built in to the game, to prevent players creating other human players just to buy their unwanted players at high prices; previously a similar thing occurred, and the player would only discuss terms on the third occasion when AI teams had also had bids accepted. Can humans easily buy/sell players between themselves?
  9. I'm playing (and hosting) an online match with a friend, managing one club each. Recently my laptop died mid-play, and we hadn't saved for an in-game fortnight. We want to try and have the same events happen as much as possible - for instance he caused a cup upset in the 'lost' period. The obvious thing to do is to re-load and keep re-playing that game until he wins again. However, this is time-consuming for us both. If I, as the host, select 'take control of manager' (or whatever it says) when I load the game, and then control both clubs back through to the date we were at when the game was lost, can he then take the club back over next time we play, or am I permanently in charge of two clubs then? Hope this made sense!
  10. it's worse than that though. I could accept if they were treated as, for example, 3rd choice striker in a team that plays 2 up to. However, in my game; Welbeck on loan at FC Twente Sturridge in reserves, transfer and loan listed Oxlade-Chamberlain makes a handful of apps each season, transfer listed by request Wilshere, no apps in 2 seasons, transfer listed
  11. Good responses guys. So perhaps reputation increases too slowly? Or there's a catch-22 situation whereby clubs won't play young players without a certain reputation level, but those players can't attain that because their clubs don't play them? But why - and perhaps an SI rep could answer this - does this apply to players like those I mentioned above, who clearly already have the required rep when the game begins?
  12. Apologies if this has been discussed, but I couldn't find the thread using search. My biggest issue with the way FM works, excluding obvious bugs, is the game's treatment of young players. Now, I don't mean regens or unknown 16 year olds in your u18 squad. I mean players who are in real life, established, quality players, but in FM end up rotting in the reserves. The excuse that these players developed better than SI anticipated cannot be used; these players are already in their clubs' first teams. Some examples from the current FM2012: Danny Welbeck Daniel Sturridge Jack Wilshere Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain I have just finished season 2. All these players, who in real life are pretty regular starters for top top clubs, and making the England squad, are all out on loan to low-level clubs and/or transfer listed. Likewise, if a human player utilises young players who perform impressively, i.e. plenty of goals, high average rating etc, the second you leave the club and an AI players takes over they get shunted to the reserves. So why does FM hate young players?
  13. soooooo... I let this slide a bit. RichG - As both those two teams are still extant, if not within the league pyramid. The third choice we looked at was Blackburn Olympic, but from the off we knew which teams we wanted. I'll do a proper update soon; but as a brief update: We're currently in January of our second season. I lost a 64 match unbeaten run 3-0 to Stoke in the FA Cup 3rd round, whilst Simon's Rovers drew 1-1 with Southampton. We're currently occupying the top two spots in the BSP, and next match is a repeat of last year's 2nd round FA Trophy match between us. I won the tie last year, and my Wanderers side went on to beat Crawley 4-2 in the final. I also won the league despite an end of season slump, but had built up a 12 point cushion which saw me through. Clapham Rovers won the play-offs. Based on our matches so far, League 2 will be where it starts to get tricky, so may write more fully from then on in.
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    Open up FM11SX, and check for updates - you'll soon find out. LittleBlue - M is for... multiplayer?
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    thanks for the reply