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  1. @mikcheck 1) If you are trying to play counter attacking football, the tactical settings you apply will be used when you are not counter attacking. 2) The basic premise of counter attacking is to drop deep, let the opposition come onto you before winning the ball back and breaking forwards quickly and in numbers to overload the fragile opposition defence. A very high defensive line may not fit in with that. 3) You are using two playmakers in the centre of the pitch. This could slow down your swift counter attacks as rather than breaking forwards quickly, your players may still look to play the ball via your 2 playmakers. Check the counter attacking thread linked in the stickied guides at the top of the forum for more detail. @westy8chimp Why so conservative in central midfield? With 3 x MCs + a DM you can afford a bit more adventure. As far as your wingbacks go, an attack duty will indeed bring them further forward, but you also have up to 3 ball magnets in the centre - a TM, a TQ and a DLP. A DLP in the centre of the park can be great for spraying balls around to all corners of the pitch, but with a TM / TQ ahead that's where his passing focus will be.
  2. Yes of course they are, as you well know. I have no idea why SI didn't respond to your other threads (I've also raised threads which went without response, as have many others), all I'd say is don't let it stop you raising issues.
  3. I'd raise it here for SI to take a look at, along with a copy of your game save uploaded https://community.sigames.com/forum/515-match-engine-issues/.
  4. @westy8chimp I 100% agree some in game descriptions could use an update due to ambiguity or (in one or two cases) just down right misleading. Feedback has already been given.
  5. Not sure if you are referring to passing focus here or not. If you are, passing focus was detached from width settings for FM16. Width affects player positioning (when in possession) only now, as summat above states. https://community.sigames.com/topic/360433-important-fm16-tactical-changes/. If you're not then ignore me .
  6. If you want a selfish player you want someone with low Teamwork, but there is no way to reduce that without resorting to an editor. A striker who has low Teamwork and given the Poacher role for example can be deadly. Shoot more often + Dribble more could help as that may encourage more shots / runs at goal instead of passes. Be aware that can also increase risk taking, so Decisions might be important as well. Take a look at Ronaldo in game, or even Balotelli.
  7. ok, I won't say win. I'll say don't lose. Seriously though, results breed morale and confidence so you need to turn around those losses. You can try having a team talk if there is the option, but if you've lost your first three I'd be having a close look at those matches to see if there is something tactical going on.
  8. PPM training can sometimes feel pretty random unfortunately. You can assign the most suitable coach to a player that you consider to be ideal for a PPM, and the coach could even agree with you that it's a good idea, yet it can still fail. And you don't get an awful lot of feedback from the game when it does fail. Whilst I believe it's correct that there should be a chance for failure, there's certainly some room for improvement here in terms of feedback received about ways to improve success and progress reports. As you had reports that he was "progressing well" prior to failing, that might be worth raising in the bugs forum if you have the time.
  9. Villareal have never won La Liga. Borussia Monchengladbach haven't won the Bundesliga since the 70s.
  10. Exactly . Both will tend to roam around looking for a bit of space to receive the ball, but the RPM will tend to bring the ball out himself before making a pass.
  11. ok, you mention comparing the RPM and Regista above, what are the differences between their default PIs?
  12. My advice is (and this goes for any tactical setting) is to always start with the default settings and only change things if there is either a specific need to or if you want to create a certain style of play.
  13. For the distinction between roles, a good starting place is usually to look at the Player Instructions each role/duty is set with by default.
  14. You only really have one player in the box at any given time - your Poacher or CF(S). By their very nature crosses are aimed into the box, so your striker will be on the end of most anyway. (Actually the opposition defence will be on the end of most ). The opposite winger may be heading into the box from the other wing, and your AP will be a little deeper. I'm sure they'll be on the end of some crosses, but the vast majority should be heading towards your striker. What I was getting at above is consider using tactical settings such as TIs only if there is a specific need to or you are trying to create a certain style of play. Your players on the pitch are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves what type of cross to make (to follow the example) without you needing to get involved. Can you tell them to cross in a certain manner? Yes of course. Do you need to? No.