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  1. How? Players in teams with far fewer than 7 coaches can still see good development. The number (and quality) of coaches are just one part of player development so it's unlikely that having 7 coaches will "really harm" player development. Coaches, facilities, playing time, morale, injuries, age, how you set up training programs and a player's own attributes / personality are just a few of the influencing factors. A decent starting point for development is to assign your assistant manager to look after General Training while you take control of individual training. It'll take a few
  2. Do you replay matches that you win? Why not? It's the exact same thing after all because the Match Engine doesn't know who the AI manager and human manager is. If it can't tell the difference it can't favour one over the other. How do you know those tactical set ups were any good if all you were doing was trying them out for the first time in a match you were replaying? And what about your team's tactical familiarity with those new tactics? The bottom line is this has nothing to do with "greater forces" at play or SI not talking to statisticians. The best thing you can do is
  3. You can always try it. However, if you buy a senior player you have to agree game time (squad status) with him. He's not going to be very happy if you then dump him in the U18s.
  4. They're not supposed to just work, SI have even said as much. They are there as a starting point only, something for you to use and adjust depending on your players and opposition. They may work in some situations and some presets may work better than others without adjustment, but they never have been tactics you can just load up and play. However, that isn't communicated very well in game though.
  5. You can kind of already do it - pick a Mentality (I'd recommend Balanced) and don't touch it again. Use your other tactical settings to set up your system in combination with your player's capabilities and try it out. If you need to make tactical changes during a match, just change tactical settings other than mentality. It's actually a pretty interesting way of playing as you start to rely more on your players and, in my opinion, can understand better how everything interacts. Without a massive re-write, getting rid of Mentality would possibly mean just that anyway: locking it to a Me
  6. I see 2 points of view: 1) The bigots who are rightly dealt with swiftly by the Mod team. Good job. 2) Those who say the core game should be sorted out before such an expansion - the resources being allocated should instead be diverted back into the original game to improve that. However in my experience that's not how business models work. If you start a new project, you look to secure funding for that project. If that project goes ahead then you have the resources made available to you. If it doesn't go ahead, those resources don't simply get channeled back into your core
  7. There can still be progression however you may tend to see better results with leagues that are loaded.
  8. Pretty much any change you make "can" affect tactical familiarity, however the impact can be so tiny it'll make zero difference. Have a quick read of this - scroll down a little way to the section "Best Practise - Pre Season". Purely visual and just an indicator to give people a visual check. Feel free to ignore it once you get a feel for your team , players and how they play. For all intents and purposes, no. Treat it as a visual indicator only, although once you become more familiar with your players and their abilities feel free to ignore it as you'll find
  9. Yet more word salad and exaggerations. How utterly pointless it is trying to offer analysis and advice to you. The cold hard truth is you don't know nearly as much as you believe you do and until you accept that and actually listen you will continue to have these issues. A poor workman always blames his tools. @roykela You're wasting your time, good effort though. @HUNT3R @XaW @themadsheep2001 Probably a good idea to close this thread as this person clearly doesn't want a tactical discussion (or indeed any sort of discussion) but rather just peddle his nonsense.
  10. It's no wonder you frequently see results such as you posted above if you play like that. You have 2 pretty aggressive wingbacks (from your chosen mentality, their given roles/duty and telling them to overlap) who'll be pushing forward often without much in the way of midfield cover. You look to press very high + very aggressively and combine that with telling everyone to mark their opponents tightly along with being happy to let your defenders go to ground when trying to tackle. One slip or clever opposition movement and you'll be caught flat footed. In attack you seem to rely on
  11. Post a screen shot of the tactic you used when you had that result and detail what (if anything) you changed during the match. Whenever you have posted results like this before - and you've posted quite a lot - you have never once posted a screenshot of your system. Well this is the Tactics forum so if you really do want help then a picture of your tactic and detail of what you changed is required.
  12. Any player can play any role. Different players will play the same role differently. So there's nothing to say Muenta can't play as a TM, he'll just play it differently than your current TM does. However, whether that difference will still combine nicely with your other players is the million dollar question and only trying him out in that role will be able to answer that (in pre-season friendlies for example). It's also important to remember that a different role can impact your system elsewhere. What I'd suggest is use pre-season to try things out. See if giving Muenta the TM r
  13. I've been pinged a couple of times here so one thing I'll add if going down this road - it's important to understand the relationship between the role you give to a player and the player's own attributes / Traits. Each player will play the same role in a different way because of their attributes & Traits. The example I usually use here is the Trequartista. If you read the Treq's definition and look at the defined PIs for the role, you'll expect the role to be all flair and no trousers - a genius on the ball but a passenger when possession is lost. We've probably all seen that clip
  14. I agree there is always room for improvement. One other point to mention is FM's "time squish". In real life managers get the same (or similar) questions asked to them week in week out, which undoubtedly becomes repetitive as well, but they only get questions once a week (maybe twice). In FM we'll get the same overall number of press conferences (probably with fewer questions) but we'll get 50 press conferences (and 100+ questions) in the space of a 2 hour game session. So it becomes even more repetitive much more quickly for us. So yes, more variety will always be welcome but the ver
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