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  1. Good start. Now play 3 or 4 matches without changing things and see how it works .
  2. @ashlfcowen Keep an eye on how the DLP, the AP and the TQ are playing together. That's 3 playmaker type roles all in close proximity. There's no reason why it can't work, just bear in mind how you are trying to play and what you want to achieve. You mentioned my attacking / possession thread above and your TQ here was inspired by that. I really wanted my TQ to be my star player - my Messi inspiration if you will - and use of other playmakers in my system may have taken away from that. Of course if you aren't really aiming for that then no issue, other than making sure they are combin
  3. There isn't any such thing as an "exploit" tactic. However there are "unbalanced" tactics, which are tactics that simply don't work. There are tactics which are crafted - they are logically thought through. TI's and PIs and other tactical settings which are duly considered, constructed and, above all else, understood. There are tactics which are calculated - pulled together via a laborious process of trial and error until a satisfactory conclusion is arrived at. This is usually done by simming through seasons with one or more clubs trying out various systems until something is fou
  4. For Physios and Sports Scientists just focus on their Physio / Sp Science attributes. Personality, Determination etc are just nice to have and way more important for your coaching staff, not your medical team.
  5. A few years ago there were many complaints about how wingers did not track back enough. Perhaps there may be scope to add a new player Trait along the lines of "always stays forward" or some such. Maybe that would then help encourage specific players (such as Messi) to do this, rather than changing the game code again which would impact all players.
  6. Great job, always good to see new articles being written, especially when things have been thought through and presented well . I know it's a description of your personal experiences so if you don't mind I'll just make a couple of observations. I'm probably teaching you to suck eggs here, I just didn't really get enough of the following from your great write up. Regarding players and tactics. I know you have laid out specific sections for each - for me it's important to bring them together as they are intrinsically linked. So for example the tactical settings we use are the tenden
  7. Yes it has been around for years and potentially always be. But unless people explicity state precisely what they have been doing to reach such over achievement and provide game save examples, it may not necessarily be easy for SI to recreate, assess and improve. Reading through this thread it seems there is more than one way in which people are finding things "easy" so the more examples provided the better.
  8. How? What strategies did you use exactly? Which detailed tactic(s)? What transfers / loans did you use? How did you set up Training? Which match highlights did you use? How did you manage match day? Team Talks? News conferences? Player interaction? And so on. The more detail you can give SI, the better they may be able to understand where issues lie and what they may be able to do about it.
  9. My inner Maradona and Riquelme are silently crying inside at the thought of having to share the space . Seriously though, anything can work within the right framework but because you are trying something extremely unorthodox not many people can you give you immediate advice. Try it out, see how you get on, report back. Just don't tell Diego, he's got enough issues as it is.
  10. I'm afraid not. There are certainly a number of people who do post like that but the vast majority of people asking for help in that forum either need help to define / refine a certain style of play or are simply inexperienced and need help pulling together something (anything). @Dagenham_Dave is on the right lines here. However, the Tactics forum is not where people who find the game easy hang out. I think the people who find the game easy want levels of difficulty so that the game caters to everyone - easy mode for inexperienced people, hard mode for people who want more of a challen
  11. To an extent I'd agree however sometimes people want to play as Barca/Bayern/Liverpool and still want "hard mode". So "hard mode" can actually be much more interesting and varied than just picking a "harder" team. For example: 1) Lots of talk about playing attacking football. ok, then design a tactical system which uses no TIs and PIs, the Balanced mentality (or harder yet, the Defensive mentality) but without playing 3 strikers or overloading the AMC position with multiple attacking players, but still play attacking football. 2) Lots of talk about gegenpress too. So fine, desi
  12. Flippant answers get you nowhere. If you want to be taken seriously, create a thread in the Bugs Forum. In that thread you explain in detail exactly how you are playing the game such as your detailed tactics, how you have used the transfer system, how you manage morale, how you manage match day, your training programs and so on. In other words detail precisely which aspects you have found to be easy. You then also upload your game save. Ideally you do all of this across multiple different game saves at different levels of football clubs. This will allow SI to investigate exactly
  13. How exactly would people like it to be harder? What specific aspects? It's no good saying just make the ME harder or the AI smarter. That doesn't actually say anything. What specific aspects do you find too easy? So for example: 1) Match Engine. Lets assume for a moment that SI implement a way that the ME can determine which team is human controlled and which is AI controlled (it can't at present). This is important if you want the ME to have a difficulty setting. So, how to give the ME a difficulty setting? Reduce the human controlled player's Consistency? Make defenders less l
  14. Yes and often do. But using the Defensive Mentality is not the same thing as playing defensively (if that's what you're asking), nor is it the same thing as catenaccio. (Also worth noting that Herrera himself said catenaccio was often misunderstood and could actually be quite attacking). Mentality is your starting point, your broad framework. The rest of your system and your players determines how it all comes together and the style of football you play. For example in one of my saves in FM20 my Board wanted me to play attractive and attacking football. I used the Defensive menta
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