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  1. First of all, welcome back . In previous versions of FM, Team Shape (aka Style, aka Fluidity) and Creative Freedom were two different things. Since FM15 (I think it was, someone will correct me if I'm wrong) Creative Freedom was added to the Team Shape setting. Now, more Structured shapes have less creative freedom, whilst more fluid shapes increase creative freedom. So why am I banging on about Creative Freedom when you asked about being more expressive and roaming more? This is taken from the FAQs in the Tactics Forum (you'll find more info on Team Shape there as well) https://community.sigames.com/topic/374464-frequently-asked-questions/: "Creative Freedom affects how willing and by how much a player will deviate from their assigned task. With more Creative Freedom, a player can rely more on his own mental attributes (eg. decision making) to decide when to attempt something "outside of the box" which would more usually be dictated by your own tactical settings. You may see a player attempt more risky passes; dribble more; off the ball runs. This can lead to a loss of structure in your team but of course can lead to greater rewards." Pretty similar right? Be More Expressive, Be More Disciplined and Roam More remain as choices you can make from the Team Instructions screen, which will overlay on top of your Mentality and Team Shape selections. So you can still change these settings to suit your own play style if you so wish. There is no "suggested" way to apply these settings, just be aware of what your chosen Team Shape does before injecting additional roaming/expression.
  2. Great stuff . I've been considering an upgrade to Ryzen, but with the posted results I'm now leaning more toward an i5 7600k. I ran the tests with my current set up (below for reference) and the 7600k seems to give more bang for the buck. Computer type: Custom desktop CPU: Intel i5 3570k CPU Frequency: 3400 MHz RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz CL9 OS: Win 7 64-bit Storage: SSD Test A Time: 6 min 03 sec Test B Time: 10 min 34 sec
  3. @Seb Wassell I noticed your posts in the Suggestions forum re. PA and how there have been some changes made to provide greater variety of personality in newgens, found here: It made me wonder if what @ilkork has been discussing in this and a previous thread may be linked? Long story short (I appreciate you may not have be familiar with this), ilkork has noticed what he believes to be an issue with some attributes - particularly hidden attributes - either not developing properly and/or being set too low, such as consistency and big matches. If the DB has now been adjusted as you mention above to "produce more Balotellis or Ravel Morrisons", could this be a factor? As you say, in 9 out of 10 saves you want them to waste their potential, but one out of 10 they become world class. I guess it probably isn't quite that cut and dried, but it just made me wonder if this could be a reason for the lack of development that ilkork has seen.
  4. I'm honestly pleased to see this. Your perseverance is a lesson to us all. 3+ seasons of results like that is not luck, you're clearly doing things right and you might owe @Svenc a beer or two .
  5. Ahh I understand, it's Mr L's bespoke front end software that automatically tests tactics by somehow avoiding the use of instant result, simulate match and the ass. manager. Unfortunately he doesn't say how it plays each match. I reckon Luigi is actually a robot programmed to play FM 24/7 .
  6. Welcome to the forum . Try the Tactics Sharing forum linked at the top if you want to try a ready made tactic. Alternatively if you are trying to create your own tactic and need some help, please link all the detail and tell us what issues you are having.
  7. @knap how exactly is the testing carried out?
  8. In the Tactics Forum we quite often see new or inexperienced managers (or even more experienced managers, guilty!) of over elaborating or over using Team Instructions after the team Mentality has been applied. When this is pointed out, more often than not the player concerned simply hasn't realised that selecting Mentality also changes default settings for the Team Instructions. I'd suggest a reason for this is that there is no context given in the TI screen. I'll give examples below to show what I mean, but for the sake of brevity I'll only refer to "Closing Down", although this can equally apply to Tempo, Width, Defensive Line and Passing Directness. When presented with the Tactics screen, the new manager (lets call him Dave) will click the Team Instructions box, possibly already having selected Mentality and Team Shape. Perhaps Dave fancies Attacking football and this is what he sees for Closing Down having already selected the Attacking mentality: But there is no context for Dave to compare this to. He just sees "Sometimes" and thinks he needs to add more on without realising the chosen mentality has already increased his Closing Down. Here is what Closing Down looks like in comparison to the Defensive mentality (Defensive at the top): Now with some context the green bar makes much more sense, and provides the visual indication Dave needs. For me, the problem is two fold: 1) The word "Sometimes" is misleading. Closing Down is very far from just "Sometimes" when using the Attacking mentality for example. Solution: change the word to "Normal" ie., it becomes "normal" in relation to the chosen mentality (tooltip needed to make that clear). 2) Provide a simple median line across the green bar to show where the set Closing Down for the chosen mentality is in relation to where an average amount of Closing Down is (which is actually where the Standard mentality sets it). For example (and excuse my rudimentary Paint skills) this is how the same Closing Down for the Attack mentality shown above could look: And this is for the same Defensive mentality Closing Down image: The yellow "Avg" line is a simple fixed point to show some on screen context, without needing to flick between Mentalities to see how things change. Now, regardless of the word used, we can visually see how much Mentality changes the default amount of Closing Down. So it's now more obvious that the Attacking mentality sets an above average amount of Closing Down, whereas the Defensive mentality is below average. (Obviously I'm just using Attacking and Defensive as examples, the same would apply to all mentalities).
