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  1. herne79


    Yes. As said above, the main purpose of the TIs are to affect fullback/winger interaction. You may get a little irregular or inconsistent movement with central midfielders, but that'll be the exception not the rule. To attempt more consistent behaviour that you are after, experiment with roles/duties as you outline.
  2. herne79


    Pretty much, yes. It may increase the mentality of the wingbacks by a very small amount, but 99% of the purpose of the TI is to affect how wingers interact with fullbacks. If lots of others are using it with only wingbacks then they may not fully understand what the instruction does - the description could be clearer in game which doesn't exactly help .
  3. herne79


    Underlap (or overlap) is used for fullbacks to underlap (or overlap) wingers, not central midfielders. It makes a winger, not a wingback, hold up the ball a little to wait for the underlapping (or overlapping) run by a fullback while slightly increasing the mentality (the willingness to get forward) of the fullback.
  4. I'm getting a bit sick and tired of this kind of BS. As soon as someone takes the time to explain something or offers a different perspective the vocal minority pipe up with "defending the game" or "stop talking about tactics" or "not reading stuff" blahblah. All I did was explain how touchline shouts are interconnected with tactics (and a load of other things) and what they directly impact. Nothing to do with results or AMCs or through balls, so yeh I do wonder if people actually read and understand things before replying. So fine, have it your way. Post your nonsense and get your upvotes from others of similar misguided opinions. You won't get a proper grip on the game but that's your problem. I'm out.
  5. Tactics, touchline shouts, OIs, morale, body language and so on all work in harmony together. We can't isolate one from the other, so tactics have everything to do with touchline shouts and vice versa. They all have an impact on each other and ultimately how well your players perform on the pitch. If you have a poor tactical system, no amount of shouting is going to correct that. Likewise you can cock up a good tactical system with a poorly judged shout. Of course all of this is contextual and what may work in one match may not work in another. Personally I never use shouts at all, but that's just me and how I play the game - others will do things differently. If someone is going to use touchline shouts, it's important to understand they do not directly impact tactical settings. They affect player body language and morale, both of which affect how players perform on the pitch. There's a guide pinned to the top of the Tactics and Training forum found in the "Please Read" thread @jamessmith010101.
  6. There's a big difference between explaining something to help you understand what's happening and simply defending the game. You don't like that you can't just tell someone to train Heading and you say that isn't "realistic". We get that. It's been explained to you how the new Training system has been pulled together - in conjunction with real life football clubs. Your experience of working with football clubs is clearly different as you have a different view of what's realistic. SI always welcome constructive discussion so do please pass on how your experience of working with these clubs (and thus of reality) differs . But please don't resort to sarcasm and insults just because someone is offering up a different opinion or trying to explain things to you.
  7. Just to add, what does the "Heading" attribute actually do? Here's what the Online Manual (linked at the top) says: "This is a player’s competence in aerial situations. Heading applies to all situations with the ball in the air and is only about the player’s ability to use his head well. Jumping Reach, Height, and to a lesser extent Strength all play a part in combination with heading to utilise the attribute to greater effect." In other words, don't consider Heading in isolation. So want to improve someone's Heading? Improve everything else that goes along with it too. And then apply that same theory to all the other attributes and their development as well. For example, here's what the Online Manual says about Dribbling (to name another commonly mentioned "why can't I develop this attribute in isolation"): Pace, Acceleration, Agility, and Balance will all aid his dribbling in different circumstance. It should also be noted that the "ability to use his head well" isn't on a scale of 1 = my old granny, 20 = best ever. It's on a scale of professional footballer's ability - so 1 is still streets ahead of the likes of us.
  8. This is all starting to descend into us vs them, with both "sides" feeling the need to defend themselves. (BTW there are no "sides"). Can we just get back to the topic at hand, ie., providing constructive feedback on the public Beta. Check back through the last x number of posts - there is hardly any constructive feedback whatsoever. It's pretty much just people being defensive, trying to score a point, not talking about the Beta or simply being destructive. Honestly right now if I were SI I'd be closing this thread and asking everyone to just use the Bugs forum, because SI are getting bugger all constructive feedback at present. If anyone feels the need to reply to this post, PM me instead of clogging up this thread further.
  9. Basically by adjusting player roles and duties. You want attackers to be more aggressive and defenders to be more defensive? Then do just that - give attackers an attack duty and defenders a defend duty. Want a more fluid structure to your team with greater movement between the lines? Add more support duties. I know that might be stating the bleedin' obvious, but that really is all there is to it. Adjust Mentality if you want the team overall to be more or less aggressive. Muck about with be more disciplined/creative to add or throttle individual expression.
  10. herne79


    Welcome to the forum . First of all, you are playing as Oldham. What are your Board's season expectations? You won 10 on the bounce (nice one) and were top of the league. Are you expected to be first? If you are and then go 10 matches without winning, something's gone wrong possibly with complacency but more than likely with your tactical systems. That's all about context, such as who you've been playing or how your players are able to handle pressure. If you are not expected to be top of the league it sounds to me like your first 10 opponents thought to themselves "easy meat, 3 points in the bag", played fairly aggressively against you and your own systems were good enough to not only keep them at bay but give them a bloody nose too. But teams are now getting wise to you. They've seen their bloodied competition, noticed your great performance in the league and thought to themselves "sod that, I ain't dumb" and have started playing more cautiously against you. Thus the space your attackers used to enjoy no longer exists and you need to adapt to find different pockets of space to exploit. When something like this happens so consistently over an extended run of matches, I'd advise you to take a step back, stop playing even more matches in the same manner and assess what's actually been happening so you can identify areas to improve. I'd also suggest you assess your own expectations. You've been lulled into a false sense of security - 10 games won on the bounce, flying at the top of the league, the game's easy! And then you get bitten on the bum because you yourself have become complacent. All you've really done is change tactic now and again without stepping back to figure out what's going wrong. We've all been through it, it's not just you . But if you do take a step back, don't forget to manage your own expectations - unless your Board are expecting you to go up as champions, don't expect your team to be winning every match again.
  11. I suspect this may simply be one of those rare occasions where something has fallen foul of the data lock. After a certain date each year, the database is locked after which changes won't be made until the March update. In this particular case, Lopetegui was sacked on 29 October but Solari was not officially hired full time until 2 weeks later.
  12. Upload your game save and some match pkms to the ME Bugs forum and let SI know what you've found with those examples .
  13. herne79


    There's a couple of guides pinned to the top of the Tactics and Training forum .
  14. As Johnny says. You're still thinking in terms of the old Team Shape. Team Fluidity is just a (somewhat confusing) label primarily based around the duties you set, that's all.