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  1. So I took a break from the forums over the holidays which I've now decided to make permanent. I may pop by now and again just to keep up to date with how the game develops, but other than that I won't be around any more. So all the best to everyone, keep plugging away and remember it's just a game. If I leave you with any small pieces of advice it's: 1) Don't expect too much too soon. Yes be ambitious, just don't put undue pressure on yourself. Your Board and players have their own expectations, which is all you need worry about. 2) Don't over complicate things. Only add in tactical instructions if you want to achieve a certain style of play or have a specific requirement in mind. Remember that Mentality sets a whole bunch of TIs by default and it isn't always necessary to adjust them. 3) Think about how things combine. Mentality, TIs, PIs, Player Traits, Roles & Duties and Attributes will all have an impact. Don't just think about the role/duty to get a player to behave how you want. A Wingback (defend) combined with a player who has the Trait to get forward often is not just going to sit back and will provide you with overlaps down the flank. And he'll do it even more as your Mentality becomes more aggressive for example. You don't have to make him a Wingback (attack) to do all that. Combinations. Cheers all and have fun.
  2. And how does the team fluidity label change? By changing your tactical settings. I'm afraid this says more about your understanding of tactics than it does mine. Throughout this thread you have refused to accept the basic principles I've been laying out for you, but apparently this is nothing more than false info. Odd how I don't have near the same magnitude of ME issues that you do though - consider that. Anyway, I won't trouble you any further in this thread because you're simply not listening and have now twice essentially told me I'm lying, which I don't appreciate.
  3. Creative freedom doesn't change depending on Fluidity. Tactical settings drive your creative freedom. They also determine the Team Fluidity label.
  4. Where is the space in a deep sitting defence and what space does an Advanced Forward look for? As you are challenging for the title you obviously have a decent system, so probably just a minor tweak to the striker's role may be all you need when playing against deep defences. However if you do make a change pay close attention to who else might be attacking the space - your Mezzala for sure, but on the flanks your Winger may be looking to stay wide and your AP(s) may not want to too much. You might not need to change the flanks as well, just something to watch and be ready for.
  5. If he's that good I'd get him. Put him into your first team squad and into a Mentoring group with strong willed, influential players. Make him available for your reserve squad and give him some first team action when he's ready for it. Set individual training up for him (note that some roles can influence Determination too). Your overall squad profile will also have an impact. If it works out well then great. If not you'll probably be able to sell him for a profit, so win win.
  6. I've edited your post, please don't try to swerve the swear filter again. You also missed this post of mine above:
  7. What did I just say? I haven't said what you can and can't say about their work. I said don't make derogatory comments about them. I'm really trying hard here not to make this a more formal warning but both of you are not making it easy. Comment about the game not people. I can't be any more clear than that.
  8. And you would like to be accused of being lazy, uncaring or just plain bad at your job? One final time for the pair of you, comment about the game as much as you like but I urge you not to make derogatory comments at SI staff's expense.
  9. Appreciate you're frustrated but passing poor comments like this about the hard working and passionate staff at SI isn't acceptable. Comment about the game, not people please.
  10. It might work however there is one aspect that can't be overlooked - SI have developed the training module in conjunction with real life football coaches in order to be as close to real life training sessions as possible (within the current framework of the game). If what you suggest is how real life coaches handle training then potentially you could be onto something. This might be better off in the Feature Requests forum as personally I have no idea what real life coaches get up to. However I'll give @Seb Wassell a quick tag for reference.
  11. If nothing else that's going to give you a fresh challenge now . Some may not like this suggestion but if you have a saved game from just before registration is due, you could reload it back to there. In reality that sort of thing would never happen so your absent minded slip could be forgiven .
  12. In some cases it can be the tactic's fault. For example, if the tactic uses an aggressive mentality such as Attacking and/or lots of high Tempo play from the Team Instructions this can make players rush their shots before they are settled on the ball and so they miss. There can of course be other factors involved as well, such as a player's body language; their attributes; morale; the pressure of the moment or match; or the miss may be a result of the ME issue currently under review. Whatever the reason, the tactic may be the issue and shouldn't be discounted .
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