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  1. Thanks for replying. However, I didn't really ask whether people thought my team was suited for a 4-4-1-1 or whether I was using the correct mentality. I was asking for help re specific issues I was having with the link and support between midfield and attack. I appreciate the effort but I'm not going to blindly copy someone elses set-up and instructions, it doesn't help me learn anything.
  2. Hi there, as the title suggests I'm having tactical issues in game which seem to constantly plague any save I have started on this years version and the previous, invariably leading to a much lower play-time compared to previous iterations of the game. Any suggestions or input as to how I can change my current set-up or my own thinking into just approaching it would be very much appreciated! Thanks P.S. I will try to keep this as short as I can, but I think maybe giving a detailed background might help me remember what the original plan was as I started the save a while back, and through
  3. FK Zemun - Serbian First League - Season review 2014/15 League: 8th (Positions) - Fixtures - Squad - Transfers Inconsistent is the perfect way to sum up the season, not too bad considering it was the first season in charge. Playing good football most of the time just need to improve our defense. Key players: Lekanic - Our most consistent player over the course of the campaign, provided the most assists and was solid defensively. Grumic - Too inconsistent but less inconsistent than others and is a real threat on his day. Salatic - Was solid at the back and got voted Fans Player Of The Ye
  4. Been so bored on this years FM cant get a game going, so I'l have a crack at this. Manager: Profile / Info Club: Team / Staff / Board
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