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  1. It's not a cheat (although others might disagree). What it is is unrealistic, so if you input something unrealistic (e., the tactic) you might get unrealistic results as the output. But at the same time the tactic creator and match engine should be applauded for being this flexible. We're free to play the game however we choose. We can choose to play as realistically (or not) as we want to. Everybody plays the game differently. It is of course perfectly possible to get similar results playing in a more realistic manner if you want to, it just may take a little more time as you develop the squad further. TL;DR play the game however you enjoy playing it.
  2. I can see an argument to put some basic guidelines into the game, so for example "Gegenpress - suitable for teams with lost of stamina, work rate and aggression" perhaps. But on the other hand the line needs to be drawn somewhere otherwise we get spoon fed and little is left up to us to decide. So find things for ourselves in a natural or organic way. Try things out - see what works and what doesn't. It's ok to make mistakes .
  3. Then stop using the tactic?
  4. herne79

    Training in FM19

    Mentoring groups are made up of players in the same squad.
  5. herne79

    [Italy] Data Issues

    And comments on childish level. This is not a discussion forum. Nor is it a place for venting and making asinine comments. Neither is it the first time I've had to say these things. Post strictly in accordance with the guidelines made in the opening post or don't post. Further examples of this type of stupidity will not be tolerated and will result in time away from the forum. Researchers have been putting in massive effort in order to make our enjoyment of the game better. Nobody is infallible and mistakes can be made. Post constructively if you spot something and it might get changed. Post like this and nothing will happen other than getting yourself banned. This applies to everyone who posts in this thread. PM me if you have an issue with it.
  6. Great observation for people who want to try putting loads of youngsters into the senior squad to "get around" mentoring players in the same squad only .
  7. Don't be daft. The OP said he's using the preset Gegenpress tactic but has adapted it, and is seeing lots of crossing. So does he see similar amounts of crossing using just the base preset? If he doesn't then he'll know it's something he's done and has a comparison to work from which may give him ideas of what to tweak to sort things out. In the mean time, if you have anything constructive to add for the OP feel free to chip in rather than making silly comments.
  8. @enigmatic This is something I've discussed with @Seb Wassell. There are restrictions around transferring Traits during Mentoring, for example the players need to be getting on well and the player himself needs to meet certain criteria to be able to learn the Trait(s) such as position and relevant attributes. I agreed with Seb to ask people to monitor in their Beta saves how Trait learning (via Mentoring) goes and to report any odd looking ones in the Training Issues Forum. As @SD has already opened a new thread there now with his example, probably a good place to put any further examples we find .
  9. What problem? You have a "Good" atmosphere in the locker room. If that really a problem? Regardless, what have you done about team cohesion? Did you set it up in Training? Did you send the players on intensive language courses? Did you ask your captain to welcome the new recruits when they arrived? Are they moaning about their lack of game time and if so what did you do to their morale? In other words what did you do, as their Manager, to help settle them in and deal with their playing time desires?
  10. Sod's law . The answer is breaking the spiral of decline. The longer the barren spell, the worse morale and confidence becomes. Could a tactical tweak help? Sure, but that's not the only answer. The trick is to get their confidence back. You don't have a reserve team, but could you perhaps arrange a mid week friendly or two against poor quality opposition? Score a few goals there and morale will pick up. You've tried all the talk options. Maybe try giving the youngster a chance for a few matches (he can't do any worse) and leave your 2 problem strikers on the bench / in the stands for a while. They may end up complaining, at which point you can say fine, I'll give you a run but I expect you to perform (or whatever the wording is). Is there anything in their coach reports about a lack of consistency, pressure, big matches etc? That'll have an impact on their performance too. Ultimately a tactical tweak may be the answer. Yes they've previously performed ok but teams may be getting wise to your team's performance and might be playing differently against you now, denying the space your strikers perhaps once enjoyed. Just guessing there, but still a potential issue.
  11. If he has a good personality (high professionalism for example) / determination then sure, that can be a good idea. Your main problem with this player will be his Physical abilities. He'll be slow, low stamina, probably low work rate as well. As he's a central defender that may not matter quite so much as if he were a winger for example, however it'll still hamper his ability to defend. A high intensity system, with lots of pressing and a high defensive line is probably a bad idea for this player, as that type of system may rely more physical abilities than a more passive system.
  12. As before, there is only so much pressing you can set. The total amount is an accumulation of all tactical settings, not just the PI.
  13. A more thorough guide is being worked on, ready for the game's full release. In the mean time this is our chance to get into things, mess around and try to break it. And then give feedback about your impressions of actually using the new systems. However, no guide is guide is going to give you a set formula of what to do. The intention here is to create something more natural and organic, not simply connect the dots as we used to.
  14. herne79

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    Different people find enjoyment in the game in different ways. If you don't like it you don't have to use it. Calling people silly names just because they happen to enjoy the game in a different way to you says more about you than them. Please don't post like that again.