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  1. General Training > Fitness

    "Fitness" training is essentially the same as any other General Training focus that you set - it aims to develop a certain set of attributes. In this case, Physical attributes. You're not directly training player "fitness" or conditioning. If you want to focus on developing your team's physical attributes over an entire season (or longer) then go for it. Intensity of training, player workload, quality of staff, actual player fitness, injury proneness, match time and so on has more to do with players picking up injuries.
  2. General Training > Fitness

    The text is ambiguous. General Training - Fitness aims to develop all physical attributes + Work Rate. You could say there is an indirect impact on condition because as a player's physical attributes develop their condition and ability to recover better between matches might improve, but there is no direct link. Personally I'd like to see this at least retitled to "Physical Training" (for example) as well as some of the ambiguity taken out which just leads to confusion.
  3. Probably because you've already maxed out the closing down through your team instructions and/or your chosen mentality.
  4. Cleon already answered that... I know you're frustrated but how much help do you think you'll continue to enjoy if you ask for help, get it and then completely change things? People are giving up their own time to help you, don't take it for granted and don't waste their time. Anyway, have you actually read Cleon's long post above which is about the exact formation you are attempting? If you have, which part(s) are you struggling to understand? Try discussing that rather than asking your questions, getting answers and then saying "sod it, TL;DR, I don't understand, I'll just move on to something else". You'll very quickly run out of people willing to help if you carry on as you are.
  5. Given today's news I think these two articles are well worth a bump . From Cleon: https://teaandbusquets.com/arsenal-invincibles-part-one And from Ö-zil to the Arsenal! : https://community.sigames.com/topic/373859-arsene-wengers-invincibles/
  6. Playing time is relevant for player development regardless of age. However below the age of 18, Training takes precedence.
  7. 3 up front

    It's not cheating but there's only one person's opinion that matters - yours. You bought the game, play it in whatever way you enjoy .
  8. Instant Result with subs?

    I notice the exact opposite when I use instant result: lots of subs being used.
  9. It's a very aggressive and high risk tactic. The Attacking mentality throws out large amounts of risk, both your wingbacks are more like wingers and you don't really have many players defending. So yes it's high intensity but consider the risk as well. If you are looking to close out matches in the final 10 minutes, why not reduce the risk a little? For example, change your wingbacks to a support duty; do the same with your Mezzala / change his role; and/or simply reduce your Mentality.
  10. Not quite. Training and playing in matches at a suitable level remain relevant regardless of age. However, up until age 18 Training takes precedence for player development and after this age match time takes precedence. @Keyzer Soze @kingjericho
  11. After your recent outbursts where you take a swing at this forum and it's apparent lack of contributors, you're still asking questions and expect a reply? Good luck with that. Not to mention your foul mouthed tirade in General Discussion for which you were extremely lucky you weren't given some time off. If that had been in this forum you would have been. Try apologising first.
  12. No it isn't. Exactly what drives a scout's report to say the player is smart I don't know but there is no attribute - hidden or otherwise - called "intelligence".
  13. Advice on my setup

    Do you have the players who can carry out those roles?
  14. All the topics you've raised, questions you've asked, help you've requested, PMs you've sent and - importantly - the very large number of replies you've received from lots of different people and you have the front to make that statement? Have a word with yourself. If you have issues with the game and how you perceive it's gone downhill, give proper constructive feedback to SI in the appropriate forum with precise examples to show what your issues are and how they could be improved. SI do actually take note of constructive feedback.
  15. All squads share the same training facilities.