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  1. Should be fixed. Your quote above looks ok now. Let me know if there are further problems. Basically the issue related to copying over HTML that had a hardcoded width and height embedded into it, resulting in an HTML layer that was basically invisible but sitting on "top" of the quote/edit/etc. links. Whatever that means .
  2. It's not a bug. When you create your players you are unwittingly giving them a Current Ability which exceeds the maximum allowed of 200. But the game will still only show it as 200. So if you create someone with a CA of, say, 250 (or even 201) the game will still show it as 200. Therefore (and as hunt3r says above) when you get into the game after a few days attributes will be adjusted down across the board to equate to the 200 CA cap. When you create players, adjust their attributes until the CA shows 199. That way you'll know they don't exceed the 200 cap and you won't see lots of reductions after a few days.
  3. a) Yes. If a player is nowhere near his potential - even if he has a super low potential - it's always worth developing the player if he's suitable for your level. Attributes are relevant to the level at which you are playing, so developing a striker's Finishing (for example) from 5 to 7 is worthwhile. b) Attributes always trump CA at any level. c) Circles are never anything more than a guide - a starting point - and relevant to your squad's level. Use it as a guide to then look at the player himself and decide if he has the attributes required for the role you want him to play. d) You can play any tactical style at any level so long as you have the players for it.
  4. Can't help. I tried editing your post but it won't get rid of the white space so something's on a wonk. Sometimes these things just sort themselves out (technology ) but I'll flag it to the board admin in case Gizmo's been fed after midnight again and they need to fetch the water.
  5. What do you look for in a BWM? And, as @Tsuru says above, are you perhaps focussing on position as well? One other thought - if you already have 2 players who can play as BWM, why do you need a third?
  6. Players won't lose ability because of rest. If they spend too much time resting they may not gain ability quite as quickly (although they may still due to playing matches) but they won't lose ability.
  7. There's no formula to say when you should or shouldn't do something. All you can do is consider the injury risk reports you get, balancing that against things such as the intensity of your tactic, player's Natural Fitness and Injury Proneness, squad rotation and recent injuries. There are never any guarantees - even the fittest of players can pick up an injury, all we can do is try to minimise the risk. There are a couple of training guides pinned to the top of the forum which may help further.
  8. No, that's not what I said. They will not train for their tactical role and position if you don't touch individual training. They will only train for a role and position if you do touch individual training. If you don't touch individual training your players will just focus on their General Training.
  9. If you buy the (official) in game editor you won't be able to change anything in an existing save game unless you selected "allow use of IGE" when you went through the game creation process.
  10. For FM19, no. He'll train position there and whatever role is selected as the training (which does not have to be his playing role). Role training is nothing more than focussing training on a selection of attributes, so if you want a player to focus on training certain attributes which happens to differ from the role he plays in your tactic, go right ahead.
  11. They don't "overrule". These tactical settings have a cumulative effect. Mentality sets the starting point of tactical settings. Team Instructions adjust that starting point. Player Instructions then adjust things further. And Traits make one final adjustment. In that order. If the Trait to run with ball often (for example) overruled everything else, all of your other tactical settings which relate to dribbling would be completely ignored by any player who happened to have that Trait - which is not how it works. Example (I'm going to oversimplify here, this isn't how things actually work and is purely for illustration): Balanced Mentality = 0; TI to Dribble Less = -1; PI to Dribble More = +1; Trait to run with ball often = +1; Cumulative total = +1. Balanced Mentality = 0; TI to Dribble More = +1; PI to Dribble More = +1; Trait to run with ball often = +1; Cumulative total = +3. So in the second example, exactly the same player using the exact same Inside Forward role will tend to dribble more often than in the first example. In other words, a cumulative effect. (Don't get hung up on the "0", "-1" or "+1" above. In reality weightings are different and more complex. It's just to give you an idea what a cumulative effect means).
  12. A saved copy of a match you've played which can be uploaded in a thread post for SI developers to take a look at the coding.
  13. SI have said it's something they are aware of but need match pkms to be provided for further evidence to work on. So if anybody has some match pkms where this happens, please upload them to that thread linked above with the in match timings of when the issue occurs.
  14. Training programs are built around each squad's match days and your Reserves tend to have different match days to your senior squad. So unless they played all of their matches on exactly the same day as your seniors, you can't really have exactly the same training program. What you can do however is ensure your Reserves are using the same tactic as your senior squad (found under Staff Responsibilities > Reserves) which may give you a broadly similar training program (assuming you have a member of staff control general training).
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