  9. No. Some may not be able to analyse things as others do, but it doesn't make them "unfit" to play FM. It may limit their ability to tweak tactical systems during matches, but tweaking isn't always necessary if the core tactic is sound. Plus there are plenty of tactics available to download that whilst they may not guarantee you win the CL every year, they'll almost certainly bring you some measure of success. That in turn can free up enjoyment in other areas, such as squad building or youth development. Add to this your own players may start to feel the pressure as well. Now you have an aggressive AI, using players who may have just had a morale boost, whilst your own might be feeling under the cosh. That's not a good recipe. Defensive tactics are all well and good, and absolutely have a place, but sometimes you need a pressure release - an outlet - to get the ball back down the other end of the pitch and put the AI back under pressure.
  10. In certain circumstances, and only for the odd individual player, high teamwork for that specific player may be detrimental to what you are trying to achieve. A good example would be if you wanted to create a very goal focused goal moocher type of player - someone who basically doesn't do much except get on the end of crosses or through balls to take shots at goal. The classic "Poacher". Sometimes you may want a "selfish" player in such a circumstance, a player who's really only looking to score. Therefore a player with low teamwork may be ideal. CR7 scored for fun for me as a Poacher, and I even seriously considered buying Balotelli for my West Ham save until I went with Lapadula instead (much cheaper and also scored for fun).
  11. @TheJanitor @westy8chimp What I was alluding to has more to do with how the AP is supposed to get the ball to the RMD on the opposite flank, not the space being created. An AP is not set up to provide crosses (although he will of course), he's set up to make through balls. With the RMD on the opposite flank, defenders closing in on him and at least two team mates in the way (the CMa and F9), he's going to have to make some pretty consistently exceptional passes to get the ball over to the RMD to turn the RMD into the OP's wish of being the main scorer. If using an AP, I'd want him more centrally placed to be better positioned to help out the RMD.
  12. Cheers. I was in Serie A when I made the jump . Re. the keepers' passing, I really wanted to highlight this to help people understand that just because you instruct a player to do something doesn't mean to say he'll actually do it. It's the same thing as telling a striker to shoot less often but he still does it, or telling defenders to play out of defence but they still boot it long - because they don't have a practical option available to carry out the instruction. But yeh, with the keeper I may experiment but I'm not too bothered. One decent looking keeper regen, but still in the youth team at present. I could put up a squad review if people are interested. I've previously written quite a bit about training, youth development and so on in other threads (linked in the stickies at the top of the forum) so didn't want to bore people with that again. Besides, I'm not really sticking around for too long at clubs before I move on (to keep this thread moving along if nothing else) so I'm not paying much attention to youth development in this save. I'll probably be doing some squad building during the next transfer window, so will update those dealings.
  13. To add to this. Playmakers are coded into the game to act kind of like ball magnets. Your team will look to play to them and through them when they can. With the RMD on the other side of the pitch to your playmaker, it's unlikely he'll be getting the service he needs.
  14. Removing posts isn't constructive, so please no more silly bickering.
  15. One the one hand, lower Teamwork can indeed help players be more selfish. If I'm using a Poacher for example, I want a player with low teamwork - I pay him to score goals and not much else. A Raumdeuter is kind of a wide Poacher. On the other hand, the Raumdeuter (Thomas Muller) has a very high Teamwork attribute, so go figure. But then he isn't (and never has been) Bayern's main scorer. There's possibly only one player that comes to mind who has (possibly) been a Raumdeuter and main scorer, and that's CR7 - but these days he's more of a central striker anyway. And on the third hand (yes I have 3), getting the Raumdeuter to be your primary scorer is going to come down to tactical settings and a player with the right attributes. He needs to be fed properly (eg., by through balls), he'll need great movement, and the right space created for him.