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  1. akura

    Portugal - Spain, 19BST

    Cristiano is the greatest, then george best then arouna kone 😁
  2. akura

    Portugal - Spain, 19BST

    Rio ferdinand is a fantastic pundit.
  3. What is the highlights show for the world cup? Is there a bbc and itv version?
  4. akura

    Outrageous predictions

    Some bloke to eat a pie at half time.
  5. akura


    just spent the last 2 hours shaping and filling in the walls for my base! A lot of your stone was used @bdcuk
  6. akura

    OTF Pokémon Thread - it's super effective!

    Its like a broken swalott
  7. akura

    Day thread

    £420 + vat.
  8. Northern irish/welsh leagues are usually a good challenge.
  9. akura

    Love Island

    It's all faker than the wwe. There its been said now, deal. With it.
  10. akura

    OTF Pokémon Thread - it's super effective!

    What ever comes grimer looks like a melted Bidoof.
  11. akura

    What Is The Best Biscuit?

    Raise a hand if you ever apply a spot butter to a digestive.
  12. akura

    The PES 15/16 Thread

    It looks nice though haha
  13. akura

    What Is The Best Biscuit?

    I have to disagree, the viscount is an extremely tough biscuit, the navy seal of biscuits, can survive 4-5 dunks if they aren't prolonged.
  14. That Turkish fella, think he is a striker/winger, his name is escaping me right mow, but I feel like it begins with t. He has an excellent beard.