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  1. You're right, the ME can be improved. Si acknowledge this and are working on it. Re. the bolded parts however there certainly are tactical instructions you can employ to reduce (even substantially reduce) this issue, so we're really not "forced" into playing in this manner. Obviously different styles will more or less favour such an approach, but by way of an example there's a very active thread in the Tactics forum demonstrating dribbles, through balls, lots of possession, attacking intent, player movement and so on. I don't know if that fits in with your particular desired style, but it is an example to show what's possible. Even if it's not really your style, you may still pick up a new idea or two . https://community.sigames.com/topic/465977-developing-my-4123dm-wide-tiki-taka/
  2. CA isn't close to being the most important thing in the game. To begin with, CA takes no account at all of arguably the most important attributes - Determination and all the hidden ones (which aren't actually that hidden if you read the coach/scout reports). You want Balotelli in your team? No? He's got a fairly high CA after all. Why not then? Because the frequency with which he'll be able to apply that CA (and visible attributes) is likely to be low due to his hidden attributes. If a player is inconsistent, can't handle pressure or big matches, is injury prone and likely to get sent off if someone even looks in his direction he'll be less than useless - even if he does have great looking visible attributes. Then you get into the spread of those visible attributes. It's possible to have a high CA player but his attribute profile would make him less than favourable for the role you want him to perform. Need a striker up front who's able to hold up the ball, fend off big burly defenders, bring team mates into play and get on the end of crosses? Better hope your high CA striker isn't 5'6" with the strength of a wet tissue then. CA is misleading if using it to assess how "good" someone is and is hidden for a reason. But never ever ever overlook the hidden attributes .
  3. @sunchymeno9 Please use the FM Fansites and Community Links forum if you'd like to promote your YT channel. I moved this thread from the Tactics and Training forum for you .
  4. The Parked Bus, Part 2 In my previous post we saw how "do nothing" can be a valid option. But what if it's not a valid option? This is what happened in my match against Boavista (away). Initial Line Up Still early in the season, so continuing with the Balanced mentality for the time being. We're pre-match heavy favourites and Boavista are using the same 4123DM formation. At half time it's 0-0 and these are the half time stats: For me, this time the "do nothing" options is off the agenda. All we're doing is kicking the ball around aimlessly with zero penetration. And Boavista have actually caught us on the break a couple of times. So this is what I want to do at half time: - Reduce my aimless passing. - Increase my chances. - Be wary of Boavista's occasional breaks. And this is how I shake things up a little at half-time: Changes made: Mentality upped from Balanced to Positive. This should increase the risk I'm taking, making the entire team more forward thinking instead of sideways thinking. Much Shorter Passing removed. We're kicking the ball around too much, so lets reduce that and up the tempo a bit too. Work Ball into Box removed. Similar reasoning to remove shorter passing. Shoot on Sight added. We're not going to score without shooting as the first half showed. So lets start shooting. Line of Engagement changed. All we're really doing is pressing a packed defence so high up the pitch that they're simply clearing the ball and we then just immediately bang our heads back against the same wall. So lets give them a little more time on the ball when we lose it to see if that frees things up a bit. What I mean by this is, let's see if the additional time I allow the opposition to have the ball will spread them out a bit into their attacking shape before I nick the ball back and (hopefully) use that extra space I should now have. And that's where the above TI changes should have an impact. Defensive Line changed. Upping mentality ups the def line by default, so I reduce this at the same time to keep an eye on potential counter attacks / balls over the top. AP-attack changed to CM-attack. Hoping to generate a little extra movement with a better runner from deep behind a support duty striker. Pizzi also has the Trait "Gets into opposition area" which should help. Arguably I could also have changed the AML to a Winger from the IF to stretch the play a little but I wanted to see how this worked first. Now I realise that's quite a few changes and perhaps not how I usually go about things. But I already know my tactic needs tweaking before I start matches as I've gone over board on possession vs attacking. I'm not treating this as a proper save here and some of those changes mentioned above would be permanent changes from the start of matches if this were an actual save. So really I just want to demonstrate the thought process and how things are all linked together - one thing changes which will have a knock on effect in other areas and so they get tweaked in turn. And the end result? We won 3-0 (two from open play, one from a free kick). As hoped, the second half saw less possession, more shots and less passes than the first half, and Boavista didn't have another shot. Our shots weren't exactly accurate - and several were fairly long range efforts too - but that's "Shoot on Sight" for you. I do want to stress here that this is not some sort of "magic formula" for getting past the bus. In fact this is quite possibly the first time I've ever tried such a combination of changes. For me at least there is no "typical" way of breaking down the bus, it's simply reading the match + stats and trying things out in a (hopefully) logical manner. Sometimes it works, occasionally it doesn't. Looking back on it there were changes I made I didn't really like and didn't seem to have much of an impact - but we scored so I left things alone as it was ok.
