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  1. Ah yes, from your years of experience playing in this famous fixture. We could have asked Giggs, or Beckham, Keane, Scholes even Neville who all played against Leeds but no we ask the United legend Ashley Young who strides the Inter corridors a footballing colossus. Departing wisdom on any of his numerous experiences. Such as his time in the trenches of the Somme, when he and Cromwell discussed the execution of Charles I, or when purely by accident when showing off his unmatched footballing schools in Judea he acquired 12 followers about 2000 years ago. Thanks Ashley.
  2. I'm sorry if this has been repeated in the previous 100s of comments but surely the acid test would be to save prior to the match and replay the s ame game with the same tactics several times and also play the game with differing tactics, then you'll have an answer.
  3. CM 00/01 - Richard Logan Striker Ipswich regen who I signed one evening for United on a bit of a whim, ended up making my feel like Sir Alex myself as the boy went on to win my competitions by the bucketful. FM08 - Denis Bacaicoa Striker - Spanish ace with the weird name. Regularly win player of the year and led me to 4 consecutive CL wins. FM12 - Rob Bardsley Midfield General - Captain at 18 of my all conquering Palace team in 25/26, also the only player I've ever had who pulled a Michael Jackson and changed skin colour from black to white after a few seasons. Maybe it was a tribute to MJ.
  4. If you keep getting it, post in the bugs forum, they may have a fix to apply without you starting a new save.
  5. Recently been off work recovering from surgery and so had plenty of time to plough into both FM20, Sebastian Faulks' French Trilogy and YouTube videos (only when extremely bored). I came across an FM YouTube video where they had created the perfect player and the video followed them throughout their career. Towards the end the player hit around 255 goals at International Level, and the No. of goals reset. I've has this happen in a league where I created the perfect team in the editor. Whilst I understand there will be a limit on the No. of goals /assists/ caps / finances the game can store, the figures seem quite arbitrary and so to keep all my stats in line, I wanted to know if there was a set limit or if the limit differs, what the limit is so I can ensure that any player/club etc does not exceed that limit for goals/finances etc? I know it's not a major issue and I may get "x player shouldn't be scoring x amount of goals anyway etc etc" responses but that isn't the point, as it is my single player game and I'll decide the parameters of how I play and such information would be helpful.
  6. I'm managing non-league Vanarama North and I get press conferences for games
  7. One god. One mod', discussion closed?
  8. I must admit I was massively surprised that there was such a varied age when it comes to playing FM and that I'm not some outlier. In that case I will proudly march on in my attempt to break the Old Firm grip on the SPL. Before conquering Europe with Hull City of course
  9. A news report that tells me about a player left out of the International team because he is not a regular. It then states later in the same news piece that the player has been ever present (which is true). I play a fairly low level reputational club so not getting picked is no big surprise but the news item is contradictory and wrong.
  10. So, I've just bought FM19, I had a hiatus between FM12 and FM17, but have bought the last 3. Although I didn't get very far with FM18, what with work and parenting, but I intend to with this iteration. Now I've been playing FM or CM as it used to be since the 97/98 version, managing Sheffield Wednesday. I will never forget that team. But what is the average age of those who play Football Manager? Is it even possible for SI to collect this information? I feel like I am an older player at 32 years old. So what is your age? I hope that there are many more 30 something FMers.
  11. Good Evening All, How do I display the unique IDs for teams and players in-game (I know in the interface options you can display unique IDs for the page, but couldn't find it for the clubs, comps' and players)?
  12. Returning to FM for the first time since FM13, way back in Nov '12 after a 42 career with York, Palace, Everton and Manchester United amongst others, although I did have a brief excursion with FM17, but this was very recently and didn't really get into it. But having some free time on my hands, I decided to purchase FM18, and after editing the DB, I'm on my way. Since it's first appearance, I've always relegated the 3D match engine to the bench, or the reserves never to be seen again to be more exact. My question to those other long term FMers out there is: "are there any other dot martyrs out there?" For me until the 3D match engine looks as realistic as FIFA ( the last FIFA i bought was 13) I will continue using the dots. My only fear is the fellow dot users are in the minority and soon, because if the time spent on the 3D engine, we will have no choice but to go 3D, unfortunately unlike films and TVs, the FM 3D age isn't going to die out.
  13. Slightly Awkward, your response didn't show up when i replied originally, this is reassuring. Still, wonder if it's time to 'break up' with FM13 and getting with a younger more attractive model.
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