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  1. Here's how one of my central defenders improved their Jumping Reach: I wouldn't say that's a typical progression of JR but it is possible to improve. Perhaps more so if you specifically train it (which I didn't). But it really depends on what you want from your central defenders. Height, not just Jumping Reach, plays an important factor. Shorter central defenders are usually in short supply (pun intended) simply because they often need to deal with strong, physical forwards and lots of crosses. There are of course exceptions to this - Cannavaro perhaps notably - but other factors would be used to make up for these short comings (pun intended again ). Your young players will probably grow and develop their jumping reach naturally. It's perhaps unlikely they'll turn into 190cm monsters or even get much over (or reach) 180cm. So you have to ask yourself - do you want a relatively short central defender in your team? If the answer is yes then 1) pair him with a taller defender, not a 2nd shorter one; and 2) focus on improving his other defensive attributes. Keep an eye on how his JR develops though and consider training it specifically if you think it needs work - there's no downside to that. And yes I need to work on my puns .
  2. From a player development perspective, playing in matches helps their development - but so also does playing at the right competitive level and player performance during those matches. So, if you're winning the U21 Cup, your players must be performing quite well and at a decent competitive level. Therefore they'd likely get a small helping hand in development. It won't be much because Cup matches are few and far between, but every little helps. It's the Sky Cycling team adage: individually such little gains don't mean much, but collectively they can add up to make quite a difference.
  3. herne79

    Game feels "scripted"

    I read your posts and gave you 6 reasons why it happened. It was not intended to be patronising in the slightest, just pointing out why it happened - which is what you wanted. Do pre-match events have a big effect? Yes and no, but as I mentioned previously there is much more going on here than just pre-match events. Why "yes and no"? Because individually these pre-match events don't have a big effect but collectively they might do. But it's not just your team involved, the opposition are also going through the same process. And then there are tactical and motivational issues during the match itself - again for both you and the opposition. Don't discount what the opposition are up to. I gave you the Germany analogy. At the World Cup Germany didn't suddenly become a bad team. They are still a fantastic team full of great players. But they got overly confident - arrogant even - and didn't give their opponents the respect they deserved. Their opponents on the other hand were not only well up for the fight but also used good tactics of their own. And so you wanted reasons: Manager and team complacency; opposition fired up in their relegation battle; tactical issues for you and the opposition. It's these things in combination with each other that's at the bottom of this which collectively have had a large effect. Not one or two things in isolation.
  4. A BBM is not a CM(s) with more roaming added, I don't know where you've picked that up from. There may be similarities but there are differences. Lots of roles have more differences that just PIs. In short, if you want to use a certain role then use that role, not something else and amend the PIs .
  5. herne79

    I gave up

    Spend 5 mins reading the requests for help in the Tactics forum and you might change your mind .
  6. True. Using a DM will push your defenders a little deeper. It won't be exactly the same as a different mentality but it'll be near enough you wouldn't notice the difference.
  7. herne79

    What Goes Into Youth Intake

    Yup. They're 15 or 16 year old kids and can easily be trained into a different position. eg., get a short central defender? Train him as a DM instead. Have a CM with good tackling skills? Train him as a DM if you're short there. It's not a massive step from MC to DM for example.
  8. Maybe I'm being too literal, but this thread isn't about defending a one goal lead late on. Here's the OP: "Whenever I am winning by a few goals against someone they always manage to score a goal in the last 15 mins and im not sure how to combat it" Combat what exactly? Winning 4-1 instead of 4-0? Like I said, maybe I'm being too literal but I'm not really seeing an issue here?
  9. I know you've commented in my Strikerless thread. That uses the game's mechanics to create a system originally inspired by Roma's strikerless 41410. It's not cheating when you use game mechanics to create a winning formula. Were Roma cheating when they beat (almost) everyone in 2006? Was Pep cheating when he won everything with Barcelona? So how are you cheating if your system is successful? Unless you are somehow manipulating the data using an Editor or you've hacked the code... Be happy! You're winning!
  10. You can't actually cancel the Youth team, but you could just not employ any youngsters or youth team staff. There would still be some (small) running costs for your actual facilities, but at least you'd save the player and staff wage bill.
  11. herne79

    Axel müller model citizen

    True, although it largely depends on the countries/leagues you have loaded and your in game scouting knowledge. Not all players are always loaded in people's games, especially fairly obscure ones such a Axel Muller.
  12. There are no attributes associated with Team Cohesion. What improving Team Cohesion actually does is affect something called "Blend". Blend is a Match Engine modifier which influences how your team performs during a match. Therefore better Team Cohesion = better Blend = better match performance (all other things being equal).