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  1. Is it will be easy or hard? In my opinion FM has a normal difficult. I don't agree with those who says that the game is easy
  2. By the way, Rangers won without a single shoot on the target. It was a real Football Manager game
  3. This is a major issue and SI will not solve this now. I think only when they work on a total revamp of the ME, the throws in gonna work as intended.
  4. The throw in is an issue which is under review by SI. Theres nothing to do about it. This ME is unbearble! High tempo and a bunch of players ahead makes unrealist scores; one can win 7 x 0 and on the next match lose 6 x 4. The december's patch will make the game playable, but we gonna have to wait the march update to have if this ME is good. So far, I very disappointed.
  5. Gonna wait the patch. For now FM2021 is unplayable. I have any defend at all and AI's scores almost all their goals from throw in or a long ball through my frozen defenders. As the guy earlier said, yes, FM2021 so far is the worst FM ever!. Even worst than the discusting FM2020.
  6. FM 2021 has an increase on middle play and through balls. However, the defenders does a very bad play, leaving huge gaps on their backs. I think this is an issue and SI should look at it.
  7. It's not very effective because most of throws goes to keeper's hands. But it's nice when you got a Delap
  8. It's not easy. If you play with top teams will be kind "easy". Try a season with Fulham and you will not repeat the same results as Chelsea or Barcelona.
  9. From what I've learn, there's some passive play from the AI's teams, even when they are behind. But in your case I think that your tactic is making your opponents get stuck. I had a tactic which gave 64% on ball possession, but I had some problems. I'll try to replicate your idea. Thanks
  10. It seem that you have a high possession tactic and yours opponents is struggling on it (weak teams, excepting Lille). By the way, whats your tactic approach? I like it.
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