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  1. As sport medicine has evolved and nutrinion we are seeing many top players prolonging their careers For example Messi is 34 years old and he was unstopable in Copa America. In FM if Messi is 30 by the time he reaches 34 he will have 10 stamina and 8 pace probably and will be benched Cristian Ronaldo 36 and he is still playing at a top level Modric 36 and he had on of his better seasons Benzema he entered Ballon Dor contetion at age 33 and he has improved in my opionion as a player last two seasons Ibrahimovic not the best example but still apart from injuries he w
  2. Man the game was problems put clearny thats not one of it If it irks you just go and edit it will take 5 minutse to fix this problem.. At beginning of season Celtic were favorites ... Its like 5 years ago when Leicester become champions and were a great team . They had a huge lead at winter break? So what was Si supposed to do destroy all top league teams so Leicester can become champions in the game too?
  3. I am looking to play some of the older FM games? Which one would say has the best engine last few years ? I thinK I have all games bought except 17 or 18 I have to check steam
  4. You think I dont have it? He still makes 6-7 crossers per game with 1 completed .. Salah in real life averages 2 crosses per game cuz he is INSIDE Forward with weak right foot. He cant cross but the engine cant recognize his limitation Again you point a fault in my tactic but the fact that there are 70-80 crosse on average per game is ok for you? Check statistics in your leauge in my Ward Prosses has 20 crosses per game James from same team another 20 crosses per game.. Chelsea average 50 crosess per game. Fulham average 90 clearances I can point to the fact that your p
  5. Also low average ratings really makes it hard to ship not so great players. Before if you get a good tactic and someone performs very well in your tactics it was easy to hustle opponent teams and sell him. For example in past years my Striker who scored 30 goals in championship was going to sell easily even thou he is not that great cuz his rating would have been something above 7.40. Now his rating is 7.05 and since his ability is not great I cant even sell him for his natural price let a lone get some profit on him. For hte guy above that saying his top scorer is AML ? thats gre
  6. I have put extensive statistics showing stupid ammouth of crosse per game. Thats the main problem wingers have abysmal ratings. Salah as AMR (WEAK RIGHT FOOT) is averaging 25 crosses per game for Liverpool . Chelsea as a team average 50 crosses. Most of the attacking players cross all the time for computer and for your team In non simulated leagues players cross 5-7 times per game. IN your own league top crosses average 20 +. That many failed crosses and lost possesions attribute dirrectly to the abysmal ratings. Thats why I guess narrow formation gets better ratings since they d
  7. Harry Kane did 7.15 in mine. He scored 30 goals in 35 games 😂😂. Meanwhile 39 years old Cristiano was rocking a cool 7.9 with 12 goals in 36 games
  8. My assistants complains we should close down enemy MC crossing is destroying us then if you watch his stats thingy you will see he has not taken crosses buth corners and free kicks and throw ins.. I completetly ignore assistant manager since he suggest stupid things
  9. Ofcours its game breaking... Listen even if I am destroying people I cant praise anybody.. If you try praising people for recent form with 7.20 they think u are nuts.. The only praisable player is your MOTM and not everytime I have also seen my wingers drible and take opponents especially on those abysmal HIGHLIGHTS plays that we have for the last 10 fmsl. I am talking about the one when your AML Gets the ball from your own half dribbles all the way to their GK and then shoots the ball in touch line and the commentery is always IT Deserved a finish after a run like that . This is s
  10. @Neil Brock Whats your opionion about the crossing problem? For me thats the biggest problem in match engine as I have proveid in numerous post crossing is really of the charts. For example in my game Salah is crossing leader with 500-600 crossers per season.. Thats 15-20 for a game the main problem is he is AMR playing on the right with abysmal weak foot? Top teams are averaging 50-60 crosses per game in my league and defending teams are averaging 80-100 clearances per game. I have seen in games when wide players has the ball he doesnt really look to dribble past the oppone
  11. This is after 30 games last season. City have attempted 1400 crosses in 30 games a good 45 per game.. They have scored 60 goals from that... This is real world data for current season for Man City for 30 games in the season!! In real Life Salah has completed 20 crosses he is AMR on the RIGHT with very bad weak foot. In my game salah has 22 crosses per game THIS IS DATA FROM IN GAME IN MY GAME 30 games into the season Sterling is averaging 6.90 . Haaland 7.05 despite scroing 15 goals in 26 games
  12. Its frustrating for me since my AML is averaging 0.3 dribblers per game while my AMR is at 0.5 . Both players have high dribbling/pace/technique/ . On top of it even thou i am not a crossing team since everybody has instructions not to cross I am at cool 25-30 per game ... I think the pandemic made it hard for SI To actually beta test the game but there are numerous butgs in stats
  13. Thats mistake bro. Messi has averaged 5 dribblers per game for his career even more in some seasons. Neymar is averaging 5.8 per season. Just check every tracking stats (whoscored put messi 4.8 this season). In FM 21 players are doing succesful dribblers but SI obviously changed what counts as dribble so its not counted. Every time your AMl for examples takes on a DL and beats him and gets in the box is succesful dribble but game does nto recopgnize it as such. I see the things on highlights its not tracked properly. Thats the main weapon of ML MR AML AMR in real life. Their ability to beat
  14. Ofcours its need fixing go check the stats they are abysmal.. we all love football manager but dont be blind by some of hte problems. We should talk about them so they get fixed.. In my game Chelsea are averaging 55 crosser per game. Salah is averaging 20 crossers per game... Wardern Prosse their MCL Is averagin 15 crossers per game.. The best dribbler in my league has made a total of 5 dribblers in 7 games. Thats affecting attacking players averaging rating. Check clear cut chances in your league and in other leagues In 7 games of my latest season the best payers are aver
  15. 7 games completed in my season the 20th best dribbler has COMPLETED total of 0.7 dribblers per game.. This is ridiciloous My AML who has 18 pace 18 accel 17 dribbling 18 technique has 0.5 dribblers per game ( he has run wiht ball trait..) Salah is averaging 20 crossers crossers per game cuz why not... And for 7 games top 20 is filled with attacking masterminds who have created 1 or 2 clear cut chanecs in the league Average rating top 20 in my league.. 20th best player in our league 70. Avetage rating of players in OLYMPIQUE
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