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  1. I know. Perhaps this is my fault for not explaining things clearly enough. With regards to the F9, up until FM18 "Dribble More" was selected by default in the PIs. The role itself, since it was created several years ago, has always had it selected and further was even based on real life examples of players who dribbled with the ball. The description of the role in game even states "or leave him time and space to dribble or pick out a pass". Because of all of that I can perfectly see the logic in asking the question, now that "Dribble more" is no longer one of the default PIs, on whether additional dribbling has been hardcoded under the hood. Just because something is able to be selected as an optional PI doesn't necessarily mean there is no hard coding for it. The SV(s) role - the other example being used - is an example of this. There is something under the hood of the SV(s) role to help it go forward and there is an optional PI to get it forward even more. From that perspective, softening your original assertion of a PI being selectable meaning a behaviour is not hardcoded, to something along the lines of generally this might be the case however there are exceptions would be more accurate. I'm perfectly aware there is no "drop deeper" instruction for any player, that's not the point. It was merely an attempt at a comparison based on your previous post - the SV(s) is hardcoded to get forward more and has a selectable PI to further encourage behaviour; a like for like comparison with the F9 - which has hardcoded behaviour to drop deep - would be if there existed a selectable PI to encourage it to drop even deeper. Perhaps a somewhat laboured analogy but hopefully you see the point. Finally, I've already asked for the nonsense to stop which I'm sorry to see is being ignored. So let me be clear - stay on topic, stop bickering, don't point fingers, cut out the name calling. If I have to ask again it'll come with an infraction. This has been a really good thread to read so please continue in the same vein now.
  2. I don't disagree you could assume that. But I also see the flip side and can see the thinking behind wondering if dribbling has been built in under the hood, especially when dribbling was previously hard selected in the PI screen. So when you originally said: It doesn't necessarily mean that as the Segundo Volante (support) example later on demonstrates. Agreed, there is a difference. However by the same token we could then wonder why the F9 doesn't have a "drop deep" selectable PI to add to the dynamic flavour of that role as well. As you say, it's similar behaviour just from the other end of the pitch. Overall I think it's nothing more than some inconsistencies with the way in which PIs are selectable (or not). It's two sides of the same coin and it's perfectly reasonable and logical to come at it from both sides . And if that isn't sitting on the fence I don't know what is .
  3. The only way to alter his professionalism (which is a hidden attribute although if it's particularly high or low your coach should mention it on his report) is to have him tutored, so long as he meets the criteria for doing so. If he can't be tutored then he doesn't meet the criteria.
  4. Moaning about the amount of training usually indicates a lack of professionalism. If you're able to, have him tutored by someone with higher professionalism - but not to the detriment of his Determination however. But other than moaning about training, what actual problems is he causing? Are his on pitch performances poor? Is he not developing well? If he's playing alright and he's developing ok then apart from not making friends is there really a problem? If he has low professionalism, the only thing using him as a tutor will do is to pass on that personality trait to someone else. And then you'll end up with 2 players moaning about training .
  5. I was just thinking please don't let them be West Ham "fans" and then I spot the club crest in the background. Stick them in a gulag and leave them there. **** me.
  6. Doesn't that also mean their tactic isn't ideal to face yours? Good. Don't. Any formation can work well against any other formation. You can see that from your quote above. Chelsea don't have some magic system. It's just different and well suited to their very good players. You already know you have a great system, there is simply no need to change it. Adapt it in some manner sure if you see Chelsea getting the upper hand just as you would if playing against Real Madrid or Bournemouth. It's exactly the same process. The trick (as ever) is of course knowing what to change and when. There are many different ways of achieving this, from doing nothing (which can be the very best thing to do and often overlooked) through to using a safer mentality as @HUNT3R says above. Even just making a simple substitution to bring on a different type of player and/or adjusting a role/duty can turn a game. However, what it can be very unwise to do is make large changes during the course of a match. If you do that (not you Tom, "you" generically speaking), all you're actually doing is creating a brand new tactical system which you've never tried out before, your players are unfamiliar with and may not even have the attributes for. You wouldn't start a game with a brand new untested system so why on earth would you do that half way through a match? That's just panic.