  5. PA is nothing more than a cap used by the game to ensure players don't develop exponentially. CA is the measurement used to compare actual development against the PA. This is why CA and PA are hidden, because they are tools used by the game. Obviously we can't give every player a PA of 200 because then we'd have a database full of Messis. So PA is structured to ensure a good distribution of different levels of player throughout the database. So we'll typically see very few players with extremely high PA but many with a very low PA. (This is a simplistic view, santy above explains in greater detail). It's only users with access to an editor tool who see CA and PA and use it as some sort of gauge to assess how "good" a player may be - but that's not what it's designed for. Re. your other question - different roles have different weightings for attributes. So Tackling may "cost" a fair amount of CA for a defender, but hardly register for a striker for example.
  6. @Nima2708 If you want to promote your YouTube channel, please use the Fansites forum here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/24-football-manager-fansites-and-community-links/ On the other hand, if you want to generate some tactical discussion, please provide all detail of your system and the areas which you'd like to discuss. You can give a link to your channel as well if you do this. Thanks .
  7. Yup and then spend a couple of minutes uploading the save and starting a new thread in the Bugs forum because something's gone wonky there.
  8. The Parked Bus There have been a few questions about how to break down a parked bus, both in this thread and in other recent threads, so figured I'd pass along some thoughts. I'm not playing as West Ham here as we don't face many buses. So I've chosen a big team in a league where I think I'm likely to face a few - Benfica. I don't know much about SLB's playing squad, or indeed the Portuguese league, so it's a bit of a fun experiment for me. I'm also jumping straight in at the deep end and am starting the season from the first competitive match: the CL qualifier against Standard Liege, but I am of course using the core tactic developed with West Ham and will be playing as I usually would. Having looked at the squad, this is my first starting line up: I'm starting with the Balanced mentality here as I simply don't know enough about my squad. I can see they're good - in my opinion good enough to feature in at least the knock out rounds of the CL and to win the league - but I need to watch to see what they're capable of and messing around too much with Mentality at this stage could cloud issues. It's also of note my AP (Pizzi) has the Trait "Gets Into Opposition Area", so I give him a support duty to begin with to see how the duty and Trait will combine. Watching the Match "Which highlights to use" is a fairly common question and the answer is whatever you are most comfortable with. However I personally follow @Cleon's advice here - especially when I'm learning about my squad and how they'll play with a tactical system - and that's to watch the first 10 or so minutes in full detail before switching to a highlights mode. While I'm still in this learning stage, watching those first 10 or so minutes is really important. If I was just watching highlights they're, well, just that - highlights. It means something has happened on the pitch which the game thinks I might like to watch. But I don't care what the game thinks, I want to see what's actually happening - how are we using the ball; are we pressing effectively; what do we do when we lose the ball; is my fullback offering the right support; is my striker doing what I want; and so on. I won't see that if all I watch is a highlight. Once I'm happy with what I see then I'll switch to highlights, or once I'm comfortable with how my team have been playing matches I'll start matches in a highlights mode, but not before. With that in mind, this is a recording of the first 12 mins of my very first match. I'll do a little write up on my thoughts below and how the match ultimately played out (the clip is about 7 mins long). Pros - We keep the ball well, patiently passing it around in all areas of the pitch. - Pressing is good. The first 5 mins we are basically camped in Standard's half. - Pizzi and Gabriel look good in midfield. - Seferovic (the striker) is putting himself about nicely. Cons - Rafa keeps giving the ball away. - We're erring too much on the side of possession vs penetration. - Standard are well drilled in defence. Breaking down this particular bus It's 0-0 at half time. We're dominating in all areas apart from goals scored. So what to do? What I'm not going to do is panic and start experimentally changing