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  1. Training setup.

    Forget the role bars. The primary purpose of training is to improve attributes. If you feel the best way to improve the attributes you want improved is by choosing a role that you aren't that interested in, go ahead and pick it. Think of the "roles" you pick as labels which define a combination of attributes.
  2. Missing training is one thing, his performance on the pitch is something else entirely. How's he playing? If he's performing well on the pitch then let him have his parties. If he isn't, carry on fining him and if no improvement then get rid. Tutoring might also help if he meets all the criteria and you have someone suitable.
  3. psycho!

    The BWM is one of my favourite roles and I tend to use one a lot. However it can be quite dependant on the type of player you use in the role. I like my BWMs to have high levels of Aggression (to compliment the aggressive nature of the role); great Tackling (mis-timing tackles will lead to trouble); and good Mental attributes (such as Determination, Work Rate, Decisions, Positioning). What are complete no-nos for me are players who dive into tackles and/or dirty players ("likes to bend the rules"). As the OP has a player with both of those "bad" traits, I'd get rid and replace asap. My BWMs get only a few yellow cards (perhaps just one or two single match bans per season for yellow cards) and I can't remember the last time I had one sent off. Also be aware of tactical settings. The BWM is an aggressive role - increasing that aggression via tactical settings such as harder tackling, more closing down and so on may cause issues, especially if you have a less than ideal player in the role.
  4. You also say the CB threw a tantrum and then your entire squad sided with him, then morale dropped. What conversation(s) did you have with your squad? If players side with another player, you tend to get the option to hold a team meeting. If that happens to me I tell the squad "it would weaken our team if I sold him" (or whatever the words are) and that cheers them up. And welcome back @Cleon, good to see you posting again .
  5. Half-Back

    This is the Tactics & Training discussion forum. If you want to discuss other aspects or speculate about FM18, please use the General Discussion forum.
  6. How do coaches reach their PA?

    Would quality / rep of club also have an impact? So would a high potential coach/scout/whoever have more chance of achieving that potential at say Barcelona rather than Leeds or Gainsborough?
  7. Occasionally an in game event can trigger a large increase (or decrease) in an attribute or even a player's overall ability. That's what it refers to.
  8. Some have complained. Others don't see it as an issue and quite happily play with wingers. Either way, there are plenty of threads about this already. Start with rashidi's Gloucester 442 thread or nabskebabs' ranieri replication.
  9. His CA won't drop or not improve while learning the PPM. It's to do with the mechanics of the game: 1) CA (Current Ability) is a hidden value between 1 and 200 which cannot exceed a player's PA (Potential Ability). It's a calculation derived from a number of factors including such things as the player's attributes, positions and their "footedness" amongst other things. As players grow and develop, their attributes increase and thus their CA will also increase. The game then kind of uses CA to track player development and ultimately ensure the player doesn't exceed his potential. I'm simplifying a lot here but hopefully you get the idea. 2) PPMs are not a factor in the CA calculation. The PPM to improve the weaker foot doesn't actually improve the weaker foot value (which is a hidden value between 1 and 20) - it just gives the player the ability to improve his weaker foot. Once the weaker foot starts to develop after the PPM has been learned, the increase in that weaker foot value then feeds into the CA calculation. So if more value is being added into the CA score from a higher weaker foot value, this leaves slightly less headroom for other factors (such as attributes) to increase. But we're only talking small amounts here because as said above, there are limits to how much the weaker foot can develop. TL;DR - develop players how you want them to fit into your playing system and style.
  10. Not really. Yes it does take up some CA, and if you could develop someone's weaker foot from a starting point of 1 to the maximum of 20 it would take up a fair amount of CA. But you can't do that in game. There are limits to how much the weaker foot can be developed and it depends on the starting point, so in practise the actual amount of CA that might get used is much lower. For example, if the starting point is less than 10 that player can't develop his weaker foot to any more than 10.
  11. Short answer - yes. Longer answer - the level of football (and your facilities) can affect both the amount of improvement and the rate at which players develop. As @Seb Wassell likes to say, you're aiming for the "goldilocks" zone: put a player into matches that are too tough or too easy and it can affect his development, so try to involve him in matches that are "just right" (his player rating can be a basic guide). So for example, put an 18 year old Messi into Shrewsbury Town and his rate of development will probably be much less than if you put him into Barcelona, because Shrewsbury's facilities, coaches and matches are at a lower level than Barcelona's.
  12. fyi you can usually associate the AI's chosen mentality with how many attack duty players they are fielding. Fewer attack duty players = lower mentality; more attack duties = higher mentality.
  13. Manager Attributes

    We know nothing about FM18 at the moment. Things have improved between FM15 and FM17, but some manager attributes can still be slower than others to develop.