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  1. Honestly I don't know what else to say. You don't believe me, you don't believe @Rashidi, you don't even believe the SI developers. The answer (again) to your question is - it doesn't. Setting up your roles, duties and Team Mentality to play in a certain style (aka "Team Fluidity") will influence your creativity. Changing those settings to a different style (which would give you a different label for Team Fluidity) will also influence your creativity. But that is very different from Team Fluidity having an impact. It's the settings which have the impact, not the label. Team Fluidity is just a label which gets attached to the settings.
  2. Be More Expressive applies to the whole team. It always has. It's a Team Instruction. So that's how you adjust creative freedom for your team. It may have more of an impact on our more advanced players, but it can affect everyone. Alternatively, if you want to target specific players, change specific player's roles to more creative ones, or even just sub on a more creative player. The following is taken from the FM19 Tactical Changes thread (verified by SI) pinned to the top of the forum since last October: "The way Team Fluidity works is essentially as a guide on how to structure our teams in a way we desire. Prior to this there was nothing to help us set up our roles. So for example – if you set all your attackers to attack and all your defenders to defend you’ll be playing in a very “structured” manner: defenders defend, attackers attack. Now change everyone to a support duty and your team will be playing with a more “fluid” style; everybody supports each other." So, if you set defenders to defend and attackers to attack, you are clearly defining your player's functions - it's a very "structured" way of setting up your team. We could do that in FM18 and before of course, but we would then layer on top of that Team Shape. So there was nothing to stop us (for example) of setting up our players in that clearly defined and highly structured manner through the use of player roles and then telling them to play with great fluidity by adjusting Team Shape - and that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It was nothing more than an artificial tool within the Tactic Creator which allowed us to create weird and wonderful systems. TL;DR Team Fluidity counts how many support duties you have. Confusingly it happens to use the same naming conventions as Team Shape did and I wish SI would change that, or just do away with it entirely (and yes it has been raised).
  3. There are no AI bonuses. However the playing field is very far from level as it's actually us humans managers that have all the advantages over the AI (believe it or not). That's because we have the ability to be far more creative with our tactical set ups than our AI counterparts, whose AI brains simply aren't as advanced as our own. However, the AI can be pretty good at their own relatively simple set ups, whereas we tend to over complicate, over think or just not fully understand how to translate our thoughts into FM tactics speak.
  4. Welcome to the forum . Without wanting to sound all doom and gloom (sorry if I do), the problem with asking everyone's opinions about how Man Utd (or indeed anyone for that matter) used to play is that you'll get 100 different answers. That's because Man Utd didn't just play in one way and people will have different views on how they played anyway, even when discussing the same match. Possibly a good idea for you is to take your own view of things, pull together a system, try it out and let us know how you get on. Post the tactic if you need some specific advice. If you need a starting point, check out this YouTube video and see how you get on interpreting it into FM . Sorry if it's not quite what you were after, but if I start saying things like "play CR7 as a Raumdeuter", you'll get someone else saying he's an Inside Forward and someone else again telling us he was an Inverted Winger .
  5. Not sure I understand - are you saying you think altering one player's duty affects everybody else's creativity?
  6. @westy8chimp I know mate. Basically all I'm trying to say is if we want to influence our right back's (for example) mentality, change his duty - not our left winger's (or anyone else's) because changing anyone else's really won't make any difference during a match, despite what the UI might say .
  7. No. "Always" is too strong a term. Players may be better off being loaned out, but it depends on the player. My advice: 1) Don't loan out anyone under the age of 18. Whilst playing matches is important for their development, below this age Training takes precedence. You can't control how other clubs set up training for their players (including loanees) so keep hold of your youngsters. 2) From 18 years and up, playing matches at a relevant level takes precedence (although Training remains important). So if your players are suited to the U23s league and the odd cup match, play them in the U23s. Likewise if a player is not far off your first team, put him into your first team, give him the odd match (and/or substitute appearance) and make him available for the U23s as well. 3) If you think a player isn't quite ready for your first team but could use a better standard of football than just the U23s league, see if you can loan him out to a relevant team where he'll be a key player (or at least "first team"). If you do, always keep an eye on how he performs and develops - recall him if he is stagnating (always include that clause). Ideally the team you loan him to will have decent training facilities but that's not always possible, so be aware of the standard of football vs facilities and watch how the player gets on.
  8. ok my fault, that isn't really what I'm asking. If you change one player's duty and nothing else, you are saying that you can see a difference in how all your other players on the pitch behave during a match due to a change in their mentalities? Not just a change in their UI Mentality, but actually in their on pitch behaviour? Can you post a video of that happening or perhaps a match pkm with the in match timing and detail of exactly what change you made? Whenever I change my left Inside Forward's duty (for example) I notice a change in their on pitch behaviour but not in how my central defenders, right back or right winger play. There can be small changes in how my left back, striker or midfielders play, but that's more to do with how roles combine with each other, space is created (and used) and transitional play, than anything to do with an apparent change in their mentality.
  9. Assuming for a moment you're right and it's not a UI glitch, what actual difference in how players physically behave on the pitch during matches have you noticed and can demonstrate for us?
  10. Really good westy . Would be interesting to turn this into another tactical challenge for others to learn from and learn more about analysing and adapting to the opposition.
  11. The following attributes can contribute to Personality (and Media Handling): Professionalism; Ambition; Determination; Loyalty; Sportsmanship; Temperament; Controversy; Pressure. I believe Leadership and Adaptability can also sometimes feature. So yes, you could have an Inconsistent, Resolute player who doesn't like Big Matches and another Resolute player who is Consistent and does like Big Matches.
  12. Especially if that high Ambition player also has not much in the way of Loyalty .
  13. I think there's two ways of looking at a personality "hierarchy". 1) Is the traditional view, closely linked to when Tutoring was in the game. It's the "must have best attributes in everything for all players" view to give us the maximum ability to help develop players and get the most out of them on the pitch. Everyone's the same. 2) Is the more realistic view. Not everyone is perfect, everyone is different. In real life there is a wide variety of players at each club and it's ok to have that. Players can still perform, players can still develop and it gives us an extra angle to manage to keep things interesting. Everyone's not the same and that's ok. Two different views and it's up to each of us how we want play the game.
  14. Do you have a link to this? Because if that is on the forum from an Admin I need to delete it as it's incorrect.
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