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  1. 1. Other teams don't learn your tactics. They may adapt their approach to you based on your performance in the league or even during each match, but that is not the same thing as understanding your tactic and countering it. 2. See above.
  2. Yeh the higher the attributes for Physios / Sports Scientists the better .
  3. It's probably there for FM19 but I can't remember 100%. However alternatively you can look up a club in Portugal (use the search function), then from their club screen click on Schedule - Propose Friendly - select the squad you want to play - Venue - Away. The option for a friendly isn't always there but if your season has rolled over you should see it.
  4. If I'm hard up for cash I'll just have a "Head of..." each section (except Data Analyst). They'll cover all squads but will be stretched a bit thin. Once I have the money I'll employ specific staff for each squad. I've never looked at anything a Data Analyst provides but will add them in for a bit of flavour (funds notwithstanding).
  5. I arrange some friendlies against local clubs (local to where the camp is being held). Select a date within the training camp schedule, select venue as "local" and then choose your opposition. See below. The training camp won't appear on your schedule until the new season rolls over.
  6. As far as I'm aware Decisions only takes a small hit if a player is played out of position. Role is unaffected.
  7. The familiarity bar is never a problem. That's just a system generated indicator to give us a starting point which we are free to use or ignore. The only thing that's important is his performance during matches. And given you've played him 121 times with that role I'm guessing he's doing alright .
  8. - Adjust player roles. - Alter the given duty of player roles. - Change formation (a bit drastic but just covering all bases). - Substitute on attack minded players (eg., sub on a winger who has the "get forward often" trait). - Substitute on more creative player(s) such as a player with better technical skills and traits. - Change various TIs to help drag opponents around such as attacking width. - Increase tempo / passing directness / through balls. - Some / all of the above. There's probably other things, that's just off the top of my head. So fo
  9. This might be a clue. You'll be facing a lot of packed defences. Using higher mentalities isn't always the answer to cracking those tough nuts so stopping it down a notch can help - you start to play a little deeper, with a little less urgency, drawing opponents out and creating better chances. Being more aggressive can also work of course but I suspect the above is what is happening here.
  10. That's a UI issue. If the green bar is full they're already on the max pressing the roles can be on regardless of what it says.
  11. He can still yield results, however unhappy players may not train as well as happy players. Check how he's developing before you change things and only change things if you think his development is declining.
  12. Which is also "absurd", to keep it on topic . I agree, it doesn't seem to make sense. Just as doing nothing when something obviously isn't working also makes no sense. But then again would relieving some pressure by not being quite so passive really go against the spirit of the system? You also need to consider your players and your opponents because you'll get into a downward spiral: constant pressure, defenders wilt creating more pressure; opponents apply pressure, they get more and more confident; you play worse and worse, they play better and better. I'll also add I think
  13. Re-read my previous posts. Those presets are not tactics to just use out of the box. They are a starting point, something to change and adapt as circumstances require. That's what needs more clarity in game. There may or may not be a need to change the presets to something "better" but if you use them in unintended ways (which as I said before isn't your fault) and fail to adapt to the situation, the preset is not the only thing at fault.
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