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  1. TQs are awesome, been using them for years. But - as always and with everything - the TQ role is just one cog in the overall wheel. If the role is a bad fit in the rest of the system it won't work properly. That applies to any setting you use. One other point - the in game description of the TQ is based on traditional real life examples, so all flair but not much work rate. But as @Jack722 rightly points out, the type of player you use will affect how the role plays. So yeh, use someone with a low work rate and you'll get more of a traditional TQ on the pitch; but use someone with a high work rate and you'll get a different outcome. There's a little known player in Spain who the role is kind of based on. He's not very famous so you probably haven't heard of him, he's called Lionel Messi . Joking aside, it's essentially the "give the ball to Messi" strategy. So the wide TQ role is a playmaker role, and thus a ball magnet, with in built freedom of movement to attack the box, find space, make killer passes and score goals. Design the system to get the ball to the TQ. But again, the type of player you use will determine how the role plays out - so someone with good off the ball movement, creativity, vision, anticipation with complimentary Traits. And then if you want to change things up a bit, add in some aggression and work rate to the mix.
  2. I'd agree if you were talking about senior players. But we're talking about youth players here, 16/17/18 year olds with massive 4 or 5 star potential - potential to be elite players - who you are binning just because at that age they happen to have 10 Pace (for example). If you showed a little more patience and developed them effectively over a longer period of time (ie., more than the 2 years or so you currently give them) you'd see results. I'd also suggest that going by the screen shots, you aren't mentoring them effectively either. Players with good Determination, Ambition and Professionalism tend to train harder and develop better than the type of players you have posted above. You can have the best facilities and coaches in the world, but if your players are "Unambitious" with low Determination you're not giving them the right environment to develop properly. The game isn't at fault here. You are getting youth players with fantastic potential through your annual intake and you are not developing them effectively. Head over to the Tactics & Training forum and read some of the pinned threads at the top of it which cover Mentoring and Training in detail.
  3. Are you really binning 16/17/18 year olds with 5* star potential just because their Pace (for example) is 10? If you are then you really need to reassess how you are developing your players because you are missing out on an awful lot of opportunities.
  4. I must be missing something here or not understanding properly. 1 x 5* and 4* players every other year is a fantastic return. Why are you saying it's terrible? If you're only keeping them for 2 seasons and they only turn out average, isn't that more to do with your development and training of those players than a "terrible" youth intake?
  5. You’ve taken one paragraph out of context with the rest of my post. However, why does giving us the freedom of choice to play the game in whatever manner we choose make the game a failure? You mention Leicester. If you want to design, use and be successful with a tactic inspired by them, you absolutely can. How is that greatly detached from real life football? On the flip side, if you want to design, use and be successful with a gung ho gegenpress system, you can do that too. I don’t think choice is a particularly bad look .
  6. Exactly, that's my point. Every team you come up against is different. Each match is different. And yet you change nothing. This means that every once in a while you'll come up against a team who just happens to play in a particular way that is an almost perfect foil to your team, so changing nothing means you get tonked 5-0. Now going by your other results (P17 W16 D1 L0, scoring 43 and conceding just 2) you really have no reason to alter how you play because you'll win every trophy. But once in a blue moon you'll get chewed up. It's not unexplainable .
  7. What did you do differently in the build up to and during that match compared to the other matches?
  8. If your assistant manager is getting better results than you when using the Instant Result button, that's probably a very good reason not to use it. I know it can help you crack through seasons fast and can be an easy option, however if you want to improve your tactical and match management skills then you need to play matches yourself.
  9. Simply put, the game allows for such systems to be used because the developers make the game that way. It gives people choice - some want to play the game following basic football principles; others just want to win the Champions League with a 5th division side in 5 years; others want a middle ground. The game's design intention is for realism (and we can absolutely play it in that manner if we want to), but that doesn't stop us playing it in an unrealistic or more creative way if we so choose. I'd hate to see the day when all the tactic creator allowed us to do would be to pick a 4231/442/433/352 formation and severely limit our tactical choices. I imagine the developers would too as they probably wouldn't sell as many copies of the game as they do now. The game's design intention is to be played in a realistic manner. That's how the AI plays and how the game would like us to play too. But if we want to use some fancy system with a zillion attacking players and even more TIs, the AI can get overwhelmed because only one team on the pitch (the AI team) is trying to play football in a realistic manner. Just imagine the outcry if the AI managed to develop a Diablo system .
