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  1. I must admit I was massively surprised that there was such a varied age when it comes to playing FM and that I'm not some outlier. In that case I will proudly march on in my attempt to break the Old Firm grip on the SPL. Before conquering Europe with Hull City of course
  2. A news report that tells me about a player left out of the International team because he is not a regular. It then states later in the same news piece that the player has been ever present (which is true). I play a fairly low level reputational club so not getting picked is no big surprise but the news item is contradictory and wrong.
  3. So, I've just bought FM19, I had a hiatus between FM12 and FM17, but have bought the last 3. Although I didn't get very far with FM18, what with work and parenting, but I intend to with this iteration. Now I've been playing FM or CM as it used to be since the 97/98 version, managing Sheffield Wednesday. I will never forget that team. But what is the average age of those who play Football Manager? Is it even possible for SI to collect this information? I feel like I am an older player at 32 years old. So what is your age? I hope that there are many more 30 something FMers.
  4. Good Evening All, How do I display the unique IDs for teams and players in-game (I know in the interface options you can display unique IDs for the page, but couldn't find it for the clubs, comps' and players)?
  5. Returning to FM for the first time since FM13, way back in Nov '12 after a 42 career with York, Palace, Everton and Manchester United amongst others, although I did have a brief excursion with FM17, but this was very recently and didn't really get into it. But having some free time on my hands, I decided to purchase FM18, and after editing the DB, I'm on my way. Since it's first appearance, I've always relegated the 3D match engine to the bench, or the reserves never to be seen again to be more exact. My question to those other long term FMers out there is: "are there any other dot martyrs out there?" For me until the 3D match engine looks as realistic as FIFA ( the last FIFA i bought was 13) I will continue using the dots. My only fear is the fellow dot users are in the minority and soon, because if the time spent on the 3D engine, we will have no choice but to go 3D, unfortunately unlike films and TVs, the FM 3D age isn't going to die out.
  6. Slightly Awkward, your response didn't show up when i replied originally, this is reassuring. Still, wonder if it's time to 'break up' with FM13 and getting with a younger more attractive model.
  7. I can remember booking 2 days off work a Thurs' and a Fri' and playing this through to Sunday eve. I remember seeing some book about how FM ruined his life. With my first on the way, I may need to bin the game and my laptop to avert such a disaster. I hope some one does see it and beat it. I've never seen the point of running it in the background. However, this is a save which began in November 2012, so I've had 3 and a bit years to work on it. However according to my rudimentary maths skills my play time equates to 18% of my life since this point. In comparison to the only other game I have spent a large amount of time on is Skyrim at a mere 516 hours. Yeah I really need help. Guess I'll have to bin this save and find a new hobby. I hear cross stitch is fun.....
  8. Guessing I'm alone in this gaming marathon. SuzieMUFC, you play a lot of old school FM right? Right?!
  9. I returned back home today after another long exhausting day in an office that despite the relatively warm temperature still has its heating switched to max, resulting in me being reduced to a sweaty sleepy mess by half 4. After which with the prospect of a 3 mile walk home, I just can't face the extra 2 miles detour to the gym, but I digress.... So I come home and fire up FM and continue my 2026/27 save where I am currently managing Manchester United after stints at York City, Crystal Palace, Everton, Barcelona and now United and out of interest check my Game Status page (I am playing FM13, I may add) and I discover that, somehow, this game has devoured 67 days, 1 hour and 48 mins of my life so far, so over 2 months since November 2012 have been spent playing this, please, fellow FMers, tell me I am not alone?!!
  10. I was quietly managing my team when Indigo Goal_Here appeared in my u18s, his favoured personal is anyone but "that idiot manager who always makes comments on SIgames." I must applaud SI to linking the game with Forum user profiles. This is a step forward, one that is exciting and different. Well done SI
  11. I'm disappointed in the GD in recent years, No son in the game thread. Used to be a lot of great posters, now just a group of whinging teenagers. Where's those posters I used to know and love. Gillsmannow, Docklanders, SuzieMUFC, Captain Planet, Orignial Jez, NOMIS and no I don't mean the statistics website and that mike7077.
  12. The majority of mine are from way back. FM08: Denis Bacaicoa and Eduardo Barbosa, my Spanish Brazilian front line, where one of them scored consecutively for 98 games in a row. Yes I was gutted I didn't get to 100. FM10: Jules Robert. French regen Midfielder proclaimed as the next Michel Platini, but he was better. 4 time players of the year in a row. honourable metion to Rob Bardsley, the first regen to change skin colour in my game. Still he was bloddy amazing. FM13: Jase Ballard, just because he was so rubbish, so so rubbish, and kept on and on playing him. For his entire career.
  13. I think I mentioned it in my opening post. you know the one about 4 posts above yours?
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