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  1. FK Zemun - Serbian First League - Season review 2014/15 League: 8th (Positions) - Fixtures - Squad - Transfers Inconsistent is the perfect way to sum up the season, not too bad considering it was the first season in charge. Playing good football most of the time just need to improve our defense. Key players: Lekanic - Our most consistent player over the course of the campaign, provided the most assists and was solid defensively. Grumic - Too inconsistent but less inconsistent than others and is a real threat on his day. Salatic - Was solid at the back and got voted Fans Player Of The Year Finances: Its Okay. I've seen worse, gently decreasing as I increase the youth setup though. Youth intake: Not Amazing. Only three players worth mentioning. Cvetkovic - Gone straight into first team squad will get some game time. Terzic - Looks decent might gradually move him up to first team hopefully he develops. Vukcevic- Hardworking boy, will get some games next season. Next season: If we could be slightly more consistent I will be very happy, aiming for top half. Season League Position Serbian Cup Achievements Europe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014-15 Prva liga Srbije 8th N/A - N/A
  2. Been so bored on this years FM cant get a game going, so I'l have a crack at this. Manager: Profile / Info Club: Team / Staff / Board
  3. Thought i might give this a whirl, and it is Cambridge City which is cursed with my presence.
  4. I downloaded the Match Balls correctly and exported them fine replaced the files created back ups of the original ones but now when i go into a game the ball is invisible and even when i put the original files back in ? Any advice on how to fix this ?
  5. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Dartford - 2010/11 - Blue Square South Media prediction: 15th Actual finish: 10th - Top Half Finish League Table Positions Graph FA Cup / FA Trophy Season Summary: There is only one word to describe this season... “Inconsistent” as you can see from the graph we went through unbeaten runs breaking the record then we went 10 games without a win which coincidently was when Christiano Kisuka went on his longest goal drought which spanned over those 10 games. Also Charlton became our Parent Club and loaned us Carl Jenkinson who got about 2 games in the season. My Squad were really young seeing as I snapped most of them up from Celtic and Rangers on free transfers so my oldest starting 11 player was off 22 years of age and goes by the name of James McQuilkin, with the squad being very young this might explain half of the fact we were inconsistent but I felt toward the end of the season they were starting to gel and become a real team. In fact it was down to the last game to see whether we could snatch the last playoff place, we had to beat in form Bromley who finished second, and we needed Forest Green to lose against Welling, Havant & W were up against St Albans and Braintree were playing Lewes and if either of them won and us and Forest green didn’t win they would take the spot by a single point. This is how we did. We Were completely and Utterly outplayed and I’m surprised we even manage to get a goal let alone 2 it was a very strong showing from Bromley who deserved their place in the playoffs, Forest green could only manage a 2-2 all draw which meant that Havant and W who thrashed St Albans 3-0 took the last playoff spot seeing as Braintree managed a 0-0 Draw with Lewes Transfers Finances Squad and 2 Star Players Christiano Kisuka – Brought on a free transfer after Rangers released him, he managed to win BSS Player of the Season and was the clubs top goalscorer and the Leagues to Assister with 15 Assists and 19 Goals in the league but unfortunately he was inconsistent too but next year he should be better and hungrier for goals. Kyle Hutton – Didn’t make much of an impact till mid season and then he was on fire but as soon as he was praised in the media he threatened to quit English football (bit extreme) and then the next game the opposition took him out and we lost him till the last 2 or 3 matches. Next Season Goals • Automatic Promotion • Good Run in Cups Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2010/11 Blue Square South 10th
  6. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Hi after Reading about this challenge i decided to take a look and i was reading the first couple of pages and got very inspired to do this even though i said i was doing the Small Club to Big Club Big Euro Nation Challenge i decided to start as Oxford City but gave up because they were too hard for me so i decided to take the reigns of Dartford on the 10.2 patch. I will do both challenges for now and if i get addickted to one then i think i will stick with that one
  7. Hi im fairly new to this Forum and i saw this so i thought i would give it a try im managing Babelsburg from Germany