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  1. @bommen Karnack is correct. The AI does not "get to know your tactics", but the AI is quite capable (and actually pretty good at it) of adjusting how they play against you depending on your reputation, performance during the season or even how you do during an individual match. If anyone anywhere says differently I'm afraid they're talking out of their proverbial and just prolonging the myth. @Karnack Tactical Familiarity feeds into something called "Blend". This is part of under the hood calculations and is a Match Engine modifier. Thus the better the familiarity the better the Blend should be and therefore a reduced impact on the ME. If you are seeing your team play better when you have lower familiarity that's a new one on me. However, if your team are underperforming when they do have decent tactical familiarity that might indicate a tactical problem.
  2. Yup plenty of options. They (and others such as adjusting the defensive line or using a different type of player for example) could work, it all depends on how you see your players best covering the space and how it balances with the rest of your team. If you start to experiment start small. Change a player duty for example or swap one of your midfielders for a tough tackler/harder worker. See how that goes before moving on to trying something else. Trial and error I'm afraid - there is no "do this and it's guaranteed to work" unfortunately.
  3. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    I agree that it should be obvious to everyone, but as things stand at present imo it isn't obvious to everyone - especially new or inexperienced players. Part of the issue there is how the media presents us with formations so that we become accustomed to them without actually understanding what they mean, but showing an FM formation which covers the entire pitch when it's supposed to be the defensive formation doesn't exactly help matters either. There's a few small quality of life changes that could be made to the Tactics screen which imo would really help people's basic understanding. Making it more obvious that your chosen formation is how you defend and other tactical settings shape how you attack is just one.
  4. Just as a different point of view, instead of making all the numbers visible so that even more is numbers based, how about turning off the visible player attributes all together? You can do that in game right now:
  5. No there isn't. There is a "huge" difference between a player that has 5 to someone who has 17, but not 15 to 17. Great idea. More reliance on scout / coach opinion with enhanced reports, perhaps with some video files or even the option for you as the Manager to go watch a player for yourself at a match, rather than the current over reliance on so many visible numbers.
  6. Have a think about who's managing that all important space between your defence and midfield, and so where the protection for your central defenders is coming from. And btw Look For Overlap instructs wingers (not central midfielders) to hold the ball up to wait for an overlapping full/wing back which is probably why you didn't see much benefit.
  7. /facepalm (I get what you're saying - you want a club playing in the English leagues - it's just that Wrexham are a Welsh club who happen to play in the English leagues ). Have a look at Leeds United and their history.
  8. So why not just change your defensive line? Or amend your Fullback duties to be less forward thinking? Or Man Mark / quickly close down Mahrez? You changed Mentality and Team Shape twice. Altering Mentality and Team Shape changes much more (as outlined above) than just your def line. If you change Mentality and Team Shape you change pretty much your entire tactical system. Just changing Mentality changes several Team Instructions, your individual player's mentalities and the amount of risk your team is willing to take. And that doesn't even include all the changes that altering Team Shape will make on top of that.
  9. Must. Resist. Why? What did you see in their line up that made you think "I know, I'll change all of my Team Instructions, the space between my players, my creative freedom, the risk I take, my transitions and my individual player's mentality before I've even kicked a ball"? Why? What did you see in that period of time that made you think "I know, I'll change all of my Team Instructions, the space between my players, my creative freedom, the risk I take, my transitions and my individual player's mentality"? You remember that post I made a little while ago that talked about having a plan? Well, what's the plan? Resist. Failed. (I'm saying these things half jokingly, I don't want to be overly harsh. Hopefully you get the point ).
  10. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Of course it doesn't solve all the issues, that's not the point. This isn't about where strikers should or shouldn't actually be on the pitch when defending. The point is about a simple visual change that may help less experienced users (not us grizzled veterans) gain a basic understanding that - when defending - your strikers aren't up in the opposition box or your midfielders aren't on the half way line. There may be a better way of getting across the "it's your defensive shape" point, but at least it's a start.
  11. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    See the post directly above yours.
  12. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Then he won't defend like a fullback. He'll defend like a winger because he'll be in the winger position - and positions in the Tactics Creator are your defensive positions. But you could always raise that in the Feature Requests forum if you feel strongly about it, especially if you have some real life examples of wingbacks who play in the winger position (I can't think of any). Again you could raise this in the Feature Requests forum, although bear in mind you can use player roles and duties (and other tactical settings) to help shape your attacking formation. For example, setting a flat 4-5-1 as your defensive formation can easily be shaped in attack into a 4-2-3-1 or 4-1DM-2-3 just by altering the central midfield player roles - add in attacking fullbacks and your attacking shape can even become something more akin to a 2-1-2-5. I understand, however to ask to change an existing "feature" of the game (in this case a simple picture of a football pitch) then the best place to raise it is in the Feature Requests forum.
  13. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    100% agree and have raised that in the Feature Request forum.
  14. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    So what you'd like to see is renaming this formation (currently called 5-2-3 WB) to be labelled the 3-4-3? The issue then becomes what to relabel the current 3-4-3 as? As far as naming conventions go, it's more practical to label "flat" formations with such labels as 3-4-3, 4-4-2, 5-4-1, 3-5-2 and so on and then label variants accordingly to indicate positional changes: 5-2-3 WB for example indicates the use of players in the Wingback position rather than "flat" Fullback position (which would be labelled 5-2-3) or players in the "flat" Winger position (the 3-4-3). Also remember that the formation you pick is your Defensive formation - how your players line up when defending. You mention Chelsea above for example yet you could easily argue that in some of their defensive work they line up as a flat 5-4-1 and so would be the formation you might pick in the Tactic Creator. But the bottom line is these default formations built into the game are just blocks which have been placed to give a starting point (along with a simple descriptive label) and are there for you to use or change as you see fit.
  15. Gillingham aren't my local team but I'll be sure to pass on your few kind words to my brother (Spurs fan) who happens to live closer to the Emirates than White Hart Lane .