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  1. With the counter mentality you are telling your players to play in a slow patient manner when attacking, hoping to create few chances, but good ones. Work Ball Into Box increases this behaviour. So, you need movement to create space for players to be available for passes. But the opposition aren't just going to sit around and let you do it. With a narrow formation like that, space in the central zone is at a premium and the opposition will do everything they can to deny you that space. So if your players cant find space to be available for a pass, your player with the ball can end up taking a shot (or getting tackled). They simply run out of options. You're probably playing a little too patiently with not enough movement in a packed area. Someone with great passing at AMC can also help - someone who has the ability (and role) to help find that all important final through ball.
  2. With counter attacking football (aka "playing on the break") you're primarily looking to sit deep, standing off the opposition and inviting them forward to attack you. The idea here is that they over commit numbers forward in their attack before you win the ball back and then hit them at pace with the ball, flooding players forward quickly to overwhelm their now fragile defence before they can reorganise. To achieve this, it's important to understand how the match engine behaves here. When the ME recognises a counter attack is on (it follows a set of logical rules), the ME takes control of your players, making them ultra attack minded for the duration of the counter. Therefore any tactical settings you employ are only used when your team are not counter attacking. So, if you are looking to play in this manner, it's useful to set your team up in such a way that will encourage this behaviour in the ME. Your formation is a big part of that - if you have a top heavy formation such as a 4-2-3-1, it's unlikely your opponent will over commit players forward in attack as you have 4 advanced players of your own. Thus the opponent will likely keep several players deep to mark them all rather than sending them forward. Therefore deeper formations (such as the 4-1-4-1) can become more useful as you are leaving fewer players forward, so the opposition may become more free in over committing players in attack. Your chosen mentality can also help here. The Defensive and Counter mentalities can be useful as those mentalities set your defensive line deep with little closing down, thus encouraging the opposition forward. That may sound contrary to what I said earlier, but remember this is only to do with when you are defending. In possession, and when a counter attack is not on (which will be most of the time) you'll be playing in a slow patient manner using those mentalities (ie., not fast, direct, vertical football). It's only when a counter attack starts, which immediately follows the defensive phase, that the ME takes control and gets things moving quickly. One other important thing to remember. The AI managers are more than capable of playing in this manner against you. Have you ever seen someone on these forums say they've been "FM'd"? "I had 20 shots on goal, couldn't score yet the AI had 2 shots, scored and we lost". Sound familiar? It's usually because the AI team set up in such a way as to play deep and wait for that time they could quickly hit the player with a counter attack. I've only given you a brief overview here. If you want to know more (there are some other technical aspects) this thread is the best place to go https://community.sigames.com/topic/362162-the-art-of-counter-attacking/.
  3. Because the person asking the question wanted to play "fast, direct, vertical football". The default tactical settings which the counter attack mentality uses is pretty much the polar opposite of that. The counter mentality aims to pass the ball around patiently waiting for a decent chance to open up. Whereas the Attack mentality (and to a slightly lesser extent the Control mentality) aims to get the ball forwards much quicker and in a more direct manner, hence my response. Playing on the break is a different kettle of fish entirely.
  4. At that age he probably won't retrain very well and you could actually see some of his attributes decline to compensate for position training. However, if he has the right attributes he'll probably make a decent enough back up central defender as the only real "penalty" for playing a player out of position is a bit of a hit to his Decisions attribute.
  5. I'm not saying any of that. I'm saying because your solitary main striker is playing in the AMC position against 2 DMs with 2 defenders behind, your players are not creating decent chances. They're pretty much just taking long shots. 18 shots saved or blocked and just 5 were taken from inside the area. That's poor. And that is happening because they don't have anything else to do (apart from get tackled or give the ball away). Just look at the opposition formation and then what your players are doing. The opposition has a square of defenders - 2 CDs and 2 DMs. Your AMC "striker" is up against that. Then your two "wingers" at AML/R are making diagonal runs into that square. Your CM(a) is also joining the party there. So now there are 8 players all in that little square in front of (not inside!) the opposition penalty area. And the width you think you have from your two fullbacks? The opposition still have their fullbacks left over to deal with them, along with their two wingers tracking back to help out. That's got very little to do with mentality, team shape and TIs. That's an issue with your core formation and role/duty selection. So, because it has little (if anything) to do with mentality, team shape and TIs, changing those things will likely have very little effect - as you found out when you lost the match and couldn't score.
