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  1. Hi everyone, I start a game with Caen in ligue 2 but I can't find a good tactic for this team, I tried a few one but it's not a real success, so can you suggest me one please ?
  2. The first problem is the role of a player not displaying correctly during a discontent, and the second bug is to announce me a club winning streak (yes I know I'm pretty good hehe) but in a way negative as if it was something bad.
  3. Hey, sorry it was 4 days ago and i didn't think to do a save for that so i have nothing for you, i'm sorry.
  4. Hello, I do not know if it is a bug, but I do not understand, I arrived in September 2021 in the national team of Serbia, and I did not lose a match, I had good result and I just had a draw against England, I managed to get a place in the play-off and I came close to the first place with the difference of goal but the leaders are not happy and they even nearly fired me, it surprises me a lot and I think it is not normal.
  5. Hello thec476, On my side I just reload my backup to avoid the problem, and refuse to talk to the player.
  6. I can’t talk to my player who’s not happy because I didn’t keep my promise, I think it’s a bug.
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