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  1. Be more positive ! and I've just read the entire thing, brilliant read, always love a long youth/smaller club challenges and this one is no different to the others you attempted, very enjoyable.
  2. 10 Because Northern Ireland did terrific! Got a great laugh at England too, as everyone does at every major tournament
  3. Rooney is still Englands best player hands down, and has been for a long time, Take Rooney and (your captain) out of the team, i don't think England would as much.
  4. Was at the fanzone in belfast for the game today, horrible way to go out, but still, the fans were outstanding right till the end of the game and even after, incredible stuff from our wee country.
  5. Can see the first goal of this game coming from a counter attack for one of the two teams, seems to be the only tactic Russia have turned up with.
  6. Switzerland should be 2 up easily, although i'm still very impressed with how Albania are playing, thought Switzerland would have a much easier game.
  7. What do you reckon the turn out will be at the home game against tottenham? i already know a few who are trying to sell their tickets for the game.
  8. Maybe if we're lucky the f.a will punish west ham by giving them a ose and us a win for their fans behaviour at the game, i'm just shooting in the dark wishing for more points though
  9. I love mike Ashley, suh a great owner, truelly does whatever he thinks is helping the club, not many other clubs are lucky to have such a great owner, i'm envious. Go get 'em Mike!
  10. Are Newcastle fans happy with todays result?, if I was a Newcaste fan i'd be annoyed, you're at home against your biggest rivals and not only do you start the game weak and go 1-0 down but you only manage a draw at the end of it which does nothing for you as the team you were playing was the team you intended to over take, I'm just confused, and i also didn't notice a single difference between Steve McClarens performances and the one we seen today, Newcastle were weak throughout the entire game, the only reason they scored is because Sunderland lost their concentration which is more down to Sunderland than a good performance by Newcastle, not really having a go really just confused as to what Newcastle fans consider a good result, because your next game iirc is against Norwich away which will surely be a much harder game and a performance like you put in today may not be anywhere near good enough. This doesn't apply to all Newcastle fans, just a few i've spoken to since the game.
  11. I'm predicting a Sunderland 3-0, Newcastle never turn up for these games.
  12. LVG was crazy saying we could score 4 against liverpool.
  13. united to go on to win 2-1 surely!!!
  14. So if you guys still get relegated then he leaves? am I understanding that correct?
  15. Fellani was hard to watch i thought, slow, clumsy, only winning the ball when a liverpool player ran it onto his foot.