  6. You've linked a few of these now. I appreciate you are trying to drum up views for your channel, but this is the Tactics and Training discussion forum. Please ensure that any further videos relate specifically to those topics and form part of a discussion thread, not just a "hey here's my next video" post. If you want to simply link your channel and notify the community when you have an update (as you have been doing), you can use this forum instead https://community.sigames.com/forum/24-football-manager-fansites-and-community-links/. Thanks.
  7. I don't know what to say Looping, I really don't. That Ternana match, you had 18 shots either saved by the keeper or blocked by defenders. Just 5 of those shots were made from inside the penalty area (2 only just inside). Against a defensive side, with a defensive formation that was using 2 DMs, you're playing a solitary main striker in the AMC position. Forget changing mentality, or team shape, or TIs, or whatever else for a moment and just think about that.
  8. I started watching this match and do you know what the first thing is that struck me about it? This quote is taken from your previous post: You started the match playing a 4-3-3 formation. You started the match playing a 4-3-3. I'm not just looking at the formation widget, I'm watching the kick off on pitch. You've lined up as a 4-3-3. I've repeated that 3 times now and I still can't quite believe it. Seriously, what is going on? What have you actually learned from all of the responses in this thread? The answer to that second question will determine whether this thread stays open or not.
  9. As I said above, we have no idea what you are doing. All you have told us so far is you play "on the fly", you change your fullbacks to different duties, and you tried changing your 2 BWMs to defend duty from support, switched 2 striker roles and went more direct for one match. Then you lost 7-0 to Liverpool. How? Detail the exact tactical system with which you started the match. What did you then change "on the fly" during the match? What precisely did you notice during the course of the match that led you to those changes? What level of highlights do you use to watch matches? We don't really have much to go on here as we have no real idea how you are playing. Fill in the blanks and we might be able to give you some prescriptive ideas, rather than just generalisations.
  10. Are you seriously telling us that "without fail" you lose by 4 or 5 goals every time you play against a 4231? You sure you aren't exaggerating a bit? Anyway, you'll need to post your detailed tactical set up, not just the formation + roles & duties. Specific issues of how you concede would also help. By the way, your two fullbacks with the auto duty actually have their duty set by whatever mentality you are using, so if you have used the attack mentality (for example) both fullbacks will have the attack duty set. (Defensive mentality = defend duty; counter, balanced and control mentalities = support duty).
  11. Are you talking about corner routines? If so then yes, I usually have a tall centre back attack the near post and have seen him head the ball on to someone else in the 6 yard box. It doesn't happen often, but now and again.
  12. Welcome to the forum . In a way you've already answered your own questions: you've been EPL champions twice in a row, CL finalist twice in a row and your striker is scoring for fun. So, "is it wise to play with a midfield like this" and "is playing with an F9 the best option" seems to be working pretty well for you, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it. There are no hard and fast rules. Personally I probably wouldn't have set up my midfield with 3 playmakers (I may have used a CM-attack to get more movement from midfield for example) but that is irrelevant. You've found something that is working, so fill your boots. Your playmakers won't "rule each other out" by the way. You'll just get a lot of through balls / risky passes from your two APs and some nice Pirlo-like passing from your DLP. On the other hand, you may want to think about managing your own expectations. Morata has scored 37 in 36 and you are thinking about changing things to increase possession and shots. Does that really need fixing?
  13. Not whenever you get the ball no. Only when the ME deems that the right criteria has been met for you to launch a counter attack. (Note that it works both ways, the opposition is quite capable of launching counters against you as well). That "criteria" is based on a set of logical rules built into the ME that determines when the opposition (or you) have over committed men forward in an attack. Thus, when you win the ball back under the conditions of these logical rules, then (and only then) your players will indeed go ultra-attacking ignoring your tactical instructions to start a swift counter attack. Once the counter attack is over, your players revert back to your defined tactical instructions. Therefore, as I said above, any tactical instructions you set will be used when you are not counter attacking, and there is quite a difference between the direct football and the counter attacking football that you say you want to play. As @KlaaZ above mentions, that linked thread goes into it in great detail.
  14. Have a google of the Joe Kinnear challenge. Would be interesting to see how the DoF gets on with Brexit too.