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  1. There is no one size fits all. Sometimes sitting deep and hitting them on the counter will work. Sometimes an aggressive press will work. Sometimes a long ball direct to a big strong target man will work. Sometimes a variety of other methods will work. So if you do "create a whole new tactic" that is based (for example) on sitting deep and hoping for a counter, what if that doesn't sometimes work? What then? You want to create another new tactic? And then another one when Plans A and B don't work? The game is moving away from a single "super" tactic which will (almost) always work, to a model where having a sound core system which can then be adapted during matches as things progress. My advice is to set up a simple, well balanced core system and then learn to adapt that (if needed) as matches develop. And always remember that no matter what you do, sometimes you'll just lose - because that's football.
  2. When to apply it? I pretty much only use it when I want to inject a little extra creative freedom if I feel I'm not creating enough chances - that can affect anything from encouraging my fullbacks to become a little more involved through to my forward players gaining some extra freedom. Of course if you start a match using Very Fluid you won't be able to inject the extra creative freedom if needed. But then why start a match using Very Fluid (unless you are going for a very specific style of play)? At present I start every match on Flexible (with Balanced mentality) and make adjustments from there if needed. And the result is I'm playing some of the best football I've ever played in FM. I should probably do one of my write ups about it. Finally @ the OP - don't worry so much about all of these generalist and specialist roles. They were guidelines, not rules, when written and the ME has moved on a bit since as well. A balance of roles and duties is the most important aspect and define what your players get up to.
  3. The Pairs and Combinations thread found in the Tactics and Training Guides sticky at the top of the forum is an excellent place to start.
  4. Welcome to the forum. Coaches will only show up based on your knowledge of the world and/or whether they are willing to join your club. You'll need to improve things via scouting, club affiliations and employee nationalities to broaden your knowledge, as well as (possibly) improving your club's reputation.
  5. And yet you opened a thread that had 60 replies with many words of advice from a variety of people. https://community.sigames.com/topic/395815-fm15-to-fm17-struggles/ So you had all that advice and then what did you do? Gave up on it, changed teams, formation and your tactical system. Why would people continue to offer you advice when you have basically taken everything they had previously told you and binned it? What did you learn from that previous advice? How have you implemented it into your new save? How have you let people know that's what you did (if you did it)? You've had plenty of advice. Don't say you received no response.
  6. No. The answer to your question is yes, there is a way to get your GK to work on and improve his 1v1s, as I detailed above. Selecting either Goalkeeper or Sweeper Keeper specific role training will get him to train his 1v1s attribute, along with other relevant attributes needed for the role. That's very different to crossing your fingers and hoping he improves over time. There is a second separate aspect to individual player training which is the ability to select a specific attribute focus to train, in addition to the individual role training mentioned above. That's the part where you cannot choose a 1v1s focus - but so long as you select the Goal Keeper or Sweeper Keeper role training (as mentioned above), 1v1s will be trained.
  7. That's completely untrue on every level, so don't worry about that one. It could be any number of things happening such as: not adapting enough to different opponents and/or during matches; player complacency/morale/over confidence; tactical choices; injuries/suspensions to key players; the opposition changing how they play as you become more successful; some/all of the above. However, it's impossible to offer specific advice without knowing how you are playing. Probably a good starting point would be for you to head over to the Tactics forum, read the Asking for Help sticky and open a new thread there.
  8. If you have a quick question, please use this thread. In game shouts aren't pointless, although their effects are relatively small and short term (10-15 mins). They provide a boost to relevant attributes or morale. I've never seen a guide that explains them all.
  9. A TQ can work with pretty much anything, although personally I tend to play mine in the AM position where they can be devastating as both the main playmaker and a goal scoring threat. Yes, it's part of the individual goalkeeper training for either the Goalkeeper or Sweeper Keeper roles. However, there is no specific focus training for 1v1s.
  10. Natural Fitness can increase or decrease (note "can" not "will") over time, although I don't believe you can expect to see massive changes (could be wrong). Setting General Training to Fitness will focus on developing your player's Physical attributes, which includes Natural Fitness (note that it still may not increase however). Leaving General Training on Balanced spreads training across all attributes including Natural Fitness, although obviously without the focus on Fitness training any potential impact may be reduced. However, before you write off a potential star because of his low rating, consider what the attribute does and what role you want the player to undertake. It determines how quickly a player may recover from injury or between matches. But if it's a player who isn't injury prone, and/or a player that won't be doing much running (eg., central defender, goal keeper, poacher) then it may not matter as much as say a Box to Box Midfielder or a Wingback.
  11. It's pretty pointless for central defenders. There is an invisible wall near the half line that central defenders won't cross (except for set pieces) whether they have this PPM or not. A Libero (attack) can be used, but an "attacking" central defender (for want of a better phrase) doesn't really exist in game.
  12. Tutoring does not help to improve Consistency or Big Matches.
  13. Just to play devil's advocate here for a moment - if you are using man marking to force your advanced wide players to sit deeper, it's possible you are using the wrong role/duty for those players and/or an overly aggressive mentality. By forcing them deeper you may be taking away their attacking positioning (they're starting deeper when you transition from defence to attack), so why not just use support duty players in the first place? They'll track back better, your players won't get pulled out of shape and you don't need to worry about opposition formation changes either. And if you feel like they aren't getting forward enough in attack, PIs can help there. Perhaps something to try out if all that man marking doesn't work as you want.
  14. It's extremely unlikely that professional players moan about training. Ideally you'll do as I suggested above and check who is moaning to see if there are improvements that can be made (including youth players). Determination has got nothing to do with it. But if all you want is a quick fix to avoid the messages, I'm not sure there is one. However it's just one email a month so pretty easy to ignore it.
  15. If all you want are pointers and ideas, there are plenty of guides pinned to the top of this forum. If you want to pull together your own system which you subsequently have issues with when using, you need to give us full details in order offer any advice. See this thread. What you can't do is say "I've got a way of playing but I'm not going to tell you what it is, nor have I tried it out, but what roles and duties should I use?" You'll just get different opinions which may or may not be what you are after. Plus you've essentially answered your own question anyway. The best thing to do is try it out. See what works and what doesn't. Make adjustments (if needed) and then if you really get stuck and results aren't as hoped for, start a new thread giving us full detail of what's been going (as outlined in the linked thread above).