  10. Yeh I understand and agree. The thing is the AI can react faster than we can - we usually watch in a certain highlights mode and by the time the next highlight comes around sometimes it's too late to make an effective change. Whereas the AI isn't watching highlights, it's playing the match "live". Like Burnley scoring 2 goals in the last 4 minutes of a match? That's the example being discussed.
  11. I agree, it can absolutely be irritating. One other point to consider - Burnley score a goal to go 2-1 behind with 5 mins to go. Even without the AI manager changing anything, the players themselves can react. Suddenly Burnley's players are up for it, they sense blood and go for the throat. But at the same time your players are now under the cosh. They're feeling the pressure and perhaps starting to wilt. So as soon as Burnley score their first goal (and I mean literally as soon as they score ie., as soon as the ball crosses the line but before the replay kicks in), that's the time to hit pause and do something - be it shout at your players to tighten up / demand more / show some passion; make a sub; make a tactical adjustment; whatever. If you wait until after the replay has gone, that's too late - the ME will have advanced and with such a small amount of time left you're screwed.
  12. Just to play devil's advocate here, are you sure the AI didn't do anything? The AI can be fairly good at changing things during the course of a match. If you were AI Burnley manager, 2-0 down with 15 mins to go, perhaps battling for a European spot or fighting relegation, what would you do? Bring on a pacey winger to run rings round a tiring fullback? Tell your players to push forward? Make a couple of players more aggressive by changing roles and/or duties? Alter Mentality? Bring on a creative player who might find a key pass? Some/all of the above? Something else? The AI can do all of that (and more besides) and it isn't always immediately noticeable, especially if watching on key highlights. So are you sure the AI didn't do anything? And even if the AI didn't, how about you? Why didn't you do anything to plug the holes? Or rather what have you learned from the things you did do which didn't work (such as using Concentrate)? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying for a moment the ME is perfect (it isn't), however that doesn't necessarily preclude us from employing strategies to mitigate issues. The AI catches me out sometimes too, but it's not a regular occurrence because of how I manage matches. Always remember that the AI has the exact same tool box that we have and when it changes tools it can catch us napping.
  13. Use "Concentrate" if your player(s) look complacent, not when you concede or at the end of a match. If you want to say anything when you concede or at the end, use "Demand More" instead . You could also use "Tighten Up" towards the end of a particularly close game. I'm also going to suggest a trip over to the Tactics forum may help. If you are constantly having issues against lesser teams you may be able to get some fresh ideas of how to tackle such teams from the good people there. As I said before, I'm not saying it's a tactical issue, but sometimes a fresh perspective can help.
  14. Given that you're a Chelsea fan and seeing your last few real life results (including beating Man City), I find this kind of ironic . (Sorry, joking, I'm a West Ham fan). But seriously though, if you'd played that match last night in FM with your Chelsea side vs an AI controlled West Ham having just won your last 5 matches, you'd be thinking the same as you just posted above. So the question is, is this a regular occurrence? If it is then what have you done about it? How are you managing your matches and could you make improvements there? I'm not saying the ME can't be improved (it can), nor am I saying "it's your tactics" (I don't know what your tactics are), but what do you do? Time waste? Make some late subs? Tell your team to tighten up? Anything else? Of course if it only happens once in a blue moon then I'll just rub your face in last night's result again and say that FM is just reflecting real life .
  15. Any player can play in any position and in any role. They'll just carry it out differently depending on their attributes. Given my first sentence, and as you are worried about a lack of defensively solid players, there is no reason why you can't pick central defenders in the fullback or wingback positions. Pick your fastest ones (as they'll be marking pacey wingers) and give them a defend duty (or perhaps a support duty). That will limit their forward runs and help them be better defensively, thus freeing up your... Then when you are able to, buy some fullbacks.
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