  7. So is that an issue with the transfer system or your "usual game setup"? I think this perhaps touches on a side issue I haven't seen mentioned yet and that is the impact on the game world which our setup can have and the lack of information on what the impact will be. How many threads and posts do we see where people ask "how many leagues should I run? how large a database should I have?" Obviously a lot of any answer will relate to the ability of your computer, but giving us an indication of how it may affect the our game world and the transfer system might go some way to help answer the OP's (and others) issues. That's not to say the transfer system (or indeed any other aspect of the game) is perfect. There is always room for improvement. We've already had SI ask for save game files uploaded so they can take a look. There may or may not be anything in it. But because there is arguably a lack of clarity in game about the impact our choices will have we get to the understandable surprise of "Ascensio sold for 35m?!? Are you insane?" And by the time it gets to a public forum, that frustration has grown into "how hard can it be to build a transfer system" and people taking their time to explain things get dismissed as patronising. I'm not advocating complete transparency in game, but some extra info in game about how our choices can impact things such as the transfer market might be useful.
  8. The AI controls hundreds of clubs. You only control one. If this spidey sense were kicking in consistently with just one AI club then yeh there might be an issue. Is that what you are seeing? If not then of course AI clubs will stand more chance of picking up these diamonds than you because you're not competing against just one AI club, you're competing against hundreds. One of them is bound to spot the talent. And yet it's still perfectly possible to spot these diamonds yourself. It'll be rare but still possible. In a test save not so long ago I found an 18 year old Brazilian at a small Brazilian 3rd division club. He started life there as a newgen and had slowly been developing over 3 years. Not even the big Brazilian teams had picked up on him. I bought him for just £55k and his PA? 199. Shame it was just a test save.
  9. Not bad at all. Might be helpful for the OP if you give him some idea of the set up as he seems to be struggling .
  10. I'm personally not a fan of using a Treq as a "striker". I'd even go so far as to say it shouldn't even be available in the STC positions, just AMC. But that's a different discussion. Giving a Treq the "Hold up Ball" PI when using him as a striker can be useful, but you need someone capable of holding up the ball to do so. And players who can do that aren't usually ones you'd associate with being a Trequartista. Personally I love the Treq in the AMC position feeding others and creating chances for himself. Having him as a Striker can take away a large part of that and it becomes more difficult to use him effectively there. When Roma used Totti as a lone "striker" in, what was it, 2007(?) it was famously in a 4-6-0 strikerless formation. I'm working on something along those lines at the moment, with a Trequartista as my strikerless "striker".
  11. It's all relative. If you're a weak team then expect to lost no matter what you do. Nick a draw if you can, a win is just a bonus. However there are still plenty of lessons you can learn from that type of match. For example, in my recent Monza save my newly promoted side came up against Juventus in Turin. We predictably lost but only 2-0 and I saw enough during the game to understand that with better players my system would be good enough to get at least a point, if not all 3. A few years later and that's exactly how it's turned out and I'm still playing the same system. But it looks like you're playing as Liverpool. If I'm playing a strong team such as Liverpool I'll expect at least a draw, if not a win. If my tactical system and players are robust enough, my expectation is to make Chelsea play on my terms not the other way around. A small change here and there might be in order, but nothing major. I was testing out a new system earlier today and came up against Chelsea. I played them the same way as I play anyone - watch the first 10 mins or so, make changes if needed. I didn't change anything, they were toothless against me and we were winning 3-1 with 10 mins to go. If I hadn't have been messing about and stopped watching I'd have killed the game off - as it happened, Chelsea switched to a very aggressive 3421 and pulled back 2 late goals. So you're wondering how others deal with Chelsea - personally I treat them in exactly the same way as I treat anyone else.
  12. It'll never be 100% accurate. And if he's a young player who hasn't been at the club long the report might be missing some info. It's just a starting point - the important bit is the personality and media handling, that should be 100% accurate.
  13. Fingers crossed . Players like that can be incredibly difficult to tutor and even if you do get them started (good job on finding Berardi) it may not fully complete. Make a note of his starting personality, media handling and Determination. A screen shot of his coach report might also be useful. That way you can track where he ends up after tutoring compared to his starting point. Even if tutoring "fails" you may still get a small change which might help getting his second tutor sorted. Prepare yourself for a long hard slog though.
  14. This has no impact on tutoring. Yes it does. Tutoring affects all hidden attributes (and Determination) which can impact on personality and media handling. There is no need to wait to start tutoring. @Adzke Unfortunately tutoring is never guaranteed. If you have problems with a young player who refuses to be tutored, that can indicate he has a really poor part to his personality. In these situations sometimes you need to get him tutored multiple times in order to fully modify his personality. The first tutor is always the hardest to find in this situation. All you can really do is find someone - anyone - that he'll accept as a tutor but even then that may not be possible. Occasionally you do get a really bad egg and there's just nothing you can do about it.