things. Both those first 12 mins and the rest of the half on key highlights told me a lot - we've actually had 9 shots in the first half, 5 of which forced saves from the keeper. So we're making good chances. Possession is above 70% and Standard are basically pinned in their own half. So here's what I decide to do: nothing at all. Doing nothing is a perfectly valid tactical decision, especially when you are getting to know your players and their capabilities. Further, why would I change anything? We're creating decent chances and playing Standard off the park. If we weren't creating good chances I might consider a change (although while I'm still in learning mode this early in the season I probably wouldn't), but we are. Anyway, we score two goals in the 54th and 55th minutes, finishing the game with a 2-0 win. Here's the final stats: 45 crosses (accounting for the 9 corners) is probably more than I'd like to see but it's just one match and different matches will be different. Something to keep an eye on though. If people are interested, I'll do another write up for a different match where I do make changes to break down the bus. Final Thoughts I've seen comments where people mention how the parked buses they face seem to dominate possession - or at least patiently pass the ball around at the back while their own forwards seemingly don't do much (or any) pressing. Parked buses are generally where I enjoy the most possession as parked buses are only really interested in clearing their lines. So my first question would be: is it actually a parked bus? There is a difference between a team playing defensively (or countering) and parking a bus. Secondly, if the opposition are passing it around, why is your pressing not working? Do you have the right combination of players, roles, duties, mentality, TIs and PIs? Watch the first 5 mins of that clip above - Standard are pinned deep inside their own half. All they can do is clear the ball on occasion. But pressing doesn't always happen (watch the next 5 mins) and it's unrealistic to expect that. So long as overall you are dominating, that's the important part - there will always be periods during the ebb and flow of a match where the other team will play a bit, so long as those periods aren't too long of course. (Another potential danger of watching just highlights ). If overall you are not dominating there is probably something inherently wrong with how you've set things up.
  9. This has now been opened as a new thread with the tactic uploaded in the Tactics Sharing forum, so I'll close this thread now. Please use the new thread for any further questions .
  10. @Mitja You're making a bit of a habit of coming into threads in the Tactics forum and saying the game is broken in one way or another. Please stop using that sort of language here as it gives people the wrong impression when they are trying to have tactical discussions. Nobody is denying there is room for change and improvement in the Match Engine. SI themselves have targeted forward's movement as one of the areas to improve, but that does not mean to say it is "broken" in it's current form. You only need to look around this forum or at rashidi's bust the net YouTube channel to see evidence of people still enjoying forward's movement and get tactical ideas of how you can improve things for yourself. So, by all means join in with constructive debate and advice if you like but please refrain from using such terms as "broken" as it's misleading. Room for improvement? Yes. Broken? No.
  11. Traits don't "override" tactical instructions. Other tactical instructions set the base level, which changes higher or lower as you change those instructions, Traits are then applied starting from that base level. I know I may be discussing semantics here, it's just when terms such as "override" are used others may get hold of the wrong end of the stick .
  12. Getting consistent performances from strikers (or anyone else for that matter) isn't just about the striker and his role. It's about everything in combination (the theme of this thread). Is he creating enough space for himself? Are other players creating space for him? Who and how is feeding him the ball to shoot? How are they getting the space to receive the ball in order to make the pass/cross to the striker? Unless you've done something really odd with your system, a consistently underperforming striker will most likely have little to do with the striker. If you want ideas, read the thread. If you still get stuck you could create a new thread, post your detailed tactical setup (screenshots ideally), describe the problems and someone may be able to give you more specific advice.
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